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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Saturday - 26 Sept 09

                                                *LOL* most fashionable baby

Went over Downtown East at 1+pm ..... thanks to my Cousin Tricia for the lobang ... she got her 2 precious to enrol in this Baby & Junior Race and told me about it so Auntie Daphne & I join in the fun too.

TT is in Cat C so our race will be at 3.30pm ... meantime I enrolled her to Huggies Most Fashionable denim baby.  All we have to do is to let them wear the huggies jeans diaper and pose.  Saw Meiyun, Alvin and Baby Clarice too ... they went for My Sporty Baby category and there is another one - Best Traditional Dressed (1parent +1baby).

TT didn't do well in her race she is suppose to run to the middle and pick up a ball and run towards the end of the mat ...... but she hesitate when picking up the ball cos she dunno which to pick ... so ya we dun expect her to win anything in this race is just an experience for her and us.

We are very surprise when they announce TT to be one of the finalist in the
Huggies Most Fashionable denim baby.  We have another round to go through that is by on the spot voting from some audience I was telling Dearie I dun think can win lah cos maybe some is the contestant's frds or relatives.

I was surprise that TT is the 2nd winner when the emcee announce is a girl and looking at us!  Not too bad .... hamper got 2 or 3 packs of diapers, toys and a denim cap!  COOL!

Reached home at around 6+pm we went down to our estate pasa malam for a walk and bought Ramly burger back for dinner ......I was so tired and I tried to nap but can't cos of my TT keep talking non stop (yakking away) to me.  Coco came over and we headed to Changi Village for supper with Edwin and Penny as they are going back tomorrow morning and we are only able to see them again in Dec and we need to plan for our Xmas Party soon!


Friday - 25 Sept 09

Remember my lovely husband always gave me holidays?  *LOL* and this time round he asked me to go out with my bestie.  Wanted to pick TT up after work before my maid come over ..... Dearie is so sweet that he have told my MIL that he will pick her up after his work at around 11+pm. 

Dearie didn't want me to run here and there so he actually arranged everything ..... thanks dear!  That's my beloved hubby ..... he really understanding..... married woman ALSO have own life and friends.  Women married and with children = no life?  A few of my friends think that we should not be cheonging anymore ..... funny!  I think they should get a life! 

Penny pick me up at around 10+pm ......and headed to town to pick up Coco and Klowyn .... only reached St James near at 12am ..... very crowded today ...... but we manage to get seats and the bar counter we started party is really fun!!!  Thanks Dearie I really enjoyed myself with my besties!!!  Penny, lets go club again when u are back in town!!!

***Forget to add I have a nice meal today although I dun take lady's fingers the chicken and cuttlefish soup is the best!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Thursday - 24 Sept 09

Edwin & Penny called up and told us they will cook dinner for all of us so we will head down after work to their place for dinner.  At around 4pm MIL called and said that TT is having fever ... oh gosh ..... wonder what happen.  MIL told me she didn't realise she is having fever till she carry her cos she is very normal playing and dancing around with Dearie's nephew.

Dearie is there when MIL send TT to the GP and was told that she cannot eat anything only plain water.  If she have craving for milk just make her very diluted kind.  Was telling Penny we might not be able to join cos TT is having fever and I didn't want her to spread to others.  Penny & Edwin told us to go over never mind is ok de ....... so ya thanks to them ..... if not we will miss the gathering.

Before we head to their place I went over to get some Cheng Teng for dessert.  Almost all of our gang is there already ..... nice mushroom soup, bread and chicken lasagne for me.  Bread is really nice .... Edwin can teach me next time?  We all have a great time spent together ..... thanks Edwin & Penny for hosting the dinner .... we enjoyed it very much!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wednesday - 23 Sept 09

Dearie is on shift now .... 7am to 3pm so my MIL came to pick us up starting from yesterday .... she gave me a lift to work too thanks Mum!

So now ... my 2 precious is home earlier than I do ..... meaning I will have some difficulties in doing housework when they are around especially TT!!!

She just love to help ... but is out of curiosity. 

