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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wednesday - 28 Nov 2007

My Breakfast
Linda bought this for me
And this from Old Airport Rd all My fav!
Hokkien mee from Xiang Shan Rest. located at Blk 412 Bedok North Ave 2
Fried Rice
                                                       Bedok Chwee Kuay

One of our friends - Linda just came back from holiday - Shanghai came over to our office and gave us lotsa goodies from there ..... and even bought us some snacks for tea break!  Thanks woman!  She will be joining my co. soon hahahah ...... yeah!

Went back home today at 4.30pm cos our President say is raining and nobody coming so he let us off work early! YiPPIE! of cos I am very happy hahaha ....... went back home happily and waiting for my hubby to call cos we are going to my mil's place to pass my sil some items to bring over to chalet on Thursday so that I need not bring it to work especially MRT are so crowded, no seats available sometime on the bus with my big belly!  Thanks sis GLC!

Hubby called at 630pm saying that he is still doing training for a new guy in his ofc ask me to go on my own kinda sad wor have to go alone.  Ok no choice off I go alone to my mil house and of cos to buy dinner back for ourselves.  Alight at Bedok interchange and wanted to get Nana curry but they are closed today! HNG so sad cant get to eat.  Walk back to hawker centre to get my fav Bedok Chwee Kuay they are close almost 2 weeks cos of some major cleaning up in the hawker centre.  OH I miss my chwee kuay finally i get to eat it!

Went NTUC to get some groceries on my own .... cant imagine I still manage to carry so many things on my own and is raining !!! Went to my mil's shop and talk to my in laws for awhile and told them about what my baby did kekeke they all laff! My FIL ask me to eat more meals in small quantity heehee ..... after talking to them I went over to the XIANG SHAN restaurant to buy our dinner - Hokkien mee and fried rice.

Didn't finish my hokkien mee just pass it to my hubby hahahah poor dearie have to eat my leftover again and he is complaining he is getting fatter!

Told my hubby after he "scolded" our baby for being nottie on Tuesday she did not make any movement at all during my working time!  Errrrr... I am kinda worried ..... cos she often kick here n there ..... and move alot ...... but after my hubby "scolded" her she got no action!  When I am on my way home she started to move ahahahah so cute right she really listen to her daddy!  And I tried yesterday asking her name she have respond when i call out Alyssa but not Audrey leh ... hmmmm shall try again next time ......

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Tuesday - 27 Nov 2007

Fish noodle soup - $4.60
1st attempt on cooking sweet potato veggie
OOPS forget to stir fried the HAY BEE 1st
adding chilli in
                                           My fav sesame chicken with ginger

Went to PP to do some banking as is month end so I decided to buy lunch from there cos am tired of eating the veggie rice from my office!  Went to the food court and ordered fish noodle soup cos I have been seeing this new stall around for quite sometime but yet to try!  It cost $4.60 including the box that cost $0.30.  I dun mind paying although is kinda ex cos the auntie is so friendly unlike the one selling yong tau fu.  If you happens to be at PP dun eat the yong tau fu hahaha that plump uncle always have a sulking face HNG!

Reached office at 12.50pm and my colleagues say wanna go down and ta bao in case not much food left.  So I waited for them but  5 mins later my tummy start to be very pain + hungry that kind of feeling is unbearable is so painful and worse thing is i break into cold sweat.  I have no choice but to open up my noodle and open up the chilli and I have to tell my baby " wait wait mummy is opening the chilli." The moment I finish this sentence the pain subside a bit and when I start to eat the pain is gone! 

Nowsaday wonder why my baby cannot tahan hunger anymore ......this is not the 1st time I encountered this.  I still remember I didnt eat anything at all during dinner time oso dun have this problem wor.  I am afraid next time if I am slower a bit she will throw tantrums!  OMG! ~~~~~SCARY~~~~~

In the evening, my hubby went RT so I can take my own sweet time in preparing the dinner as one of the dish is my 1st attempt wor - Sweet Potato Veggie.  I just anyhow HUM TUM hahah lucky my hubby say nice but a bit sweet cos the chilli i use from Lee Wee is sweet! And the 2nd dish I cook is sesame oil ginger chicken is my favourite cos whenever I eat that I have good appetite.  I had my dinner at 9.00pm hahaha lucky I grab something to eat before the dinner or esle my baby will make noise again .... but daddy (my husband) scolded baby before we go to bed hahaha ..... say she cannot be so nottie next time! 

Monday, 26 November 2007

Monday 26 November 2007

Sambal Prawn
Our Dinner
                                            My tummy at week 32 any difference?

Boring Blue Monday!! hahaha I dun really like Monday hahaha but no choice lah have to got thru it.  Lately I have cleared up my work .... therefore I am a bit free!!!

When I reached office my GM let me know that he will not be in office for the next few days and have told me what to look after.  And of cos I have speak to him about my maternity leave issue.  Have decided not to take any advance maternity leave before birth hahah will work till I give birth!  Cos I dun wish to waste my maternity leave as I wanna spend it wisely with my baby and I will come back to work about 1 1/2 mths time and the other weeks I will use it half a day kind of scheme.  Lucky my GM is flexible so I could do it this way I do appreciate it!

