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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Gastric again!!! 28 & 29 April 08

                               TT hold on so tight on me when I pat her to sleep

After my lunch, I feel that I am sweating non stop even I am in air-conditioned place.  Suddenly I feel so cold and broke into cold sweat ..... I have gastric pain arghhh is so painful.

During my confinement time it strike once and is the same so painful and I puke all my food out.  Today same thing happen I puke out all the food I ate during lunch and my face suddenly turn pale.  My colleagues got a shocked and quickly ask me to pack and go to see a doctor immediately. 

They wanted to help me down as I dun wish to trouble them I make my way down on my own to hire a taxi.  Reached the clinic and got my Q number 13 but Dr Ong number table flashes only 2 OMG!  I have to wait for so long ...... after a 15mins wait I walk up to the nurse at the counter to check on the other doctor - Dr Neoh's patient Q  cos I can't hold for long. 

She told me if I were to see another Dr Neoh I might have difficulties in coming back to see Dr Ong in future.  The nurse see how painful and pale I am she approached Dr Ong and told him about my condition.  Dr Ong quickly skip others and see me immediately he got a shocked that I look so pale ...... and instructed the nurse to give me the medicine on the spot.

Feeling giddy, no strength at all while walking home under the hot sun the journey back home from the clinic seems to be so long like walking on Great Wall hahaha...... 万里长城, 长又长.  Immediately I fell on the bed to rest ..... but the pain is still a killing to me .... sit up cannot stand cannot lying down oso cannot sigh .... really PAI MIA ....... walk into the kitchen and grab a plastic bag and puke again.

After puking I try lying down again ... this time I fell asleep till my mum called and check on me .... then I feel better.  Thanks to my hubby whom bought me porridge for dinner while you still have to carry TT up.  *muacks*   TT is also a good gal told her mama not feeling well she have to behave she really did and fell asleep after I change her.

Got a 2 days mc from Dr Ong so TT did not go to my MIL place .... TT also behave well .... thanks to my parents whom bring food for me.  My nephew came to hehehe the way he sayang TT so cute ... hehe .... after they left TT & I fell asleep together again hehe .... and is so hot in the afternoon .... both of us are like sleeping in an oven .... no choice have to on the aircon and bill is going up!! Like what sz mei says SP services is the most happiest of all now.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunday - 27 April 08

                                        2nd attempt on cutting TT's fingernails                                                    my epok epok exploded!                                                         Sexy bo???                                                       Rest & Relax                                          The  triple A - Alfred, Alyssa & Arthur                                                   TT with her cousins                                       my beloved nephew wear specs le

Woke up at 8plus and my parents already wide awake and sipping their hot coffee at my living room platform R & R hehehe ...... TT woke up early  too just that mama me laze around refuse to get up.  Went over to market to do some marketing and have breakfast together.  Mama bought me fish thanks mummy!

TT is grouchy cos she wanna sleep ... went back and let her nap awhile, while we changed our bedsheet..... and do some laundry.  We bathed her after we finished all the household work and guess what she refused to get up from the tub!!!! OMG! she cry so loud haha guess so like to be in the water.  After feeding her she fell asleep again ..... and I went to take some snack - my epok epok hahaha put into the microwave and POMP I got a shock hahaha my epok epok exploded hahaha .... dearie got a shocked and we have to clean up the microwave hahaha ...

While TT is sleeping I cut her nails cos she scratch herself on her face .... now look like HUA MAO liao heehee ...... the weather is so hot and she sweat so much I have to dry her up and on the aircon for her.  As for me, after cutting her nails I slept with her ... she open her eyes and look at me heehe and fell back to sleep again .....

Woke up at 4+pm and quickly wash up and headed to Bedok to rent TVB show and walk around Bedok before heading to my in laws house.  TT's cousins looking forward to see her and whenever they see her will kiss and hug her hahaha ..... I have 2 cute nephews ..... and they dote on this mei mei very much especially Alfred cos he had more time with TT she really take care of her.  Alfred not feeling well lately hope you get well soon so you can play and take care of mei mei for me ok

Saturday - 26 April 08 - TT 1st swimming experience

                                                       TT Enjoying the swim                                                     TT enjoying massage
Woke up early today cos am excited to bring TT to go for baby swimming at Punggol Plaza.  Have booked 11am time slot......... TT is excited too throughout the whole journey she didn't sleep at all.  Usually she will sleep throughout the whole journey wherever we go, we are surprise she didn't so she must be very excited.

Reached Punggol Plaza 11am sharp........ they called me up and ask where am I and they start to prepare the warm water for TT.  TT didn't struggle at all when the assistant put the float on her neck very steady loh .... kekek so proud of her. 

Put her down in the tub she swim so happily hahaha and she so HAO LIAN loh ... swim round and round cos she knew people looking at her *faintz*  And the thing is she is not tired she kick and kick.  There is another baby at 7 mths cry after her parents put her in the tub and she is not the 1st time going there.  I am so proud of my daughter hehehe....... about 20mins later the assistant scare she is tired and carry her up.  I opt for a massage for TT cos 1st time I scare she is tired so she had her massage there too .... wow she really know how to enjoy loh ... hahaha.  I have signed up their package since TT like it .... so is a 4+1 package and I could use it either at Punggol or Harbourfront which is good!

