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Monday, 31 March 2008

Monday - 31 March 08 I WON TICS TO TAIPEI!!!!

                                                    Mine is yummy too                                                   Linda's yummy lunch                                                                         Clothings that my mum & I bought for her                                         Bought this bag from Charles & Keith                                       Anyone want this bag? selling at $14.00                          Yummy spicy hay bee from Thailand - I am Hooked on this

Linda bought lotsa things for us from Thailand......... especially the spicy hay bee ..... wanna return her money cos is I ask her to help me to buy but she refuse to take ........thanks pal! 

Went PP for lunch .... hahaha and of cos shopping!  I think now my only time for shopping is either lunch time or weekend no more on weekdays evenings ..... cos of my Very Important Princess hahaha ..... thanks to my dearie whom always pick her up nowsaday so I am able to cook and of cos to do house work at home.  A little bit of time for myself too .....

Bought 2 panties and a bag for myself during the lunch shopping trip hahaha ...... when we are about to go back office I received a call....... is call from FM 883!!!!  And I am being informed I won the tickets to Taiwan - Taipei!  OH MY GOD! I HAVE WON!!! Thanks to 883 & WTS!!!! I thought I dun have chance anymore .....but  it really came true ........... and it shall be a proper honeymoon liao for us but ...... our worries is what about our VIP .........

Dearie wanna bring her along .... I dun mind bringing her ..... hmmmm shall plan well for that .... wonder my in laws will wanna help us .... if we are not binging her we will just stay put a 3 days 2 nights if we do ..... we will extend a 5 days 4 nights ..... cos I surely will miss her and I scare she miss us too..............

TT not mummy dun wanna bring you .... is u still small leh ......2 mths old only ..... mama planning to bring you go disneyland when u are 4 or 5 years old ok .... sorry and do forgive mama if we never bring you to Taiwan this time.

Now have to arrange to go get the tickets and to see is there any dates stated to fly over ..... shall update you all here again when I call them on Wednesday to arrange the time......

Thanks to Norman whom blessed me on Saturday when we are at sz mei's house .... hahaha Norman can you blessed me again to win the Mcdelivery 10K draw .... i treat you go eat Tung Luk if I am really the lucky winner! heehee

Sunday - 30 March 08

                                           Rest & Relax while papa & mama eating                                    TT kanna bird shit?? No lah hahahaha

Woke up at 9+ to wash up and of cos bath my little princess cos we are going to whack buffet with Lester & Chane.  We are going to feast....... this time is to Sakae Sushi  The Atrium @ Orchard is a buffet lunch and it cost only $24++ each pax.

TT is so cute ..... slept throughout the journey and she even POO during the journey so I have to bring her to change at PS while Lester & Chane go in to grab a seat.  TT is wide awake while we having our meals ..... hahaha she kept looking at the food .... and she have her milk too in between.

After feeding her she is lying on the couch between me n dearie ... she have a light above to keep her entertained so she didn't make any noise while the 4 of us enjoying our food.  As for the pic above ..... TT didnt kanna bird sheet lah just that me her mama is getting some cheese chicken to eat ... the cheese just drop on her head hahaha ... sorry TT ..... The place is a bit warm ...... aircon is not strong arghhhh ...

 I am sweating like hell liao .... hahah but of cos I do enjoyed the food!  Thanks to Lester & Chane for the recommendation I think my dearie oso enjoyed himself ... cos got his fav sashimi ... hehe I tried one .... I will try again next time so I can plan and save to go Tokyo with sz mei next time! 

TT is pretty tired slept throughout the whole afternoon after we reached home ..... in the evening we went over to sz mei's house to have dinner with Ms Toh, Chane & Lester too ..... also had a great time time again hahahah ... we sing again loh and there goes our precious weekend again .... praying I could get the tickets ... but seems like chances is slim .......

