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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday - 31 March 2013

Dearie went for his RT so I decided to go cycling with my in laws........ so they came picking me ans TT using lorry haha great cos everyone can be in one vehicle!  

LC, MIL, TT and myself we took the cart cos my MIL not very good in cycling and TT was slow in her 4 wheel .... she was not very happy at first saying she wanna have her own cycle after coaxing her she finally agreed to be sitting in front of the cart! 

The cart is not easy as I think so hard to control and I am using lotsa energy to cycle and if we meet a slope we have to come down and push it except for TT she still can tell us the flowers along the track was so beautiful and asked us to see but I am like half dead!  

After we reached the outward bound camp BIL decided to switch with us .... so LC and myself can take one bicycle each.  And after an hour we return back the bicycle and headed for Mcdonald breakfast ..... Mcdonald relocated to the seafood centre was really full ... lucky we manage to get hold of seats and the Q for ordering food was madness! 

We had fun but Mr Goh missed it maybe we shall do it again soon this time maybe I will just jog instead hahaha or brisk walking will be good as well!  

In the evening we went back for dinner ..... and prepare my little one to have dinner and bathe.... she will always come to us and tell us she wanna go home dun wanna stay at in laws place ...... nottie gal ..... 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Saturday - 30 March 2013

I won a laksa party pack from Neo Garden in their FB page..... and is for 10 pax so I asked my sistas to join me for the makan.  Really pai sei cos I cannot invite too many of our gang .... so just a few of us ..... and of cos would like to thanks Fiona for the BIG box from pizza and the add on for the chicken wings and Janice for the kids tidbits!

Neo Garden packed this party set into very nice packaging ..... great idea for a pot luck session in future!  Somehow I only take one bowl of the laksa I feel so full haha didn't really eat much of it ..... and also to thanks Fiona again for helping to get my favourite Tokyo banana and some tidbits from Japan ... really yummy .... and Evil Sis Pauline for the lapis .... love the original one yummy!

Thanks to Sam to for packing back the laksa .... if not I dunno what to do with it cos I won't be home to settle the rest of it!  Thanks gals for the help hope you all enjoy it!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday - 29 March 2013

Is holiday today .... long weekend for most of us!  It always feel like a Saturday when there is a holiday which falls on a Friday for me.  There is Heguru enrichment class for TT today so we sent her over for lesson and after that we met up with the Tan family for dinner at Kovan.

Is an impromptu meet up cos I have a birthday platter to redeem from 新旺 HK cafe so happen that we will be in Kovan we called the Tan family for a meet up.  Afraid that there will be long Q we headed there early and it was pouring heavily when we reached.  

We each had a main dish and the platter to share .... after that will be dessert time for all ..... the Q started to form up when we just finished our dessert just nice is time to go also.  Thanks to the Tan family for the treat hope that we will come out more often cos I wanna know more about the Primary school syllabus now hahaha kiasu parent ...... no choice :P 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thursday - 28 March 2013

Suppose to have this meeting up annually and which falls on last week .... unfortunately Pauline's 2 precious was down with virus attack and poor mummy have to take care of them in the hospital and today she can't meet us either cos Nat and Nixon still at recovering stage. 

Is a holiday eve so Irodori restaurant is full and we only manage to get a table not in a room.  Auntie Nancy was there to help out too.  Good that ordering from her food will come out quite fast and I have special dish too from her.  

Friends have been telling me coming together with me is so different coming on their own and even with booking with me is also very different!  Only when they come with me they get to enjoyed more haha .... 

Thanks to GSS for buying us a cake and I have bought one too to celebrate Chloe birthday which falls in April.  Hope that we can have more dinner gathering cos all of us are getting busier .... 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wednesday - 27 March 2013

Met up with my dearest gfs for dinner and to enjoyed my 50% birthday off at TCC today .... we just whacked whatever food we love to eat or have never try before.  Great choice we had and everyone was happy with the food and of cos the service too! 

Total bill after the 50% discount was only $160+ and was split among 4 of us so is worth and we can sign on one more membership card!  

And thanks Fiona for the tidbits from Japan ... yum yum! 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday - 26 March 2013

Is been along time Valerie, Frances and myself  havent been meeting  so we decided to dine out today and also we have come to an agreement that every birthday of us we have to meet up.  No matter how busy we are we have to make a day of the person's birthday month to come out at least for a drink! 

