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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Monday & Tuesday - 29 & 30 Aug 2011


Didn't go to work on Monday I am super tired after all the drinking session!

Went over to Ah Ghor place at 11am for Jie's 过大礼 and all relatives already gather there ... we are the last but we are inform to go there by 中午 still we are not late heehee.....

Had buffet lunch over there and we are all given a box of cake from sweetest Moment ... went back home at around 2pm cos there are a few groups of people coming to view at 4pm.  This time there are about 6-7 group of ppl coming out hahahha and there are one couple whom came before to view once .... they are interested in our house too.  And he even ask my hubby will we be leaving down the Vodka for him hahaha ...

Headed to Bedok at 5pm for dinner with our family .... and at the same time told TT that she be staying overnight at my in law place cos we are going for a concert.  My cuttie pie didn't make a fuss ... and she listen to what we say now glad that she very 懂事!

We are all so excited for Jacky Cheung's concert .... and we have waited for so long ..... saw Grace there too when we are at the entrance so crowded thought that it wont be full but to my surprise is FULL!

5th day (last day) of his concert he is still very good ..... powerful vocal impressed all of us he started off with a musical, tribute to late HK star Lydia Sum, animated movie showing from young and of cos his career life and jazz music.

Really enjoyed the concert very much!  But my segment all so quiet haha I think I am the only one quite high on his concert ... even Dearie also very quiet!  Worth waiting and paying for his concert!  Jacky, 你好棒!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday - 28 Aug 2011

Woke up early cos my open house is from 12pm-1pm ...... first to arrive is a lady in her mid 40s ..... she love our place ... but she say will go over to another block to check out the condition first before making any decision.  In the meantime there are agents coming up with their clients.  Hahaha really fun this is my 1st time doing it ..... really fun!

After all the viewing we headed to Kallang Mcdonald to attend Ellie's 3rd birthday..... YES my bestie is back in town!  Happy to see her come back with her new addition to the Chen family - Eve Chen!  She is so cute so chubby!

TT as usual like going to party alone .... she is so happy and went into the party room to play without us!  So we just order our food and enjoy ourselves and chit chatting all the way till the end of party.  After we left Mcdonald we headed to Bedok ... thanks to my in laws whom agreed to look after her while we can go out for a drink later in the night.

Before we head for drink there is a viewing too for a couple ...... after they left Coco and Huat came over and we headed to Emerald Hill for drink.  Most of us are present and we all enjoyed ourselves very much... is been so long since Dearie and I relax ourselves!  At the same time the 1st lady whom view my house sms me ..... she say she is interested in my house ..... but I still allow a few more groups of ppl coming up on 30 Aug 11 since is a PH.  So just keep my finger cross that I have good deals!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday - 27 Aug 2011

** 3'A' Eunos Cresc Blk 35
Above #16 Flr, Good layout 
Sun Open Hse. Call 9183-XXXX

Above is the advertisement I published on Straits Times classified ...... I published together with Gina & Han as they wanna market their place as well.  So early in the morning I got several calls regarding my place. 

Since we are up early we decided to go for breakfast so we headed to Kungfu Paradise at Bedok Point.(noted: is halal so is my fav!) Food there is so so only but serving is damn big ... I can't even finished my bee hoon soup, TT had their all day breakfast set and she also can't finished it too.

Is my first time doing marketing on my house so I am a bit lost about it...... several calls came in and make appointment for our open house tomorrow.  We went over to Eunos Primary School to vote and it started pouring so we send Gina & Han back to their rented place at the same time got some tips from them for doing the marketing of our place. 

One Uncle came up at 4pm today cos he is not free since we are at home so we let him come in to view.  He told me my asking of COV 30K is damn cheap my place can easily go up to 50K plus my place is so nice and clean ... he told me an unit at the other block asking for 50K cov but their place is damn dirty and I told him I am doing a contra and he is not eligible for it.

Went over to play mj with my neighbours while waiting for the voting results it was a close fight between Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Tony Tan ...... all of us voted for Dr Tan Cheng Bock except for Chane.  And we all hope Dr Tan Cheng Bock will be able to win, there is a recount so we ended the game and went back home cos it will be a long night!  But still I stay awake to watch till the very last min.....disappointed with the result turning off my TV immediately and head to sleep straight!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday - 26 Aug 2011

Went Shanghai Dolly for Jie's Hen's night ..... and so coincidence that there is a bachelor night going on too!  And the group of men want the groom to be to do a task every half an hour and he was dress as a pirate!

He came to us and invited us over for a drink ... and we are suppose to finish up the drink in order for him to go to the next stage!  We told him to go over our place too for a drink since we are having Hen's night!