Saturday - 29 March 08

                                                      The Chao Tar bao                                                       TT  going shopping                                                          Kiam Cai Soup                                                      Thai crispy chicken                                                          Butter sotong                                                     The sweet potato leaf

We woke up at 12pm thanks to SZ mei's call hehehe if not we will be still continuing sleeping.... went to steam bao for my dearie and myself for our late breakfast ........since we are waiting for my parents to call cos we are going shopping today!  Mama called at 12+pm and arrange to meet at 2pm both of us still happily watching mobtv sneak preview of Just in Singapore.  After watching is kinda late cos we still have not bath TT and pack her stuffs reached PP only at 2.30pm sorry papa mama kekeke we are late!

Mama bought TT one more romper at Giant ......while she is waiting for us.  Went to kiddy palace to get a fan for TT so that we can clip it on her "car" .  Can't resist the cute blouse and baby shorts I bought them as well..... dearie is shaking his head hahaha......  Jolene gave me a $50 Isetan vouchers or my birthday and I make use of that to buy TT's stuffs - her new teats, laundry detergent ......

Bring my parents to Katong Mall to have coffee while TT can have her milk ..... mum bought Kim Choo bak chang and some bao cos she is going to SAO MU.  We took a long stroll back from Katong to Eunos (my place), by the time we reached Eunos we are all sweating including TT except my dearie .... he really can DONG hot humid days .....

Went to Hong Lee for dinner we order Thai chicken, butter sotong, sweet potato leaves and one soup ...... although is all small but is alot ... we hardly can finished the food!  Went over to sz mei house for karaoke after my parents left my place .... heheh oh i just love to sing........if only I install one at home to sing ... hahaha .... think dearie will be sianz hahaha cos he won't be able to play his game anymore hahaha

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Friday - 28 March 08

                                          Qiang Tan fish soup stall at Dunman                                              Yummy beehoon from Fatty Weng

I am back in blogging my exciting food again hahaha .... I put on weight le ..... zhe me ban?? ... well ... as long I am healthy and dun put on too much should be ok bah ....kkekeke .... will get to know whats my weight gain on 9th April hahah cos am going back to see Dr Lee to review my thyroid condition hope it will be a good one!

Went Dunman Hawker with Jolene to try the 抢摊 fish soup which is on the 2nd episode of the variety show.  The auntie is really friendly no hao lian and her fish soup is CHENG CHENG not really that fantastic but it still nice after all. 

After we ordered our food, alot of people came and order ...... can see lotsa people patronize her stall maybe due to the variety show.  And when I wanna ta bao the fried fish soup for my friend at Liang Seng she told me fried fish sold out!!! Wow ...... really fast leh!  Headed to D'bun and kimchoo to buy food again ..... bought some char shao bao for my in laws and bought 2 chicken bao for breakfast tomorrow.

After work Jolene and I went over to Guillemard Road to buy Fatty Weng Zi Char .... ordered on phone with them and pick it up so convenient and easy!  Help Chane & Lester bought the beehoon and horfun too hope they enjoy it while is still hot ....... for me I have to wait for my dearie to come back then we share it ... so it will be cols already!  But is ok haha as long I am dining with someone whom I love cold oso nevermind hahaha   Dearie I got love you hor hahahahaha ......

Thursday, 27 March 2008

25th March - 27 March 08

                                                          Cranky TT hahahah                                                        A Gift from friend

MIA for a few days cos TT is cranky .... so have to coax her no time to blog in the nite anymore .....

A friend bought victoria secret as a gift for me thanks pal!  Dearie went to pick up TT everyday .... good for me cos I will be able to cook a meal and even tidy up the messy home.  My friend Linda came to my house and she is shocked to see my house is in a mess .... cos she say she never see my house so messy before cos I always maintain well.  Linda, ever since my VIP - TT is born I am so busy with her till hack care of my house liao.  hahaha .... but now getting better cos we are adjusting to the life of third party living with us! hahaha

Compare to when I just finished confinement I put on weight!! OMG! I gotta maintain hahaha cannot put on anymore ... cos I have been eating back my favourite food lately - yong tau fu, kim choo bak chang, curry puff, subway etc ..... Gotta work out soon ...thinking of taking back my yoga lesson dunno still can stretch anot hahaha

Enter a radio contest on FM883 and I am lucky to have them called me ... and when I pick up the call I have to say a "code" in order for me be qualified in their grand draw.  It is 2 tickets to Taipei!!! Really hope that I can win that cos as you all know I didn't have a honeymoon hahah hope that I can and will be able to win this. *PRAY*   I need a break .... hahah reading sz mei's blog makes me wanna go holiday ... a bit regret never go holidays before I get preggie.  Now if wanna go have to think of TT ..... I will sure miss her without her around on my side ...... Mummy love you TT!!!

