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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mon - Thurs - 27 - 30 Jun 11


Today is our busy day ... every 3 months we have a submission closing to do. Work till 7+pm and decided to skip the KTV with my Dearie ex students ... really very tired!

And on Tuesday we went back to my in law place for dinner and since maid is not back yet I bought them dinner from Bedok Central.  Kinda miss home cooked food cos we have been eating out even when on weekend!!!

Wednesday I carving for Arnold's chicken cos after watching Dasmond Koh and Michelle Chia's show - 老字号.  Called their hotline many times and was auto cut off after I was on hold for very long.  PISSED!  Lucky Auntie Rosalind volunteer to go pick it up ... so I called up City Plaza shop to order and she can just pick and go. 

She came back telling us long Q for dining in .... wow ... but ... this time round we all feel that the standard drop not so nice anymore.  Disappointed!

On Thursday while I was working on my stuffs at work .... suddenly I heard TUD TUD TUD sound..... WTF ceiling is leaking!!!!  And it was pouring quite heavily ..... arghhhh why must it be at my work place .... no choice but to place one pail behind my seat!  See how old my office is ..... now we have taken another unit ... actually more zen looking .... hope all of us will be shifting to there haha.... but chances not high :(

Papa called up and asked me to check if  his and Mama's passport with me .... cos Mama passed me a bag asked me to keep for her but I never open up to see what is it only today cos I wanna check if their passport is with me ....  guess what i found my Kindergarten cert hahaha I look so funny last time!  wow this cert is 27 years old already ... hahah so happy I am like found a precious treasure!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday - 26 Jun 11

Pick up my in laws and off we go to our 大堂嫂 shop .... today is the opening of her Thai massage shop located at Kallang Bahru. 

When we reached there is alot of people crowding around waiting for the lion/dragon dance.  In about 10mins time the lion/dragon dance start and it lasted for like 1/2 hour .... and in between it started to pour .....

After the dance we proceed for the buffet lunch .....
大堂嫂's tom yum soup is really power I drank 3 bowls of it ..... simply love it!

We went back home to rest and meet my in laws for dinner at the newly open coffeeshop near their place.  The 鱼头炉 cannot make it ... dishes also so so only ... not very nice .... think will give them a try again on other food from them next time if really cannot make it will not wanna go back again.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday - 25 Jun 11

TT just got well so I dun wanna eat out went over to market to get some vegetables and of cos her favourite fishball.  This weekend is the last weekend for stall holder in the market selling food... cos market is going for a 9 month renovation unfortunately there isn;t any temp market build so the toufu stall owner asked me if our RC told MP about the temp market.  Some of them have also voice out to MP when she is doing her visiting.  I am going to miss the fresh fresh veggie and fishball too!

TT seems well so we just let her attend Tumbletots ..... went back home straight after tumbletots.  My Parents and uncle & family came over to visit TT and at around 3+pm Dearie bring TT over to Berries by train.  My Parents and uncle & family left shortly after they went out.  After they went back I started to cook  for dinner.

At 5+pm I am done with cooking and washing ... just nice they are back home ..... TT so excited about her fishball kept saying she wanna eat the fishball.  My little piglet really can eat ... I think she knew she "lost" too much due to her vomiting.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday - 24 Jun 11

Went back office to finish up some stuffs and head to PP to bank to deposit money for my company before going to PEH.  When I reached there MIL already reached and I was there till 3pm and rush back office cos Jo claimed that she can't manage alone in the office!

I was kinda pissed cos I was alone before I dun understand why she can;t manage!  I left office at 5pm and guess what only 2 coaches came and are on different timing so basically I am coming back for nothing WTF!

When I get back TT insurance agent was already there watching cartoon with her and Dearie told me that TT can be discharge anytime.  She was given dinner and her meal look good ... I tasted the chicken is really yummy and she love her cream soup!  I was so happy that she was eating happily!

Thank god my TT is back to her usual self and appetite slowly kick in but we still can;t give her milk yet ... so Milo ko song is still her main food for the next few days.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday - 23 Jun 11

CNA pre arrange a shooting with me today .... and since is a school holiday my 2 nephews so excited about the shooting.  Some screen shots of us sending TT over and after that will be some shots that she spend her time at the shop.

I took half a day leave and follow throughout the shooting ..... quite fun for me ... cos I no need to do anything.  Thanks to my MIL whom send me to work ...... told her that we wont be going back for dinner so I head back home straight .... thinking of what to eat whenever Dearie ask me. 

Suddenly I remember we bought the Prima Laksa Ramen and we have not try it yet since we can eat the nice yummy laksa in just 7mins!  After we finished our meal both of us were watching tv at our living room and as for TT she was watching her cartoons in the room.

She came out happily and told me that she apply lotion on her hands and legs and just 5mins after she went back to the room I walked in and saw suddenly she like feeling wanna puke action ..... just before I can say anything she vomited out everything..... we monitor her and every min she is vomiting kinda scary to me .... after she become restless I took my chair cover to wash and wash her clothes.  In between when I am doing the chores she vomited a few times too.

Afraid that she might dehydrate  I gave her some water and less than 1min everything is out again ... I am so scare and quickly bring her to Parkway East Hospital (East Shore) we are shocked to see so many ppl today at PEH and est waiting time is 1h 30mins!!!

