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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Wednesday - 31/10/07

The ingredients I used
Cooking time loh
                                                 Done! Baby porridge

A boring Rainy Wednesday!!!  So bored at work hahahah ...... dunno what to eat during lunch too .... cos here really have lotsa coffeeshop but all duplicate food .... sigh .....

Maro gang have intro me and SZ mei to play pirates in facebook both of us are hooked!  I am not very good at it ... SZ mei is good heehee...... now I have more games to play at home already ... wont be bored if my husband is playing his own PS2 .....

Tonight's dinner is "baby porridge"  I called it baby porridge cos it seems like what my nephew is eating everyday but of cos his is more nutritious.  His sometimes have fish, brocolli, carrot etc ... mine is only silver fish, fish cake, egg and luncheon meat.  As I have run out of ideas what to cook .... this have come to my mind!

Lucky my hubby enjoyed eating it hehehe ..... so still not too bad but I think I cook too much .... but he manage to finish it all ....

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tuesday - 30 Oct 2007

Happy Birthday Isaac!!! GU GU love you!
My dad & Isaac
Blowing out his cake
Me & Isaac
On his new toy
                                                          My dinner

Was on half day cos I have something on this afternoon heehee .... went to the bank at 12.00pm to purchase bank is raining so heavily ..... took sometime to catch a cab!  Headed back to office to pass my colleague the bank draft and off me go to my mum house.

My parents have been looking forward to it ..... is my nephew - Isaac Lee's lunar birthday ..... due to some dispute between his parents .... he won't be having any 1st year birthday celebration.  My parents was so upset about it so my mum decided to do it between the 3 of us.  Had ordered a cake for him by my husband & I unfortunately my husband can't join us cos he had to go RT in the evening so kinda rush for him.

When I reached my mama place he is sleeping so soundly heehee ..... he look so cute when he is asleep.  When he woke up and my dad is back the small celebration start .... he keep looking at the doraemon picture and so fascinated by the candle. Time really flies ..... he is 1 year old already   He seems to know that I am preggie never make noise ask me to carry him when he is place in baby cot and when we are left alone with each other for about 45mins.  Standing there to play balls with me ..... so cute ya

Around early evening I left my mama place and when down to collect the 炖汤 that all of us ordered.  I have ABC soup although I dun take pork I take that cos I just love carrots and potato but the portion is very big ..... left some for my husband but he oso cant finished it heehee .... is very nice is located at Blk 10 North Bridge Road coffee shop if you wanna try it must go early ... if not you can place your order through phone ask them to reserved for you

Monday, 29 October 2007

Sunday - 28 Oct 2007 - Multi Racial Cooking Competition

Some items in the goodies bags
Thanks for coming to support me after your RT
Yes thats the dish name give by hock - sz's frd
Tats my table and is C13!! 13 leh ....
People mountain people sea
The auntie beside me so pro!
The winner of the day
Tats my creation simple one... just there for fun heehee
Sz mei's creation she got consolation prize
SZ's mama's creation
Auntie beside me 's creastion curry chicken!
Nice presentation
                                          One of the judge trying out my food

Slept at around 2am cos of the heavy supper I had with maro gang during midnight on Saturday.  Rise & Shine at 8.30am got myself wash up and I am so excited cos is the 1st time I joined the cooking competition.  Meeting SZ & YZ at ard 9am and pick up SZ mei's mum headed to Kembangan CC straight.

When we reached there ...... wow so many tables! There are a total of around 50+ participants that is a lot!!!  I am C13 .... eeeeeeeeeee as mei mei says she dun like 13 to me I oso dun like leh ... but no choice loh kekeke ........

Actual event starts at around 1030am me and sz mei still go in to the cafe to enjoy the aircon while others start to prepare their food.  Cos our food takes only 10-15mins time to prepare so we took our own sweet time relaxing!  We started to cook at 11am and was done in 15mins time or less ...... sz mei's mama so cute she go round to ask other partcipants what they cooking how to prepare .... very good leh .... for me I just sit around haha but I did go round to see their creation!

The auntie beside me have a lot of supporters and after the judges finished the food tasting ... a lot other people came around to taste our food ..... Auntie's curry is gone real fast ..... mine too cos maybe mine is bite size so is easy to poke and eat!

