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Friday, 31 August 2012

Mon- Fri - 27-31 Aug 2012

PCF Kaki Bukit having sports day yesterday .... so there's no school today ... and whenever there's no school TT will wanna follow me to work!  Lucky I have a nice boss that I can bring my kid to work ... and he always entertained her!

TT was a good girl too .... she helped me to do some work too and even pick up calls whahahha but other party will just hanged up cos the voice is too kiddy that they think they have dial the wrong number whahahhaha

After work I went to do my mani and pedicure and  headed to I12 Katong to meet Dearie for dinner .... we settled our dinner at Kuroya .... is somehow like BBQ express and was affordable for younger generation quick and easy meal .... like the Omu yum yum!  

And for the rest of the days in this week ..... nothing happening ... and just prepare Teacher's day gift for TT to bring to school...... this year really passed very fast so scary!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday - 26 Aug 2012

On Saturday we meet up with Penny and family for dinner at Long Beach East Coast ..... the food standard there is way too far apart from Kallang.  Kallang side is better and have my favourite la la horfun ... but not in  East Coast branch.  

After the meal we headed to their place for chit chat ..... these few time have lotsa misunderstanding between the friends our group of friends like just split into 2 groups .... *sigh* really hate to see that maybe they feel the often meet up with SL and PY is causing them to have red eye or what so ever and we have been friends for so many donkey years.... anyway I dun care lah ..... time will tell!

On Sunday I drag Mr Goh to go have a haircut .... cos I am heading down to do a touch up for my dye hair which I did yesterday.  He look better with short hair more fresh ..... in the evening he headed to have a basketball game with his friends while I go back to my in law's place for dinner. 

Friday, 24 August 2012

Mon - Fri - 20-24 Aug 2012

My Hari Raya holiday was spent nua-ing (laze) at home .... hahaha ... I love holidays!  My malay neighbour gave us a box of cake yummy ...... but I still prefer hmmmm like last 2 years or 3 years ago ... she gave me long tong ... I simply love their food! 

And this whole week I am busy at work after the holiday ..... tournament is coming so lotsa to do .... instructors coming in for submission.... and thanks to Mr Lai for buying us atas cupcake - twelve cupcakes!  we took 4 each back home .... and enjoy it with my Dearie and TT .... she was so happy to see the cupcake and finished it in no time!!!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday - 19 Aug 2012

Went over to SL aand PY's house for dinner .... SL is the main cook and their maid have master how to cook oyster egg ahaha I like to eat that!  And since is August,  Coco and PY's birthday both falls in August we have a mini celebration for them.  I bought a small cake cos I feel we will be damn full after the feasting!  Had a great time spent with till 1+am .... is really tiring lucky is holiday tomorrow so it will be good to sleep till late hahaha 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Saturday - 18 Aug 2012

After Berries we went over to Ah Ghor's house to visit Baojie and Ryder ..... this little nephew look so handsome!!!  Baojie share her birth story with us and we had a good chat before going back home. 

Before we go home we went over to Blk 301 to pack back some food and so coincidence to see Tricia there.  Her husband actually rented a stall there and was selling zi char there.  We order normal sweet & sour pork, Thai Chicken rice and Sheng Mian taste was good will try more in future!  This Kitchen (家厨小吃) is the name so if you happen to be around Ubi go try it!  Add: Blk 301 Ubi Ave 1 #01-305. 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday - 17 Aug 2012

Is August birthday girl celebration today!  We met up at Vivo and headed over to Tajimaya thanks to Sam for making the booking!  

This is my first time trying Jap grill and of cos I have limited food to eat also .... hahah but I dun mind is the company that counts more than food!  My gfs was raving about the cow tongue ..... and I see they really enjoying it.  I think I will prefer Korean BBQ which some other food spread. 

Ambience was great ... service quite good too ... maybe not much customer around..... had a good time spent and after the meal we went over to Dragonfly except Cheryl and Janice whom need to go back and log on to work.  

First we went MoMo to sing and play pool later part we move down to DF and lucky Pauline get to know one of staff there and get us a table so we share to open a bottle and we had great fun there cos so entertaining with many uncle dancing ... they really very energetic!  We left the place around 1+am ..... have half a bottle left we will be back!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mon - Thur - 13 - 16 Aug 2012


On Monday Daniel Kim - one of our Korean Instructor came and gave us one box of yummy chicken from Korea.  In the box there are 2 different flavour ... one spicy and one with garlic both were equally yummy! Thumbs up!  

Nothing much on my Tues -Thur - just that I went for my thyroid check up on Wed Result for May wasn't very good T4 Free was 19.57 (10.00-23.00 pmol/L) TSH 0.163* (0.450-4.500 mIU/L) so my TSH wasn't good is show that I am still hypo and for Aug check up Dr Lee's nurse called and told me that my TSH getting worst!  T4 Free was 12.79 (10.00-23.00 pmol/L) and TSH 8.824* (0.450-4.500 mIU/L) no sign of dropping the medicine gotta continue!  Haiz!  Hope everything goes well in Nov when I see him again if not dunno how ..... 

