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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mon-Wed - 26-28 Jan 2015


MIL brought TT home after her school and this little cuttie pie came back telling me her tooth drop .... she look so cute without her tooth! She came awhile and off she go with my MIL to stay over at their place.  I am gonna miss this little fat fat sleeping beside me hugging her! 


MIL make an early trip to my place before fetch baby meaning I won't be able to hug hug her today kinda miss her especially her non stop talking!  Will be alone till my Goh come back :( 

Today school ended at 1pm so this cuttie pie came over with my MIL and before they came up they went to pack food for me and MIL told me this little girl tell her I wanna eat 胸鸡饭 hahaha she say she laugh and disturb her asking her why that 鸡饭 will be 凶? 

When I see her I laugh very loud cos of her cute short fringe hahaha .... it makes her more chubby and huggable!  She had lunch with me before going back .... I cannot stand the photo above she so chubby!

In the evening my sistas came over to have dinner with me they pack food from Le Chasseur and yes is feasting time again!  Thanks for the accompany and we chatted till like almost 10pm!  A good night that I spent! 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Friday - Sunday - 23-25 Jan 2015


After sending Alyssa to school Goh came back home with breakfast before he goes to work and he bought me Nasi Lemak for breakfast oh well quite good cos suddenly I feel like eating rice!  So I am all alone throughout till lunch time my MIL will buy lunch for me.  And since is Friday she will fetch Alyssa back home and she will stay with me till Goh is back well good in a way that at least I have someone to speak to.


Small Aunt came over for visit ... she told me to cook some red dates longan with dang shen is good.  So she brought some over for me and also bird nest and chicken essence.  I dun take chicken essence so all these will go into Goh's tummy! 

Goh will be all alone today to bring Alyssa for her Berries class and will have to pack dinner back .... he kinda bored cos usually we are always together having some time for ourselves.  Just endure I am sure very soon I will be well again! 


Third day already and actually I cannot really take it .... I still wake up early body clock already so use to the timing and I will just walk to the living room and start to do channel surfing .... but sad that Sunday always dun have nice show to watch at all.  Nua the whole day with my 2 baobei and as for dinner all of them went Le Chasseur for dinner except me!  

Goh pack sambal fried rice for me .... kinda oily but not too bad to eat actually.  Family all came up for visit after their meal. Appreciate for the thoughts! 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thursday - 22 Jan 2015

I really sleep well today but kinda warm for me so I asked for a fan blowing me for the time being while waiting for Dr Heng to give me green light to be discharge.

Today I have American Breakfast to start the day .... and after having breakfast Dr Heng came and green light given to me that I can go home but total bed rest at home for 2 weeks!  I was quite sad cos I am a person whom cannot sit still haha I will wanna do something for sure.  Wonder how will I survive.

Goh wheeled me down and make all the payment and we head to the for quick bite before going home as I am hungry.  Ordered the Chee Cheong Fun cos notmuch choices actually kinda boring lah this hospital haha but well at least near our place with our preferred gynae everything is ok. 

Went back home and immediately Goh asked me to stay in bed and well I rested awhile and slowly walk back to living room to watch tv and now if I need to bathe Goh will have to place a chair inside for me to bathe as instructed by  Dr Heng and the nurses.  Ok so now my so call in prison started lets see how long can I survive! 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wednesday - 21 Jan 2015

Rise and shine but I didn't sleep well cos on and off in the middle of he night the nurse come in to measure blood pressure.  Watched some TV and just when I fell asleep she came in to measure ... hahaha am I lucky or what?

Well when I am up ..... I feel very warm cos the sun is shining in and I am near the window.  Breakfast was served at around 745am and I am super hungry..... forever hungry minced chicken with century eggs taste not too bad.

SIL Celia came visit me at around 10+am and thanks for the lovely sunflowers with chicken essence!  Chatted for awhile and she left while I continue watching TV and just nice the children channel showing Toy Story my fav cartoon!  Around lunch time Goh came and he also pack food for him self his looks good but mine also not too bad just nice we had lunch together!  I look ok lah just that a bit pale ..... hope really can get well soon!

Thanks to Mabel who came over to visit me with some food too .... and Hazel, Janice & Eeling for the lovely get well soon hamper .... flowers really cheer me up!

In the evening Angeline, Pauline and Sam came visit me soon thanks for the lovely flowers now my bed full of lovely nice flowers!  My company also send in a big hamper too and also not forgetting Thomson for visiting me with chicken essence too!  Goh left at around 9+pm and I started to feel hungry again so I asked for milo and biscuit before I go to bed this time I am really tired ...... and I think I am able to sleep better.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tuesday - 20 Jan 2015

In the evening when I am resting suddenly I feel wetness ... so I quickly head to the toilet and to my horror I am bleeding!!!!

