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Monday, 29 March 2010

Tuesday - Wednesday - 2 & 3 March 10

Nothing much to update for these 2 days as I was busy clearing some work and of cos .... not forgetting about letting my table to breathe *LOL*  Usually I have piles of work on the table and can't even see my table top!

Dearie is still so busy at work too .... we hardly have time to have dinner together......

On Wednesday I met Charmayne and Kean at ESH we went visit Ah Ma she is still in ICU ..... but heard Doc say that she can go back to normal ward already.  Ah Ma had a fall while pouring hot water from the kettle and she knock against the handle of the kettle lucky she was not scalded by the hot water.  And during her stay her blood pressure is really very high which is shocking... bruises on her face it pain all of us to see her in such a state.

Pray that she will get well soon .......

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Monday - 1 March 2010

Oh mine .... I am 32 this year *LOL* so fast ..... this year I dun really feel like celebrating cos Dearie will be working!  And this year is also my 1st time working on my birthday usually I will take leave and rest home sleep till I like then wake up. 

This year I choose to come to work cos TT need to go play group, Dearie have to work cannot take leave.

My 1st surprise of the day - Jolene handing me one small cake ..... follow by Coco a big Tiramisu cake...... follow by Dearie's bouquet of flowers ...... then a table flower from Jolene.  Thanks for all the surprises! I love it!

In the evening, my SIL - GLC bought me a cake and present too, SIL Celia bought me hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn and we celebrate together at Bedok.  Thanks to MIL for the AP too.

Thanks to SZ, YZ & Hon for the lovely LeSportsac Tote bag for me .... is useful to me for putting TT's stuff and mine too!  Not forgetting those relatives/friends whom sms, msn and leaving wall post greetings in FB thank you so much for making my day a happy one

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sunday - 28 Feb 10

SIL Celia make booking to go flyers together at a price of $40 per pax with Kampong Chai Chee CC.  Before we go flyers we have a early dinner at Jia Xiang located at Jalan Bukit Merah area I still remember PC & YL's wedding is held there.

Food is not that nice cos maybe is CC activities and is very cheap per table.  After the meal we went to Merlion there to take a river boat over to Singapore Flyers.

Just before we board the boat we are being inform that Ah Ma was being send to ESH again ... cos she is not feeling well.  Hope she will be fine ......

Our flyers time is 7pm ..... this is the 2nd time we went up to flyers..... different view from the 1st time I went out ... this time is a night scene it looks good ... it will be better if the IR is all done up!

TT is so hyper today ... she didn't nap much today ... so super naughty she was so noisy ... I think some other people not very happy cos she is too loud!  *LOL*

We have a wonderful time ...... is good to have a family outing once awhile ..... when we get back home I was chatting with Chloe and get to know that Ah Ma is warded to ICU ..... it shocked us hope she get well soon.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Saturday - 27 Feb 2010

Woke up early in the morning to go over Old Airport Road to collect the food that I order from Lee Wee for today's gathering at our place.  I order yusheng and sushi from Niwa Sushi cos I thought I can use the discount voucher but the sales girl told me can't cos the tray itself cost $6!  I find a bit stupid .... oh well as usual I feedback to Beno about it. 

The gals are coming today but too bad ....... Kai'en & Fanglin can't join us due to examination.
Had a great time catching up with the gals ... and most happy one is TT cos so many sisters play with her and took photos with her she is like a super start *LOL*

And she didn't nap at all even when the girls left ..... she is so hyper ..... Papa called up and say they are coming over to my place.  Dearie is attending a farewell party for his colleague so I asked him to bring TT along as I am tired too.  Chit chat and accompany my parents watch tv till 9pm and they went back.  Dearie came home telling me before he start his car to go out after belting TT up on the car seat she is already SNORING!  My dear TT really damn funny!  She really can endure not to sleep cos she just wanna play!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Friday - 26 Feb 10

Took time off to bring TT go for injection .... cos now she is in playgroup I opt for H1N1 and common flu jab for her. 

It cost only $30 for the jab .... TT really didn't cry or make noise at all when she got the jab.  I myself did a H1N1 jab too. 

Many say that there is side effect of doing that.... for me I have sore arms and shoulder pain.  Wonder will TT get sore arms too cos she really no show any sign to me that she is in pain *LOL*

In the evening, TT & I make our way down to Marina Square to meet my 2 long time never see bestie .... ever since we are married we are all so busy with our own life.

We have been arranging to go out many times but end up I am the one who always can't make it cos of my little princess.  Glad that 2 of them are doing very well especially Val her career is on the tip top.

We have a wonderful time singing ... when we are not married we always hanged out together to go sing, eat, club ....... now is so hard to go out together shall arrange more outing in future!

Sunday - 21 Mar 2010

Was at home whole day watch our TVB series and at the same time I do some household chores.  A very lazy Sunday we have today ...

Went over to my in laws house for dinner and as usual my precious so happy to meet her cousins again and play around with them.

See her pics above ....... all her own mischievous self ......