Walked around the Plaza and had lunch there.... went back home both me and TT K.O hahaha till my parents came up.  My Parents came to have dinner with us cos my dad wanna watch the GE TAI there.  We had dinner at Hong Lee and as usual we order sweet potato leaves and butter sotong this time we have yam ring and their homemade toufu no soup this time and all are small portion but still we are so full!

Bought epok epok for myself and sz mei heehee ..... but I am too full to have mine so keep in the fridge so I can have it tomorrow afternoon.  Tuck TT to bed and watch a bit of soccer with my dearie and went back to the room to chit chat with my mum while waiting for my dad.  The ge tai ended quite late and mum is so tired that they stay over for the night.  TT woke up and refuse to go to sleep again cos she wanna talk to my dad hahaha ..... only my dad have the patient to talk to her hahaha ...... hope TT have a wonderful time today .....

View TT's swimming video here

Friday - 25 April 08

Lately I am hooked on Epok Epok hahaha when sz mei show me the ieatishootipost blog about the epok epok at Eunos Market. 

As I will not be cooking today before heading home I went over to market to buy dinner bought mee tai bak for my husband cos he gum swollen and couldn't eat fried food .... so bought some soupy meal for him.  As for me I went over to see is there any epok epok left .....

I bought some on Thursday evening ...... which is nice and I am hooked their sardines is good too small and crispy no wonder my husband mistaken is fried dumplings.  Unfortunately epok epok is out of stock but their nasi lemak is piping hot! 

Bought nasi lemak for dinner .... is yummy ... so when you are at Eunos Market try out the epok epok ....

Thursday, 24 April 2008

This is interesting ............

One of my SGmotherhood friend - Violetice aka Evangeline recommended this ... baby swimming ..... tats her son - Baby Ian, isn't he handsome so lovely hahah I feel like eating his toufu  ... hehehe

Thinking to bring TT over but dunno whether will she like it cos ... remember she doesn't like anything to be on her neck hahah but in the water maybe she will like it.

My mum dun allow me to bring TT go cos she think she is still young might catch a cold the water in the tub is warm according to Evangeline and they have to swim naked .... kekek .... baby nowsaday all very good life .... how I wish to be a baby again cos no need to worry anything at all.... the older I go the more worries I have especially now having a baby kekeke .... Arghhhhh

Monday, 21 April 2008

Monday - 21 April 08

                                           Hon & Cheryl (find her familiar mah?)Didn't go to work today so I took another day of my ML...... woke up feeling tired cos I did not sleep well.  Called up my in MIL telling her need not come fetch TT cos i am not working.... TT is with me for the whole day..... bring her to market and after I finished my breakfast bath her and nap with her for awhile. 

Dunno why she so hyper today didn't sleep much and she keep talking to me when I put her at her rocker chair.  EEeeEE ohhh ohhh .... is what she make ...... hahaha when i look at her she stop and smile at me .... when I am back on my com ... she started again hahaha think is nagging at me for ignoring her hahaha.... when I try to video down she seems to know and she dun really make noise anymore.

Went supper with maro gang, Hon & Cheryl.  Hon is going to be enlisted to NS this Friday so meet up with him and do some catching up with him ..... he is so busy lately.  We went HK Cafe located at East Coast Road to have our supper.  TT went too ... but she is asleep when we are on our way there .... Dearie & I both ordered 鸳鸯 for our drink .... and that keep us wide awake .... I didn't have a good night sleep OMG!  Told dearie that I will not wanna have 鸳鸯 in the night anymore .....

Congrats To Joanne & Matt on the Arrival of Baby Kayla - 20 April 08

                                                       very ex loh this  五香                                        Tats baby Kayla .... she so cute                                              Sandwich from vending machine                                     The food at TMC cafeteria  sucks haha                                  Happily buying sandwich from vending machine                                  TT was once being ignore for a moment heehee                                                    Joanne, us & babies!

My parents came over at 11+am to see baby TT and they jio us to have breakfast cum lunch together and since TT still sleeping they suggested we packed back then.  My parents & I then make our way to hawker to buy food while dearie look after TT at home.  We bought 五香 to share at only a few piece it cost us $10.40!  My mum say will never go back there to buy it anymore and is not nice too .... hehehe expensive lunch we have.

Received sms from Joanne that she have successfully give birth to Baby Kayla weighing 3.18kg and 48cm long.  Congrats to Jo & Matt ......and welcome to motherhood .... hehe can celebrate mother's day already!

When we reached there Jo wanna try breastfeeding so I think it might take sometime so we headed down to the cafeteria for dinner hahaha ..... the food sucks and is not cheap either arghhh abit regretted to eat in the cafeteria hahaha ....... tats why we went to get the sandwich from the vending machine and I feel happy about it hahahahahaha is much nicer hahaha .....