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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Doraemon Craze


Hahaha   ya ... is not over yet!  Met SZ mei at 6+ to go buy doraemon magnet again! We really bought alot of things!  Beside spending  we make some money too kekekekek ......

Now on hand I have lotsa repeated  magnets who wanna trade? I left only Netherland, China & Singapore Esplanade to complete the set of Doraemon magnets! after so many days of buying, buying and carrying carrying (things we bought) we decided to go for a good  dinner.  Wanted to eat tomyum steamboat located at Roxy Square 2 in the end we went to "survey" the food at Mecure Hotel.
As sz mei have the accord card so we make good use of it.  The spread looks good they have oyster, sashimi, sushi, chinese cooked food, laksa, mee siam, cakes, soup .... crayfish, roasted beef all looks yummy!
They have durian paste as well.... my husband have 5 scoop of ice-cream for dessert..... we were so full .... arghhhhh think cannot eat too much next time ..... cant sleep till 1+ .......

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Sit & get paid....... good lobang


Woke up at 7.30am to meet my 2 girl friends - Coco & Weeli.  We planned to go temple to pray  a few days ago.  After praying we went to Vivocity & harbourfront  to shop and we took photos again can't resist the nice sunny weather and pretty scenery. THUMBS UP! After some shopping we headed to Suntec to SIT & GET PAID!

Why is my title of my blog sit & get paid?

Here goes......Yesterday I received a msn msg by my penpal  Jason saying that his friends need 10 ppl to  sit in the duck tour for some fliming.  I gather some of my frds and  we register ourselves immediately since we will be in town. 

Beside the 3 of us SZ meimei, YZ, my husband, weeli's mum & her friends join us too!
We were all very excited to get into the duck tour cos we will never pay for $35 dollars for that little tour.  Thinking of us can sit in and enjoy the ride unfortunately we were not selected to sit into it .  Cos the duck is full, only SZ mei & YZ is being selected I am kinda disappointed cos I am so excited to sit into it and take many many pics not into the fliming ha ha anyway it wont feature us!

We are being asked to wait in case the fliming needs to be done 2nd time ha ha ha 7 of us really sit just outside a corner near the road to wait and to be paid by the end of the fliming!  It took about an hour.   And REALLY we waited and was paid $50  ha ha ha ..... kinda good money cos we do not need to do anything just that we wont get to experience the duck tour car to be drove into the sea.
From sz mei, she told me about her experience she say she would not pay for $35 for that and she told us is pretty hot siting in there .........but is an easy money to earn!

Jason, anymore lobang har?

Friday, 23 March 2007

Is my BIL's Birthday!

Time passes really fast!!! Tomorrow is my BIL's birthday! Happy Birthday Bro!  May all your wishes come true and everything you do go very very smooth always!

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Doraemon Magnet

Photo "stolen" from SZ mei mei's blog

All along I love Doraemon very much even my 2 nephew knew about it and
they even tapped the cartoon to watch with me when I go back to my
MIL's house for dinner with my family. 7-11 have this promotion every
$5 spent you will get one Doraemon magnet! There are 35 of them now I
only have 4 of them - Peru, Chile, India & Germany.

mei mei collecting Doraemon magnet as well she got more cos she have
lovely friends to help her. As for my friends they dun really like
buying stuffs from 7-11 cos their stuffs tends to be more expensive
compare to others. Hard to activate friends to help[...... now SZ mei
have 9 of them ......

these magnets will be on my bomb shelter door which is so dull without
anything on it. Any of you collecting it or willing to sell at good
rates? Let me know can ...... heeeee hope that I can collect all 35 of

Updates: I got another 4 magnets! - Singapore, Spain & Koreax2

Updates: I left Italy, Scotland, Netherlands, China, Mexico, Morocco, Hongkong, cambodia and special - Esplanade

Monday, 19 March 2007

Happy Birthday Sis!

18th March 2007 - its her birthday! For our family, we are always looking forward to each other's birthday so we can feast and celebrate together!  It will bring us closer too ......
This year she is being assigned by her school to go USA for a meeting.  Therefore we have to wait for her to come back on 21st ......
She called and told us that its really cold there.  She is so so afraid of cold poor lady ..... have to bear with it.
Hereby, we wish her a very happy birthday!
We will feast when she is back! :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Any suggestion on boosting your fertility?

this is always been our topic among friends!  Went for a
dinner with my neighbours on 人日, there is a dish - Broccoli &
scallop.  Immediately Norman say is good to eat broccoli for man
is good for sperm count.  SZ meimei say must eat more vegetables
and oyster if you want a girl and my friend oso say that!  And if
you want boy eat more meat.... kekeke kinda fun to have a discussion on

I have a friend who is also very cute he say if you want a girl you
have to make love in a cold cold place and if you want a boy you have
to make love in a hot hot place .... ha ha ha i am waiting for his wife to go for scanning whether is a girl or a boy ha ha ......