Frances have to work till 7+pm so  Val and myself went over to Boat Quay to have a drink first ..... updating each other with our own life!  

And around 745pm my dear Frances then make her way out of her office and we headed to Robertson Quay there and settle our late dinner at Barraka a tapas bar & Restaurant.  The spanish rice we ordered was good .... squid ink sotong was not too bad ..... grill chicken and the salad was good too!  Thumbs up!  As for dessert we order chocolate lava cake from another restaurant not too good ..... still preferred the one at Chef De Table! 

Our gathering ended around 12+am ... and my Frances was a little tipsy and was talking out loudly hahaha ..... she look cute at time when she is high!  Shall meet up soon in June for Frances birthday I really enjoyed myself thanks ladies for the treat! 

Barraka Bar & Restaurant 

11 Unity Road #01-18/29
Singapore 237995

Monday, 25 March 2013

Monday - 25 March 2013

Mr Lai always came with nice food for us this time he brought cupcakes from Gastronomia is part of Da Paolo Group which is located at Bukit Timah .... cupcake from here is not to my liking cos is too sweet I love the cupcake that he ordered during his son's full month party which is from Cupcake Engineer.  I think Miss TT (my gal) will like it cos of the beautiful pink cupcake!  Appreciate the thought of bring nice food to us! 

Henry Tan came cos today is the last day of submission so he asked me to have lunch with him.  Auntie Rosalind have to go back home cos her precious dog was alone at home cos her husband went for a course and she wanna have lunch together with Polo (her dog)  As for Jolene as usual anti social and didnt wanna go out. 

Henry recommend a Korean Restaurant place at Joo Chiat - Ju Shin Jung (Katong) it was diagonally opposite Everything with Fries.  Not much crowd during lunch ... I did had lunch before there with Hon and SZ.  

Both of us were so full and we were given a ginger tea after the meal ... yum yum shall come back for more next time cos his saba fish looks good haha .... he given me a treat.  His and my set each cost only $9.90, Tea and Towel is at $1.00 each plus GST and service charge total damage is only $25.66!  Cheap and yummy!  Thanks Henry! 

Gastronomia have several place check out their website: http://www.dapaolo.com.sg/

Ju Shin Jung Katong 
451 Joo Chiat Road 
#01-01/02 Katong Junction 
Singapore 427664 
Tel: 64407707

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday - 24 March 2013

Went back office today to settle some other work which was not cover on Thurs and Fri when I am in SYOF.  At the same time my 2 precious follow me back cos later on we will be going 真粥道 to celebrate BIL's birthday.  And we brought over TT's holiday home work to do there as well ...... and luckily she manage to finish it just in time.  

No reservation is allow so we went there at 6pm to "chopped" the seats while waiting for my in laws to come over.  I have made some side order in advance before they reached and when they arrive they  only need to order their own porridge. 

Majority went for their double fish porridge while some opt for their signature porridge.  And today I bought a cake for my BIL's birthday is something different this year cos is a Yogurt Cake ..... and is the same like ice cream cake need to be freeze! 

They were all very surprise to see the cake and when I tell them is Yogurt cake .... is strawberry flavour cos I need to consider mango and chocolate my MIL can't have it.  And we dine here today is cos of my MIL cos she still need some comfort food still cannot have too heavy kind of food.  

Yogurt cake is from -18°C at I12 Katong.  They are all natural ingredients and  is really refreshing there is only very thin sponge cake layer on top and the rest are all yogurt and some cream .... the decoration looks so nice too!  I shall visit them soon to taste some other flavour of their cake soon!   The cake was whipped up .... and is all our first time finished up the cake usually there will be left over haha ... and really glad all enjoyed themselves for this meal! 

Once again Happy Birthday Bro! 

112 Katong Mall
Tel: 66360112

The Star Vista 
Tel: 66840112
Website: http://www.minus18c.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/minus18c

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saturday - 23 March 2013

Taught her how to do her Berries homework and revise with her what she have learnt last week and my silly gal love it so much that she do a drawing of us bring her to Berries!

After her class we went over to Mt A to visit Nixon and Nat both bro and sis wasn't feeling well and was coughing very badly and need to be hospitalise.  Played with them for awhile and left to have our dinner ..... not very familiar with the place there so we ended up at Square 2. 

TT was very sure of what she wanna have ..... so opt for Sakae sushi again and just nice after we park the car and walking out to the shopping mall ..... is Sakae sushi!  Hahaha is really her day and same old stuffs she have this time.  

