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Sunday, 26 February 2006

My First Blog

Times flies..... I will be turning to 28 in 2 days time....... 10 years ago I am still bumping around so playful and rebellious.till I meet my hubby to be - Drexler Goh.  

I am getting hitched in 06 May 06, during the preparation of my wedding and house renovation then I realise I am really growing up.  It is very tough for both of us especially in terms of financial, especially we would be paying our own wedding banquet and house renovation.

I know is tough for him as he had just really stepped into the society to work with little CPF. Both of us manage to get a small unit at Eunos Crescent - our love nest!  

We both are looking forward to move on to the next stage of life....... we have to be more independent and really work hard to pay off the debts of renovation and other stuffs!  I can say both of us are lucky to have friends whom really help us make things possible for us.  We will never never forget about it and really appreciate the effort they put in for us.  Hope that miracle will happen .... and everything will remain the same .... and we are able to clear off everything ....... when will it be .......