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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Busy Busy Busy with Alyssa .......

I am so busy with my precious one ....... sigh i really miss the days when she is still inside me hahahah cos i sleep she sleep, i eat she eat .... now is so different life really changed!

I am busy monitoring her sleep time, eating time, pooing time .....arghhhhhh ...... I am so tired didn't get to sleep and rest well especially at night when she is awake ....... she is bullying me .

As my husband is on leave for this week I have ask him to be on morning shift hahahah to look after baby and for me ..... night shift loh .... but then she slept throughout the day but not the night   I already got a taste of "NO DOG SLEEP" now and hardly have sometime for myself.  Sometimes she cry till no voice really heart pain seeing her like this but i really dunno what she wants   I have 2 sleepless night already ..... when all of you are in dreamland I am watching channel 8 with her hahaha ......  and manage to get to watch all episode can you imagine *sigh*

And when she is tired is almost 6 in the morning and I have to do some housework like boiling of water, sterilize the milk bottles and do some cleaning up.  After i finished all housework is like 7am which I can't get to bed anymore ...... really very XIN KU ..... advice to all is to get a CL next time so u can dump baby to her  and housework hahaha so u get more rest as well ..... now my back still abit aching ...... lucky i have started my massage already ..... and she is very good .... every session with her I will fall asleep .........

Thursday, 24 January 2008

A great thank you to all my friends and relatives!

                                                 Gift from SZ mei & YZ                                   Gifts from neighbours, friends, relatives .....                                                  From Pauline & Davis                                                     This  is from big auntie                                                  This is from small uncle                                                     Gifts from cousins                                                      Ah ghor 's gift to baby                                     Traditional gifts - eggs, tonic wine & mee sua                                            Gifts from my colleagues & coach                                       My malay neighbour bought this for us

I don't really express myself well but would like to take this opportunity in my blog to show my gratitue to all.

When baby Alyssa is born lotsa friends and relatives came to visit us .... with gifts! Hereby wanna say a big thank you to all of my friends, neighbours and relatives for all the gifts to me and Alyssa.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Saturday - 19 Jan 2008 Day 2

2nd day my face looks better not so pale ....but oily keke ... see my princess's chicken little hair style?                                                            2nd Day .....
2nd day ..... in ESH .... I am extremely tired cos I didnt get to sleep well at all ... maybe I am not use to it and of cos I am not use to the dirty me on bed!  Only manage to catch a nap from 5.30am to 7.00am ..... and by 7.15am my princess is being push to me for breast feeding.

The nurses over there are so patient especially when comes to breast feeding .... they do have a class FOC but cos I am so tired that I skipped tat .... when the nurse see I am not there she make a trip back to my room to pass me some brouchers on breast feeding ....

I can't wait to go home cos I am not use to not having my hubby around...food there is quite good very big portion .... confinement must eat so much mah???

My baby is BIG CC hahaha ..... my husband commented she is like a 2L car ...... cos after latching on for 1 hour ..... she is still hungry and I need to ask the nurses from the nursery to give her some more formula ...... guess that she have too much good food when I am carrying her for the past months!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

My Joy - 18 Jan 2008 - Friday

                                                          While waiting ......                                               Enjoying my breakfast before being poke                                 Posing before gynae come  swollen Nose & eyes                                                        Got POKE!                                                    Victory .....I  POP liao                                               Look at the mess she made                                                         She is out!!!                                                My dinner ..... didnt eat much

Finally, i given birth!!!! Throughout the whole pregnancy is so smoothing ...... the worse one is during delivery hahaha ... is the time when I tried to endure and try to go without epidural .... but I failed! Here goes my birth story ......

