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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Saturday - 30 August 08

Before heading to Comex 08  we stopped by at Coffee & Toast for our late breakfast .....need energy booster - coffee to start my day!  Not really crowded yet in Comex ...... or maybe because the place is more spacious so it dun look so crowded.

Went to level 6 to search for portable HDD cos my computer went is going to rest in peace very very soon .... so I have to transfer everything out.  Walk a few rounds ..... finally I have make up my mind .... am settling for Western Digital Passport Essential HDD 320GB @ $149 the red is so chio compare to Maxtor kinda dull in color .... well imation have nice one too with Gar-skin after much thinking we will go simple ...... one color will do!

Wasn't feeling well,  tummy not very good .... headache too ... walk around looking at camera and pc..... didnt buy any camera this time cos it is still not my priorty ..... and of cos with TT now money have to spend wisely .... if I dun have TT hahaha I will go for my PC and camera straight without thinking!

While walking over to Carrefour ..... a lady stopped us and gave us a steamer she say is free and have a free trial for their men to come over to do a dust mite cleaning service.  We are shocked wanted to ciao hahahaha but she just hand over the steamer to us in dearie's hand.  Well just try loh no harm anyway my house also noting much for them to do so won't buy any package from them.  Stopped over at Secret Recipe for a drink and have Salad for our lunch ............ and of cos is milk time for TT too. 

Bought a mini tower fan for TT so that we can place her back into her play pen ... she have been sleeping with us since we decided to save on electricity by switching on fan than air-con hahaha .... wanna test out is the air-con the main electricity eater!  And we have been suffering cos she is so hard to sleep with hahahah ... ....

When we come out from Carrefour we notice that is going to rain soon and we didn't bring out any umbrella so we decided to take a cab back home.  When we hop on to the cab .... and dearie suddenly asked me did I take the stuffs we bought hahaha I say no leh is with you mah .... he say no!  HOLLY SHIT is still at the counter we actually paid and forget to take *sigh*  ..... so we ask the cab driver to U turn back so that Dearie can run back to get the stuffs.  Lucky after we reached home not long it started pouring..... really heng ah ...... self made some sushi at home and that's our dinner for tonight ..... gotta have an early cos am bringing TT for her 1st Baby Show at Kampong Kembangan CC. 

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Extremely Hilarious

Read Ning's Blog and I came across some pics being uploaded hahah and I find is so fun .... so from the picture there is one website shown.

Out of curiosity I went to surf .... hahaha is a yearbook it will feature some classic hairdo and you could actually upload your picture up and see how you look in the past!

Is so hilarious that I kept on laughing especially the one the last picture of my dearie and of cos TT's muhahahahha ..... some picture I try uploading is so funny ... try it if you are free ....


Click here for the website

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday - 27 August 08

I received this on Tuesday but I forget to blog about it..... bought this on a bulk purchase in Singapore Motherhood Forum.  The bulk purchase is still on .... so if you wanna get for your precious go get it.

You can view from their website too at www.babysoft.com.sg.

They have educational toys, puppets, musical toys, baby clothing as well happy shopping!

TT is fascinated by the sound and the colorful pictures ..... but the very next thing she did was to put it into her mouth!!!  Arghhhh this piglet everything also put in the mouth .... but today she is a good girl cos she knows Daddy not in.  Dearie went to CC to help arranging something with SZ mei & YZ. 

TT sleep for almost 2 hrs ..... *phew* I can enjoy my bath and also my dinner ..... Dearie bought me char kway tiao today is yummy loh thanks dear!

TT woke up after I finished some games on Viwawa and she is lying on my body watching me playing Sushido.  She love watching the colorful ingredients, think that makes her stay put with me!  After playing with dearie when he is back from CC TT started to feel tired but piglet baby only  sleep with mama only at 1am ..... hahahha think she really night owl like me and sometimes she will endure not to sleep if we didn't sleep!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday - 26 August 08

                                       "Excuse me, did you put coupons?"

After 1 week plus I "open fire" again hahahah ..... I cooked today but of cos easy stuffs just soup and some yong tau fu makes a perfect dinner.

TT is good this time ...... she is napping when we are having dinner and she look tired to me.  According to my MIL she LS twice today and have nappy rash ...... think maybe never notice she LS so the S makes her but rash.

I applied a lot of Desitin Creamy on her butt.... love using this cos is always a smooth relief to her.  And she scratch herself on her face ..... nottie girl ..... we have been constantly cutting her nails and yet she still can scratch herself!  Not only she scratch on her face sometimes her ears too ..... *sigh* if only can let her wear mitten back hahaha .......