Waited quite long before they announced the winners ...... before that we all collected our goodies bags from the organisers - Kembangan WEC.  We are all winners cos we have 3 big goodies bags and I only paid $3.00.  Is worth $30.00 but I feel that is more than that liao wor .... I didnt get any prize cos I am there just for fun and experience.  Sz mei won consolation prize she have NTUC vouchers, hampers & throphy Congrats mei!  While the auntie beside me won a 2nd prize! Her curry taste good but to me is oily .... but all of them bio-ing her curry hahaha ......

Thanks to my dearest darling whom came to support me after his RT u must be very tired ... cos he fell asleep in YZ's car hehehe ...... anyway thanks dear love ya

I have great fun there but am very tired and warm ...... Lester you should join too hehehe is so much fun!  I will wanna take part again next year anyone wanna join too?  I have Pauline in the list already hehehehe

Saturday - 27 Oct 2007

Prawn wan tan mee
Yuan Yang rice
                                                                Carrot Cake

Woke up at around 12pm .... missed 1st part of Zao An Lao Shi *hng* so angry ..... of myself for being lazy hahaha ....

Around 2 we headed to my mum's place to pass her something and we took a cab to Marina Square cos I wanna go John little to shop.  Bought a few things from there mainly is for my baby - Nappy liners, wet wipes, hankys, detergents.  Bought a small bag for my mum she have been looking for it for quite sometimes cos she needed it when she goes to work .... bought one bag for myself too but is hubby's money wor ... kekeke thanks dear!

Took the free bus ride to cityhall MRT to change a bus to parkway cos we couldn't catch a cab there ...... in the bus so crowded and and so warm the aircon seems not working and sitting beside me is a chinaman he has cigerattes smells leh and imagine is so hot and I nearly puke out!

Reached Parkway around 5.15pm and we went up to Kiddy Palace cos am looking for satin baby carrier ...... i think is good so that I can carry my baby next time wherever I go can go w/o the pram.  Bought a pair of shoes for my beloved nephew he is turning 1 soon time passes so fast.  Went down to B1 to order a cake for him cos my mum wanna celebrate with him on Tuesday due to some incidents think he might not have a celebration well ..... abit sad for him cos is his 1st birthday afterall......

Went NTUC to get some groceries and the ingredients for the cooking competition tomorrow in CC.  SZ mei came to meet us as she have her groceries to buy too ... thanks to YZ for giving us a lift back too cos we really bought alot of things!  Met up maro gang at 7+ and we went for supper at HK Cafe at East Coast Rd..... our day ended with laughters again ... never fail to have that with maro gang!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Friday - 26/10/07

Still my choice!
to-ricos Kway Chap
                                                          Onde Onde

Went Old Aiport Road for lunch again thanks to our friend Mr Wong!  He drove us there and have lunch with us too.  Same old food I love - Yong Tau Fu ..... I simply love it .... .... while Mr Wong have the famous kway chup .... always so long Q! 

After finishing my yong tau fu, I bought Red Ruby and oso Wang Wang curry puff cant resists yummy!  

Around 1.45pm we left and Mr Wong said that he knows a place where sell nice onde onde ... so we headed there to buy!  Is located at Ubi Ave 2 - sgkueh
I feel that so so only leh ... think begawan solo one is better .... is up to individual taste beside onde onde they sell various kueh ... but i didnt get it cos I think I bought too much things liaoz.

Tonight finally I get to meet up with Stefan - SZ mei's frd we call him donald duck hahaha cos he sound like one .... when he makes funny noise!  Its been so long never see him .... Garen is with us too ..... have fun catching up with these two cutties!  But thanks to Mr Tang hahaha I dun really got much of my beauty sleep on Saturday cos am going shopping!!!!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

After a long break .......

Our dinner on Wednesday

My breakfast on Thursday
                                                    Our dinner on Thursday

After along break last week ..... this week I am back to work again hahaha ...... still so busy .... and we have a new colleague she is Alice.  One of our friends ..... hope she enjoyed her work here. 

As usual I dunno what to have for breakfast, lunch & dinner.... sigh .... but SZ mei always come for rescue hahaaha when I am cracking head what to have for dinner she will sms us whether want soup or food from here lah there lah ..... so nice of her ... heheh thanks mei *hugz*

Lately am feeling very tired wonder why ... and finally I feel the tightness on my tummy ... many mummies in the forum have felt that long ago to me is like nothing for me but ... now I feel it .... arghhh feeling not very good though.  And more kicking take place now hahaha .... she is really cute ..... she knows what I am talking to her ....... i will try asking her what name she like heehee kick me if you like it .......