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Friday, 10 October 2014

Red Hot Chilli Buddy Mookata

I have noticed that this newly opened Mookata Thai Charcoal BBQ shop - Red Hot Chilli Buddy Mookata near my office and just nice my "twinnie sister" Pauline was being invited to the food tasting so Angeline and myself were honored to be with her.

When I stepped into the place I saw the lovely drawn pictures of Mookata on the wall and Thai movie poster was being displayed also caught my attention.  Love the table, chairs and the cement screed wall furnishing, it gives me a nostalgic feel.  

Menu is round in shape and clearly display more than 50 food items and beside ala carte buffet they also provide set meals. We ordered Thai Milk Tea with Pearl and Nata De Coco I feel is too milky for me, hence not to my liking. 

We were given 2 types of chilli sauces. According to the waiter, the one below goes best with the meat and the one on top with the sesame matches with seafood.  Personally I love the one with sesame, the refreshing tangy taste makes me really wanna go for more :P

We started off with a 2-3pax set which consists of Vegetables, Prawn, Chicken Meat, Pork, Beef, Smoked Duck, Fishballs, Meatballs, Crabsticks, Enoki, Thai Fishcakes, Maggie Mee & an Egg.  To start, first we have to latter the pork lard provided to grease the skillet and the surface will get charred later on.  

Traditional Mookata in Thailand uses plain water as the soup base whereas here in Singapore uses flavoured broth and here at Chllibuddy they uses Pork Bone Soup. 

We also tried their house specialty - Thai Fishcake paste.  It was presented as a pipping kind of packaging whereby we have to pipe it either onto the skillet or in soup.  This fishcake so flavourful, love the lemongrass taste of it and texture so smooth that it just simply melt in my mouth leaving the fragrance in between my teeth! 

I love the Smoked Duck and Chicken Cheese Ball.  BBQ Smoked Duck was good. Do not leave it on the skillet too long cos it will turn a bit hard but still good!  Chicken Cheese Ball will have the oozing out effect when bitten, simply love the combination thumbs up! 

I hope they will have more soup choices next time, maybe a tom yum soup will be good too and also considering using butter instead of pork lard.  I will definitely come back for more! 

Dine with them @ 
273 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437056

Make Reservation @ 
+65 6447 0887

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