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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Saturday - 30 June 2012

After Berries we headed to Boat Quay meeting up the Tan family and Coco for dinner as we bought the buffet coupon from deal.com.sg.  Is only $15.90 for eat all you can buffet and it include free ice lemon tea / soda.

Is been a long time since I stepped into Boat Quay .... well it use to be my playground and patronise a pub from Tuesday to Sunday cos Monday they are close hahaha and there is where I learn to play pool!  And I strongly feel is not that rowdy anymore ... it used to be very pack and had a hard time when walking from coffee bean over to near the Mcdonald area.  Now the place seems ulu to me and some pubs dun even have a single customer.

We are first to reach so we went in to get our seat which PY booked..... the waitress was rather unfriendly and didn't really wanna serve us.  While waiting we realised is actually 1st day of NDP rehersal ..... so my dear TT was shocked and scare to hear the aeroplane loud sound .... she cover her ears throughout a whole 10mins! hahaha silly girl! 

We started off with some appetitzer and slowly it came with meat meat and more meat ..... the chicken is nice ..... so is the squid ink pasta.  The rest add on about $10 or $20 for free flow of beer too.  And we have a nice view of sitting outside as we can watch the fireworks right from where we are sitting ... a very nice evening spent with my dear friends and thanks to the Tan family for the lobang but our conclusion is will not go back there to eat anymore due to the bad service they provide!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Mon - Fri - 25 - 29 June 2012

Thanks to PY for her kosong dumpling .... telling me she will try make chicken one next year!  Am looking forward to that!  This is the only one which I didn't master .... wrapping bak zhang last time use to help my MIL only to put in ingredients hahahaha and she will wrapped up.  I always ended up making into more like HE YE FAN (Chinese Sticky Rice) really LAO KUI! 

Lotsa ppl to thanks hahaha .... Thanks to my PIL whom bought for me Tokyo Banana and 白色恋人 chocolate heard my SIL saying that my MIL have been looking around for banana stuffs for me :P 

Next is Rosalind for the Barley water she cook for us .... hahah good for the heaty me and lastly to CCAB Mrs Ng for sending 2 cakes to us cos she can;t attaned our D&D really very nice of her and the thought good to end our Friday with the 2 lovely cakes!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday - 24 June 2012

Is Nixon's full month today ..... times passes so fast this little boy very cute ..... he smile to me when I call him hahaha ..... and is always my wish lah having a baby boy so hope by carry him I get some baby dust *LOL* 

Pauline and Davis invited us to Zhou's kitchen for Nixon's full month .... is a ala carte buffet so ya we are all so full after the meal.  After the celebration my PIL wanted to go over David's stall so we headed there and eat tao huey for dessert and I bought some back home too!

In the evening we headed to pray at Chai Chee and I bought the little bucket fill with rice grain and one small steam huat kway made by Small Aunt.  The Huat Kway is yummy heehee .... and of cos thanks to Pauline and David for the invites and cake... Congrats on the new bundle of joy!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday - 23 June 2012

Think is a good date today my co. D&D and also David's stall opening.  His stall located at Chinatown hawker centre ..... I love the strawberry flavour is really yummy and TT fav of cos is the same!  Met up with GSS and GLC to go support him together wish him HUAT HUAT!

After having brunch there we headed to saloon haha cos I need to go wash my hair and make a hairdo too messy without rebonding! And my ah hiao TT wanna wash her hair too whahahah ... after an hour everything is done!

Dearie brought TT to Berries while I take a cab to pick up Rosalind to go Orchard Hotel together and we are punctual we reached at 5pm whereby my boss asked us too.

Today is different from last 2 years,  we have table draw this time and is Kim Chi sponsor by CJ.  Rosalind and I and with the help of our national squad went around whole ballroom to put some kimchi on the table as table draw ... and of cos our table will have it too haha.  At around 630pm all guest started to come in .... busy at the reception and my 2 baobei just make their way over too. 

Event started at 730pm sharp ..... and started with the talking of Chairman etc etc ....... follow by the 1st dish and our demonstration team for their fabulous demo!  Best is the Emcee of the night he is very good .... I just can't stop laughing.  Is a nice night and the whole event last till 12 midnight as the grand draw is at 12 midnight did not win anything but we had a great fun!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday - 22 June 2012

D&D is just this Saturday we have so much to do ...... do up goodie bag ..... bundle the prize and we get to choose where we wanna sit heehee.  My President very old fashion ..... we have 100 tables imagine 1000 guests! ok maybe I shall strike off those VIPs cos they dun get any lucky draw .... about maybe 400 or lesser .. our prize only 20 kinda little right cos he wanna bundle up the prize which we feel is not necessary as you get to have more prize and more people will have chance to get and be happy!  

Too bad what we voice out is not accepted but lucky draw is the limelight of the night *sigh* plus this year the sponsor of the prize not bad .... LG phone, Ipad, Osim head massager, TV, air ticket .... not bad right?

And sad thing is that those whom are in the committee didnt really work all is done by my GM, Hon Secretary and us (staffs) tiring but we are proud cos we do up the preparation! 

My Hon Sec still brought us to Chun Kee to have lunch .... and we had a hearty lunch and started to work again!  Before going back my Hon Sec asked me to go and buy the tags .... so TT and I went over to Popular to look for it and after buying that we were looking for dinner and since Dearie is at home packing back his army stuffs we decided to pack back. 

Ended up we went mini steamboat ta bao back the ingredients and they gave us soup for us to bring back.  So we are back home eating the yummy steamboat till so bloated *burpz*

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tues - Thurs - 19-21 June 2012

My PIL still not back yet so TT follow me to work again .... hahaha just nice we have been busy with our company D&D stuffs so she can help a little here and there!  But of cos main thing she do is to play ipad and go into my boss room for a chit chat with him *faintz*  She even attempt to pick up phone calls just that the other party was shocked to hear a kid's voice *LOL*   Beside that TT also follow me to run errands picking up the lucky draw prizes!

Dearie officially our of camp on 20 June he came and pick us up and we headed over to Changi Airport T3 for dinner at Gurney Drive.  And just spend $15 can go for a Safari ride for the kid if you are Changi reward member so again Princess go for a good fun at the Safari!  

And can enjoy the canopy play area for 15mins whahaha .... she play really hard and even ask if she can go for the slide!  She really enjoyed herself very much during this June holiday!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Mon - 18 Jun 2012

Took leave today and we headed to City Square Mall again .... this week is Barbie make over week so ya my Princess wanna go have it!  Just spend $50 and can have a make over for free .... so we went to have lunch and bought some stuffs to make up to $50 so that she can enjoy it.  

At first she wanted to opt for pink dress but I guess she overheard someone saying that the background is pink so if choose to have pink dress then not nice.  She choose GREEN!  Am surprise to see she chosen that color cos usually she is a pinkie!

After her 1st make over ..... we went to have tea break .... and guess what she asked for more saying that she wanna go for one more time!!!!  Ok so we go shop again since I need to change our bath towels so we went Metro to shop ..... and ta da within 15mins ...... is another $48+  the guy say ok to let her have her 2nd make over hahaha ... and there she goes again ..... 

This time she choose BLUE..... dunno why when she is having make over she dun really smile ... looking so cool.  So which one you think she look nice?

After half a day of fun ... she "slice" me again wanted to go eat Swensen ..... whahaha really cannot have too much school holiday cos i will be very broke if she wanna go so many of this ... lucky she dunno there is one in Vivo sometimes early June .... heng ah if not I think I will be very much poorer!