Today we have mushroom rice for the combo set but ...... it comes with green bean soup which I dun take at all.  My Malay neighbour came over and gave us KFC and a box of cakes from Royal.  Alamak! we are like so full after the dinner and now there is KFC to eat too.  Dearie and I was so full .... and I only take the chicken wing and the rest i just eat a bit and I throw ... kinda waste food but I do not wanna keep.  Cakes looks good .... and TT seems loving it .... so I will packed for her to bring over to my in laws place to eat tomorrow ..... arghhh I am so full!

***Happy Birthday Sebastian & our cousin Peiyun***

Friday, 25 September 2009

Tuesday - 22 Sept 09

Thanks to Mr Ng whom bought moon cakes for us every year .... this year he bought Durian snow skin moon cake for us.  I bought Goodwood Park Hotel D24 Durian paste snow skin for self consumption haha cos every year there are good reviews on it.

Had a good dinner today .... fish ball soup, sweet & sour chicken, salted veggie and cabbage makes my appetite big.  After the meal we tried the moon cakes ..... Dearie prefer the Home's favourite as for TT all also ok *LOL* she is very happy and she will walk to the fridge and ask me to take out more for her -___-"

***Happy Birthday Chane***

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Monday - 21 Sept 09

Woke up at around 12pm and see weather so good so I asked Coco to come along with us cos I wanna bring TT to Kids kampong at Pasir Ris.  Before Coco came over it started pouring heavily and that sweetie went to buy us bubble tea and is all wet!

We still make our way there but there is no rain at all.  Bought the entrance fee at $1 each to go in with some fish food so that we can feed the animals.  TT is very excited to see so many fishes and 1st time she get so close to the goose, ducks, chicken and birds.  TT is too young to go catch the long kang fishes so we didn't her try it.  There is a pond specially for kids so that they can fish on their own!

Penny called up and we met up for dinner at PP ...... we have been cracking our heads what should we have for dinner and we opt for Fish & Co.

Cos everywhere seems so long Q except for here ... so we shared the seafood platters, mussels and seafood pizza and to complete our meals with soup and drink we need to top up only $5.50 each.

We have an enjoyable evening with lotsa chit chatting and gossip too bad most of our gang cannot make it for the dinner shall arrange and meet up again before they go back on Sunday.

***Happy Birthday Alice!!!***

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sunday - 20 Sept 09

I only sleep for 1hr and off we go to our in law house cos we be heading to Bedok Reservoir for some prayers.  Before we leave our house we went over to our Malay neighbour house to pass them ang bao for their new year. 

Shariffa (neighbour) called up and tell me she have long tong to pass me told her that we won't be back so soon and do carry on for the visiting and need not wait for us to be back.

Had lunch together with our relatives........ good that we have this every year so we can get together.  Natalie finally wake up ..... she is so sweet ... and my dear cousin Pauline have to feed her milk ... she brought along a sarong so that she can feed baby.

Everyone went back to my in laws house to share the food they bought for praying including the roast pig.  As for us after everything is done we went back home and off to la la land so is TT .... we slept till 8+ 9pm then wake up for some food and watch soccer together.

At around 12 I couldn't take it anymore and went back to my la la land .... 1 night of outing I need few days to recoup *LOL* age is catching up ..... play hard!

Saturday - 19 Sept 09

Thanks to Coco whom booked a room at Mono so that the guys can enjoy their KTV session and we gals head down to the dance floor of Movida and The Boiler Room to dance.  Dearie, Huat, Coco and I are first to reach cos we need to "claim" the room by 9.45pm so we have already sang so much before others arrived.

Once again thanks to my MIL if not we cannot go night out with them not all of our gang is here but I am very happy to see Huat & Bird to make an effort in joining us!  Usually the 2 of them dun really like those noisy places *LOL*

We have lotsa fun ..... and lotsa laughter too thanks to Ms Coco Tay she is really good hahaha ...... someone approached us and told us he just came back from US and got his MBA my dear Coco reply him that she is Miss Universe 2006 *LOL*   We party till 4+am and went to eat tao huay at Geylang before heading home.

Is great to go out have fun with friends I have not been doing that since I par tor *LOL* I miss all my party kakis ... are you all still partying?

***Happy Birthday to my Dear sis Han Han ... may your days filled with all happiness!***

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Friday - 18 Sept 09

Today is the last day of Lunar Seventh month .... so I walked home very quickly from office, pass by the Geylang Serai Bazaar so crowded .....think is about to break fast time therefore food queue is super long.

