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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Thursday - 30 December 2010

Dearie was very sick ... his flu is really bad and he said that he wanna go see a Doc he was very sure that he was able to have TT by his side.

At around 11am I gave him a call and he said that he just went to see Doc and taking a nap soon after his medication.  Dearie came picking me up and headed to city square mall for dinner on the way he told me that TT cut her own hair!!!!

I was shocked asking why she cut her hair ... she told me her hair very curly *LOL* .... when I get home I saw all her hair on the floor ....see the above pics!

She took my scissors from the kitchen drawer and cut her hair .... I scolded Dearie for not looking after her he said that he is sleeping and she didn't wanna sleep wanna watch TV so he left her watching TV while he is napping.

Really lucky that she didn't poke her eyes, never cut her hands/hair till ugly and of cos never cut Dearie's hair!  I scolded her and told her not to touch my things when we are not at home .... I punished her for doing the wrong things and explain to her the consequences of doing it.  I believe she know what I said cos after that she came to me and apologies

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Wednesday - 29 Dec 2010

I was quite pissed with Auntie Ros she asked me a stupid question on Monday ...."Wed I am going back early at 4pm .... I already told Mr Lim about it ... u ok anot?"  Tell me how to answer her?  She already 先下手为强 what can I do?  And Jo is on lone leave cos she need to clear her 2009 leave before it was being forfeited  and is all because of Ros oso she is the one whom go tell Mr Lim about Jo's leave.  Now she is leaving me alone and this period is our busy grading submission day!

At 2.30pm she say she is going off I was shocked and asked her not 4pm??  Now only 2.30pm..... she say her appointment change to 3pm!  And good thing is my boss not around so she can do whatever she want ... I really pissed with her!

I knocked off only at 7pm ...... cos many coaches came today and I am all alone!  I still have to make my way home quickly cos my helper is coming today.  But the moment when I see my bao bei come back ..... my evening brighten up again ... haha and the two of us just simply love to take photos!!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tuesday - 28 Dec 2010

My immediate boss's Mother passed away peacefully yesterday and my dear boss didnt tell us about it still smile to me when he is going back at 3pm till my President rang me up and break the news to me.  He was surprise that I didnt know about it at all.

So today was busy day for me to inform most of the coaches and of cos have to order wreath on behalf for coaches and our office and I am doing it alone cos Jo is on long leave. 

Met Chloe and GSS for dinner at Aston before we head to Katong Shopping Centre for Karaoke also a small gathering with GLC before she go Australia for studies.  I booked a big room at only $63 from 7-11pm really cheap compare to Topone, Kbox and party world. 

Jo said that she wanna go to the wake tonight so I sang till 10pm and I walked over to Marine Drive where my boss's mum wake is ..... a few coaches and national players was there when I reached.  Chit chatted for awhile and get to know that my boss's mum passed away very peacefully .... no sickness just died in sleep. Rest In Peace.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Monday - 27 Dec 10

Received a call from Dearie saying that HY have fixed up a dinner session with Fatty Chow at Marina Square so I decided to go on my own ..... well is a good and bad decision... good as in I go shopping on my own and bad is after an hour+ I feel tired. 

They have fixed up a timing at 7pm but none is to be seen ..... called up Dearie and get to know that cos MIL prepared the dinner late so he will be late as TT need to eat before she meet us too.  Lucky Chow is punctual and I meet up with him to chat and after Dearie came we headed to Sakae while waiting for HY.

This guy is seriously late ... cos when I call him at 715pm he just left the office!  Had a great chat with the guys .... and we ended up going home only at 10.30pm .... super tired especially on a Monday night!

Happy Birthday to my dearest cousin Pauline may you stay pretty and healthy always!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Sunday - 26 Dec 2010

Happy boxing day everyone!  But I am not happy at all ......

By 11am we have to check out .... and when we are doing it at the same time we have to return some items that we rented earlier on .... the BBQ pit, chairs and the kettle.  I rented the kettle and lost my receipt that stupid Indian lady refuse to let me refund my $20 deposit!  I was so angry that I scolded her and I even tell her that we are her customer and she replied me :"customer so what?"  *sigh* I curse her close shop early .....

Very bad customer service she have all she know is scold scold scold ... I took back the kettle and threw away at some other place.  I will not go back to the chalet anymore everything need money I think downtown east chalet is way better of .... but nothing beat the SAF chalet! 

If not last min I will not wanna rent this place at all cos everything is $$$ even the maintainence man told us the boss is super stingy!  Pay so much for nothing so all my friends out there DUN BOOK THAT PLACE!