Before we stepped in we are afraid we might be out of place hahaha cos we are so call "overage" for partying!  Hahah we are wrong there are more overage over there in Dolly .... saw some peh peh with ti ko look hanging around with some young chicks (guess is more of like China gals) and even have some free show of some china gal dancing so funny ... it really makes our night out more fun!

Jie was very drunk after about 3hrs later ..... she vomited and lucky David (her hubby to be) was around at Clarke Quay .... hahah I think he purposely wanna be around there and he even check in to Hooters *LOL*  Jie went back home and left the 4 (TBL, GSS, GLC and me) of us we stayed for another an hour and left ... thanks to GLC whom send me home ... but when I am about to reach home my head start to spin hahah the kick is in!  I quickly went for a shower and head to sleep without even chat with Dearie!  

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thursday - 25 Aug 2011

Due to the President Election on the coming Saturday TT's Berries lesson have bring forward choose either on a Tuesday or Thursday.  No choice but to "activate" my MIL for help since we are working on a weekday. 

Chosen a Thursday class at 2.30pm ... thanks to GSS whom go over to my in law's shop and gave them a lift to KKCC.  After her lesson at 4pm ..... MIL drove her to my office as I will be bringing her to meet my gfs at Suntec and we will be celebrating Janice's BD.

We took bus 10 from my office and within 10mins we are in Suntec already so we just take our own sweet time walk over to Tony Roma.  We are first to reach follow by Sam ..... we chatted for awhile before everyone arrived.

We share the Onion loaf and of cos not forgetting our main course each .... super full .... the kids have their own main course too!  All of us chatted and was so happy to catch up with one another especially Sandra .... dun have chance to meet her sometimes good that she is able to make it!

The kids enjoyed themselves too .... share meet for if possible so that the kids can play together more often!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mon - Wed - 22 - 24 Aug 2011

Mon - Wed

Thanks to a member whom went over to Katong Shopping Centre and he help me to buy the egg tarts from the pastry shop located at basement 1.  Love their egg tarts the crust is soft and I can eat easily eat up to 3!  They have other pastry which is good too!  Thanks to FL whom inrto this shop to me!

House rule applying on TT is doing quite good she will sleep like 9 or 10+pm comparing to previously she can go to bed at around 12+am.  Discipline is really important and at least I try not to be too soft to her at times.

My dear gal slept with all the soft toys and look at the pic she even pull over a blanket for her small piglet to sleep on and even told her Papa to be careful and not to step on it! LOL  sometimes going to bed with her is fun ... as we do some silly stuffs together and even talk what she do during the day .... is a good bonding time as well!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday - 21 Aug 2011

Today is called Cook and share a pot of curry day ..... someone created the event in FB haha so ya I am here to join cos I just feel that PRC is way too much!  PRC = PLEASE RESPECT CURRY! Hahahah good one ... so I bought the Prima Taste premix easier for me!

Woke up at around 9+am and took a bus to Bedok with TT as Dearie went for his annual RT in the morning and will meet up with us to have breakfast together.  Madness in Bedok carpark in the morning Dearie took like 1/2 an hour just to go round to look for one parking lot! 

We had breakfast together and went over to my in law place to visit my FIL .... but he is not around as my MIL said that he went out to meet a friend.  Just so coincident my Parents are around too ... my mum is doing her weekly foot reflexology with my Uncle and Auntie.  Accompany them to have lunch and after we parted went back home to let my 2 baobei take a nap while I whip up a good meal for them. 

TT loves to eat onion egg so I prepared for her that .... bought her the cute fishcake from the market cos their fishball is all sold out!

We have so much left over so I intend to bring it to the office to have lunch tomorrow ...... Dearie say the curry from prima taste good too in future can cook more stuffs from them.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday - 20 Aug 2011

Today TT get to do a crown for herself ...... she love doing the craft now compare to the very first time when she hands on to it.  Well I always help her do some too hahah cos I think I dun have the luxury to be in this type of class or maybe I should say there isn't any of these kind of classes during my childhood time!  How fortunate children are nowsaday .......

After the lesson we went over to Hougang to attend Yunlong and Peichun's baby shower .... is their no.3 I really salute her and Penny having 3 children is not easy at all!  I have 1 TT already getting very tired each day ... wonder how will i become if I have 3 with me but is always my wish to have 3 hahah maybe I strike 1st prize TOTO or big sweep I can have more than 3 LOL is all my wishful thinking!

Back to Xueqin .... she is a pre mature baby and she is looking good sweetie pie  ..... hard on PC really 辛苦了 YL must love you more everyday!

After spending time at their place we all head to Bedok Point for kopi session after sending TT to Berries.  Had a great time spent with them will get to see them again next week when Edwin and Penny come back.

