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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Saturday - 28 September 2013

love this swing seats! 

My aunt was admitted to hospital so we went NUH to visit her ...... she is doing well everything went smoothly for her!  Get well soon my dear aunt! 

After visiting Aunt we went hunting for food and we came across this florist shop in NUH  - Pocket full of Posies they served food as well so we go ahead with it. 

We ordered a Hawaiian Pizza ($8.90) quite decent pipping hot when served melting cheese really yummy especially when u pull it away from the bread base!  Chicken Cutlet with Garden ($6.50) a bit charred and kinda dry .... room for improvement not too bad till cannot even eat still passable!   Ice Blended Mocha ($4.50) no complain from Goh so should be fine cos he is very particular in drinking this and ice yuan yang he will comment if not right and Ice Blended Cappuccino ($3.95) not too bad as well .... overall the dining experience here quite good! 

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