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Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday - 24 Jun 11

Went back office to finish up some stuffs and head to PP to bank to deposit money for my company before going to PEH.  When I reached there MIL already reached and I was there till 3pm and rush back office cos Jo claimed that she can't manage alone in the office!

I was kinda pissed cos I was alone before I dun understand why she can;t manage!  I left office at 5pm and guess what only 2 coaches came and are on different timing so basically I am coming back for nothing WTF!

When I get back TT insurance agent was already there watching cartoon with her and Dearie told me that TT can be discharge anytime.  She was given dinner and her meal look good ... I tasted the chicken is really yummy and she love her cream soup!  I was so happy that she was eating happily!

Thank god my TT is back to her usual self and appetite slowly kick in but we still can;t give her milk yet ... so Milo ko song is still her main food for the next few days.