Well, for me as long the baby is healthy no matter is a girl or boy I
will put all my love on him/her.  I would want at least a boy and
a girl hahaha best is I can have 3 but my beloved say stop at 2
But if there a choice to choose i want a girl 1st hahaha ..... I will
keep on continue trying for baby now .... hopefully I can get preggie
before my 1st Anniversary in May.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Pig's hand

Woke up on sunday morning with a painful wrist & neck ..... sigh  
must be never sleep properly ....... still i went for yoga lesson
hahahahah while doing some warm up i feel pain on my wrist.
Sunday night before i sleep i ask my husband to help me TUI 推 my hand,
it so painful i almost roll out my tears. He ask me to see a

My colleague suggest me to go to a shop - Chien Chi Tow 拳器道 located
just nearby our office. She (Jolene) & I went in during our
lunch time ..... wow that place so nicely do up ..... unfortunately the
TUI NA SHI FU not in ... o i have to go back there again. Without
asking about the price Jolene & I are guessing how much will they
charge. I call 
up them to check afraid that it will be very
expensive it cost only $20-$25 so i went there alone around 3pm. 
The one who TUI NA for me is a Auntie very very cute auntie, I am being
bandage up like a pig's hand.  Maybe I am sua Ku 
....... hehehehehe but its good to know that my ofc area do have this
kind of shop ..... anyway I have to go back there again tomorrow to TUI
hand again.

Sunday, 4 March 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from MyHeritage.com. Get one for yourself.

Another quick weekend.....

Weekend really passes so fast ...... it seems like not enuff to use hahahaha ....

Last Friday, I went back early and was really tired and sleepy I am
suppose to meet meimei (sz) at Kembangan CC in the end I fell asleep!!!
event start at 7.30pm and I woke up at 8pm!!  I reached there at
ard 8.20pm and miss the Lo Hei, meimei kept some for us .  We didnt win anything for the lucky draw but we enjoyed ourselves very much.

On Sat, we have another event to go .... is located at Kampong Ubi
CC.  Went over to my MIL's shop to pick up the two cutties Arthur
& Alfred.  Our mood is abit off cos
of the heavy rain when we reach there the boys are so happy cos they
saw the game stall!  Suppose to meet meimei there but due to the
heavy rain she didnt come with her nephew.  We saw the chingay
float, some performance and we went back to the game stall again!

At ard 9.40pm, my BIL & SIL came to pick up the two cutties with a
bag full of prizes they won at the game stall.Meimei called me up and
ask if I am still ard and I ask her to come down and drop the lucky
draw coupons and she won 3 electrical products and I won 1. kekekeke
that price cost more then what we bought for the tickets! Its fun

On Sun, as usual I went for Yoga lesson in the morning and went to get
some grocery with my husband at Singpost.  In the evening, 
we have a family dinner at Joo Chiat place called Pu Tien (xinhua)
restuarant.  Its another heavy dinner, the food kept on coming in
and in no time the table is full of food! And guess what, the waitress
really KIAM MEH (wanna kanna scold), she just serve the last dish and
she ask if we wanna have our dessert. hahahah my FIL was so
pissed  they seems like rushing ppl off but there is so much space available with no queue.

After the dinner, they all came over to our house to celebrate my lunar
birthday in advance cos my actual birthday my BIL is not back in SG due
to work and I have to attend Norman & Frances wedding. 
Therefore we celebrate the lunar BD i really enjoyed the night, thanks
to my family.

And I would like to thank my family celebrating my BD, the gifts that
you all gave.  And thanks to meimei (SZ) & YZ for the pendant
is very nice!

Last but no least, wanna let Mr Goh Bok Soon know hahahah you havent give me present! hahahahahha

Thursday, 1 March 2007

1st March - My birthday

I slept for more than half a day yesterday!
Just like 29 years ago, think I am sleeping all the way in KKH oso
hahaha.  Woke up at around 10.45am and check on my phone OH GOSH I
have 38 missed call hahaha 37 missed call is from My beloved.  He
is trying hard to wake me up unfortunately my phone is in the other
room therefore I cant hear and I am in deep sleep cos is a cold cold
rainy day!

Went over to my neighbour place with Lester, Chane and meimei(SZ) when
he/she is back in their lovenest to change into Kua for tea
ceremory.  Took some photos  
with them and oso some "interview" by his videographer. Before we went
for lunch,  5 of us went to buy toto and 4D together before lunch
at 7 Elelven (one of the WANG DI).  Hope that we will strike
something today!

In the evening, we attended the wedding dinner at Grand Hyatt. 
Meimei and me were busy taking photos.  Cos usually we met up is
on casual wear, shorts, slipper ha ha we never met up dressing up
except for wedding dinner!  My dear dear never give me any suprise
this year 
.... hmmmmm maybe will be a belated one kekek anyway the lunar birthday
not here yet and it falls on the same day as meimei .... meaning we can
celebrate together on that day!

I enjoyed myself very much yesterday thanks for the blessing to all
friends/family who sent me a short msg to my phone, here in multiply
and friendster!