After we left the place we went to have our brunch at Old Town before going back to nap ..... woke up  around 5+pm and headed to have mushroom pot with Dearie .... sudden crave of it ..... is Dearie 1st time there .... he claim that the food is nice ... the soup is nice too ... will wanna go back with my GFS if you all are free :)

Friday, 24 December 2010

Friday - 24 Dec 2010

Thanks to Weeli whom came and help me out for bringing some items over to the chalet so coincidence that she got an unit at Goldkist too.  After we check in I went to rent the BBQ ... this chalet everything must PAY AND PAY!  And we dislike the minimart boss she so slow and kept on scolding her workers.

SL and family reached before Dearie ..... PY bring her kids out for a swim ....while I waited for the BBQ items to be delivered. 

At around 4+pm Edwin called ..... telling me that Penny's Dad passed away .... I was so shocked and sad.  I heard Penny is crying behind .... my tears almost roll ......my dear friend must be very sad cos she didn't get to see her Dad.... it is just too sudden!  Cos Uncle looks so fit and healthy to us.....

We are all sad and really no mood ..... and we are surprise to see Edwin came with the whole family cos he told me that Penny might not be able to come.  I held her hands and my tears really gonna flow out.... she is trying to be strong I know she will not be able to take it when we console her ... everyone just act per normal.  For me after I settle her in the chalet I tried very hard not to go near her cos I can't control and will cry.

After we have our gift exchange they are about to leave then I start talking to her a bit ... knowing that her Dad called her up saying that he is not feeling well she quickly asked the maid to go up and see him but by the time the maid see him her Dad is vomiting .... and by the time medic came her Dad heart stopped.  My tears rolled ...couldn't controlled I gave her a very tight big hug before she leave.  Hope she can cope ... cos she is preggie now ... really hope she can take it when she is back in Sabah.

The rest of us continue to chit chat and drink ... of cos all of us dun have any mood at all this Christmas ..... is really a shocking and sad news we all have.....

Rest In Peace Uncle Tay we all miss you!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Thursday - 23 Dec 2010

Went to company xmas gathering at our National Training Centre .... every year we will have celebration only this year we are attending.  Thanks to YY for the ride over .... TT is with me and she have a present too for the gift exchange.

It all started at around 7.45pm sharp our President went on to carve a turkey to signal the start of the buffet.  After the meal there is some games for the youngsters while the rest of us chit chat and drink to our heart content.

Dearie came and pick us up and we left around 9+pm ...we headed to Giant to do our last min shopping for tomorrow's BBQ.  Really hope to have a good one ... this year I just find something not right.  Dunno why ........

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wednesday - 22 Dec 10

Today is DONG ZHI - we can't celebrate it so this year no dunplings for us to eat ... kinda miss eating it.  Friends are posting all the dumplings pics on FB *LOL* makes me so jealous haha .....

During noon time my MIL called saying that TT vomit again ... *sigh* so we decided to bring her back to East Shore.  In the evening after my helper came we headed to East Shore but when I get into the car my Dear TT is sound asleep.

We decided to go for dinner before going East Shore since she is sleeping and we dun wanna disturb her.  We went for BK drive thru at East Coast and just park the car at the carpark to have our meal.  Hahah I was telling Dearie the scene seems like HK drama Police eating in the car waiting for baddie to appear *LOL*

After we finished our dinner we headed to East Shore .... by then TT woke up looking very blur at me.  Doctor said that she have slight stomach flu and given her cough mixture, stomach and prevent vomit mixture.  And given us one antibiotic telling us if she is not well then give that to her .... total damage is $138!

After the rushing and worried here and there we are back home at 10pm .... so I cut the Korean Pear given by the Korean Embassy annually to enjoy it with Dearie .... poor TT you can't have it next year then let you eat :P

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sunday - 19 Dec 10 (Morning)

Thanks to Hazel for hosting us again at your function room .... I was late for the gathering cos my Dearie went RT again .... woke up at 8am to cook bee hoon.  Its been a long time since I cook it cos I am kinda lazy ... LOL

My girlfriends really rocks ..... thanks to JM for the lovely door gift ... Pauline and Fiona for the sweet sweet goodie bag for the kids!  And of cos I am happy to see Vivian, Candy and JM cos I didn't get to see them after they gave birth. 

All of us have fun chit chatting and of cos carrying the babies around ..... oh yes and is my first time meeting Mr Damien Lam too cuttie pie!  And I have to say Jade really looks like Jacky, Kathleen looks like Candy with very nice dimples.... and Cedric looks like Vivian!  And I am so excited cos I fed Kathleen milk I feel so "rusty" is been years since I fed a baby whom is less than 1 year old.

