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Monday, 30 June 2008

Thursday - 26 June 08

                                                Saw this accident  when having my lunch  Finally Jolene is nack from her leave so I have pass some work that need her to follow up for her.  And now my feeling is HAPPY ..... VERY HAPPY .........hahah ..... cos is my turn to go on leave!  During our lunch time we saw this accident .... a student (girl) from CCHS being knock down by a taxi.  Taxi wind screen is being smashed and about 7-8 people are helping the student. 

Lucky there is a dental clinic nearby where they have mostly the first aid items even the Dentist is out to help the student.  Glad that there are people helping .... for me I think my first aid skill is outdated so I dare not approached to help.

Before knocking off s uddenly feel like eating western food .....first thing on my mind is Aston!  hahaha but after much thinking I wanna try Botak Jones this time round.  Hubby is on mc so he and sz mei make their way from home to Bedok while I make mine.  We meet at Bedok interchange and walk over to Blk 412 Bedok Ave 2 where Botak Jones is ...... and where my PIL's shop is.  dearie had fish and chips, SZ Mei have black pepper chicken and me I tried Cajun Chicken.

Ok review time .... I prefer Aston! hahaha ..... like what sz mei says Astons is more to local likes ....... chicken breast is tender .... nice .... big portion, fries is not spicy will go back to try other food next time.  Before going back home we went to the hawker at the Bus interchange for dessert ......yum yum .... cos is such a hot day today .....

Monday - Wednesday 23 - 25 June 08

Ok this week will be a busy week for me too cos .... am going to clear all my on hand work and continue my maternity leave.

Seb came to office to pass me some grading stuffs so I went lunch with him and Clarity Cafe ..... haha love going there .... cos is cozy and food is  cheap and good.  Suddenly i crave for spagetti hahaha .... so I ordered that .... Seb ordered escagot haha he ask me to try i didn't haha .... dunno why I dun like eating that!

Was so busy clearing all work on hand .... with no help.  The new staff kept on passing on calls for me to answer wonder how she learn when she kept on depending on me!  And she didn't take message properly as well ..... and she can tell my friend that there is nothing for her to do hahaha ...... sigh .... why I always have colleagues like that?

Sunday - 22 June 08

Went to Claypot Cuisine located at 723 East Coast Road for Post Father's Day Celebration name have changed but dunno dishes is change anot.  We use to have porridge there and we all love it!  But when we reached there my BIL told us that they no longer have porridge .... meaning we have not been there for quite sometime!

We ordered mango chicken, claypot rice, cold dish, fish, horfun etc ...... well the food menu  have changed a bit ... they are doing some Vietnamese dishes.  Well the standard drop .... the claypot rice is not very nice anymore which I am quite disappointed.

After the dinner, we went back Bedok and my BIL bought a cake ...... so we had some cake before we headed home and also bringing back the luggage bag so we could pack our stuffs earllier.

When we reached home we are dead beat ..... dun feel like moving hahaha cos it will be Monday again ....................

Saturday - 21 June 08 Part 2 Hapy Birthday Ah Ma!

                                                        TT saying HI Thanks to Boon & Pauline whom came to pick us up to big uncle's house ......... ok thank god the cake is fine before we went into the car ..... but after we reached uncle house and we open to check the cake again OMG! IT MELT!  Kinda sad cos the cake is very nice and all others whom are sharing the cake yet to see it ......is all durian puree ........ not cheap either hahah but is worth the price!

When we reached there almost all of them arrived and started eating ..... hehe we are looking forward to eat the food from Mum's Kitchen.  Pauline's wedding ordered this too and is really very nice especially the laksa!

After when tried all the dishes we are all disappointed cos is not as nice as when we had during Pauline's wedding.  *sigh* disappointed!  My PIL came late cos they have to attend an event host by Alfred's kindergarten.  They have won something during that event!  hehehe .... after when they finished the food we have cake cutting ..... glad that the cake melt and slide only one side which is behind so can't really see from the front that is actually "damage"

As usual after eating the cakes we all mingle around and chit chat and some of us took pictures with each other .... thanks to Boon for taking such nice pictire for us! We really enjoy the wonderful time with all the relatives.....Really love it!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Saturday - 21 June 08 Part 1

If you remember that I do have a 5R photo shoot free from Peter Pan studio with Fotomagic..... which I blog several blog ago ..... yes I am going for the shoot today! 

Our appointment with Fotomagic is at 10.30am .... so we wake up real early and headed to Upper Cross Street which their studio is located.  Reached there at 10.30am sharp and there is a family ahead of us.  Found our that the baby is also a Jan 08 baby .... is a boy .... and I thought he is like 3 months plus cos he is quite small build compare to my TT hahaha .... he is older than TT!  OOPS :X TT is Big baby ......

Took some passport size photo of TT cos I wanna make passport for her so I can bring her go anywhere anytime ... without worrying about she haven't do up her passport!  And I knew I will spend on the photos hahaha and yes indeed ..... it well taken so I up-size it and also blow up TT's passport size photo for my PIL and my parents hahaha .... and I spent total $70+ .... arghhhhhh ........

