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Monday, 29 June 2009

Saturday - 27 Jun 09 (Part 2)

We are early after our hair wash/blow ..... so we decided to go to the hotel early cos we dun want Mama to climb up again.  And getting to Orchard cost us $5 for ERP expensive haha ..... reached Holiday Inn Park View at around 5.45pm.  And we went to their bridal suite before their solemnization commence at 6.30pm.

Went to level 2 where the ballroom is and we are serve with drinks and snack during the cocktail time.  Guest started streaming in at around 7.30pm ..... and banquet start at 8.15pm sharp.

Brother did not attend cos Issac is sick and ended up our table have 8 person and the maid and Mama didn't eat alot so ended up all of us with bloated tummy! *LOL*  We all have fun during the dinner I think I am the only one who YUM SENG till very loud during the last toast cos I am so happy to see my Cousin tying his knot ...... and now I am waiting Nicole's wedding on October.


Saturday - 27 Jun 09 (Part 1)

The moment we all been waiting for ...... Cousin Andy's wedding .... this is the day that my Ah Yi and Ah Ma been waiting for to see him get married .... but they aren't around anymore to witness this but I strongly believe that they will see it in heaven.

Fetched my parents at around 8am ...... and reached Hougang at 8+am..... as Andy told us they would be back around 9+am.  My camera got no time to rest when the couple arrived in about 15mins.

After the tea ceremony we mingle around and have our brunch there too ..... we left the place after the couple make their way to their new house.  And we decided to visit my SIL whom gave birth to their No. 2 on 16 June 09..... I am so lousy now then mention about it. 

My little nephew Isiah Lee Jun Yang weigh 3.12kg, 49cm long and head measure 34.5cm.  He look exactly like Isaac ...... when he is a baby.  Oh he so cute ...... he open his eyes when I call him ....

Left Brother's place at around 12+pm ..... when we are walking towards the car park ..... Papa saw one pair of shoes and wanted Mama to try on ..... end up he bought one pair for Mama and one pair for me *LOL*  We all went back to have a rest before going to hotel and I will bring my Mama to the Saloon to have her hair wash and blow at 4pm.

Quick update on my Mama - she is doing quite good .... imagine she climb up 4 storey to my Brother's house, my Papa DIY something for my Mama to exercise her hand and she is doing good.  Now she can walk without anyone holding her ..... good job!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Friday - 26 Jun 09

Not much mood to work .... maybe cos is FRIDAY! *LOL* .... every week I will look forward Friday ...... cos no need to work the next day and I can stay up late going out, play games or watch tv.

Went back home straight after work cos I be cooking simple dinner again - Porridge *LOL* the left over chicken and some fish balls which I cut and add into the porridge.

TT taken her dinner at my in law's place and when she see us eat ... she asking for it again and after eaten ours she ask for neh neh *faintz* she really can eat leh .....

Today we very good ... stay home and I slept quite early too cos we are attending my Cousin's wedding tomorrow and need to fetch my Parents over to his place for tea ceremony ...... is another busy weekend for us again ......

Friday, 26 June 2009

Thursday - 25 Jun 09

Was still on MC ...... I am extremely tired so no choice have to send TT to my in law side ... cos she woke up twice crying out loud which makes me feel very tired.  So Dearie send TT to my in law in order to let me catch my rest.

Woke up only at 12+ to 1pm although I asked Dearie to wake me up at 11am.... cook porridge for my brunch ..... easy to settle when I am alone.  Decided to pack up my place which is in a mess ...... and at the same time I have dig out a few more old photos that I took years ago and some childhood photos.  It bring back some memories ..... especially the one taken with my Grandma.

Had dinner at PP with Dearie and TT ......and went to do some window shopping before we go back home.  TT seems ok now ...... and we manage to know the cause of the fever .... is she is teething now!!!  I think total around 4 or 6 teeth including her molar growing out together ....poor baby so lethargic these few days hope she can get well soon.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Wednesday - 24 Jun 09

I have my routine check up for thyroid today .... so I went over to my in law place since I am still early for the appointment .... TT is still a bit feverish and she is so lethargic ..... no smile .... no active ... just lying on bed .....

But when I about to leave for appointment she kept on calling me ... "mummy ... Mummy..... " non stop ... so sneak out of my in law's place.  Dr Lee told me about my last results .... is slightly better ... hope that today's result will be good.  And good thing is I lost weight .... 3kg ... not bad leh hahaha ..... tats the happy thing he felt.  He is concern too whether I am planning for number 2 .... I say NO! *LOL* 

Dr Lee is kind enough to give me 2 days MC to rest cos ... he say I look tired and I told him about TT.  So he ask me to rest well as we will get tired more easily compare to others.  Went back to my in law's place to pick TT back ..... thanks to my MIL whom sent me home .... 辛苦了 she need to mend the housework, shop and taking care of 3 grandchildren (including TT)  now cos my in laws have sent the maid back. 

