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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday 30 Sept 2007

Oh is Sunday again and OCTOBER coming soon  ........ Woke up abit late then my other usual Sunday dunno why am super tired ..... and my cute hubby very 乖 woke him up only 2 - 3 times hahahaha cos usually I have to call n call lotsa time then he will be awake!

Went down to buy our breakfast cum lunch ...... after about 2hrs we finish our meals .... he decided to take a nap before we go for meeting in CC.  Me as well intended to take a nap but hahaha this always happen lotsa sms/calls coming in ...... hahaha I cant get to nap only my hubby did .... went to take a shower and about 3 plus we left to meet YZ to go CC for meeting.

Today we have our YEC Inauguration Ceremony ..... where we get to know grassroot people and also some other YEC members from another CC ..... is nice to get to know them .... and think they are very friendly and very chatty!   After the refreshment, YZ, SZ mei, hubby and I went Ikea for a walk and Giant to get our groceries ......

These few Sunday we are very busy so we never went back to my in laws place for dinner sorry about that my dear parent-in law. For the next 2 Sundays we are also unable to go back ........ will update u all what we are busy at heehee .......

I hate waiting

Lemon chiken, veggie with toufu & prawn omelette
Salted Veggie Soup

Woke up at 10 plus wanted to go ICA early in the morning but cos I feel it should be quote fast so I took my own sweet time.  Oh thanks to Lester for coming to take a look at my sick PC at home too ..... without you both of us are lost about this computer issue!  After Lester left we make our way to ICA ......

When I reached there I am abit lost and my hubby ask me quickly go Q up for photo taking ..... didn't know that we need to take the Q 1st till then we realise is too late and my number is C212!!! OMG! the courter Q is only serving Q90+ *faint*.  Luckily I bought 2 bread cos I know the waiting time is a killing part!  REALLY! we waited for almost 4hrs there .....i hate waiting! But no choice.... *sigh*

Suppose to meet my parents to go to my brother's house together cos is been weeks I didnt see my cuttie nephew ..... I miss him ....   but when I reached my brother's home .... he is not in liaoz   arghhhhhhh no fate again!

So I chatted with my cousin whom went to my brother's house too and after they left I have dinner with my parents.  Is just below my brother's flat - HongKong Street ZI CHAR is very nice and cheap 5 dishes at only 40+ with 4 drinks included! The soup cost only $4 heehee alot of ingrediants inside ... and the lemon chicken is very nice yummy! 

And there goes my precious Saturday, haha spending hours of waiting and when I reached home I can't use my com thats the most killing part for me.......

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Boring Rainy Thursday!

Reluctantly to get out of my bed cos is raining and is so nice to carry on sleeping!  Oh how I wish is a Saturday ..... kept thinking today is Friday! 

Was really a boring day ...... I have no energy to work, so lethargic .... *sigh* why har?  dragging on till 5.15pm when my President & GM allow us to go back home early cos is raining heavily in the evening!

Decided to have mcdonald for dinner tonight and about 7.30pm I called to order BUT the operator told me due to overwhelming order they cant send to our place at the moment .  No choice but to ask my hubby to go down and tabao ..... hehe thanks dear!  Cant get to eat mcdonald so I ordered a chicken burger & fries for dinner at the western food stall.

After I finished my dinner and there isn't any nice tv programme we decided to watch Tom & Jerry cartoon (is my fav!) bought by Dad .....   I feel so sleepy and nearly fall asleep while my favourite cartoon is still on the tv ..... maybe my baby is sleepy .... she is sleeping so soundly in the afternoon no kicking or punching at all!