We went to eat some snack at the Hawker centre behind OG, watched before one of the food variety show by Channel 8 recommending the CHEE CHEONG FUN make into sushi look alike snack .... so we went to try it.  Dun like it cos is not really that nice and service sucks ...auntie rude looking .... think I won't wanna try .... but they make CCF in many different style!  Went OG to get some disposable panties for my Taiwan trip and got a better battery operated  fan ($7.90) for TT and is better than the one I bought earlier on In Kiddy Palace which cost me $19.90!

After that we headed to eat 油鸡面, after seeing SZ mei's blog hahah I got craving for that cos is been a long time since I have that!  Went back home to rest ...cos we have to attend Ah Ma's birthday party later ...... before I reached home got a call from emicake saying that the cake is being deliver to my Big Aunt house and no one is at home .... so have to arrange them to send it to me instead and when the cake arrive ....... is a BIG cake with a BIG box ..... no fridge can accommodate that cake ..... so I put in the aircon room .... hope that it wont melt ......

Friday, 27 June 2008

Friday - 20 June 08

My dearie went KBox with Edwin and huat ........wanted to join them but TT is having slight flu so I decided to stay home with her. 

As I am watching TV when TT is asleep .... Gina my neighbour sms me she is bringing some curry and prata over for me to try .... hehe just another sinful supper night.

The curry is not spicy ...... think dearie will like it ..... there is leftover of it so I decided to keep in fridge and make hot the next day for him to try ....... I didn't even know when he comes back home cos me and TT already in lala land .............

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Thursday - 19 June o8

Is another busy day today ......got so much to do cos our company D & D is on this Saturday and Jo is on leave so I have much more things to clear before I go on taking my leftover maternity leave.  eh as for the new colleague she is completely gone case 6pm sharp or 5.50pm she  take her  bag and left without telling me again. 

And she sucks wen she is going down to buy coffee she ask only our MC members and all are male....... she finished asking all but she didnt ask me.  Well I am not greedy about the coffee at least have some manners loh right?  Sigh ..... am super tired and yet she not helping at all she is like living in her own world! 

*sigh* really sick working here anyone out there have job recommend mah??? 

**Ah mei Happy Birthday to you

Wednesday - 18 June 08

                                               TT's bank savings account                                                Am going Taipei loh

Today I have checkup for my thyroid so TT is with me today ....... we went to see Dr Lee at around 9+am and I headed to Mcdonald for my breakfast and is the 1st time TT siting on their baby chair and she is doing good!

Wanted to open TT's sving acct with OCBC in Bedok but that branch open only at 11am!  Wanted to take a bus to parkway branch but think of it since am meeting my papa so I headed to Beach Road one instead.

By opening the savings accts with them TT is given a wrist band and a collection sticker card to help encourage them to save. And TT have more than a thousands she is given a mighty saver coin bank it looks cute shall save for TT whenever I have coins with me and this will be her education needs in future.

Went to pick up my nephew with my papa he is so happy running towards me when he sees me from the small window n the door.  Then we headed to Bukit Timah Plaza cos am collecting the tickets to Taipei.  We will be leaving on 2nd Jul to 5th Jul, we extended 1 more day and total of taxes, airfuel and 1 nite stay for hotel I need to pay $710 in total.  Just our luck that the airfuel had increase 60% more so I have to pay more ....arghhhh if only fly in May then I dun have to pay so much  my friend think is still worth it.Ok am really lookin forward for this trip but will miss TT for sure ...... she will be staying over at my in laws place hope she will be a good gal not to be grumpy so that she wont disturb my in laws .........

Oh not forgetting ..... my cousin in law Ah Boy Happy Belated Birthday!!! Poor boy just been enlisted last week.

and another cousin n law Botak Boon Hapy Birthday!

Monday & Tuesday - 16 & 17 June 08

This 2 days I am super duper busy ....... and on Monday there is a new accts auntie came in to work.  We were so busy and yet she ignore and didn't offer to learn at all!  And before 6pm she took her bag and left! And Jo & I still attending to some coaches whom still doing submission .... and she is so rude she didn't even tell us she is leaving ....... guess that our hard time is coming  again.... I miss my friend - Linda ... she is very good......... too bad .... sigh......

Nothing much to update except work work work ....... had worked OT this 2 days am super tired ....... but am looking forward for the Taipei trip! Look on a bright side ........... 

Tuesday morning my parents came to pick up TT cos my mil is going hospital with my FIL as he have a small ops on his eyes.  So TT will be at my parents place ......my parents say my nephew kept wantng to play with TT and refuse to sleep when she is around hehehe ........

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sunday - 15 June 08

Happy Father's Day to my dearest Father, my Father-in-Law and of cos my dearest deare whom just promoted as Father In Jan 08 hahaha...........

Suppose to celebrate this special occasion with my FIL but he have to attend a wedding dinner so we will have to celebrate it next week.  After cc meetiing we went dinner with sz mei & hock hock ......

We went T3 for dinner wanted to Dian Xiao Er but the Q is  super long and we headed to coffeeclub for dinner.  I had a new dish from them is called piri piri is very nice usually i dun take chicken skin but tat chicken is good so I finish all of it! 

Overall is good .......... yummy and I enjoyed the dinner very much!

Eh ..... dearie I dunno what tobuy for you ...... eh can this dinner consider buying you a gift??? heehee