Monday, 25 August 2008

Monday - 26 August 2008

This is how my princess sleep in the night .... is not easy to sleep with her ... hahaha see she still can cross legs to sleep.  My dearie kept telling me like mother like daughter .... cos I sleep with my legs crossed too!  hmmmm my Papa told me my Grandpa sleep like that too!

Actually my husband don't sleep well cos TT always turn this way and she is the one kept on kicking him on his face, nose, back hahaha poor dearie!

When she come back today .... and she is playing on her own on the mat suddenly she do stunt loh ..... push up position and then *BOM* she hit the floor again but this time she hit her mouth and I quickly pick her up and I saw her gum bleeding ...... i use tissue to wipe off a bit but is still bleeding so I quickly rush to the fridge to get the teether that I put in earlier on to let her bite on.  *phew* few minutes later her bleeding stop.

This little piglet of mine is really like a worm and she like to explore things, do stunt, hao lian oso hahahah  ..... can be quite headache .... must be very alert to look after her.  Extremely exhausted looking after her ............ now have doubt whether to go for a baby Ox next year hahahaha .................

Sunday - 24 August 08

                                             My niece Faith & TT                                           Me, TT, Faith and my dearest cousin(Tricia)                                                   TT attending first birthday party                                                     TT's goodie bag from Faith
Bright sunny day ..... so happy cos is like 2-3 days never see sunlight ..... so before I go out I hanged some clothing out to sun.  Went over to Hougang Mcdonald cos TT is going to attend her very 1st birthday party.  TT looks so happy when we reached cos the party corner is nicely decorated with balloons.

When the children are playing games TT is sleeping only when Faith is going to cut her cake and she is half awake I woke her up and sing birthday song together.  She kept on looking at the Baby Bob cake hahaha cos is so colorful!  TT also have a goodie bag from Faith .... Thanks Faith ..... mei mei like the goodie bag you gave her.  Happy Birthday to you!

Is so sunny in the morning but .... is pouring in the mid of the party ..... and when party is over the rain seems to get even heavier!  Sigh I hate going out when is raining .... so we walked around the neighbourhood and went over to our uncle shop to see see look look ..... and we came across a shop selling phones.  We walked in and got one house phone cos the cordless phone at home think is up the lorry already and is using up electricity also .... so we decided to replace one which do not required electricity it cost only $29 and the ring tone is those songs tone instead of normal ringing tone.

Thought it won't rain so we didn't bring any umbrella along so we took a cab to my pil's place and we went to Blk 412 coffee shop to eat Zi Char in the evening ..... the fish is very fresh and nice I didn't take the pics cos TT is very noisy the whole coffee-shop is full of her noise cos she kept asking me to feed her the food that we eat!!!!  Went back home at around 8+pm and we watched soccer together while TT is napping.  Arghhhh is Monday again ....... how I wished I can be a SAHM *dreaming* hahaha ...... so tired ...........

Saturday - 23 August 08

                                                            my 2 宝贝
Went to my parent's place with TT cos my parents have to look after my nephew today as my brother and SIL need to go back office today.  My parents miss TT so they asked if we are bringing her back.

Isaac saw TT and he look so happy he even sayang her and offer her his sarong ..... TT is sleepy so lying in the sarong for about 5 mins she is in her la la land ...... so dearie and I play with Isaac .... haha he so cute and he know how to keep his surrounding clean but not tidy!  But he is a bit stingy refuse to let TT have his bolster ..... lucky he is willing to give up the sarong to her!

When TT woke up .... is his turn to sleep ......dearie and mum look after TT while Papa and I make our way down to see the upgrading showroom.  My parent's place will be in upgrading soon so they will come our place to stay for about a few weeks looking forward for that!

Was raining the whole day ..... and we are stuck in my parent's place and we have to go for the National Day Dinner.  So by the time we reached Kampong Ubi CC the event is about to start lucky we arrived a bit earlier than the Guest of Honour.

Compare to last year, this year food taste better i love the herbal chicken ..... is very nice .... the presentation of the mee looks weird hahaha taste ok not  too bad.  The programme is better too .... got 明珠姐妹 a bit like GETAI not too bad for me cos I haven't really see one this year.  After the dinner it is still drizzling ..... so we walked very fast back home cos we are afraid TT might catch a cold.  It is such a nice weather to sleep in today ....... but we slept very late cos we are very full.