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Friday, 30 September 2011

Mon - Fri - 26 - 30 Sept 2011

This whole week nothing much to update .... for Monday we are so busy with work due to the closing of grading ... Tuesday is the last day but on Monday almost all clubs came at the same time.

Busy booking, arranging of forms really tiring and it gotta be continued for the next few days .....

On 29 Sept 2011 my little nephew Renzo Ng greet the world ...... he look so cute ..... and we are all waiting for his arrival .... he came to the world earlier then the expected dates and weighing 3kg!  Congrats to my dearest sis Nicole and Jeff on the arrival of Renzo welcome to the Parenthood!

And on Friday I took a day leave cos HDB officer is coming to inspect our house in case there is some stuffs move "illegally" we have to do it up again ...... lucky I never touch any of the stuffs and everything is all good!

In the afternoon we have arrange aircon servicing cos our aircon is leaking for both unit ..... is a torture not to sleep with aircon especially there are 2 汗堡包 at home ..... for my Dearie he will be more happy without aircon .... he can even sleep in a stuffy room!

The aircon man (one of my instructor's boss came to do for me) told me that my aircon very dirty and do not buy this aircon (Samsung) in future good feedback .... but this is a 2nd hand unit so I am ok with it.  Can't believe we are going to shift soon .... although is just 2 units away from my current house I feel that there is so much to do ...... shifting can be headache!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday - 25 Sept 2011

Once I tell TT something like any event or things we will have to do she will keep in her heart and always woke up saying she wanna go do this and do that today!  And is non stop pestering till you do or bring her there!

Told her that we bringing her to Jordan and Nicole's son -  Caleb's birthday party yesterday cos she asked we buy present for who hahaha so we have to tell her.  So she woke me up at 9am asked me to bring her to Caleb's birthday! (=_=)" 

Alex and Coco came by to hitch a ride over to Aloha Loyang where the birthday bash will be held .... and we went over early cos TT wanna swim over there.  Once reached the Chalet my dear gal change and off to swim with Dearie .. took a few photos for them I went back to the chalet and drink together with Jordan, Alex and Coco and we start to drink at 4.30pm!

Around 5+pm the buffet is nicely set up ..... cake is being delivered and is time for party!  TT went to play with other kids after she bathed ..... well she didn't bother to talk to me she just play with other kids around!

Oh well we adults also very happening chit chatting and drinking at the same time .... best is SL bought 孔明灯 for us to play with it .... the very 1st one we tried failed and guess what there's so many ppl seeing us playing it and it fail really LAO KUI and there are ppl taking photos of us too hahaha.  The 2nd one is the best ..... it flew up up and away ..... is really fun shall play again next time!

Although is a Sunday all of us having so much fun ... drinking and chit chatting wonder I can wake up on time for work anot hahaha

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday - 24 Sept 2011

Letter Y is the letter TT learn in Tumbletots .... not much items starts with Y so they have only like Yoyo and some yellow stuffs ....... and their craft work is do up their very own Yacht.

And there is one free time for them to draw .... see the pic above she drew Dearie, me and herself and a house ... hahaha and the person she drew only herself have hands and legs hahaha so cute!

Is Berries time in the afternoon so Dearie and I went Siglap Centre to buy 4D + take a break at Mcdonalds .... wanted to buy ice cream .... but their machine is out of order!  Many disappointed customers left the Q after hearing it.  So I ordered a Mcnugget meal to share with Dearie, Monopoly labels is back again  and they have double label given to you for weekend buy.  The crew key into the system for my label but didn't give me any usually when they give you back the change the will give it to you but this lady didnt! 

So when I get the meal and I asked for it and she actually quite reluntant and she give it to another lady awaiting for her 20 piece nuggets!  Think she want to keep the label for herself!  I told her straight that her service sucks! Muahahhaha told Dearie I dun wanna go back there anymore!

Pick TT up and we head to OG for shopping ....we went over to Chinatown OG .... since they have the renewing of memberships and just nice we can get Caleb's birthday present.  We have went thru over and over again to look for suitable stuffs for him ... finally I decided on a leap frog story pad which they can do an update online and store it.  Cool!

We went over to the hawker beside to have our dinner we are so lazy and we just decide on Chicken Rice and share fried oyster cos I got craving for it!  Dearie met his BMT friend who is tending his shop so they chit chatted for awhile before we head home ..... another tiring day! 

After November we will be free on every Saturday morning cos Tumbletots is closing down due to the upgrading of Tampines Sports Hall ..... so they are looking for other place and keep us update when they found a new place hope that they can shift back to Parkway again!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Thursday & Friday - 22 and 23 Sept 2011


I have done my application yesterday as for Gina and Han's they told me yesterday night that HDB webbie is not working well.  So at around 10+am she gave me a call and told me that our 1st appointment is on 19 Oct 2011 at 10am!  In fact we can opt for earlier date just that my buyer - Megan she can't make it cos of her shift work at MBS.  Hope that we can do up our new place before Xmas!