After my p/t maid finish cleaning up my room .... i apologise to my hubby whom I promise to watch wrestling with and I went to my room straight and awhile later I fall asleep .... till 3+am I woke up to pee pee .... same thing strange and weird dreams I had again and I woke up my husband to tell my hubby what I dreamt of hahahaha !  Arghhhhh but those dreams are really funny hahahaha

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


The BIG prawn .....
Chicken Soup & MA LA
Chicken soup & TomYum
                                           The yummy kuay kuay and dessert

Went Vivo to look for my friends before we go for our steamboat buffet dinner at M Hotel. If you are holding a UOB credit / debit card they are having a one for one - $38++.  But they have a funny time slot which is 6pm to 8pm and 2nd slot is 8.30pm to 10.30pm.  Promotion ending this end of this month and only Monday to Thursday!

But we are sitting seperately ...... 4 of us sit one table another 2 of my friends sit table next to us.  They have tom yum & chicken soup base while we having Ma La & chicken soup .... they only have 3 soup base .... so we have this arrangement so that we get to taste every soup.
They have all the chinese herbs where you can add into your chicken soup for better taste too.  I went for my 1st round of getting food when I am back at my seat .... OMG i saw very
BIG prawn on our table ..... 1 prawn per person.  I feel so happy seeing that prawn but .... after awhile I find is so scary hahahaha

If you all wanna go down to try go at 6pm slot cos yesterday we went for 830 slot some food they didnt replenish after is finished at the buffet bar.  The food is very fresh ..... chicken ball is yummy hahahaha

I don't like the ma la soup base so we finish the soup and ask them to replace it to tom yum instead tom yum soup base compare to parkway steamboat of cos .... parkway one taste so much better.  But compare their ma la kekeke their tom yum is better .... we even ask them to add more spice inside our soup!

If there is no 1 for 1 .... i dun think is worth to try kekeke ...... Oh thanks to my dear frd Cailing & Ariel keep getting food for me to eat and shell for me the prawn thanks *muacks*

How do you celebrate your 中秋节?

                                                  Our Dinner on 中秋节

hmmmmmm always looking forward for this festival to come cos can play with lantern hahaha ....... thats what I used to think when I am still young. My dad will always get me very nice lantern ..... the last lantern I got from him is a doramon figure latern but the doraemon is in orange color. Now he dun buy for me already cos I am a grown up ..... he is looking for one for my nephew but he is too young to play!   Probably I get to play with it only when my princess is about 3 years old?

This is the 2nd mid autumn festival I celebrate with my husband with MRS status haha .... I remember last year we went to have dinner with Lester, Chane, Lin & Wt at paramount hotel as sz mei is not feeling well she give a miss to it.  And we have actually plan to play lantern at our estate roof top garden.  Unfortunately, there is thick haze  and we couldn't see the moon so we make our way back to sz house to play table top game, eat mooncake but no lantern hahaha...... so funny .... and all of us stay indoor!   Last year, I still remember my husband & I sat at our platform and we ate our mooncake & drink tea on the 16th cos I heard 16th's moon is rounder hahahaha ...... but this year I cant drink tea with him ......

This year, my husband & I ate punggol nasi lemak and wanted to bring over a durian mooncake to share with the maro gang at sz mei house but we all so full that we cant eat anymore!  I have 3 more mooncake to clear and a pomelo given by my husband's small aunt.  Thanks auntie! How you all celebrate this festival come share with me ehehehe ....

Monday, 24 September 2007

My husband need help from you all!

Names for my baby girl whick one you like best?







Hi all my multiply friends my husband have been pestering me to start another poll for my baby he hope all of you can help us .... now is narrow down cos am having a girl!  We only manage to come up a few names but hope that you all can help us think as well ..... hope those who are able to read my blog but not in my network pls suppor too Last but not least thanks for helping us again! 

Happy Anniversary to sz mei & yz!!

Time passes so fast ......... sz & yz married for one year already Happy Anniversary to you two ....... stay happy and quickly make one baby ... heehee  
YZ cooked dinner for sz mei today ...... so lovely and sweet ....... view sz mei 's blog for more highlights of their anniversary celebration.  Wonder when my Mr Goh will do such a wonderful dinner for me

 For me and my hubby ..... one in Taiwan one in SG when it is our anniversary ..... so no suprise or celebration we didn't even go for our one nite complimentary stay at the hotel yet.  Of cos have to thank my Banquet Sales Manager Mr Don Eng from New Park Hotel for all the arrangement he make for us cos we miss out many dates cos my husband always out of town ... thanks for helping us to extend the expiry dates.