And with the spending of $80 at Sakae we were given a coupon with serial number and we could key in to win a pair of Jay Chou concert tickets!  Goh didn't like him so if I won the tic I will go with my SIL she love Jay and she had won the tics before lucky her!  TT holiday wil be ending and she need to do some craft work and hand up on Tuesday so we went around looking for some materials that can help her and assist her in doing before heading home. 

When we got home then open up the letters that we did not open for 2 days and found out that Goh actually received the TCC card!  Really fast... thumbs up!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Thur & Friday - 21 & 22 Mar 2013

On Thursday I went for Singapore Youth Olympic Festival event .... I will be here for 2 days ... and well is really small this time 2 years back it is at Expo!  This time at Anglican High and thanks to Kelvin Leong whom came over to pick me so I have free transport there for 2 days! 

First day the competition ended about 3+ 4pm .... and Goh came back with dinner after his RT my Princess even make order of having chicken chop for dinner and she really enjoy herself very much!


I am so used to our competition area ... this time we are at their hall which is kinda cramp, only one court is set up.  In fact we are the only sports which is in the aircon premises so I cannot complain much ... haha 

Logistics part is also done by SSC people so basically is quite easy this time I just sit down and be the emcee for these 2 days!  Everything is running smoothly and quite fast so by 11.45am we are already done with the morning session bout.  Lunch will be provided so we just sit around and chit chat while waiting for our lunch.  Cheng went to take one packet for me but the food is not nice at all and is from Stamford Catering ..... look at the pic above .... the drumstick was so black, the cauliflower and the tau kwa was so bland!

The other 2 packet which is noodle and another one is with fish look better and according to the helpers they say is much more better!  Hahaha but I eat a little and was "activated" to go out for lunch with my Tournament Chairman and with 2 SSC official from Korea and Taiwan. 

My 2 days spent there was good .... making new friends and running the event was another thing I have learnt!  I hope there will be more to come .... maybe not being emcee anymore but more to back end work! 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mon - Wed - 18 - 20 March 2013

Monday & Tuesday 

Starting of school holiday so my Princess came to my work place with me, she love coming here cos my boss can talk to her, play with her!  I think school holiday she will always be with me!  Sometimes can be tiring having her with me cos I have to concentrate on my work and of cos at the same time looking after her!  

I have received a call from Marriott Vacation Club and was invited to join them for a preview on Wednesday so I have agreed to go and my "door gift" is a 70% discount on Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.  Since my girl love Hard Rock then we just go for it ..... 

On Wednesday itself I have received another call from Marriott and stated that I have free 2 child tickets to go SEA Aquarium.  So when we reached at 7pm we were greeted by a friendly receptionist and we were shown over to a refreshment area.  There were like 6-7 couple waiting there already and there is a small play room for the kids to play while waiting for their parents.  

A lady by the name of Tracy Roye attended to us and speak to us about the club..... is actually time share kind of system but of cos they are the reputable kind.  After the "preview" is actually more on talking about their beautiful resort and hotel they actually present to us a good deal .... and to us vacation is still not our priority so we give a miss on the signing up. The resort. hotel is really beautiful and of cos the deal is really tempting!  

The talk took about 2+hr ..... we were very hungry so we just pop by Kallang Airport Hawker to have our very late dinner..... poor TT have to be with us that long lucky I brought her to have some light snacks before the talk!  

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday - 17 March 2013

Goh woke me up and left for his RT while TT and I make our way to market to get food for dinner tonight.  We be having steamboat for dinner tonight very rare to have steamboat at home cos my FIL dun like steamboat as to him he feel is easily full and easily hungry again. 

Due to MIL's condition we decided to go ahead with green light given by FIL..... brought 2 pots there too and was there early afternoon to help wash and preparing of the food. 

And today we are also celebrating SIL's birthday!  Bought chocolate from Sophisca Changi Airport outlet they have interesting, creative shapes of candy, chocolate, lollipop and etc.  Another great idea to buy as a gift to your close friend!

The day ended with a very nice yummy Strawberry Shortcake from Four Leaves bought by my BIL .... everyone seems so satisfied with the dinner and cake!  

Once again Happy Birthday Sis hope everything in your life will be smooth smooth all the way!  

Sophisca Singapore 
63 Jurong West Central 3 
Jurong Point 2 
Singapore 648331
Tel: 67928413

Changi Airport T3
B2-19 (Public Area)