I feel so scared and tears rolling down ...... I really dunno what to do so I call my MIL and she asked me to call up the gynae.  Gynae called back to me asking me about the bleeding is it heavy or just spotting as if is only spotting I can still wait till next morning to see her in the clinic.  But my bleeding was quite bad so she asked me to head down to A&E at Parkway East while she make her way there as well.

MIL came with my SIL to pick me up to go over the hospital while Goh make his way down from his workplace.  He was shocked too when he received the piece of bad news from me.

Rushed down to hospital and was shown immediately to the room and Dr Heng was there waiting for me.  She still give me smile and hope I am in good comfy zone with her.  Blood pressure shoot up and nurse explained maybe I am too worried and anxious.  Dr Heng quickly scan and she was happy and telling me "see baby is swimming happily" The moment she lay the ultrasound on my tummy I was so scare.  The fear that I feel chill down my spine really makes me feel like dying if I were to know is a bad news. 

Dr Heng removed my panties and we were shocked to see blood clots too and she check if I have cervical polyps that lead to the bleeding.  Lucky there isn't any and she commented that the bleeding might be from womb and suspect too much walking!  she also commented no making love for this pregnancy too hahaha 

She asked if I wanna admit ,.... and just before I wanna answer .... she said you better stay in hospital to be on safe side.  Was push to the ward and I am extremely urgent and when I reached the ward first thing I asked was can I go toilet and nurse allow me with her help to the toilet .... but toilet in not vacant and she make me go back and pee in the pee pan kinda weird to do it on bed but no choice I gotta do it!  After changing ... I am super hungry and Goh and my MIL went back to get some stuffs for me and pack food for me.  I am relieved that everything is ok ..... blood pressure also went down.  Got to be good girl now no more walking .... no more taking heavy stuffs, no more housework all I have to do is rest rest and rest!  Given 2 weeks hospitalisation leave to stay home after discharge ..... is gonna be boring week ahead!  

Monday, 19 January 2015

Monday & Tuesday - 19 & 20 Jan 2015


This morning baby asked to have only hotdog bun and some biscuit for recess ..... she still do not have any confidence in buying food as this week onwards no more mentor accompanying her.  I hope she can overcome it fast and buy the food she like in school!  But of cos I am happy if she request to me to cook for her but I will be more tiring as need to wake up early. :P 


Baby ask me to cook noodle for her recess so I add some cocktail chicken hotdog and egg for her.  After school she told me she finished everything really makes me very happy hope this growing up gal will grow up well ans healthy!

Bought her western food for lunch and she love pork chop very much at first the stall owner still thought that pork chop belongs to mine hahaha and she told Alyssa that good life she had! haha ....

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunday - 18 Jan 2015

Is baby's actual birthday today ... this year cos she is in Primary One and there is restriction of having make up class in Berries we did not have any staycation this year.  And thanks to Swensen for arrangement of her lost card and also arrange the restuarant that we visiting to know that she can make use of her birthday treats without her card! 

Happy Alyssa can;t wait to wear the new clothes that Hazel bought for her and she actually choose to wear the green top and tights first and laterin the evening she will put on the dress haha .... her fashion sense still not too bad but it will be better if her tights is in polka dots! 

I do not have good appetite lately so I share Terriyaki Chicken Spaghetti with Goh but same after 2 mouth I do not wanna eat anymore.  And of cos the happy kid ate some from ours apart from her own Spaghetti!  

In the evening we headed over to Star Vista for dinner at Canton Paradise and SIL LC bought a Frozen Ice cream cake from Swensen.  Little gal was so excited over it and SIL Celia's birthday is one day before Alyssa's so both of them will always celebrate together and she also booked a KTV room at Temasek Country Club for us to enjoy! 

The kids and my FIL whom dun sing play so happily at the soccer table while the rest of us sing ... Alyssa also sing some songs and she is doing good haha ... maybe my prenatal education when I am preggie with her helps abit whahaha .... and best is she can sleep anywhere too even if is a noisy place! 

Has a great time with them and all of us do enjoyed very much!  Thanks for organising little was so happy with the present and ang bao! Happy 7th Birthday sweetie!  May you be healthy and do well in your studies! 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Saturday - 17 Jan 15

Feeling hungry after sending Alyssa to Berries so I asked Goh to go East Point walk walk plus snack time while waiting for Alyssa.  And Goh need to go out with his camp mates so I decided to pack back OKG for dinner to dine with Alyssa at home.  Went to Dough Culture to cure my hunger first and Goh order a Youtiao Set ($2) and I order a Youtiao with shredded chicken porridge ($4.80) and it comes with a soya bean drink too.