Dated my gfs for steamboat at Crystal Jade Holland Village .... So I took Bus 10 to go Vivo to meet up with Joey first since I always knock off early.  But when I check IRIS on my ipad I realise this week is F1 week hahaha I really cannot remember *sad*  So 1/2h of journey become 1hr journey to Vivo!

After meeting Weeli and Joey we took a cab down to Holland V ..... Jieyi and Grace was already ordering when we reached.  Not much  variety at this branch still love the one at TPY but there only serve supper and is from 9.30pm onwards!

Unlimited coke makes me happy ..... we have 2 soup .... normal soup and mala but we ate a bit of mala and thats it we stop cooking stuffs in there cos after awhile it turns a bit bitter and oily i dun really like it!  Weeli was a bit disappointed just like cos we aiming their SHENG MIAN but this branch do not have and no chicken wantan also ... sad to max. 

Thanks to Grace for buying TT the lovely cupcakes from Crystal Jade Bakery... my gal sure like it!  After the hearty meal we go back home straight really damn tired!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Monday - Wednesday - 19-21 September 2011

Monday evening we have our monthly RC meeting ... and as usual TT went to my in law's place but soon she won't have to go cos our RC is going to merge with another soon.  Kinda sian cos we are like always being split out ...... good in a way cos there are some member i dislike .....

One got lotsa to say but come to do he disappear into thin air .... another one which pissed me off is after the meeting she asked me if I wanna but tics from her for her Hari Raya celebration.  I told her I am not free and she raised her voice and say FREE?  Next time I must tell others committee members wants FREE!  TMD she damn scan hear loh ..... I say I am NOT FREE not i want FREE! 

CCB (sorry for my lang I am damn pissed with her) after that I tell her again I am not free she say ... ya ya not free dun come tell me u got kids lah this and that and say this event need alot time for discussion, planning dun go to the event and ya ya show off!

I think I really grow up hahaha cos last time I will just tell her off on the spot and no give face ... since we are all neighbours I kep quiet and walked away ...... since when I go event and ya ya ... since when I go event never bring my kid along.... whenever there is event needed help I will bring my TT along!  I am damn pissed with this minah FUCK! 

She made a good member left our committee - Uncle Tan a very nice uncle we ever had .... he helped everything so helpful and yet he was pissed by her too and resign from our committee!  I told Dearie from now onwards whatever event Alimah organise I WILL NOT go at all not even buy a single tickets from her too FUCK! (Sorry for the lang again!)

Ok anger aside I wanna blog happy things this week cos my boss and MC member bought us lotsa food for tea break ....... and even our booking air tics officer bought us food too.  Food always make me happy!

Ivy will always come with piping hot cottage pie freshly from Pasir Ris.....  she will always asked if we have extra orders ..... everytime she will not collect money from us when we have extra orders.  We have to push here and there everytime and sometime lie to her that we are helping others to buy.

Happened that she came on Wednesday so I asked her to get for me extra cos we heading to Gina & Han's place for dinner and also doing up our application.  Gina & Han just got themselves a helper according to them their helper is a fast learner she is able to cook after a month with them.  She prepared Pineapple rice for us .... yummy!

After our dinner we log on to HDB webbie to do our application cos 7 days cooling off day is up!  When we log on we are so upset again cos it stated there is a duplicate application pending and we are unable to edit it!  Again we have to wait till tomorrow to do up the application!  So many hiccups .... not easy to DIY but of cos I learned alot from selling and buying ....... Buying new house is much more easier .... just like our current flat $10 ballot and just hang on there wait for good news!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday - 18 Sept 2011

Was home till around 7pm and went over KKCC to pick SZ and YZ as their meeting ended quite late.  We headed to GSCC for a Hari Raya sit down dinner ...... environment seems like a nighclub due to the smoky environment caused by some fire lighting, dinner starts around 8pm sharp and the 1st dish is the cold dish .... very nice for the cold dish but quantity is a bit small luckily our table only 7pax including TT.

Up next is TT's favourite - Fishball soup with Tang Hoon...... she was so happy ate so much fishballs for dinner!  Mutton Bryani is the next dish together with mixed veggie, sweet and sour fish and chicken.  The waitress commented that only our table have the most mutton left over other left more rice hahah .... cos we all dun like to eat mutton thats why is left untouched!

After the dinner we are given one cup each as a souvenir hmmmm the cup is quite big ...... we can use it for our new house next time!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturday - 17 Sept 2011

Last week TT was unable to join Tumbletots due to suspects as chicken pox patient ..... so we missed the Letter W.  Today is the recap of it and fun food tasting on watermelon ... my dear TT sang out loud for her favourite watermelon song and all her friends and Teacher clap for her *LOL*

Beside having watermelon .... they have water play too ....... she enjoy so much especially playing water!  Went back straight after Tumbletots to nap before going Berries.