But I do have a good news from Baojie cos she gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 3.2kg Aug 13!  Hahaha looking forward to meet this little warrior soon!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday - 12 Aug 2012

Is MIL's birthday so they decided to go over to Jinlong for dinner and their standard is there still so yummy and nice! 

After dinner we went back to their place to cut cake and make our way home after the hearty meal!  Happy Birthday Mother!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Saturday - 11 Aug 2012

                                                                  Very nice painting!

Abrielle - TT's best friend ... her parents - Kenneth and Swee Yin invited us to their house warming at Fernvale. 

Corridor area is a bit narrow .... but their place quite nice ... living room is quite big as compare to other projects but kitchen is kinda small.  

Swee Yin even free hand do up painting in her Daughter's room hahahah I only know how to sticl wall decal!   After sending my MIL back to shop we headed to Berries .... and in the evening we decided to go over Bedok 511 to eat some food that I have been craving for .... simply love the Chong Pang satay and chicken wings! worth to wait for it! YUMZ!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday - 10 Aug 2012

Remember I went for a free check up given by AIA?  And today I have to go for the ultrasound for my breast which the Doctor told me about the small little lump. 

Dearie drove over to Paragon and I was quite scare .... you know is not a joke ya?  Went into the ultra sound room and the Sonographer just ask me keep cool and she started her work.  Going through and scanning carefully ..... and when is almost done I asked her how is it .... she replied me in a very relaxed tone ...."nothing lah ... dun worry" the stone in my heart just dissolved in no time!!!! 

After the scan and feeling very happy we went walk over to 313 for breakfast and then to triple 111 to purchase my herbal life product!  Walked back to Paragon and we headed down to Gardens By The Bay. 

It was very hot so we decided to walk over to Marina Bay Sands for a short walk first ...... before heading there we met John & Jennifer our ex -neighbour now they have shifted out already glad to see them there and had a short chat. 

Walking over to MBS in the hot sun is not a joke!  Had a rest at Coffee Bean and some window shopping .... we went back to Gardens by the Bay.  

The 2 main payable place - Flower Dome and Cloud Forest is within air-conditioned so is quite cooling over there and lotsa nice flowers!  After spending around 45mins at the Flower Dome .... we went over to the Cloud Forest..... 35metre tall indoor waterfall was just situated near the entrance .... and is cooler here compare to Flower Dome!  Really feel refresh walking in the misty Cloud Forest..... at around 6+pm ... we went to the OCBC Skyway.  We Q for around 1/2hr to take the lift up ... and good enough we able to see it without lights up and with lights up ... our timing is just right and is really cooling up there too!

Wanted to have dinner there but the queue there is really long and is hard to even find a seat so we  left the place and headed to Marina Square for Sakae cos my dear TT want to eat Chawanmushi! Hahaha our day ended with a nice meal and most of all the good bonding time!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thursday - 9 Aug 2012

Is Singapore 47th birthday today ..... and so I am at home doing up the house work before heading to Ah Ghor's house for dinner.  We be eating steamboat again hahah I love it! 

As usual we are dress in red and white and TT so happy cos she will be seeing Nat and can play together.  I thought I will be last to arrive ... lucky we are still in time. 

Before eating ... I must carry my beloved nephew .... he is so cute!  And all of us gave him a nick name call 小叮噹 he look like XDD hahahah the meal just go on .... and I feel I am champion eating non stop whahahah simply the soup so sweet! 

While having meal is also our usual thing to do - watching National day Parade!  Lucky we took leave tomorrow and the children need not go to school a good day spent with my relatives and tomorrow will be family day looking forward to go out with my love ones!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mon - Wed - 6 - 8 Aug 2012

Sunday ,  Monday and Tuesday  - Sun & Mon went to wake different wake .... is relative passed away sad! ...... nothing much to update on my Tuesday ...... but of cos am looking forward for the long weekend!

Wednesday is eve of National Day so my dear TT woke up early and change into red and white getting ready to go for celebration.  She is always ready for such celebration hahaha cos got lotsa snacks to eat .... hahaha she must be eyeing for all the sweets, jelly etc! 

I was off early today too.... my lady boss let us off at 4pm ..... so I am back to watch Olympics cos today is the 1st match for Taekwondo and saw my boss on the tv working hard in London!  And when my 2 precious came back we play Xbox Kinect together .... TT simply love the dancing game!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Saturday - 4 Aug 2012

Congrats to Andy (my cousin) and Jennifer .... .. so fast my dear niece Natalie turn 1mth old .... they threw  a baby shower party at their TPY lovenest ...... they stay at 29 floor view is good and best is very windy! 

Food was good and the cupcakes taste good too not so sweet .... and thanks for the box of cakes from Sweetest Moment!  Left around 3pm cos TT have Berries ... so the 2 of us just went for some couple time ... drink coffee and chit chat.  

After Berries class we went for a short window shopping before going back home .... just another Saturday well spent with the love ones!