Soya Bean Drink is nice ... but the porridge I ate 2 mouth I stop eating cos I found one strip of plastic inside the porridge and I return immediately to them and the apologised and refund me the money. So angry cos hungry woman = angry woman!

Went to get some bread to fill my stomach and also bought OKG - curry chicken for me, noodle for Missy and we share one black fungus chicken and BBQ chicken wings.

Baby came out of Berries telling us Teacher celebrated her birthday with her classmates and given her a small little gift and a sticker.  Happy girl so happy with the hour glass present!  After settling us Goh went out and both of us start to eat our dinner! 

Great time spent with Missy alone at home ..... in future there will be another one sharing our time together!  

Friday, 16 January 2015

Tues - Fri - 13 - 16 Jan 14


Baby say wanna have sandwich for breakfast so I made simple one for her cos I need to rush out with them as well.  So basically I have to bathe, change myself wake baby and Goh up for them to wash up while I made her recess food and breakfast.  And when she is eating then I have a little time to change and get her uniform as well. 

And we have to set off latest from our house at 645am or 650am to avoid long car queue at the gate.  Then I will ask Goh to drive to Old Airport Road market to buy breakfast and I am in office at 715am!  I will watch some show and enjoy my breakfast after that I will just take a short nap till 9am.  Daily routine for the next 6 years ... but with little one coming along everything have to re-adjust again. 


Today is Arts & Craft day and she love it very much hope she learn something with the Teacher as I did not let her go for any lesson before.  Thanks to Ghee Meng for the yummy food from Japan ..... I love it so much!  And really tempting to go Japan again after seeing your photos and food!! 


I was happy when my colleagues say she wanna fried beehoon for lunch and thanks to them from buy to prepare and to fried .... I only went to get shallots when I go get breakfast in the morning,  With the killing chilli we made together plus this fried bee hoon ... I had 3 bowls of the beehoon :P 


Every Friday I will not follow them as I need to stay put at home to wait for my part time helper and I will go to work myself.  See early bird's face?

Colleague bought me QQ rice for breakfast I really afraid I will grow very fat since my breakfast is so heavy nowsaday! 

Thanks to Mr Lim Hyun for helping us to get a bottle of Le Cafe's golf ball pineapple tart ... many of my friends rve about it unfortunately is not my liking .... though pineapple is cook from stretch but is way too sweet and the crust itself too soft.  And Goh say the one I bake taste better than this and thanks to Angeline for the recipe I have more people love my tarts more! 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday - 12 Jan 15

Since there is leftover of some food yesterday Missy say that she wanna have it for recess so I make hot the fried rice and brocolli and fried an egg for her recess.  Hope she like it!  Routine start again ...... haiz .... really tired .... not enough rest. 

She was waiting for me to come home after work and asking to have her present open ..... actually I wanted to let her open on her actual day birthday but to prevent the gift lying around cos storage is quite hard as I have not start my spring cleaning I decided to let her open it. 

She was so happy and open up the gift one by one carefully and she was thrilled looking at her present.  Really thanks all her friends. relatives, Auntie & Uncles showering her with love!  The gifts was so nice and she was thrilled seeing Hazel's present ...... and hiao hiao her immediately ask if she can try on it! See the series of her hiao post haha ... 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday - 11 Jan 15 Alyssa's Birthday Party

Thanks to my SIL LC for helping me to book the function room I have been planning since like November for her party cos this year she will not have party in school anymore and she love to party especially with her friends.  Guests list is from her! haha ....

Since Alyssa with my SIL we headed to Tampines Round Marker to buy fishball first and then to my Parent's place to pick them and back to OneKm Mall to pick up cake and to The Shore.

Buffet Man reached before us and just nice he just started to do set up so am able to ask him how to arrange the food.  Papa and Goh help to do up the decoration while I put in some drinks into the ice box.  Thanks Angeline for the lovely Hokkaido Pandan cake is really yummy!

Food I have ordered from Orange Clove is mostly kid's friendly as adults can have kid's food ... but adult food kids cannot eat so if I am a bad host sincerely apologized for the poor hosting,  Kids went crazy over the pool and everyone of them simply just went wild that include my Alyssa for sure!

Above picture is Kayla, Lizanne and of cos Alyssa taken in like 2011/2012 and so Joanne and myself get them to take another pic haha see the difference?

I also invite a Magician to also host a magic show for the kids - Jerryl Tan he is one of my TKD member and I get to see his performance at one of the Instructor's wedding,  Not all children enjoyed the show but I am very sure most of them did so are some adults and they were very thrilled of some magic. 