Napped with TT till 5+pm and start cooking for dinner .... Coco dropped by for dinner too ... have simple mee sua soup for dinner cos that's the only thing that TT can eat now .... hope she get well soon ......

Tuesday - 23 Jun 09

In the wee morning when I carry TT I notice she is a bit warm ...... took her temp and she is having fever. 

My MIL brought TT to see GP since the both of us is busy with work on hand.  To be frank I dun have any mood to work when my precious is sick.  And both of us so scare cos H1N1 is rapidly spreading ..... and we are afraid she might be infected cos she have flu and then fever.

Called up MIL and check if she is alright Doctor say is virus and partly because she might be having teething stage ...... *phew*  So scary!

Wanted to try Water-Rise food we headed to Pasir Ris after picking up TT ..... thought we can order and eat and go .... unfortunately they dun have seats there is buy and go tat kind.  So we headed to Lerkthai Restaurant for dinner cos I have craving for Pineapple Rice.  We ordered their promotion set for 2 which cost only $18.80 for a chicken tom-yum soup (you can upgrade to seafood tom-yum @ $2.90), Green Papaya Salad, Green Beef or Chicken Curry,  Kang Kong with Belachan, Crispy Omelette, Thai coconut tapioca and steam rice.  Is really value for money .... we added one more Pineapple rice @ $9.90. 

Went to get groceries and bought one chicken pancake burger from water rise to try ..... not too bad but pancake is a bit too dry....... shall go buy their curry one of these days to my in law house to eat ...... heehee .....

***Happy Birthday Frances***

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Monday - 22 Jun 09

Slept at 10+pm so TT and I woke up at the same time this morning ..... she is so cute ... the moment she sees I woke up ... she will say "please...." "please..." and I will ask her "what you want?"  and she will reply "neh neh" (milk) and point to the kitchen.

Hahahah is so fun now as she can communicate with me ..... so I make for her and she finished her milk before we leave the house.  And whenever she is in her car seat she will feel sleepy .... sometimes she fell asleep too .......

Last week till now she is having running nose ..... and she knows how to use tissue to wipe her nose .... and even follow what I do like cover my mouth when I sneeze she do the same thing as well.  Once I forgot and say SHIT .... and she follow me to say SHIT too .... Dearie had an experience with her like this before too ..... so we will quickly correct and say is STITCH not SHIT *LOL*  She really pick up very fast .... so scary so must watch what we say next time.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Sunday - 21 Jun 09

Woke up at 7+am ..... Dearie best he didn't sleep at all ..... he is playing his PS 2 when I walk out of the room.  Coco came over to our place and we walk over to Ubi CC together ...... crowd there is big ... but mostly Ah Ma ..... came over my stall and ask for cheap stuff which I can't give at all.

Lucky there is a woman in her mid 30s bought lots from me .....walk around and see other activities going on.  Took part in a jigsaw puzzle competition with YY hahaha is just for fun .... is all good!  And we have fun .... although we start later than other competitors we have do up almost all of it.

Whole event ended I think around 1+pm ... didn't stay till the end cos we are very tired ... went back took shower and off we go to la  la land I didn't have a good nap cos TT refuse to sleep and she playing beside me ..... her eeeee orrr orrr sound kept me awake while I am trying to sleep ... and once she climb over me and her butt facing me OH MY GOD  *face turn green* *LOL*... she pass motion .... so smelly ... so I woke up and clean her up.

After cleaning I talk to her on the bed till I fell asleep by the time I woke up at 5pm ..... I saw she is sleeping soundly beside me hahaha ...... wash up and got myself and TT change.... off we go to Bedok to fetch my in laws.

My BIL booked Hanabi Japanese Restaurant for our Father's Day dinner ..... on the way my FIL is comparing Hanabi and Irodori .... *LOL* he still prefer Irodori ... not because of my Uncle he simply love the sashimi there and he loves the service there too ... very attentive and knows how to intro food to him.

He said that Hanabi service not too good .....need to keep asking for refill of water ..... no intro nice food.  Sashimi there is fresh too ..... nice ... but I didn't eat much cos we went Irodori on Wed so all is about the same.  Tea pot soup is lousy in Hanabi .... very salty and is not in menu .... and is say to be a complimentary dish.

We ordered the food and they gave to another table which they claim they never order ...... and we waited for very long for their tempura ..... and is not full house at all. ZZZzzZZZZzzz

Overall is quite ok ..... we had great time chit chatting, taking photos .... as for TT she enjoyed her food too ... she had 1 1/2 cup of chawamushi and one bowl of fried rice ... and ate some tempura, potato salad etc.  The moment she reach home ..... she ask for neh neh again from me hahahaha ... OMG!

***Happy Father's Day to all father out there..... especially my beloved Papa may you have good health always *hugz* love ya!