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thursday - 25 Feb 10

Busy day today and management people are still in office during lunch time so we had to lunch out today.  Went to Eatz again .... this time i try their fish and chips ...... fish is quite nice but the outer layer of the deep fried is burnt!  Eat without the crispy skin .... very disappointed even the fries is not nice!  I would rather pay a little more and go over to Pinch of Salt for their set lunch!  Overall we feel only one thing which is worth to eat is their silver fish fried rice *LOL*

In the evening we went over to PP to buy TT's diapers and milk powder and had a quick dinner at the food court.  Went over to Blk 82 to buy Koi bubble tea..... my forum mummy - Steph and Jazry have been talking about it which makes me so feel like grabbing one!

Waited for about 10mins for our drink .... there are a few people ahead of us waiting too..... business is so good and I go for a large cup hahaha ... so adventurous of me to get the big one cos I am damn full after the dinner.  Shall go back to try more flavour in future is nice!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mon - Wed - 22 - 24 Feb 2010

We are still busy visiting .... we went to Dearie's Godma on Monday night and my Godma's house on Tuesday Nite. 

TT of cos is the most happy one cos she get to drink and eat new year goodies again cos usually I won't let her eat at home cos is heaty. She is the kind eat non stop and dunno what is full hahaha she can keep on eating!  Scary right?

Everyday when she come back from her playgroup my MIL will buy lunch for everyone ... once my MIL bought duck rice .... she very angry and said: " Duck rice ah ma eat .... sa sa want 面面!"  A 2 year old kiddo saying that really surprise all! 

And she love fishball noodle soup from my MIL shop (Blk 412) she can finish the whole fishball noodle and 7 fishball in one meal!!!!  Scary ya?  I hope she won't take after me fat fat won't be pretty anymore!  And once my MIL bought fishball noodle soup from another blk (I think is Blk 539) she knew is not from Blk 412 coffeeshop and she refuse to eat!  I think is really bad to choose shall teach her to eat without complaints!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sunday - 21 Feb 2010

CNY meal with Maro Gang ..... LL suggested to have our lunch at Cafe De Hong Kong located at Balestier Road. 

Large crowd there when we reached the place .... looking forward to it the dishes but quite disappointed about it.  Maybe because of the large crowd love the environment cos there are pics being drawn by the boss's children being displayed.  Will go back to try their dishes in future.

We have MJ together after the  lunch and headed for dinner at around 7+pm ... thanks to YZ boss whom treat us to the wonderful dinner at Joo Chiat Place.  Love the 三捞河粉 and fish soup noodle.

Saturday - 20 Feb 2010

Went to in law shop at around 12pm+ cos my FIL wanna bring me to pray to the white tiger.  So we left TT with my MIL and went together with my FIL to Tg Pagar, there is one temple there for praying white tiger.

We got nothing to do so we stay at shop and asked if my in laws whether they wanna go out for dinner.  SMS my SIL GLC to see if she is available to go for dinner since is 人日 MIL say they will close early and we go dinner together.  So GLC and I try some restaurant to see if there is any available.  Many places are all fully booked when we called so GLC settle it at Ubin Seafood.

Is located at Joo Chiat Road just opposite Joo Hing not fully packed but almost all tables are taken up.  When we look over to Joo Hing ... not much people too!  We ordered one yusheng, sweet potato leaves, fried sotong, chicken, crab, deer meat, toufu, fried rice and hokkien mee total bill cost around $130  dirt cheap!

The Crab is big but is cheap it cost less than $30.  We all enjoyed the food very much ... will wanna go back for more!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Friday - 19 Feb 2010

Thanks to David ... he treat us for dinner and KTV for today.  We met up at Bugis and headed to the fish head soup eatery house located at Tan Quee Lan Street we ordered small 鱼头炉 and 3 other dishes to go along. 

Soup is good very sweet and fish is very fresh .... the place is very packed shall go back for more in future. 

Yvonne and GLC came joining us later to KTV ... pity not all cousins are available to be with us.  We went Topone is a bigger room that they gave me compare to the one that we had earlier on when we went with Penny.  This time we can play the smoke thingy but is really smelly hahaha ... the whole place looks like a ge tai!

We sang till 3+am our package is till 5am!  But couldn't take it anymore so we left the place everyone so tired and sleepy.  And the things is we sing till dunno what song to choose anymore hahahaha .....

Thursday - 18 Feb 2010

Back to work today .... but I am still in holiday mood. Rested at home didn;t go anywhere today and I ordered Mcdonald for dinner. 

Waiting for my 2 precious to be back ... Dearie is back to OT days so expected they will come home later than usual.  At ard 8+pm my 2 precious came back home and was surprise that TT wore the cheong sam again.  Dearie told me that MIL say I pack that dress is too lose for her so she let her wear back the cheong sam that is being washed at her place during Chu yi.

My dear TT so happy that she go next to my Ying Liu and say "mummy, 拍照.... smile"  Hahaha I got no choice but to bring out my phone to snap photos of her.  She love taking photos and now she will say "smile" when we are gg to snap her hahaha ..... how I wish she is like that when she grow up so close to me and be a good girl!