NTUC Income giving Free EXCLUSIVE gift to new born

Mummies and mummies to be I got this from one of the MTB in motherhood forum register yourself I registered already .....


Monday, 24 March 2008

Monday - 24 March 08

                                                      my breakfast yummy!

Went back to work after a few days of resting ....... as usual pack up TT's stuffs and feed her before she go to my in law's place.  She is so cute keep on smiling to me when i play with her ......

After work I went back home to tidy up the house, do some laundry, cleaning up the kitchen and of cos cook dinner!  Dearie went to pick up TT and is pouring heavily suddenly lucky when they are on the way back is not raining anymore Thank God!

Dearie is scolding TT outside the door ..... she is nottie cos she didn't finish her milk at my in law's place and dearie tried feeding her but she refuse to drink.  I warm the milk again and feed her this time she finished everything!  She fall asleep on my shoulder while I carrying her ...... I put her down and around 20mins later she cry so loud which scare me. 

She cried non-stop ..... i dunno why she always come back from my in laws place she will give me a hell out of it.  We really dunno what she wants cry non stop, loudly and cry till like very ke lian ..... we try to coax her, pat her, sing to her all the method which I use to smooth her = NO USE!  *sigh* 

When I am home with her she is not like that .... even I bring her out come back also not like that....... really give me headache!  When I see her crying like that sometimes I cry withher too cos heartbreak to see her like that...... We feel so sad and exhausted everytime when she is like that....... is it she is being rock again???

My BIL is not in town right now I Wanna wish him a very Happy Birthday here on my blog!   Hope he like the present from us!

Sunday - 23 March 08

                                                   Putting up TT's pic .........                                                       Our breakfast                                         Waiting for mama to POM POM  me                                 Finally  she accept the neck support?? ANS: NO!                                           Why I am always the one waiting ...                                                 Getting ready to go out loh                                            These chocolate is very nice - I am hooked!                                          My BD present from SZ & YZ

Woke up a few time to wake up my dearie to go market for breakfast he just refuse to wake up ..... cute thing is TT also fall asleep with me when my dearie rejected us ...... finally woke up at 10.30am ..... headed to market straight after washing up.  The usual chee cheong fun stall is cleaning up already that means I dun have any CCF to eat anymore   Went to another stall to buy fried mee .... is yummy loh .... no regret heehee

Headed to wet market to buy some vegetables to cook for dinner .... cos dearie & I have come to an agreement I will be taking care of TT during the night and he will be the one to fetch TT every evening while I can be home early to cook and tidy up the house!

After having breakfast, we start to clean up our room and change our bedsheet ........ vacuum, mopping the floor, washing of the bedsheet etc.  At about 3pm we are all dressed up and headed to SZ's place.  When I stepped into her house is WOW WOW .... so many tibits and all so yummy de loh ... keke especially the chocolate .... the packaging is so cute that I 不舍得 to eat it!  We view their photos ..... and she told us their trip story ..... is fun .... the moment she told me about it over on MSN when she is Tokyo I already wanna go crazy looking at the pics she show us ...... really makes me SIM MEOW MEOW hahahaha ......

Went CC for meeting, after that we headed to Benny & Bee Ling's place cos is their Baby Adel's full month celebration.  Reached there around 6+pm ..... there is so many babies around and we were comparing different stages of babies ..... is fun mixing around others!

Thanks to SZ & YZ for the birthday present you two bought for me .... is really nice .... thanks so much *huggies* miss the 2 of you when you two are away hahaha ..........