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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Wednesday - 26 Nov 08

                                                    New Mama - Gwen & ClariceWent TMC to visit Gwen & Clarice in the evening .... baby Clarice so pretty ... she have a very nice eyebrow shape ....

TT was excited seeing Clarice mei mei .... we teach her how to sayang baby .... must train her now .... maybe next time she will have a sibling then she know how to sayang.

She also played with Gwen's friend .... and she show off her bubble trick I dunno where she learn it from by using her saliva to blow up bubble.  She kept on doing it cos everyone was laughing at it as like what Gwen say she is proud of it! *LOL*  There is one bubble she blow till very big and it pop the whole of her face *LOL* I must video it down next time and I could show her next time when she grow up.

After visiting we wanna pack Mcdonald from East Coast ..... in the end we went to Big Splash to have Carl's Junior instead.  After ordering then we realise there is a drive thru *LOL*  Well we are not very familiar of the place next time we know it!  I like the place is very spacious and is quite nice to chill out with friends there during weekdays night!  Shall visit there again ...... soon.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tuesday - 25 Nov 08

                                                            Baby Clarice

Came back home and start doing my house work .... and there are a full basket of clothing to be wash ..... today I cook fried rice for dinner as the rice is left overs on Saturday. 

After cooking I mop the floor and wash the kitchen while waiting for Chane to call ..... we are going to do some exercise today.  I am feeling heavy now so I am joining her to go for brisk walking and climbing of stairs ......

I dun think I can still jog as before I dun have enough 气 now .... wonder why .... especially after given birth.  Arghhhh .... I miss my days while I am pregnant with TT cos I feel that's my healthier days ever!!!

Last Wednesday I went for check up on my thyroid result is not very good .... as my hypo thyroid is back .... which I hate cos it will put on weight and it actually did!!!!  Dr Lee is not very satisfied of my result ...... and actually ask me to increase my dosage of my medicine.  Keep finger cross .... my next appointment is in Jan 09 so hope that it will be good.

Today is Arthur (nephew), Carmen (niece) and my brother's birthday would like to wish them a very happy birthday! 

And I would like to congrats Gwen & Alvin for the new arrival of their baby Clarice!!!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Monday - 24 Nov 08

                                                  See how fat I am now *sob sob*
Went over to my in law's place after we taken our bath .... cos we are going to send my SIL off .... she is going Japan with her students.

We went T3 Swensen for our dinner, my sil and my mil share the baked rice, kids having the kids meal, I ordered the fried chicken and Dearie ordered their fish & chips and it come with salad for both of us their salad is very nice yummy!

Baked rice portion is big .... they say is good for 2 but i feel is good for 4 ..... *LOL* if only we know is that big we will not order our main course and share it with my SIL & MIL.  The bill come up at $90 and there is a $5 discount ... and we are given the lucky draw form and a free admission to the candies house and a kiddy ride.  Kiddy ride close at 8pm so we only get my 2 nephew into the candies house to pick candies. 

They are given a tumbler each and they have to fill it up .... both of them so happy and excited about it.  TT is happy too .... even she is tired and sleepy she wouldn't wanna close her eyes and sleep.  We left T3 at around 11pm and on the way home she then fell asleep ...... *LOL*

Bon Voyage sis hope you have an enjoyable trip!

Sunday - 23 Nov 08

                                  This photo is funny look at TT's expression *LOL*

                                          Alfred wanna 抢镜头

Woke up with very bad backache I guess I dun sleep well at night .... dearie bought me breakfast again thanks sweetie dearie!

Watched some TVB series this time I am watching The Four now watched the first few episode is good .... now a day I cannot burn the cd to keep any more .... usually I will burn and kept some nice show ... now totally can't *sad*.

After watching ..... dearie and TT went to take a nap and I went to do laundry ... but my backache is killing me ... so i went to the bed room to have a rest while TT is still sleeping ..... when I get in she is wide awake and smiling at me thought I would carry her out but I am lying flat instead HOHOHO ..... i think she is disappointed.