And thanks to Sam too for buying some chicken bak kwa for me ... really touched sorry for being so ma fan!  Sorry gals that I have to leave early cos I do have another gathering in the evening and need to go collect the food to bring over shall catch up with u all real soon!  You gals rocks!

Sunday - 19 Dec 10 Part 2

After we left Hazel's place we went over to Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah to collect the party set that I have ordered yesterday.  When I am waiting for them to pack ... Dearie called out to me saying TT vomited *sigh*

No choice but to make a trip back home to clean her up .... lucky our place is just nearby.. after cleaning her I found that she have a little fever.  So I do a quick sponge and also to have a cooling pad pasted on her.

She nap throughout the journey and woke up when we reached and the moment she step in everyone knew that she not feeling good 1st the cooling pad, 2nd she dun have sound at all quietly sitting at a corner.  We played some games and i brought over our wii set to have a small competition there as for loser team they gonna eat up all the food we get for them ... is really fun!

Although TT quite tired she is happy with her xmas gifts .... thanks to Pauline for the shopping push trolley and the cooking set we got for her she can play with it happily.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Friday - 17 Dec 2010

Time really past fast .... is going to be xmas day next week and I have many gatherings to attend but I still havent got any gift yet!

So we head to PP to get gift for the gift exchange on Sunday - Multiply and cousins xmas gathering!  Dated SIL GLC to go with us we went to have dinner together and headed for shopping ....

Ended up only Dearie and I got the gifts for the gathering .... SIL still looking around and dunno what to buy.  By the time I reached home my helper already left my place and I can only pay her next week when she come on Wed .... thanks to her for understanding!

Happy Birthday my dearest BFF - Valerie may you stay pretty and happy always!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wed & Thurs - 15 & 16 Dec 10


The medicine is really making me very groggy and weak .... I only do some simple house work and I feel tired .... so TT and I sleep most of the time in the day. 

Went back to work on Thursday but I was very tired and I feel like floating ..... I went back at 4pm ... Dearie came picking me up before going back home to change to go his RT.  I slept through till 8pm.

Dearie came back with my dinner only at 10pm .... told him that if everyday I eat at 10pm I will sure I will grow fat very easily.  Love the porridge ... so yummy especially when I am not feeling well I will sure think to have it.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tuesday - 14 Dec 10

Lucky I took one more day of leave today cos I am very tired and I have to do most of the house work.  TT is with me so I am much more busier than usual ..... with her around sometime really hard to do work.

At around 5+pm we headed over to in law place cos we will be celebrating 外婆 birthday at JIN LONG.  GLC, TT and I all having running nose I guess we all catch a cold in Genting so 3 of us went to see a doctor just before the dinner.

JIN LONG's boss know my in law cos is just a few shop away from their and of cos he know my dearest TT, my in law say she is our "LIVE discount card"  Dearie came only at around 9pm after he had his shower and my in law place after his RT.  His plate is already full of food from my in law's table.

Is been sometimes since we dine here .... food standard is still there ..... and their business is very good during weekend is always full!  Happy Birthday Ah Ma! 

We are all done only at near to 10pm very tiring but lucky tomorrow I need not work cos I got a mc hope I can have enough rest before going back again.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Monday - 13 Dec 10

The sky is so clear today .... we can see the view from out lift lobby!  Weather seems good today .... if only when it is like this when we have our outdoor activities on Sat.  FIL love the coffee at the Hainan cafe but the Q there is so long so we walk over to another cafe HAO WEI for breakfast. 

The serving is so big that we can't finish all .... after that we do a last min shopping and headed back to the hotel to do a last min checking and also do a late check out at the lobby.  We went for a light lunch the kids chosen Mary Brown just when we are eating the wind blew in from a side door which is wide open it seems like someone open the fridge door!

We left Genting at 1.15pm sharp in the Platinum coach ..... the chair is very very comfy .... TT & I sleep almost throughout the journey cos we can't choose the show to watch in the personal TV unlike Five Star.  At the foot of the Genting there is a shopping place where we can buy some goodies from there .... there is a 5% discount for all us given by the guide.

Bought some tao sao pia, coffee, ji zai bing back ..... I will not miss buying the tao sao pia cos I love eating it!  We reached Bedok SG at 8pm ..... and  headed for our late dinner at one of the coffeeshop .....

See the lift screen after we had our dinner? Hahaha guess what I am not in the lift so is my SIL GLC *LOL* ... think all put on weight after the great trip!  Look towards to more family trip in future I hope my in laws enjoy this trip!