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Monday, 30 September 2013

Monday - 30 September 2013

Suddenly feel like having Bedok Corner Cheng Tng so called up Goh to drive over to buy and also can pack back our dinner. 

He called me and say Cheng Tng finished selling for the day .... arghhhhh no luck so he asked me what I want to eat .... unfortunately those which I had in mind not open!  Just my luck! 

So I asked him to pack for me chicken chop ..... I love eating western food in hawker or in coffeeshop somehow can feel the old school kind of feel!  The chicken chop is tender and juicy can actually tasted the pan fried kind of feel, coleslaw is yummy too and fries is those thin cut kind.  

As for Goh he saw Kim Kee Hokkien Mee and spotted the boss is frying the mee inside so he decided to have that.  No wonder we don't see him at Eunos anymore ...... so he is at Bedok Corner new stall. 

Goh love the Hokkien Mee very much not too oily, quite wet and Goh is happy with the crispy lard that is on top of the mee.  Prawn and Sotong is very fresh .... hungry man is no longer an angry man! 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday - 29 September 2013

My Bro-in-law wanna go Tampines Round Market for dinner and that fish head steamboat is his favourite as he love the soup there.  

Hai Chang Fishhead Steamboat is the one that we patronise.  We were early so we went to CHOPE the place first as after 630pm crowd will draw in.  

BIL ordered a large steamboat together with some side dishes like deer meat - Goh say the meat is tender and well cooked!  Pig trotter this is my father in law's favourite he said that the the meat is soft and sauce is yummy not very oily.  

Tofu is my girl favourite it is soft and the sauce not so salty, chicken my favourite it is crispy and the sauce goes well with it thumbs up!  Clam is sweet and fresh as for the vegetable is normal cos is only stir fry as for the steamboat is yummy as generous fish meat is so fresh and the generous yam they give is also yummy.  

Chicken satay is from another stall the chicken meat is tender and well bbq  thumbs up for this as well.  So do remember if you wanna eat there do go there early as the q will form up after 630pm 

Hai Chang Fishhead Steamboat
Blk 137 Tampines Street 11 #01-03 
S521137 (Tampines)
 Blk 137 Tampines St 11 #01-08 s521137 (Tampines)

Qun Mi Shu Shi 
For Satay 
 Blk 137 Tampines St 11 #01-08 s521137 (Tampines)
Tampines Round Market & Food Centre

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Saturday - 28 September 2013

love this swing seats! 

My aunt was admitted to hospital so we went NUH to visit her ...... she is doing well everything went smoothly for her!  Get well soon my dear aunt! 

After visiting Aunt we went hunting for food and we came across this florist shop in NUH  - Pocket full of Posies they served food as well so we go ahead with it. 

We ordered a Hawaiian Pizza ($8.90) quite decent pipping hot when served melting cheese really yummy especially when u pull it away from the bread base!  Chicken Cutlet with Garden ($6.50) a bit charred and kinda dry .... room for improvement not too bad till cannot even eat still passable!   Ice Blended Mocha ($4.50) no complain from Goh so should be fine cos he is very particular in drinking this and ice yuan yang he will comment if not right and Ice Blended Cappuccino ($3.95) not too bad as well .... overall the dining experience here quite good! 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday - 27 September 2013

I received an email from Girlene asking me to help her vote for her photo and  is a last day or something so I just head on to FB and vote for her photo and I actually just wanna try my luck I enter the draw as well!  I remember I have the above photo so all I have to do is to post it on Instragram and #ineedasharan that's it!  

Oh well since is a last day thingy I didn't bother much to ask for votes ... but looking at this photo really very funny! All of us just squeeze into Uncle's CRV!
In the evening I went over to Jeff & Ivy's place for mahjong ..... not too bad cos we are all so busy so meeting up always a chit chatting session as well.  I am quite early and Ivy actually cook some tonic for me as well is call 八珍汤 she is really good she cook alot and know how to take care of herself well.   

For me I dun even know how to cook this tonic for myself thumbs up for her!  Thanks to Franko for the lovely tidbits from his company too!  The scallop nuts so yummy good to have this when having an icy cold beer! 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thursday - 26 September 2013

Decided to have lunch at Chun Kee today so Jo and I each ordered a main course and we share a side dish together.  

Black Bean horfun - $5 and my hokkien mee is $5 and french bean is at $10 we find it a bit ex cos is only very little but is really nice.  Crunchy bean with dried prawn combination very yummy!!! 

Back home I am lazy so I just make one pot rice whereby I throw everything into the rice cooker and within 30mins viola you got your dinner! 