0640 -  Rise & Shine take my time to bath ... enjoying myself ....
0730 - Reached East Shore Hospital as per schedule
0740 - Go Delivery suite straight away change and go poo poo ..... after  poo put on CTG to monitor contraction.
0810 - Had my breakfast - American BF heehee enjoying myself
0820 - Rest & relax ...... watch TV .... chit chat with hubby.
0840 - Dr Heng arrived
        - Poke my water bag
        - Draw blood .....
        - 4 cm dilate
        - Put on drip
0855 - R & R again .... no contraction yet.
0915 - 10.00 - contraction start and is very fast ...... less than a min i got pain .... use laughing gas .... no use ..... endure till 5cm dilate and 10.00am ask for epidural
Dr Chan came about 10-15mins later to inject epidural .... by then I am sweating like nobody business... hair & body all wet.
10.05-1.30pm - so shiok ...... sleep and R & R but around 10.30 - 11.00 I still feel a bit of contraction cos Dr Heng always advise to use low on epidural so i can feel the pain and push.... Nurse came and add dosage on me till complete numbness .....
1.30pm - Nurse came and check dilation - OH READY LIAO! 10cm dilated! Have to wait for Dr Heng she is out for lunch.
2.00pm sharp she is back and ask me "are you ready to CHO KANG?" hahahah .... very jovial gynae I have.  Make me wanna laugh ...... contraction start and she ask me to PUSH!  My hubby also help hahaha I push he oso push till his face red hahaha .....
Due to complete numbness ..... I am unable to feel the pushing effect ..... Baby Alyssa's head is out a bit .... but cos I no strength .... she "sneak" in again .... and this time Dr Heng used vacuum to assist .... and 2.15pm My baby Alyssa is out .... the moment she is out she gave us all a BIG present - her POO POO hahahahah ......

Dr Heng carry her on my tummy ...... and I got a shocked and dun dare to touch her cos she is blue like SMURF ....... heehee after cleaning her up she is so cute and her eyes are wide open looking at the surrounding...... she is being weighed by the midwives ....... 3.705kg and 53cm long ..... she is a big baby heehee ....... and all of them commented she looked exactly like me ... hahah my photocopied .......

Baby was being pushed back to nursery for cleaning up and I am being pushed to the ward later than her.  I was so tired unable to walk or move cos I am still in numbness ..... and the worst thing is I am bleeding heavily and my back is pain, tummy is pain and I am sweating again like nobody business.  Nurses from the ward was so helpful that they help to clean me up, bring a fan to me, gave me a towel to wipe me and I so pai sei cos of my bleeding they have to change me so many times. 

Send out sms to all friends and relatives about the good news and lotsa of friends, neighbours and relatives came to visit me ... but I am so tired especially the lost of blood and I looked very pale!  I couldn't stand it anymore and ask for nurses again ... this time nurse feel something is wrong with me .... gave me an injection to stop the bleeding and called delivery ward nurse  to come for help and blood pressure is dropping too.  Delivery ward nurse came and help in clearing a BIG blood clot inside me .... and this time I really feel good ... it seems like I had delivered a 2nd one  hahahah ...... cos of the pain ..... I didn't eat and sleep well at all for that day ...... am extremely tired ...... shall update more on my baby Alyssa 2nd day of birth......... stay tuned!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Thursday - 17 Jan 2008

                                                 Yummy CNY goodies My day started off with Mcdonald breakfast bought by one of the instructor.  And I am back to clear my work ... most of my friends are worried cos I am 3cm dilated and I am still not resting and was still walking around at work place clearing my work before I go for delivery!

About late morning I feel the cramp at my lower tummy is kinda bad especially after the VE check .... I feel that I go toilet more often and each time little urine come out only .... errr kinda disrupting loh.  The pain went away after when I finished my dinner but I just keep quiet think I can tolerate pain bah ... so I might not use epidural ......

Went over to East Coast Rd there to have lunch haha cos I ordered swiss roll from Good Rich cake shop and I need to withdraw money so went over there to have lunch and of cos not forgetting buy food!  I bought so many food and wanted to eat it later.  Pineapple tarts, prawn roll, kim choo dumplings etc just wanna have a taste of it before I am being "jail" at home kekeke..... Thanks to Mr Wong whom bought dessert to office specially for me very touched to have such friend!

Thanks to my silly husband whom went over to Bedok to get my fav hokkien mee from Xiang Shan Rest. cos his boss let him off work early today.  Had a great dinner but cos of my tummy pain I didn't finish it all.  Keep my finger crossed hope that I will have a smooth delivery tomorrow ....... jia you for myself heehee ..... will update my birth story when I am back home stay tuned!

Hereby wishing my SIL - Celia a very happy birthday may all your wishes come true!