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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Mon - Fri - 26 Jul 2010 - 30 Jul 2010


Went back home to cook and also to catch our TVB show ... lately not much nice show on Channel 8 and SCV so we just use this time to catch our rented TVB show. 

While watching I always do my housework at the same time be it .... keep TT's cupboard tidy or folding of all clothing.  Good thing that my little TT help me out too by handling me the folded clothes to keep in her wardrobe ... hope when she grow up will be the same helping out to do housework!

On Tuesday my YOG Manager - Mr Lee gave me 2 complimentary movie tickets so I dated Dearie to go with me ... we meet at MIL's shop in the end he is late and we couldn't go so ended up at PP eating Pu Tien food.  That day bought their Loh mee and suddenly I grave for it and we went for 2 pax set meal ... and TT eat together with us.  The waitress gave TT one bowl of dessert for free ... and my dear dottie enjoyed it very much she love it!  But my dear TT is down with flu ... poor baby!


Finally we get to watch movie but is not complimentary tics cos we can't use it for new show only those show which is going off screening in the cinema and is only 2 show which is not very suitable for TT. 

We opt for the Henry Thia show - Old Cow Vs Tender Grass and we ask for a couple seat so TT can sit in between us.  Lucky TT can sit still throughout the show but sometime she will jst climb up and look at others *LOL*

After the show we went to a HK cafe for late dinner ..... went back home at ard 9+ 10pm really very tired and feeling a bit rush to catch a show after work.

On Thursday my pt maid came over she asked to come on Thurs this week cos she have something on for Friday usually I am flexible cos I will try to be home on Thursday so I can do all the laundry.  So I cook porridge for dinner ....lately I feel that my temper is getting bad to worst wonder is it because of my thyroid hormones changes .... I lost temper very badly ... and my Dear hubby is always the one got scolding from me ... sorry please bear with me my Dearie ... I hope I can be better but seems like hard to control at times.

Friday is a night out for me again ... meeting up Sebastian, Bevian and Suzanna .... oh ya is our usual MJ time its been so long since I see these frds of mine!  Great to play a game or 2 with them .... cos is catch up time with them especially Suzanna.  Thanks to Sebast's mum for cooking dinner for us! 

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday - 25 July 2010

Dearie met up with some secondary school classmates out for a mini gathering at Bugis ... I tag along too since I am meeting some seniors .... one of them is our Music Teacher's son.  Glad to hear that she is doing good ... a pity that I didnt take their pics cos I think half of the time TT & I go shopping together.

When I get back to continue the chit chat I was shocked to see a phone book kept for 20 over years!  And they can even get hold of some friends from there!  For me I am already very happy to find some long lost sec friends in FB!  These friends really steady thumbs up!

After we left Bugis we headed to Davis's office at AMK ... they throwing Nat's 1st Birthday at his office ... great decor and food!  We are the early bird ..... so I help out as and when needed ... haha I am the one who wrote on the black board .... ugly hand writing.

Food is good especially the curry .... we bought Nat a Pendent and TT bought her a bag and a set of clothing hope she like it :)

We all enjoyed ourselves very much ... we left the place at around 9+ 10pm after chit chatting with some cousins.  Happy Birthday Natalie .... stay cute and healthy always we love you!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Saturday - 24 July 2010

TT is so different compare to at shop and at home .... at the shop she always have a routine timing to nap ... but at home she doesn't wanna nap even though I wanna nap with her ended up I am the one napping not her!

And today we meeting up the CCHB gang for dinner so on the way to Downtown East ... she actually nap in the car!!!  And this will not be long usually when we get down and carry her she will wake up and she will feel grumpy!  She saw this train at the event area she say she wanna sit happily .... so when she is sitting in it she emo again .... look at her face!  Probably she thought we can go in with her thats why she so happy ... but actually she ended up alone!