That's me when I am lazy and I do not wish to eat outside..... easy food to make ingredients I use: 

  • Cabbage
  • Dried Prawn (Hay Bee) 
  • Chicken (diced) 
  • Crabstick 
  • Fishcake
I will fry cabbage, dried prawn, chicken, crabstick and fishcake first and I will also add in dark soya sauce so that when I pour in the ingredients the rice will turn into dark color which looks more like yam rice.  This is what I learn from my mum. 

To prevent the rice cooker base burnt with black soya sauce I cook the rice till is about to cook and pour everything in.  And within 30mins dinner is ready to be served! 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tues & Wed - 24 & 25 September 2013

The feasting of mooncakes continue ....... really fat die me ..... one of our Coach going to JB so I just trying my luck to ask her buy for me mooncake from Lavender.  This year I dun seems to see Lavender around in the mooncake event. 

She got me a banana mooncake love the banana smell but is tad sweet but still cannot resists!  Generous pumpkin seeds can be found inside the lotus paste!  Hope they will bring in again next year! 
Alyssa's day is always a happy day for me cos I will meet this sweetie pie for dinner .... in 2015 she will move back with us so everyday is Alyssa's day and maybe more vomiting blood days instead! 

My MIL done a great job in taking care of Alyssa .... not only she bring her to school, taking care of her meals she even "turn" into a Teacher in the afternoon to train her in her writing ..... and well she did improve beside writing she was ask to do some English and Maths too ... thank god that I have a MIL whom helped to teach! 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Monday - 23 September 2013

Is Caleb's birthday so The Seo invited us for a dessert gathering so that the little boy will be happy to see his Jie Jie - Alyssa!

Before I go over Parkway I went to get the little boy a gift hope he will like it!  Little boy so happy to see Jie Jie and both of them started their mini concert while waiting for the dessert.  Dancing and singing started the moment we step in really scary hahah but both of them so cute!

Cyrus is still small so won't be able to join them but he still so happy sitting there and enjoying himself while we chit chat over the dessert!  Thanks The Seo for having us and Happy Birthday Caleb!

SIL went Bangkok and brought some gifts for us!  Thank you for the lovely gifts!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday - 22 September 2013

Is our family annual praying at Bedok Reservoir so we will all meet up there at the temporary tentage there for praying and after all praying will be headed to my in law's place for sharing all the food among 5 families. 

This year we were told to go dinner at night there .... is our first time there this year!  Dinner is decent, surprisingly service is good too!  We tried to bid the above .... as it says that when you bid this home is more of 添丁since we are actually wanna try for number 2 we try biding it for $168 unfortunately the prices went up and guess what my FIL went biding for us at $288!!! And is deal!  $288 I think my FIL also want us to have a number 2 hahaha ..... well 宁可信其有! 

Here is it we will have to ensure the fire will be on for the next 7 days and that is what we need to do...... hope will come true lah! 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturday - 21 September 2013

Sometimes when baby is in Berries class the 2 oldies us dunno what to do and best thing is Goh always want me to go with him I cannot stay home so 2 of us will not know where to go.  Today we damn bo liao lah we take away our food from Killiney Cafe, a french toast set, a lemon tea and a Ice Yuan Yang total cost $8.10. 

Take away to where? Eat in the car hahaha stupid us .... we drove back to Berries and waited in the car for baby and while waiting we eat and drink there and also watch some tvb show on my phone.  So ya boring at times while waiting ...... 
 After her Berries usually we will ask her where she would like to have dinner she will always opt for City Square Mall - Streats.  I was quite sian of this place cos everytime we will end up with the same food we order.  Today I chose a different one - curry chicken and verdict is is not as nice as the one in Downtown East.  Goh had their beef horfun and commented that is very salty and not very nice .... and as for Princess same old pattern - fishball noodle which comes with a Yakult and one scoop of icecream! 

Headed over to my Parent's place and my papa bought a battery operated donald duck lantern for baby.  She was overjoy and kept playing with it on the way home.   

And at night I dunno why she come out with a blanket and said that she is a mermaid ..... and roll on the floor!  My silly baby always have silly act for me to video and photo it down I wonder next time when she grow up she will laugh or hate me whahahahha

Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday - 20 September 2013

Took half day leave and headed to Bedok to fetch my Princess for a short shopping trip... before we head to the MRT we stopped by Bedok Food Centre for this yummy delicious bedok chwee kway.  I know is sinful but cannot resist the soft kway with the cai po. Baby love it too! 

We decided to go Changi City Point for a walk and I went into Bagus food court for their chicken char siew rice.   So I share again with little girl ..... went shopping again after the meal and just before we heading home I bought tropicana from yummy yogurt to share with little girl again!  Baby go shopping and eating ... she really a happy kid!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thursday - 19 September 2013

This explain why am I in Ginza Bairin yesterday and no Alyssa Day for Wednesday cos Mid-Autumn Festival fall on Thursday so we made some changes in visiting Alyssa today.