As usual both of us go par toring while TT having her class in Berries.  After her class we went over to Bedok for groceries shopping and Anlene having promotion so Dearie and I went to check for how strong our bone is.  Dearie have the best for me cos I give birth and I lost quite alot of calcium but still at the good range.

Went Kungfu Paradise again for dinner this time i try the tom yum not very nice cos is not sour and spicy is more like a sweet and spicy.  Dearie have their hor fun more like coffeeshop tat kind of standard nothing fantastic but he very satisfied with his order!

Shopped for a little while before heading back home really a tired day my Saturday is always burnt!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Mon - Fri - 12 - 16 Sept 2011


I was so tired ... after the night with drinks ....... same goes to TT we can't wake her up she was in so deep sleep!  So I told Dearie to go for his work while I call in ofc to take leave. 

Slept till 9+am and TT said that she is hungry ... so I asked if she love to have Mcdonald breakfast....... so I ordered a Supreme Deluxe Breakfast to share ..... haha she love the turkey bacon!  Asked TT to take a nap after the breakfast with me hahaha .. think we 2 will grow fat if we do this everyday ..... took about 2hrs nap and we woke up to do housework together my dear gal helped me to change bedsheet and at the same time she told me she have a new song so I video it down and was posted on FB check out if you haven't see it!

On Tuesday, Jolene bring one mooncake for me to try is a shape of a pig ... hahah isn't it cute .... is green tea filling .... nice! yummy!

And in the evening .... buyer of my house - Megan and seller of my new house - Gina & Han met up at my place to do up our application.  Happily doing our application till I realise that I didn't do up my check list properly and we gotta wait till tomorrow when HDB open then I can enquire everything.  *sigh*  So upset that I have upset both parties about it...... keep finger crossed that everything will be given grace to us!

On Wednesday morning once I reached office .... I call up HDB for help since we are all stuck!  The officer told me that my checklist cannot be use and all I can do is do up the checklist asap so that my 7 days cooling off period can be on 20 Sept 2011!

No choice but to do up all over again ... the more kan cheong I am the more mistake I made ..... I upload total 3 checklist!  First ..... she say I forget to write my addy on the form ... so I asked if she can help to help to write it down .... she told me cannot ... so I say asked if I can use the same form and upload again ... she say NO!  Ok so I gotta print out another one and submit again ...... 2nd time she say I never tick on the box ..... so gotta reprint the form again .... i almost cry out .... 3rd try .... finally I get everything right ..... at the time is about 5pm their knock off time!  Thank God if not I will be damn stress!

In the evening, Garen came picking me up after he picked up Hon and SZ we heading to Jang Shuo Korean BBQ  for dinner.  This is my 3rd times visiting wide range of meat but I only take chicken, fish and sotong.  Was so full but we still walk over to awfully chocolate for some dessert.......sweet stuffs drove away my stress level ...... yumz

Nothing much to update on my Thursday but on Friday, Garen, Huijia, SZ and I went to have dinner along Still Road... 2nd time to have dinner there simply love their 三捞河粉 Garen recommend us their hokkien mee which tasted good too!  After the meal we had a game of MJ while Huijia choose some songs for us to listen via the karaoke system from Sheng's house!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday - 11 Sept 2011

The day where all of us are waiting and looking forward for - Chloe and David's big day!  I woke up at 7am and SIL came to pick me up ...... my MIL left home early and already at Ah Ghor's house at around 6am!!!

Lucky we still manage to get into their place at 8am cos David will be reaching at 8am.  David is really punctual  he reached Ubi at 8am sharp!  Jie was very nervous hahah I went into the room and chatted with her awhile and of cos not forgetting to take pics!

David's brothers all dress with suspender and bermudas very cute combi and of cos they have a hard time getting into the house.  After Jie left the house going to the groom side .... TT & Dearie already waiting for me at the carpark .... so we headed to the clinic to see the Doctor.  Waited for 1/2h and he told us TT perfectly well!

So happy TT run into the house when she reached Ubi and she went playing with all her cousins ........ left Ubi at around 2+pm and went back for a rest before going to saloon to have our hairdo.  TT had her hair plaid while I have mine straighten .....

Reached York Hotel at 6pm sharp .... there are 2 wedding on the day ..... ours is at the groud floor so the foyer is a bit crowded with some guest from the hotel coming down .... so we sneak into the ballroom to take a sit after their solemnization.

Dinner start at 830pm ...... food was not too bad only the fish is overcooked but service is definately a no no .... guess what we have only 12-3 drop of vinegar in the bottle and when we ask for a refill the waiter bring it in and we never see the bottle ever again! hahahaha and times when we run out of water ... I have to do it myself ..... but overall we are very happy with the company of cos!

Congrats once again Chloe and David join parenthood soon!  Next year is a good year *winkz*