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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday - 4 June 2011

Pouring heavily today ..... we are all wet despite we are armed with umbrella and raincoat (for TT).  I hate it when I have to go out with such weather is the best when I am still under my quilt and on my bed!

We are a little late for the class and they have already started ... and today Teachers taught them how to play human chain using hola hoops.  And all of them having fun including the Parents!

After her Tumbletots class we brought her to City Square Mall to watch Sesame Street .... I was rather scare of the "puppets" cos the look so BIG to me ... in the TV they are so much skinny and small.

Grab a bite and off we go back to Berries .... and before we head down to carpark someone approached us and told us they are doing some charity job and would do Henna art on TT and it cost $2 so I just let TT do it.  TT was so curious and she just stand still for the young lady  to do the arts on her hand.

In the evening after Berries we attended Farewell Dinner for Dr Ong our former MP.  He was presented a painting of five fishes beautiful painting!  He also gave his speech and there is a montage specially made for him. 

Dinner was so so only ..... not really very fantastic .... but when I head to the ladies I have to walk past their buffet restaurant I think the dishes there looks more delicious!  Halfway through all of us feel so warm .... at first I thought is only me .... end up all are complaining ... Dearie still say is only me who feel hot!  The whole dinner ended with a beautiful mango pudding!