After dinner we all head to walk around the estate with our lanterns.... is been years since I play with lanterns haha now I have my own kid I feel fun going around with her and she and Alfred is the leader so I have to follow them!  

Beside following them I am there to help them with the lighting of candles ..... we change the candles like 3 times so now you know how long we walked!  

After we left shop ... Goh and I went back home and have our very own celebration by eating the durian mooncake and having some tea at home!  

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday - 18 September 2013

Met up with my sistas to collect vouchers from Openrice and headed to Ion for dinner.  Wendy suggest to go Ginza Bairin this is the first time I am trying this.  We were told to order the food first and can only be seated down later on.  

Cos I don't take pork so I go for chicken karage set and add on a scallop fry.  The chicken karage meat was rather fatty and not much of taste but the scallop was fresh and juicy, outer crust is crunchy  too! 

My sistsas ordered buta-ten don, chicken katsu set and port katsu set and all of them also ordered some add on like ebi fry, oyster fry and scallop fry too.  No complains of food from them so I guess is quite nice for their dinner set.  Our total spending for the night - $87.10. 

Ginza Bairin 
2 Orchard Turn 
Ion Orchard 
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 8101

Opening Hour: 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mr Baguette

Came across Mr Baguette when we are at Golden Mile Hawker and well it seems interesting so I just went to check out.  Lady Boss was very friendly as I check what is left on the baking tray.  I choose Cheese Tart ($1.80) and Nutella Lava ($1.80) after that I saw a flat round bread so I asked what's that she told me is Curry BDan ($1.80) so I just took one more.  Just before I wanna make payment she ask me why I am not interested in their best seller - Baguette Tart ($1.20)

Cheese Tart - they use 4 types of cheese and use their homemade baguette for this, is a lava experience one bite and the filling just ooze out! HEAVEN!

Nutella Lava - as we pack back the moment i open it the chocolate filling already ooze out.  But still when one bite the nutella chocolate just burst into the mouth chocolate lover will love this to the max!

Curry Bdan - Is suppose to be crispy when is hot from oven but cos we pack back and lazy to make hot again so we dun get to have that crispy feel!  Curry itself smell very nice .... bits of chicken meat was found inside.  Thumbs up for this!

Lastly the Baguette Tart - Egg filling was very soft but I find it tad sweet.  Soft and smooth egg filling combination with the baguette cup was nice something different and if you are a egg tart lover this should be another option! And according to the Lady Boss it was a low fat recipe.  There are many more choices I will go back to try more and wouldn't mind the weight gain from this stall!

Check out their facebook page - Mr Baguette 

505 Beach Road
Goldmile Food Centre (Army Market) 
Singapore 199583
Keep a look out on their FB page on their closing day in case of any disappointment

Tuesday - 17 September 2013

I am a fan of mooncake..... but I always cannot finish it and will be left in fridge!  This year I gotten Tung Lok mooncake from them and I actually look forward in eating it. 

Is rather disappointed ... ok here goes my review ... 

First up the blue one - Black sesame when I swallow it there is a prickly feel inside the throat and it really sweet! 

Pink one is red dates with longan ..... I love drinking this so when make into mooncake I am looking forward and hope there is a surprise feel!  Not as sweet as black sesame, bits of longan meat is found!  Not too bad! 

Yellow one is chrysanthemum sound refreshing unfortunately the taste is weird and is real sweet! 

Brown - grains with brown sugar, this is the best among all although is sweet but the combination is good .... so the most not appealing color wins all! 

Peony jade mooncake I feel standard drop a little ..... compare to last time crown prince really cannot fight.  but still love the yam filling! 

Bengawan solo - snow skin yam .... whenever I miss Lavender (malaysia brand and I didnt get any any) I will eat this ... but if I have a choice I will choose the Lavender yam still taste better! 

Monday, 16 September 2013

16 September 2013

My friend told me about this Smales in Ikea all you have to do is to register your kid (remember to bring along the BC or show soft copy and you will get this booklet and each visit you can scan this and get discounted meal coupon and a free drink  for your kid! 

Every visit you will get a sticker and you can change some items in the mushroom hut in Ikea at their children play area section!  That easy!  Shopping make easy when your child is in their enclosed play area!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday - 15 September 2013

Lazy Sunday, nua till dinner time and meet up with my in laws at Changi Airport for dinner.  We going Itacho Sushi which my BIL made reservation already.

As usual we go one main course and the sides we share among us ... personally I feel their main quite lousy cos is not as delish as the sides which is sushi and maybe that's why call Itacho sushi!

