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Friday, 3 June 2011

Thur & Fri - 2 & 3 June 2011


I had a good sleep yesterday and when I am back home TT was already sound asleep ...... I am looking forward for tomorrow meet up cos we are gonna celebrate Joey's birthday!  Yippie!

Thanks to Adrian for a lift to MRT and this have save me lotsa time ..... met Adrian just outside hawker centre near my office .... hmmmm think we have not met up for years!  Went to my in law shop and took a cab to Riverview Hotel with TT to meet up with my gfs.

Went over to Irodori today for dinner thanks to Uncle for arranging a room for us ...... full house when I reached at 7pm!  Had a great time with my gfs .... and Grace so creative to order 寿桃 for the birthday girl.  Inside the 寿桃 is custard instead of lotus paste.  Really yummy it will be best if it is piping hot!

Had a great time with them .... thanks to Dearie again for going back home early to open the door for our helper! 

Happy Birthday Joey!


  1. Y multiply gangs no organize makan at ur uncle place huh... :(

  2. i dunno leh .... maybe can arrange hahha