Both me and dearie totally knock out and when I woke up to bathe before heading to my PIL place she is asleep again guess she is lonely seeing us sleeping and she slept with us but we didn't know when she fell asleep.*LOL*

Today we celebrating Arthur's birthday ..... we had dinner at Blk 412 coffee shop cos my PIL closes their shop late and my mil not in time to cook.  Ordered a few dishes .... and back to my in laws place for the birthday cake cutting.  We have so much fun especially when we are taking photos *LOL*   Stayed at my in laws place till around 10+pm then headed home .... TT was crying out loud when I tried to change her cos she have rash on her butt ... poor baby I think is very painful cos she is crying out very loud and very ke lian ..... poor baby!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Saturday - 22 Nov 08

Went to Burlington Square to collect my prize - Flyers Ticket.  Heeeee ..... I am going to the flyers ..... lucky we never go in August when we stay in at Conrad .... This time round we are going for free and I will buy my parents tickets to go together too.  My Dad's birthday is coming soon so he wanted to take a ride at the flyers so I will bring him and mum over.

After collecting the tickets we headed down to Geylang to eat my favorite prawn mee - Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee.  Beach Road prawn mee is not as nice ..... when I drink the soup OH WOW ..... POWER so nice! *LOL* didnt order the 五香虾饼 cos we wanna chop chop and go back home to let TT nap.

Went Singpost to pick up a registered mail and NTUC to buy some food back to cook for dinner.  We spent the rest of our day at home resting as I am super tired .... and also to pack up the house as well.  So tired ......

Monday - Friday - 17 - 21 Nov 08

This week I have nothing much to update is the same old thing as usual going to work, coming back, house work, TT, dearie and so on .... *LOL* nothing much .... food wise nothing much too ..... zi char, veggie rice .... nothing much to update.

But on Thursday evening we went over to my brother house at Potong Pasir  to look for my parents .... by the time we reached there my parents have taken their dinner.  They help me look after TT and dearie & I then have chance to eat peacefully.

I ordered a plate of horfun while dearie have the western food and ordered BBQ chicken wings for me, Ah Hui's BBQ chicken wings still the best!  The chicken chop that dearie order taste good so is my horfun should go back there for more!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sunday - 16 Nov 08

Woke up quite late today and Dearie bought me breakfast from market when he is back from RT .... very sweet loh thanks!

Went CC for meeting and headed to my PIL's house straight after that...... my mil cook a big bowl of curry today and I ate quite alot today cos if the curry *LOL* and my SIL gave me 3 mangoes which is planted by her mum in Indonesia.  We had all 3 after our dinner... and we were all so full cos my FIL make the grass jelly for us too.

Think I dun wanna eat so much next time cos I am getting fatter le .....

Saturday - 15 Nov 08

After visiting my Granny whom is back home at Seng Kang we sent my parents to Boon Keng as they are going to visit someone there and we are going to Serangoon Road for dinner with Penny, Edwin, Edwin's mum(auntie) & Weiqi.

We are the 1st to reach the place we are dining at The French Stall located at
544 Serangoon Road (Sturdee Road North).  So headed straight in to the restuarant and ask for seats ... but we saw a notice saying due to space constraint no seating is available till all people are present.

I ordered their set menu dinner which comes with a soup, main course and a dessert.  Had their soup of the day which is their veggie soup while dearie had their onion soup which comes with two slices of Baguette with Mozarella Cheese soaked in the soup. Onion soup taste better than the veggie soup but is kinda of watery.

I have their dory fish with mashed potato and dearie had their sirloin steak, my dory fish still have a bit of fishy smell, steak is not medium done as we ask for it.  Auntie ordered Duck Confit with Orange Peel her review is quite good while Edwin ordered a Pork cordon bleu lion it had cheese and ham in between his comment is not too bad.  We had Foie Gras which comes with spinach to share among us.  No comment cos is our 1st time eating that and we ordered a bottle of red wine to share too.