We order chicken terriyaki chicken don - $12, curry sliced pork (udon) - $11, pork chop udon - $11, Niku Udon - $11 and some sides like Egg su - $4, Grilled squid - $9, deep fried chicken&corn roll - $3.60 etc. 
Still prefer their sushi more total bill after the ++ is $230.30. 

Thanks to my BIL for the treat and thanks for letting Alyssa to play the slide cos she really enjoyed it very much! 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Friday & Saturday - 13 & 14 September 2014

Yesterday Alyssa make me buy alot of cakes and bread so today she can feast on it!  But nottie gal feeling sad when the hello kitty cream bread turn bad !  

so I bought her pizza for lunch from Domino is only $5.50 for a set but she still feel sad look at her face you will know .... 

On Saturday I went for foot reflexology at Katong Plaza recommended by Cheryl, she and her baby girl went for it as well and personally I feel quite good and he operates alone so Goh and I have to take turns to do it.  Quite shiok and is kinda pain unlike those outside I feel itchy then pain.  Shall go back to him again when we have time cos he is always packed with regulars! 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Thursday - 12 September 2013

Yuki and I will always meet up for Parkway steamboat when they are still located there ... ever since they moved to Toa Payoh so this is the first time we dine there. 

They are located at HDB hub and is at basement food court the moment you take escalator down you will see their stall first. store space is about the same when they are in parkway.  The moment I am there I don't really like it cos is kinda messy to me.  

As usual we ordered each a Seafood Set which comes along a plate of cabbage and greeny and add on some sides so that Alyssa can eat with the chicken soup while the both of us feast on Tom Yum and add more thicker for it. 

A gentle reminder if you wanna dine there do bring more tissue as the toilet is kinda dirty and no toilet paper provided!  And I shall go back there to try the rojak just outside the steamboat stall the queue is never ending!!! I wonder is it really that nice .... 

So satisfied with the meal!  And is a treat from me to Yuki as a birthday treat for her .... hope her dreams come true and babe thanks for sending us back home! 

My silly gal so happy with the meal as well I guess she really takes after me she love steamboat too and silly gal came out of shower with this powder face which give me shocked hahaha

Mini Steamboat Delight 
Blk 480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh 
HDB Hub #B1-01
Tel: 6354 4611

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wednesday - 11 September 2013

After visiting Ah Ma in SGH we headed to City Square Mall for dinner ...... Alyssa love that mall and is her decision to choose where to go. 

So we told her we are tired of eating Streats and she agreed to go other place so we chance upon Old Town there so we decided to dine there. 

As is a weekday there is set meal available choose a main, a drink and dessert.  so 3 of us just go easy with the meal!   Baby Ordered Set 1 which consists of Chicken Horfun, 7-up and Red Bean Sundae.  Quite suitable for children, soup is flavorable, Red Bean Sundae is actually Vanilla Ice cream top with red bean paste combination is quite nice!

Goh ordered set 3 - Curry Mee, mountain dew and ice kachang.  Goh commented that the mee is not very well cooked cos is quite hard not very spicy and gravy is not very thick.... quite dilute.  Ice kachang very normal nothing to rave about.

Myself I ordered set 4 - Prawn Noodle, Lemon tea and Coffee Lava.  Prawn mee so so only .... soup is tad salty  Good thing is my dessert is very nice and yummy.  Ice cream submerge into the coffee.  It was strong, creamy feel after taste is chocolatey a must try for coffee lover! 

Overall we spent $43.20 inclusive of GST and service charge. 

We will definitely come back for more and this branch of Old Town is directly from Malaysia is not a franchise outlet. 

Had a great evening with my 2 baobei and one picture to end my day ..... so do we look alike?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tuesday - 10 Sept 2013

Hotel package didn't include breakfast so we walked over to Toast Box for breakfast It was pouring and we have also tell Missy that we won't be able to swim if the rain don't stop.  Hotel management put up sign that pool is close due to bad weather.

As usual the little and old one love soft boiled eggs and bread.  As for me I tried their tom yum noodle the only outlet with this in their menu.  Thanks to Angeline for the recommendation well is really nice and spicy I love it!

Head back to hotel and saw the sign is shifted away so we went back and quickly change to our swim suit and head to the pool!  Missy is thrilled! Insist wearing her bikini and equip herself with her beach toys!  Water is freaking cold so we do a very fast swim for around 20mins and back in the hotel room to pack up and wash up before checking out.  Goodbye Hard Rock Hotel Singapore we will be back again!

We went Taka for window shopping and we allowed Missy to get one toy and she choose Princess tea set and after we left we went over to Ikea had an early dinner there and she just can't wait to play it!  Glad that she have an enjoyable days with us!