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Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday - 28 Feb 2011

Went over to Penang Kitchen for lunch today is our 1st time trying it .... we ordered their rojak is different from others cos they have more fruits in it the usual you tiao or tao pok is no where to be seen *LOL*

Curry chicken also not too bad ... I love the crispy fish the most is really very nice!  Total bill is only $50+ for 5 dishes!  Will wanna go back to try other food next time but will not wanna go back on Monday cos they claim that cos Tuesday they are closed so they won't wanna keep any vegetables in the fridge!

Bought Ramen from a Japan Food Fare at PP it cost $19 for 3 packet is ex but is really nice!  Added the Hello Kitty fishcake to make it nice ..... love the ramen is really Q!

Dearie love the ramen too ... i think i will buy one more packet if I go PP again!  Beside the ramen I bought alot  more of Japanese tidbits too haha I think I have lotsa to eat in my kitchen cabinet guess Dearie will scold me if he sees that!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday - 27 Feb 2011

Had dinner with my in laws at Long Beach today .... 美中不足 GLC not around....the restaurant given us a corner seat which is very cozy!  Thumbs up for the environment!

We are all so full after we ate a few dishes .. portion was quite big .... love the 鸳鸯 hor fun .... must bring sis GLC next time when she is back.

Thanks to my BIL for the lovely cake he bought .... and is nice to eat too.  Thanks for the gifts and celebrating my birthday with me!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday - 26 Feb 2011

Glad that TT enjoyed the Tumbletots as well as her Berries she always looking forward to it.  And of cos she learned alot too especially her Chinese she pick up fast!  And she can recognise her chinese name - 吴雨桐 every lesson!  Good Job baby!  Keep it up!

After Berries we meet up Weeli, Joey and Ping for dinner at Flyers, we went there cos I overheard from 97.2FM that there is a 60s theme street hawker.  Some decoration bring back some memories and as for food wise only Ice Ball caught my attention is actually Ice Kacang but they make into the ball shape cos all ingredients is the same!

Other food so so only and is not cheap but there ate long Q at some stalls.... cheapest I guess is only Ice Ball cost only $1 each.  I dun think I will go back for it cos I feel Fengshan 85 or Kallang Airport hawker way better than it.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Thursday & Friday - 24 & 25 Feb 2011

Thanks to my dear gfs whom organise a dinner for the birthday babies.  Today is Charles actual day, Liping and I are in March.  Weeli booked Triple Three for dinner and is been years since I last dine here.

Alot of people today so some station might need to Q for the food.... not too bad for the food ... and they even gave us 3 complimentary slice of cakes.  I enjoyed the food and of cos the company of my gfs! Thanks for the lovely gifts gals love ya all!

We are all so full and tired.... my dear TT wet her pants and we took off her pants and change her to diaper since she is going to sleep.  My Baobei feel so shy with her diaper on only ... she is somehow quite angry  hahaha

I think she feel "naked" with only diaper on hahaha I just can't stand her expression hahaha

As on Friday nothing much to update just that we have very simple meal after we have a good one yesterday.  I cook only simple porridge sometimes is good to eat simple too!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Monday - Wednesday - 21 - 23 Feb 2011

On Monday we have RC meeting so TT was at my in law house camping again .... she is so different to be there compare to our place so we call our in law's house CAMP so she went In Camp Training! hahaha

Took leave on Tuesday cos my MIL going Malaysia with Aunt they all to go 问米... my MIL send TT to school while I take my time to go over to fetch her home.

When we are home I asked her to take a nap so I can bring her out later .... I think she only nap for 1/2h .... at around 3+pm we went over to Bishan cos I am going to do my lashes!  I guess I am addicted! I feel so weird with no "curtains"

I thought I can take a nap when I am doing the lashes but I AM WRONG!  My baobei kept on talking non stop to me and Liping (Lady doing my lashes).  In fact she was yakking away from the moment we step out of the house till I finished doing the extension.  Something which melts me is when I finished doing the lashes ... she asked Liping....

TT: "Auntie you finished? 
Liping: Yes!
TT: Oh .... Thank you!"

Liping heart also melted when she say that hahahah really sweet gal!  I brought her to Dearie's office and she waves to everyone whom is going off *faint*

On Wednesday I met up with my "brothers & sisters" for dinner at Fengshan 85 ........ is a treat from them for my birthday hahah I can order whatever I want!  Just can't imagine I know them thru Alamak when I am 17 now I am 33! *LOL*

And in no time our table is full of food!  I was too hungry to take pics before we start so ya not very nice photo posted *LOL* 

Thanks to my dearest bro and sis for the birthday treat love you all!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday - 20 Feb 2011

TT is always the one whom wake up us on Sunday she is always the one whom wake up first at about 9+am ... she will kept on calling us till 10+am till sometimes she will fell asleep again.

This time she called us till she cry *LOL* see her face ... i think she keep calling us till sianz .....

After we woke up we went window shopping and headed CC for our monthly meeting, good to see many new faces cos I will be stepping down with my hubby this year cos I feel that I am not doing a good job too.  Glad that the new and young people are doing good now ... .I think by the time I have number 2 I dun think I will have so much energy.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday - 19 Feb 2011

Today my gal have fun food tasting at Tumbletots they learn the letter G and Teacher bought grapes for them to try.  My gal so happy cos she get to "play" with it ... cutting the grapes and taste with her classmates!

Teacher even pack some grapes for the kids to bring home!  Headed to Bedok Shop cos my FIL need Dearie to help deliver some goods.  TT & I went up to their place to take a nap and MIL called saying that they are not ready so I bring TT to Berries alone.

My baobei is capable to be in the class without my accompany but she really monkey see monkey do she refuse to let me go out cos some children's parents are inside.  I sneak out of the class when they headed for a short story telling.  I hope I can be out of  the class soon I shall try again next week!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Thur & Fri - 17 & 18 Feb 2011

Nothing much to update on my Thursday and Friday ... just went back my in law place for dinner and Friday is a weekly routine go back home to do up the laundry for the helper to iron etc.

Would like to update on my little baobei!

Whenever she cry I love taking photos of her hahahah she look so cute when she cry!  I did blog about it before.  This little girl becoming more and more STICKY!  She always want me to pat her to sleep ... and forbid me to do any other thing ... lately she is getting better by adjusting her sleep time to about 10+pm! 

She make me sleep with her ...... sometimes when I pat her to sleep I will let her sleep on mattress but in the middle of the night she will just climb up and sleep in between Dearie and I!  That makes my whole body aching!!!  Cos she sleep very close to me till I can't move at all ... and one time I nearly fell down to the mattress! 

So I sleep on mattress then ..... and the next moment I open my eyes and I saw her beside me!!! OMG ...... why she so sticky!!!