After my PT maid came over I went down to have the offerings done before my 2 precious come back..

Today's dinner mot too bad got my fav soup .... ABC soup yummy!  Other food is still so so only, now we are still thinking should order for another month........

Monday, 21 September 2009

Thursday - 17 Sept 09

My precious always sleep so late and every morning her pattern will be like the picture above .... I guess is more or less a habit cos how tired she is when she sit on the car seat she will cry for milk and she can sleep with her milk "hanging" there.....

Tonight's dinner is good!!  I love the sambal prawn ...... have good appetite today cos of the sambal!  Rested for awhile ...... at around 10pm I told Dearie I am going in for a nap ...... so I bring along TT.

Today I wanna try if she really not sleepy or if she only sleep when I sleep......I was wrong she is really not tired and sleepy.  I nap for 1 hour .... throughout that 1 hour I heard TT talking non stop ... be it 1, 2, 3 or niak niak niak ......... she is beside me talking nonstop!!!!  Gotta train her to sleep early ... if not next time she will be suffering!

Wednesday - 16 Sept 09

Suppose to see Dr Lee but was asked to change my appt to next week cos I am the only patient for today and also he check if I still have medicine before he change it.

  Today quite relax at work although Jo is still on sick leave ..... my GM let me off early today .... lucky I am 5 mins early cos it started to pour heavily suddenly with thunder.  If not I will be drenched!

Is Combo meal today yippie .... no need to cook rice and can have something else to try.  Today we have friend kway tiao mee ..... oh oh I just had that for lunch.  No choice but to have it .... is nice .... just a bit salty...... fried chicken is good too ....yummy I love Wednesday!

Tuesday - 15 Sept 09

Worked till 6+pm today cos my Management Committee is having their monthly meeting and Jo is on leave so I have many things to cover.  Very very tired ... these few days is really busy for us!

Went back home as fast as possible cos of the horrible haze!  It was so humid too!

When I reached home I look out of my window and I couldn't see Marine Parade at all ...... quite bad!  Electricity bill is going up up & up cos we didn't wanna open up the window so we on air con instead!

Today menu is not to my liking ..... the soup I dun like cos is very
oily this time I eat little too.  Dearie finish all my share ..... the steam egg is good I love it!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Monday - 14 Sept 09

Today was a super busy day for me ..... is our last day of grading submission I only reached home at 7+pm.

But still i am earlier than my 2 darlings, I opened up the door to wait for them.  TT is so cute she shouted MUMMY so loud when she is at the gate. 

I purposely hide myself and dun answer her she shouted again louder and louder each time.  When I jump out  to greet her she smile at me ... hahah meltz liaozzzzzz.

Today menu not too bad .... black pepper chicken is the best .... dun really like the fish soup .... ask Dearie to finish it.  Didn't eat much too today maybe I am really very tired ...... dun feel like eating.  Continue to watch our TVB series till 1+am to 2am ...... then I go to my la la land ....... so is my Princess .....

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Sunday - 13 Sept 09

Heading to Marina at around 1.00pm cos Dearie meeting his BMT camp mates he ask me to come along cos we can make our way to CC meeting later.  We had a hard time looking for carpark lots ..... the info board shows that there are available lots in certain places but when we drive over they put up the sign - Carpark Full.  Cos of the Comex 09 that's why so crowded.  And so coincidence they wanna meet at this date and this place!  TT started to feel sleepy and fell asleep in the car while we still making rounds.  We ended up parking at Singapore Flyers there are so many lots available. 

Dearie is bad he didn't get the info properly thought they meeting for lunch but is not!  Hungry woman is a angry woman! *LOL* They meet up only for a coffee session and I am god damn hungry!  Was kinda pissed ..... I only have chicken pie from Gloria Jean ..... and I dun like their pie not nice at all didn't finish it.  Bought a cupcake for TT when she is awake and go shopping with her.  Bought her 2 piglet jibbitz and she is so happy keep showing off to Dearie ..... left at around 4pm to CC for meeting.

Today's meeting is kinda exciting ... new blood with many new ideas which is a good thing!  Keep it up!  Went over to in laws place for dinner ..... we left around 8+pm and headed to PP cos I wanna buy some goodies for my Malay neighbours.  Very tiring day ...... really hope one day I can sleep from night to night one whole day without waking up or being disturb!