After a day at work went back home to cook for my hubby and myself ...... cooked sambal prawn and a veggie just a simple meal for the 2 of us is easy to manage and while I am preparing Channel U is showing S-POP ..... did u all catch that?

Listen to the songs make me feel old cos is all those songs which I used to listen kekekeke ....... but it really bring me back then ..... when I was still young!

Arthur's birthday!

Arthur & his looney tunes BD cake

Alfred happily eating the cake
                           He so happy cos he got the pokemon card from my sil

25 November 2007 - is Arthur's 7th Birthday ....... he have been reminding us since early November that his birthday is coming.  Hahaha my SIL still told me & mu hubby that they even get reminder notes from him lucky that the 2 of us did not received it hahaha ... he is forever so cute. 

When I am sitting with him watching TV before dinner start, my baby start to kick so I ask him to feel the baby movement .... he smiled and even pat pat my tummy .... when his dad ask him he not scare of the movement he say no. hehehe so cute

I get to know this cuttie handsome boy in 2003 the year where I par tor with my husband ..... back then he is only 3 years old and he cant really speak well yet.  Now he is so fluent in his language except hokkien haha so cute rite.  I missed those days that he is very close to me cos I often bring him to mcdonald I still remember once I get off the car to redraw money and my husband is with him in the car yet he cry cos I am away hahaha ......

He is Primary 1 this year and had done well in his studies .... way to go!  I bought him 2 Adidas Tshirt .... it fits him well ..... hope he like it. 

Remember to study hard and obtain good result next year  and dun always fight with ur didi anymore

Oh must wish my Brother & my niece Carmen Happy Birthday too!!! hehehe 3 of them share the same Birthday!

One day tour - 25 Nov 2007

Our 1st stop
2nd stop - xiang wei
Frances, Norman, Chane & Lester heehee me n baby taking photo for them
Me, my baby, Frances & Norman
3rd stop
4th stop - aloe vera, mushroom & wheat grass farm
he say wheatgrass look like hair
that's sz's nephew very cute ...
Last stop

see the fish?

About 39pax in this tour
1st stop i bought this
                                           Eclair nice wor bought at 3rd stop

Woke up at 7.45am to wash up cos am meeting the Maro gang to go on a 1 day tour organised by Kembangang CC YEC heehee ...... each of us pay $6 for the tour!  And of cos we are all looking forward for it, SZ mei & YZ suppose to go as well but mei mei need plenty of rest so she have given her tickets to her mum's friends.

We reached at 8.45am and the moment we boarded the bus an auntie trying to be hippy make noise BOOING us and her gang follow her ..... OMG! we are like why boo us?  then I realise the registration form stated 8.15am to assemble!!!  Thanks to Mr KOH HH *faint* sz mei have told him not to put so early cos the bus will only leave at 9am!  Anyway this auntie keep making noise lah..... 1st stop we went to Hougang a place where they sell  soon kueh and curry puff.  Lester told me she overheard that auntie say "ai ya cannot see how they make one har only buy har ..... buy things somemore so many ppl have to wait wait wait especially have to wait for the youngest!"  Lester so angry  and talk out loud " SI BEI LAO KAO PEH HAR!"  Muhahahah when Lester told me that I almost ROFL!  Maro gang leader is the best! If i were him I will tell auntie off too .... too much liao hng!

2ns stop we went to Xiang Wei BBQ hehe no chicken bak kwa so I bought some for my MIL to eat hope she will like it ...... then we headed to a multistorey carpark look alike place where all the food shops are there ... we went to J&C to buy cakes, tarts, eclair etc.  I bought eclair a box of 20pcs inside and cost $6.00 quite cheap le bah ... Lester & Chane walk over to another shop where they selling bak chang and rice kueh .... should have follow them bought the rice kueh cos it seems so nice leh!

After 3rd stop the bus driver bring us to causeway point for lunch we spent about 1hr there and sad to say there are ppl whom NEVER take instruction!  Uncle say come back 1215pm there are 2 clever auntie happily sitting inside the Mall enjoying the aircon while all of us are looking for them HIGH & LOW!  We make a total of 4 rounds the mall to wait for them cos we do not wanna leave anyone behind!  About 20mins wasted on that ...... and cos is that AUNTIE's gang haha so no noise is being made at all!  But I wonder why auntie never take care of them cos she seems like a gang leader in that group hahahaha KNS!

Ok back to the tour again 4th stop is a Wheat Grass, Aloe Vera & mushroom farm.  I bought one bottle of aloe vera drink & 3 packets of 金源菇 is tasted so nice just need to cook with oyster sauce will do. 

Last stop is Vegetable farm WOW alot of ppl there and all the veggie looks so fresh!!!  I bought 小白菜, small corn and sweet potato veggie all just less that $4.00.  Is fun buying, buying & buying hahahaha ...... and of cos with the right gang... we all do enjoy ourselves very much.  Very tiring when i reached home I feel so sleepy ...... but am going over to my MIL's place for dinner cos is my nephew birthday .......

Shall ask my hubby along next time ... hope no RT crash again! Anyone of you out there interested??? hehehe .....