We had Popeye for dinner .... oh well I think due to communication break down or what ... we actually waited for the others we are walking around aimlessly and ended up we saw them eating in Popeye without even calling us!  I was kinda pissed cos hungry man always is an angry man!  Didn't talk much during the meal .... just keep quiet throughout!  After the meal we went for coffee session .... then I started to talk cos I am full! *LOL*

We chit chatted till around 12+ then left downtown back to home ..... went back and share a bottle of beer with Dearie before going to bed.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Thursday & Friday - 22 & 23 July 2010

Nothing much to update on Thursday just normal routine again .. home, cook, watch tv and sleep.  hmmmm now having a kid dun really have much time for ourselves too .... my gal just love to stick to me ......

On Friday Dearie is off too ... and I am on time off cos we are bringing her for injection .... my gal again very brave no cry at all!  Really proud of her ... she only say OUCH and that's it ..... and she earn sweets from the doctor .... haha ...

After awhile she is back to her mischievous self ..... we bring her to PP after the injection rented a car pram for her at $3 for an hour ... she is very happy and chosen the one in pink!  As we doing some shopping Dearie went to have his hair cut ... neater now and more handsome compare to his long messy hair.  My SIL thought he wanna keep long hair again forgetting that we cannot cut our hair for 49days. 

Over 49 days so we can have our hair cut ... I wanna cut mine too ... but wonder what should I do to it .... cut short? Trim? Curl or rebond again?

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wednesday - 21 July 2010

Dearie is off today so I let him sleep a little more while I brought TT to work with me and he will pick her up at around 1045am to go school from my work place.

TT loves to come my office cos she always get to eat lotsa things Lanetar is so thrilled seeing TT!  She was telling me she gonna miss TT if she found a job in the bank cos she know sometime I will bring TT along to work.

Went back early today so Dearie, TT & I strolled to Ubi CC wanting to register for the fun  pack for the the NDP heartland celebration unfortunately the registrations is closed.  So 3 of us just walk to Pizzahut to order for dinner. 

We ordered the Big Bites Pizza ... the balls is really chewy ... chicken and shrimps ball alternately in the pizza crust.  TT love the balls ... so am I ... Thumbs up!

Tuesday - 20 July 2010

Got a sms in the morning from SZ mei informing us YZ's Grandma passed on in the morning..... our deepest condolences.  Can feel how they felt .... is the equally pain that our Grandma passed on.

Took the circle line to meet Dearie at YCK MRT we wanted to go to the wake to pay respect.  It was pouring heavily today I took circle line and I reached Bishan just in 10mins really very fast and once I reached the North South line the train I need not wait for the train at all! All in all it took me about 20mins to reached YCK.  Circle line rocks!

Monday - 19 July 2010

Early in the morning my office old bird Aunt - Jo asked me questions that I cannot answer her and when I told her off she feel no face cos there is one instructor around she raise her voice and scolded me which pissed me off! 

Didn't wanna talk to her and I feel so angry cos she always asked me stupid question .... is a Monday morning and she asked me is my Hon Sec here yesterday how the hell I know whether she came office on Sunday?  And she asked me about a note my Hon Sec left for her the note is for her not for me how will i know of cos I told her off you should call the Hon Sec to ask and not me!  Tell me if I am right?  If you all are in my shoes can tell me how should I answer her! 

During lunch time she walk off and didn't even wanna asked if I wanna have lunch oh well good ... I go to my boss and tell him I wanna take 1/2 day and I just pack and went home.  No wonder my other instructors told her before dunno how can I work with her for so long!

After that incident SZ mei told me that YZ saw Dearie and TT's photo on the papers ... but dunno which paper so I just bought Straits Times and TNP ... and there they are on the TNP!  Dearie told me yesterday that they might be in the papers today cos lotsa ppl snap TT photos she really a cuttie pie to me!  Think is really too early for her to wake up ... after we finished the walk then she wake up and my poor Dearie say that he have an aching shoulder!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday - 18 July 2010

Suppose to meet all relatives at 630am at Millennia carpark but Dearie off the alarm and we woke up late reached there only at 7.15am!  So pai sei to make all of them wait for us!  Is the very 1st time we have this event together ..... this year TNP Bigwalk seems a bit different .... last time we will will end at the start point area this year we have to walk back again to the starting point.

