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Friday, 29 May 2009

Monday - 25 May 08

                                                     TT start to dance when she see the parade

Woke up real early today cos we are so excited as we are going to Disneyland!  Took Y line to Shin-kiba to change another line which take us straight to Disneyland Resort.  Shin-kiba is a busy station .... so many people!!!

Reached Disneyland at 9am sharp ....is so cold today .... the wind is blowing every seconds *LOL* My brave Dearie dress himself up with only one 3/4 denim Bermudas and a tshirt hahahah he is complaining cold but he say this is still minor compare to when he is in KHH.

When we reached there ..... Mickey and Minnie is out together with Pooh to take pics with all their fans.  Queue to take pic with them is long .... so we just catch hold of any other character instead of Q-ing and waste the time.....

Headed to Toon Town and Q for Mickey & Minnie's house ..... we cant go to Goofy house cos TT is not allow to go in.  Noon time is really sunny ..... Went around the place and headed to find a good spot to watch their Day Parade at 3pm.  TT finally saw her favourite Piglet during the Day Parade cos we dun see him around .....

Went back to the entrance to see whether we could catch any other character ..... I was quite alert to see Pooh and quickly run to Q hahah ..... less than 5 mins is our turn to take pic with him.  Headed to have dinner ..... before the night parade at 7.30pm.

Was quite hot when is in noon ... I got sun burn on my face haha but my 2 darlings is fine haha ..... Got a good spot to watch the night parade ..... is really so nice and pretty ..... TT enjoyed very much during the parade.  830pm will have a fireworks so we stay on to watch before going back ... but due to weather changes it has been cancelled ... we are disappointed so is other people whom are there waiting.  We left around 845pm and headed back straight to hotel for a rest ...

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sunday - 24 May 09

It was a cold and rainy day today ...... left our hotel at around 9+am ..... when we are down we saw many traffic controller around thinking is it any big shot coming ... hahah we are wrong ... oh well is their horse racing day hahaha .... cool!

Went Odaiba today, is easy to get to this place ...... it was still drizzling when we reached so we headed to have our brunch first.  We found a place which is specially for kids .... a place where your kids can play and you have your meal in peace.

After the meal we went out to take some pics ...... was feeling cold so Dearie continue to go exploring Odaiba while TT and I went for window shopping.

Left Odaiba and headed to Shinjuku wanted to go Puroland which my friend recommend but he no tell me in details and we couldn't find it .... so we just hang around Shinjuku and I met several youngsters from Singapore too.  They have been in Japan for past 10 over days ..... thanks to them giving us some info too.

Since is a rainy day we got cravings for ramen .... so we stopped by a restaurant and have their Ramen ...... mine is very salty which is not my liking so I asked Dearie to finish up the food for me.  Bought some bread back to the hotel in case I feel hungry later.... maybe due to weather I got hungry easily.  Saw Beard Papa and  bought 2 back for supper ...... and we get thirsty easily too........

Slept early today ....... cos we are going Disneyland tomorrow very excited .... TT slept early too cos we told her we are going Disneyland so she have to rest in order to enjoy .... hahha

Monday, 25 May 2009

Saturday - 23 May 09 Day 4 in Tokyo

We are just like one of the participants in Amazing Race .......*LOL* I woke up early but cos TT delay a bit we really need to run run and run to catch the JR Kanto Bus.  Is a long long road from Tokyo station to Bus station with TT on hand and our bag ia not easy.....

We reached the bus station at 830am sharp luckily the 1st passenger just boarded the bus from the Q.  Bus is not full there is 2 more vacant seats available.  We dozed off soon after the bus set off ....... dunno for how long we are in suddenly Dearie woke me up ... TT puked!

Poor TT .... sorry to have make you "shake" during the run causing you to puke .......lucky we are well equipped with all the necessities in the bag.  Soon after we clean her up ..... we dozed off again....

We woke up just in time to have a view of Mt Fuji ...... is really very nice ..... cos we are sitting at another side of the bus we didn't take the pic thinking we could have a good view at Gotemba.  Unfortunately ...... the cloud covered Mt Fuji and we couldn't see it any more *sob*.

After we got down we headed to rent a pram ....and went straight for our brunch we are famished!  After our meal ..... we went for our shopping ..... we reached at 10+am and we started to shop at 11+am cos of our meal .... till 3pm NOT ENUFF too many stores around!   Doze off in the bus after we boarded....... reached Tokyo station at 4+pm and headed back straight to Hotel to put down our stuffs and go straight to Shibuya for more shopping.

That place is so crowded with youngster .... wow ......didn't buy much things there cos I am tired ...haha if not sure buy lots again.  Went to have ramen today sudden craving ..... I love the ramen ... ..... I forgot to snap pic of  the shop outside ...... will wanna come back for more!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday - 22 May 09 - Day 3 in Tokyo

Wanted to go Gotemba this morning unfortunately we overslept and miss buying the tickets ....*LOL* so we decided to go Asakusa to visit their Senso-ji Temple. 