While waiting she vomit and vomit ......her turn to see Doctor ..... he gave her a medicine insertion to her buttock and asked us to observe her for 1hr ..... we stay at the waiting area to wait and she kept asking for water so we gave her bit by bit ..... and when 1hr is up suddenly she puke everything out again with gastrict juice this time.

Uncle and family rushed down to see if needs any help ..... MIL and GLC came too ..... really appreciate and thankful for the wonderful family I have.  Uncle asked if I told my Parents about it ..... I didn't cos I am afraid I will scare them at this hour.  TT was advise to be admitted for observation.  As I still have stuffs to do at home and at work Dearie will be staying with her over at the hospital while I go back to rest.

Hope that TT get well soon poor baby ... seeing her puke makes my heart sink ......

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mon - Wed - 20 - 22 Jun 11


My in law's maid went back Philippines for holiday so my MIL will be doing cooking alone ... I am there early to help.  Not easy to bring down stuffs with my heels ... lucky got Dearie to help cos he was on MC ... ke lian caught the virus from me.  And I helped doing all washing after the dinner ... really not easy for the clumsy me!


Aunt Rosalind helped me buy Sweet Potato Soup from PP ..... dun ever buy from there cos she say that she saw the Auntie drop one sweet potato and pick it up w/o washing wanna put back into the bowl again.

Aunt Rosalind stop her and told her off ...... anyway just dun eat that from there ... NOT NICE AT ALL!  Next time won't buy from there le *sigh* hard to find nice sweet potato soup nowsaday .......

FIL went JB to attend wedding dinner .... since Dearie is on MC today also we went to get them dinner .... and my 3 baobei so cute 3 of them eat 3 different rice - TT - Char Siew Rice, Alfred - Chicken Rice and Arthur - Duck Rice.  3 of them make the request when I call them up in the shop .... hahah 3 of them really cute!


Thanks Garen for the tasty bee hoon ...... Korean bee hoon look so much like Tang Hoon but is it thicker. Really very nice .... QQ noodle + crispy hay bee makes a good combination yummy!  Must go master how his Father cook the nice bee hoon!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday - 19 Jun 11

Dearie went Brisk Walking early in the morning.... as for TT & I we can't wake up so we just give it a miss .... I think I shall let TT do some exercise soon if not she will be like me so lazy!

Today is Father's day so we have planned to go T3 Imperial Treasure for dinner.  We went to have our car washed and headed to Bedok to pick up some of them to go over T3. 

Food there is quite nice ... but there is a long menu but only certain items are available heehee ... shall go back there to try more next time.  Wanted to go over to Swensen for dessert but there is a very long Q so we headed back instead.  Dearie, GLC and i volunteer to go get all of them nice dessert from Kallang Airport had an enjoyable day with my family.

Happy Father's Day to all out there!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday - 18 Jun 11

Today in Tumbletots they learn Letter F and teacher prepared Fruit Cereal for their fun food tasting.  The kids enjoyed it so much!

After Tumbletots we went over to Whampoa cos my office having their AGM at our training centre so I have to be there to do work!  We left there only at 3.45pm so when we reached Berries is already 4.15pm after sending TT in ... we drove around Siglap area before picking her up.

We went City Square Mall to shop and went for foot reflexology too .... is been quite sometimes since we do a massage.  had out dinner at Streats think I am the only one happy cos they dun serve pork here!  HAHA

Friday, 17 June 2011

Thurs & Fri - 16 & 17 Jun 11

I was in love with Share Tea now ... hahah have that when we are in HK .... now in PP there is one stall located at Basement 1.  But compare to HK one this shop is not as nice .... think KOI is better.

I was on MC for 2 days due to cough .... my voice change too ...... coughing is quite bad too.  Went to the market and bought some veggie back so I can cook for dinner.   My Parents came over with my 2 nephews ... haha 3 kiddo play and play happily

TT hardly meet up with the 2 boys but they still  play happily .... not too bad .... just that they dun wanna play with the younger one.  Wonder will TT play with her siblings next time ......

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday - 15 Jun 11

*Ding Dong*...... at around 1pm ... the crew from Channel News Asia came ..... have a short briefing with the Producer while the cameraman and Soundman setting up some stuffs.

I was asked to self intro ALONE!  OMG kinda nervous cos is the first time I am talking to a Camera and I kept eating SCREW tongue tight at time .... but they are so nice and help prompting me what should I say hahaha

Now I realize how tough the Artist were when they are shooting a show .... the glaring strong lights makes me so hot ..... and worse thing is I can't on the fan and my living room got no aircon ..... At around 3pm Steven Chia (host of the show - How To Be A Super Parent) and Cheryl Peterson (Mindchamp, Head of Training) came over and the main discussion starts!

Our topic is bonding with kids .... and we also discuss about some discipline issues too ... great to get some tips from the expert!  More shooting will be done .... remember to catch the programme!

Whole shooting ended at around 5pm .... after the crew left we bring TT to my in laws shop there to see Doctor ... my TT have running nose and cough again ..... I myself not feeling too good too ... guess that air in HK not very good