Is very crowded everyone is like squeezing each other walking towards to the IR as we walk we will see contest marker and just sms in the answer!  There is a big carnival going on at the end point but we didnt check it out and we just walk back to the start point.  We walk to the helix bridge and back to Milennia Tower.

We all headed to Joo Chiat for breakfast except my in law they went to have dim sum.

Thanks to Uncle and Aunt again for the breakfast treat they always dun wanna get $ from us .... we all have prawn noodle and I ordered porridge for TT.  They ordered chicken too ... after being with Dearie for so long he never mention or bring me to here for breakfast before is really nice especially the chicken yummy!

We all parted at 12+pm after the hearty breakfast ..... 3 of us went home straight, washed up and after our hair is dry 3 of us KO together ..... till 8pm!

Woke up still feeling tired and dunno what to have for dinner I just cook simple meal ..... the chap chye I have cooked yesterday tasted even better .... dunno why chap chye always tasted better than just cooked!  3 of us eat till very full and went back to bed at only 12+ 1am..... :P

Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday - 16 July 2010

Since Popo (pt maid) came yesterday I am free today so I met up with Sandy, Cheria, Jayme, Jeng, Tiew and Baron to go for a short gathering.  Actually we wanted to have a game at the bowling centre and we called to check if we can book any lanes and they told us due to weekend no booking is allowed.

When we reached there we saw there is some event going on ... I just feel that the management is quite bad they can just let us know over the phone there is co. event *sigh*

So we walk over to Millennia Tower to have coffee and chit chatting after we parted with Cheria, Jayme and Jeng ... the rest of us went Jalan Kayu for supper ..... chit chatting going on till 12+ 1am ..... is great to meet up some frds whom I didn;t see for quite sometime .... i should have meet up with more before I have my no. 2 I guess having the No. 2 will make me more difficult to meet up with frds.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mon - Thurs - 12 - 15 July 2010


Nothing much to update for today same as usual busy at work as YOG is drawing near we have some coordination work to do as well.  Like some volunteers they will call and check if about their schedule and also to provide info for them where to collect their attire.


I met up with GLC (my SIL) to go over PP to buy some ingredients cos I promise to make potato salad for GSS and GLC wanted to make one cabbage meat patty to pray Grandma tomorrow.  Time passes very fast tomorrow will be Grandma's 49 days. 

Small Aunt told me before that 49 days Grandma will come back to see us all again and today 12am will be her 49days.  We went over to Pu Tien to get Yam and Loh Mee for her. 

Before 1130pm I have place the food at the dining table ...


We are all on leave today and before we head to Bedok I saw my spoon have some fried onion on it and I swear I never use that spoon at all!  Meaning Grandma really come visiting us!

A small ritual is perform for about an hr with some break in between... after that we all headed to Bishan to have Grandma tablet be place there.  Left Bishan at around 3+pm to home feeling very tired we all nap for awhile before having our dinner.

For Thursday nothing much to update either .....

Sunday - 11 Jul 2010

Headed to Bishan to meet up with my in laws and we had some dessert before going over to Small Uncle house.  Today is our AGM (All Goh Meeting) to decide on some issue regarding Grandma and also to distribute stuffs to all of us.

We were all given an envelope each which contain some token of it... Dearie's contain old notes really memorable.

Thanks to Davis for printing the album for each family to keep for memory we all endure not to cry after seeing the album in case all cry again.

After all the discussion we all headed to AMK Gim Tim to have dinner, a place where Grandma mostly throw her birthday dinner.

This meal really make us all stuff!  Food quantity is alot and I think there is a total of 9 dishes!  Tonight we be staying up late for the World Cup final .... Dearie & I supported Spain and we even bought some prediction of the no. of goal hope we can win something *LOL*