Before we head there we went Tokyo station to purchase bus tickets to Gotemba......it cost 2800Yen each.  Went to have our brunch at a restaurant I had their chicken bento set which is good and Dearie had their stewed beef set I shared my bowl of rice with him cos is too much for me.

Went round Tokyo station and found Daimaru haha ..... .it reminds me those days when I working in SG Daimaru. 

Took their Oedo line to Kurame and change to Asakusa ........At Kurame I finally found DIAPERS! Is so difficult to find one .......they are unlike SG whereby our supermarket will have all necessities.

Senso-Ji Temple is so crowded ..... went there to pray for our friends, relatives & family bless with good health.  After praying we went to Ikebukuro for some shopping ..... went Gap and bought some stuffs ..... before they close shop.  Their departmental store closes very early ....some 8pm ... some is 830pm *LOL* .... in SG is 7+ only hahaha I cant imagine ....... went back hotel .... we got nothing much to do ...... slept very early!  Good sleeping habit .... early bird will have worm to eat muhahahhaha ....................

Thursday - 21 May 09 Day 2 in Tokyo

                                                   Caught eating Tokyo Banana

Went out late cos the Hotel Engineer came to fix up my eeepc for internet connection unfortunately it cant be fix ....... so we rented the hotel laptop since we need to check some thing online.  Went to Shinjuku but I forgot my passport and left the place and headed to Tokyo Tower.

Took the Oedo Line and headed to Akabanebashi (nearest to Tokyo Tower) and walk over.  Wind is strong today ..... so is kinda cold.  We bought the Amusement Set Ticket which consists of Trick Art Gallery, Wax Museum, Space Wax, Guinness World Records Museum and the Observatory Deck it cost us 2300 Yen per pax.

Went around and saw Tokyo Curry Lab so we went in to try out the food.......dun try this place not nice at all!  And there is only 1 small piece of chicken inside and it costs around 1000+yen which is very expensive!    My brunch taste better and the price is reasonable which have fish and scallop inside. Lucky the waitress whom is a China lady told us some place which we can go for shopping.  We took train to Kiyosumishirakawa to Kita Senju, the place where the waitress told us there is shopping.  Reached there which is close to 815pm and they are closing at 830pm! 

We bought the tickets to Disneyland & Disneysea for Monday and Tuesday, on the way back we saw KFC and bought them back for dinner.  The chicken is a bit tough and is oily ... Dearie's burger taste better!

Is very cold this 2 days and I am already having a bit of lip crack .... I will have to ensure that I am hydrated at all times so is my 2 darlings!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Wednesday - 20 May 09 Tokyo here I come .......

NW20 took off at 605am sharp..... plane is not full today so the stewardess gave me another seat for me and TT to sit while Dearie sit alone.  I had mee goreng for breakfast which dun turn out good lucky TT was sleeping so I could have my breakfast peacefully.

TT slept throughout the journey and the air-con is very cold guess she enjoyed it.  She wakes up only before 2hour before touching down.  She watched cartoon and have her milk at the same time.  Lucky she didn't make much noise if not I guess the whole plane passenger will be cursing *LOL*.

Reached Tokyo Narita at about 1+pm clearing of custom for us is less than 5mins ...... we have priority cos of TT if not we need to Q very long.  Was figuring how to take the train .......when suddenly an Uncle talk to us .. he is from Taiwan.  He is waiting for 2 tourist as he is driving them to the hotel, he asked if we wanna take his van he could drive us to the hotel doorstep at 3000Yen per head. 

 We go ahead with it since we are still a little blur with it....from Narita airport to our hotel (Mecure Ginza) takes around 90mins.  We had a nap in his van .......Uncle told us if we need him to send us to airport it will cost 4000Yen each ....but I dun think we will take his again cos we will be farmiliar with the train route already by then.

We are damn hungry after settling down so we headed to Mcdonald which is conveniently located just below our hotel for meals and is also operating 24hr.  Each of us order a Ebi set + 1 box of nuggets, a wrong choice for me to choose their ice tea not nice at all *LOL*

After our meals is our time to explore Ginza, weather is a bit cold ....... and I notice I am the only one wearing sleeveless *LOL*  Dearie called me AH YONG (Brave).  Ginza is easy to walk ..... we went for some shopping but come out empty handed cos we are a little tired will explore again if we are back early from other place.

Everywhere here have vending machine and just a few walk you will get to see convenient shop.  And I am aiming at some vending machine with colorful can display it makes me wanna try everything *LOL* brought some up to store in the hotel fridge. 

There is free internet to use in the room ..... try to log on from our eeepc but fail ... wonder why so the hotel staff will arrange their Engineer to come up to do the setting for us tomorrow morning.  So TT & I slept quite early cos we are so tired ..... Dearie had no entertainment so he slept after watching the BBC news.  Gotta store more energy to go shop and sightseeing for the next few days.