Rest for awhile and went over to Eunos big field for our National Day Dinner .... first time attending Geylang Serai NDD.  Budget performance ...... compensate with nice food and company so not too bad.  It was pouring heavily ..... so is quite cooling .... dinner ends around 10+pm .... super tired .... tomorrow I wanna cook curry so gotta wake up early to go market but I need to go over to Bedok market cos Eunos market is still in the process of upgrading .....

Friday, 19 August 2011

Tues - Fri - 16 Aug 11 - 19 Aug 11


Suppose to makan with my 猪朋狗友 at East Coast Hawker .... but those lame guys just put Sandy and I aeroplane ..... one say migrane wanna go home after viewing some house .... one say MC at home (note: this fellow is the organiser!) and the other one like a ku niang say bo lang mai come!  Sandy and I was not very angry cos these fellow always aeroplane!  But at least we meet up! 

Good thing I have a gf with me ...... so we headed for Ajisen for dinner ..... standard drop quite alot .... had a great time spent with her .... and my dear friend bought her very own resale house at Toa Payoh - ground floor and she say we can BBQ at her place already hahah wait till she finish her reno and we shall pay her a visit!


Went back to my in law's shop for dinner ..... after dinner we are all catching the Taiwan show - 爱 thats my in law's favourite show cos they have been catching it since 1st episode!  But I saw my FIL went to open up his chair and rest in a corner ..... was feeling strange cos he usually will be watching the show .....

At around midnight .... my SIL msn us that she just came back from SGH .... my FIl was admitted!  She told us he complained of chest pain at around 10+pm ... and they brought him to Clinic and they refer him to SGH.  Hope everything will be fine the next day ......


Took urgent leave and help out at the shop .... MIL still have lotsa delivery to do for the day .... so I went to do one delivery with her and the rest we activate Dearie's Uncle to help with the worker.  Dearie have RT today so he couldn't make it to visit FIL in hospital .... so the kids is left home with the helper while we went over to visit FIL after closing the shop at 6+pm.

FIL look better and Doctor told us he can discharge tomorrow noon .... as for the scan his blockage is 10% so must be careful of what he eat and also help him to cut down smoking!


Came back to work and Dearie is on leave .... he helped to look after TT and also help MIL in her shop.  SIL went to pick up FIL in the noon and he is back for rest..... delivery still on going due to the coming of Hari Raya usually is the most busy period for my in laws.  Dearie say FIL feels better already.  Thank god everything just go well!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Sun & Mon - 14 & 15 Aug 2011


Is chu 15 today and MIL say wanna come over to pray to the bed godness so she prepare a few dishes for us since we told her we not going back for dinner ..... all I need to do is cook some rice.  Chit chatted for awhile before she go back to tend the shop whole day we are at home lazing around and of cos doing our favourite past time - watch TVB series!


Today I went to my gynae for doing my pap smear and also she check my ovary to see if I ovulate .... sad to say the timing is not right so only detect one small little egg which is 1cm only so she suggest me to go back to see again after 5 days ... but hahaha is not cheap per visit so I decided to let it be .... :P

Worried about it but since this is what I can't be help just lets nature take is course ...... but of cos I will be a bit kan cheong cos is Dragon year haha ..... I heard ppl saying is good to have a child having the same zodiac with either parents will be good .... and if I want a horse baby I will be 36 hahaha consider old woman liao!  Well well just hang on le .....hopefully I will be able to have a Dragon baby bah!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Thursday 11 Aug 2011 - Saturday 13 Aug 2011

Nothing to update for my Thursday and Friday just normal routine going back to my in laws place for dinner and on Friday my PT helper came .... that's it boring life isn't it.  Maybe I shall look for some part time job too .... make full use of my time and also the extra income too!

On Saturday is as usual enrichment classes day for TT ...... wonder to stop her after she have learned all the letters and just concentrate her on Berries (Chinese) the subject that she is poor at but she love Tumble Tots .... shall see what Dearie say when the time comes .....

And after Berries we headed to City Square Mall for dinner .... TT loves this mall wonder why ... she always say wanna go there.  Went to Uncle Sam's claypot for dinner located at level 4 ... heard and read some article about this restaurant so we are here to try!

Nothing to rave about ... normal claypot ..... not very nice .... but I saw some eating their chilli crab ... might wanna try it next time.  We ordered a chicken claypot and a noodle to share ..... we complete our meal with a Ice kachang, Bo Bo Cha Cha and as for TT she choose 2 scoop of ice cream.  Dearie say is very normal not really nice and as for mine .... not nice dun try! Give the food a 2.5/5 for it.