Total cost of the bill is $280, service so so but boss is friendly ... service staff not very good in introducing their food to us.  Guess they need to train them up so that they can recommend more good food to us.

Went back home to wash up TT and off we go to Leisure Park for bowling game with Vicky & Edwin.  Saw Christopher Lee with some ex TCS star too playing bowling he is handsome in person!!! *LOL*

Had 3 games .... and my score is not bad de lor .... 156, 155 and 120(i think) well guess 3 games is max for me see the score *LOL*

Chilled out at Kallang Mcdonald, chit chatting ... guess Vicky is not satisfied of his steak just now ... he ordered Big Mac mega for his supper at 2.00am!!!! *OMG*   Reached home at about 3am and soon we knocked out ..... cos my hubby gonna go for his RT early in the morning.

Friday - 14 November 08

Went back early today and Dearie came to pick me up wanted to go Novena Square to pick up something unfortunately we can't make it cos it closes at 5pm.  So we headed to Ikea Tampines instead since parking is free.

Reached Ikea at around 530pm and straight we headed for dinner ordered each a fish & chips and share the chicken wings.  Is good to dine out without TT *LOL* cos now she so active we can't eat in peace if she is not asleep!

Help Chane to buy one cable organiser tray and we headed to Bedok to pick up TT cos my p/t maid will be here.  Before we reached home my p/t maid reached and called me told me that she is waiting for me down stair.  And we all turned in quite late too including TT ..... I dunno why she stayed up with us till late even when she is tired.....

Happy Birthday to my dear friend - Bird & WT .... may all your wishes come true!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Thursday - 13 Nov 08

*LOL* I knew I will FAILED!  *LOL* Yes I failed my basic theory test ..... lousy ya ..... I didn't study again all I do every night now is TT, facebook, TT & facebook again......muhahaha .... ok I know I am not discipline enough .....

I tried very hard to absorb it when I am at work .... kekeke .... but still failed ... never mind I shall work hard again maybe I am not good in studies *LOL*

I have not book another date yet cos the office for booking is closed after I finished my test..... thanks to Dearie whom drove me there and waited for me with TT in the car *LOL*  Sorry I have disappoint the 2 of you ......but thanks for the support!! Love ya!

Wednesday - 12 Nov 08

Thanks to Adnan whom bought us Arab St Nasi Bryani for lunch today it smell really good that we cant resists it.  But disappointment when we open the packet .... is MUTTON we dun take mutton at all.

Kinda feel bad cos we will be wasting the food ..... I really feel bad ... I throw away almost half packet of the rice .... cos basically I am eating the rice and the cucumber only.  Dun really had a good lunch but really appreciate Adnan for his lunch! Thanks Pal!

Penny is back in SG again and today we are meeting up for supper since Bird is leaving to Penang to visit his son tomorrow.  Supper at Quality Hotel again cos that is the Bird's favorite supper location. 

Price is still at $8.80nett during weekday .... but food is becoming more and more lousy .... sweet potato porridge only have less than 5pcs inside, chicken pattie no taste, veggie a bit yellowish ..... hmmmm overall the standard dropped alot compare to the first time I eat.

Tuesday - 11 Nov 08

I received a letter last Friday and contents says:

Date: 5/11/08

Congratulations from Asialinx Pte Ltd!

This letter serves to confirm that Lee Wee Kheng of I/C or Passport No: SXXXX282/G has won the following prize from Asialinx Great Singapore Sale held from 1st July - 15th September 2008.

2 Singapore Flyer tickets worth $59.80

Please contact our office below to claim your prize.

All prizes are to be claimed in person in our office.

All prize(s) unclaimed by the 10th of December 2008 will be donated to charity.

Once again, congratulations and have an enjoyable ride!

Yours truly

Rita Yong
Marketing Manager

heehee is lucky draw again but this time I dun really remember what draw I have entered and what are the things I bought during GSS.  Yet to collect the prize .... heehee lucky we never go take flyers on our own last time so this time is the chance to go up for free and TT need not pay any ticket.