Today, I cook a bit, simple meals for the 2 of us ..... one soup one veggie and one can food hahaha kinda lazy .... veggie is yesterday's cos we cant finish it.  Tomorrow is Mooncake Festival wonder what we are going to have for dinner ..... mooncake only? or go out for dinner??? Gotta think hard again arghhhhhh ................

Sunday, 23 September 2007

23/09/07 - Sunday

Today we went to our annual prayer session with our family, woke up at around 7+ in the morning as I was afraid I would oversleep cos Ah Ghor (my husband's 姑姑) is fetching us.  It was sunny but ..... when was around 8+ 9 it started to rain so heavily!

As usual, is a good time for catching up with each other as all of us were so busy with our own work and personal life........

After the prayers, we went back to my bil's place when I am there I feel that I dun feel well ..... my head so painful maybe due to the weird weather cos around noon time the sun came out and was so warm!  Cant stay for dinner with the family so third uncle gave us a lift back home .... the moment I reached home I on my air-con and catch a nap cos I cant take any panadol ... resting and sleeping is a great relief. 

Weird weather plus I did not sleep well in the nite makes me headache ...... I slept at 1+ am yesterday cos am too full and baby is still active during that time.  And when I am about to sleep I realise my husband have "conquered" my small bolster. He was holding it so tightly that I cant even take it back as I scared it would be torned.  So I decided to let him have it for a night. 
I regretted! hahahah cos I cant get to sleep without it!  So I woke him up and ask him to returned me my bolster hahahaha ........  I will make sure he won't "conquer" my bolster ever again ......

22 Sept 08 - Saturday

Red Dates & Longgan
Boil it
Smashed it!

Called up my mum to stop her from cooking red dates tea for me cos I wanna learn to cook ....so she teach me how to prepare it ..... but she have taken out the seeds in red dates for me .......

1st need to wash the red dates and longan with water ....... then smash the ginger ... not too much .... a bit will do ...... when the water is boiling ..... put in all the ingredients and let it boil for abt an hour and is ready for consume!  Mum's tips is to but in slow cooker ...... more fragrance!

During the late evening when I finish the dinner with Maro gang ...... I started to make potato salad for GSS (my husband's cousin).  She ask me over in msn before when am I gonna make potato salad for her and I told her when I get to see her ......

As am I seeing her on Sunday so I am gonna make some....... this time round I using bak kua to replace bacon bits cos bacon bits will loses crisp easily .....

1st - of cos to boil the potato then I smashed it ...... after I leave it to cool .... then I cut the bak kua into bits ...... so I can mix with the potato.... I add in margarine and spring onion and a bit of pepper ..... think photo not very clear when I am gonna make again I gotta take the photo again heeheh .....

Happy Birthday Chane!

Yummy sushi!
Chane's special order - more eggs carrotcake
the chilli crayfish
Durian paste yummy ......
                                                The fruits not tat nice .....

22 Sept Is Chane's birthday, was discussing with sz mei whether to buy her a cake?  Think of it most of them dun really cake so I suggested lets go for dinner   Hope Chane enjoyed the dinner with us ...... heehee .....

We Went Grand Mecure for buffet went with sz mei once ...... is nice .... but this time round my hubby a bit disappointed cos there isnt any oyster so he whacked the sashimi and crayfish ..... hahaha he walk one round come back the whole plate is still full of sashimi.

We enjoyed the food very much .... I love most is the durian paste .... yummy ..... I think I ate too much till I cant sleep early ...... and of cos think baby is also very full kept kicking me till 1+ in the morning keke ......