After the magic show is the cake cutting time bought the cake from Prima Deli cos is hard to find Pony design cake ...... as for Alyssa and myself we love rainbow cake so I guess this cake is perfect as is also recommended by EL.  Thanks to EL for loaning me the pony as well .... for Alyssa's she have it too but most of it with glitters so not advisable to have it.  Party slowly ended after most of them have the cake and cos the use of function room is due at 3pm. 

We also gave out the goodie bags to the kids as I dun like having lotsa snacks and stationery set so this year I order from Lollibox - an arts and craft theme kind of material inside the box whereby kids can make use of their creativity to do up the craft works!  I think this kind of goodie bags way better than having snacks ... this is the 2nd time I having non snacks goodie bags and hope every kid will like it! 

After most of the guests left I asked Goh to send my Parents back while I clean up the place and thanks to EL & Park for helping me to carry all the stuffs while the 3 Princesses swimming around happily!  3 of them played like for about an hour and they are so friendly that they greeted an Auntie from an unit near the pool and even chatted with her (=_=)" 

After cleaning them up we parted and we headed home to unload all the stuffs and get our feet on to East Coast to meet up with my in laws for a short play of ball and frisbie.  For me and my mil both of us resting on the mat looking at them playing. 

After the game we went to have dinner at the lagoon hawker for dinner as usual we went to get some of dishes each from different stall and share.  After the hearty meal we parted it was really tiring .... full whole day packed! 

Look at that missy how tired she was ..... she was asleep the moment we drove our car out of lagoon hawker!

Orange Clove Catering 
Website: http://www.orangeclove.com.sg/
Can Look for Catherine Seah for sales Person nice lady! 

Website: http://lollibox.sg

Jerryl Tan (Magician) 
HP: 9181 0502 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Saturday - 10 Jan 15 (Part 2)

After Alyssa's Berries class we headed to Compass Point to collect her birthday party balloon before we collect we go look for food!  We went Olio Cafe for dinner since the queue look short, this place seating capacity is not very big so we waited for like a few minutes for them to prepare the table for us as we sharing one table of 2.  I could say their service impressed me as they are quite attentive and polite! 

Alyssa ordered a Surf & Turf ($23.50) and add a top up set ($7.90) consist of a clam potato soup and a glass of Ice Lemon Tea.  For the Surf & Turf they have crayfish, ribeye beef, potatoes and some veggie.  As I do not have much appetite I share Laksa Scallop Pasta ($16.90) and a glass of Iced Earl Grey Lychee ($5.50) 

Alyssa commented that the beef is nice and she gave her crayfish to me ... is very fresh and sweet!  As for the Laksa Scallop Pasta I ate only like 2 mouth and I dun really like it but scallop was yummy!  Total bill after all GST and service charge was $63.30. 

We went up to Level 4 to collect her balloon and this little girl was so happy and excited about it!  And I told her is huge they gonna squeeze in the car with you she is perfectly ok and say will want to look after it.  SIL was at her place so we brought the balloon up to her place cos logistics side is a problem if I have everything with me.  

And little girl say she wanna stay over night with her so we left her there and SIL whatsapp us her photo wearing her Tshirt to sleep hahaha.  Good! Another couple time for us and I can be more clear of what to bring and pack them properly. 

Olio Cafe 
Compass Point Shopping Centre 
No. 1 SengKang Sq 
#01-14/15 (545078)
Tel: 6388 9881

Saturday - 10 Jan 15

My MIL meet up with me at 630am cos we are heading to Floating Platform cos my hubby is having his standing down parade.  Times really flies I still remember I see him off on his 1st reservist!  Now he had 10 cycle completed!

We were seated at the green sector and first to march out is 2 battalions of standing down men follow by all the passing out parade youngsters!  Missy brought along her piglet to see the stand down parade but she is actually covering her ears telling me she scare of the bombing sound haha she thought we watching National Day Parade!

Told her is only instrumental playing no bombing haha then she let go her hand and trying hard to see where her Papa! The 2 battalions dismissed first and not long after Goh found us and he asked us to follow him cos they are able to go for reception at the F1 pit.  Quite a long walk to there and need to climb 3 or 4 storey to the venue hhahaha ... very tiring! 

About 4 or 5 buffet table set up with different food ...  took some food my MIL, Missy and myself but 美中不足 they dun have chairs provided and I am on skirt with a small belly now I cannot sit on floor like others do.  

Whole reception took about an hr to 2 hr, Goh need to have his card scan before leaving lucky they have express queue for those men with family around,  And thanks to a friend whom helped us so that we could park the car overnight with carpark waived!  After sending MIL back both of us knock out after we wash up .... best is my girl she didn't nap when she is back but doing her berries work and play her toys till we wake up!