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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Tuesday - 29 July 08

                                                    Classic tickets                                              Happily playing the leap frog toy

Told my mil we will be "collecting" TT late today cos we are going for a show ..... is been very long since we catch a movie.  No more 二人世界 so have to really plan the time well ..... We are going to watch The Dark Knights .... also I search for cinemas and most important the time of the show. 

We decided to go Princess in Bedok hahaha ...... think most of the people won't think of this place.  Time of the show start at 7pm so I told dearie not to be late as I could get there on time I shal buy the tics and our dinner. 

There isn't a single Q there and the tics sales assistant is chit chatting with each other ho ho ho ....... cinema isn't big so I anyhow choose the seat cos the tics only cost me $5 each ..... yes you never see wrongly and I never type wrong .... the movie ticket cost me $5 EACH! hehehe ...... The Dark Knights is good especially The Joker he really outshine Batman in this show ..... just a waste ..... he commited suicide .

The show ended around 9+pm so we make our way to my in law's place to pick up TT ..... she is so happy playing and my mil told me she can crawl forward le .... actually I did notice it yesterday that she can crawl forward just that she didn't do it often.

Reached home around 10pm+ so I let her try her new toy ..... she enjoyed being in there but of cos not for long cos she want me to carry her as the whole day I didn't carry her for long.  She must be thinking where are we when we are late to pick her up she must have miss us heehee .....

Monday - 28 July 08

Today TT having her PD appointment .... and I am still with the same clinic ... but during this period there are different doctor taking care of the clinic.  Appointment time is at 11am but I waited like about coming to 30mins then is my turn ... so many people!  The babies there is either sleeping if not is like sit there quiet quiet except my TT ..... so active ... stand .... sit ..... singing ... even the nurse say she seems happy hahahaha......

When we went in to the PD .... eh that doc is kinda young leh ....... and TT kept looking at him muhahahahaa ..... *faintz* he loves playing with TT ..... letting him know that TT have rash and would it affect the injection he say is quite a normal rash leh .... hmmmmm .... and told me if there isn't any itch dun give her the medicine which will cause drowsiness. TT only eh .... ehhhh ... ehhhh .... then stop liao never cry ... brave baby!

After the appointment I brought her to my MIL's shop cos i need to go back to work on the 2nd half of the day.  So met up with Jo at parkway to have lunch before heading back to work. 

I have made a order on a rented of  Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper and a Leap Frog learning  toy from Rent-A-Toy. Wonder how big is it ... it will be deliver to my MIL's shop first cos they are delivering it in the day time ...... hope TT will like it!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sunday - 27 July 08

Last Saturday my BIL sms me asking are we going back for dinner on that Sunday as they are going to Tampines for fish head steamboat.  Cos we have YEC BBQ we didn't join them for dinner .... today my in laws are going again .... cos my FIL love the soup there. 

This fishhead steamboat is located at Tampines St 11 is a round hawker centre if I didn't remember wrongly there is a QIANG TAN stall there .....  the fishhead steamboat is located at stall 01-03 but for the name I forgot already.

When we reached there at around 6.30pm the tables are mostly taken up ...... really good business.  So we have to take the table inside which is more stuffy ..... my mil ordered one pig leg, prawn salad, vegetables, GONG BAO chicken and rojak to go along with the fishhead soup.

No wonder my FIL loves it ..... the soup is really nice ... very sweet ..... prawn salad is good ..... and my in laws commented the pig leg is good the rest of it so so only.  The place is very cool with wireless ..... brought my eeepc there to surf .... COOL!

If you happen to be there do go try this fishhead steamboat is good

Wednesday - 23 July 08

                                                 TT's porridge                                                     Friends Forever                                                      Me &  my best frd ..... and a stupid background                                                 10 months preggie & 10 YEARS preggie! hohoho

Went to gynae this afternoon waited for about 1 whole hour before is my turn ...... same old thing that Dr Heng say and ask .... must GIAM BUI hor hahahahah ..... yes i out on weight again!  Tell me how to GIAM with all those feasting of food non stop over the past weeks!  Next she asked when are you going for your 2nd one .... baby is already 6 months liao can get ready for 2nd one ..... *sweat* (=^_^=)". 

We are feasting again before my best pal go back to Sabah and will be "jail" for the next coming months ...... she is delivering in September ..... wanna plan to go over after she deliver dunno have time for it anot shall see ......

Called up Ms Toh to ask her book a table for 10 for us today ..... cos Penny called me up and asked me where is good for us so that we can place our prams and nice to eat.  So I suggested going to Mont Calzone cos Penny yet to try this ..... we tried it with Edwin before and we still have free pizza to redeem hehehe ....

We ordered quite alot of food to share among ourselves .... thanks to Ms Toh for the recommendation of the smoked duck salad is delicious!  We all enjoyed the meal very much .

Proceed to Kovan Xing Wang HK cafe for coffee .... hahaha my preggie friend hungry again and she ordered porridge so she share with the 3 babies heehee ..... and some whom is not at the 1st meeting came over to Kovan to look for us too ..... we all enjoyed the moment ... and was at the cafe till 1.00am ..... my TT also stay up with us though in between she nap nap ......

Have a smooth delivery my dear friend .... I wanna see my pretty God-Daughter do send me a mms when you deliver ....... and do take care of yourself!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Saturday - 26 July 08

Told TT yesterday before she go to bed that I will bring her to the market today .... so she woke up very early to wake me up.  I laze around till 10am then I drag myself to wash up and bring her down.  Happily sitting in the pram with her fan blowing at her ..... very relax loh ... mama have to push you around hahaha ......

We have no plans to go anywhere today so I wanted to cook TT some porridge today .... so I went to buy some onion, sweet corn, carrot & potatoes so that I can cook soup for myself and by using the soup I can cook some porridge for her too.  Add on some yong tau fu, long bean, chicken for ourselves.

My parents came over to have dinner with us thank god cos we sure can't finish the food for sure.  Mum help me to feed TT also ahaha she help to carry her ..... TT very active loh wait wanna stand .... wanna sit.... arghhh ... but she enjoyed the porridge cos is so sweet as I cook with the soup and I even grind the carrot and porridge for her to swallow easily.

And there goes our precious Saturday ...... a family bonding day ..... heehee a bit can't get use cos am so used to going out every weekend!

Friday - 25 July 08

Not only dinner I dunno what to eat .... lunch I also dunno what to eat ...*sigh* here in Tanjong Katong food stall alot but quite a number of food stall serve lousy food ......

I ordered this tom yum seafood from a fishball noodle shop food is edible but they kinda MEOW in giving some food.  Like my friend ordered a Bak CHO MEE .... she doesn't want the meat ball and it cannot replace it with fishball .... 2 meatball exchange 1 fishball not too 过分 mah.  They say cannot .... mushroom give 1 only loh ... somemore we are regulars leh .... dunno they know how to do business anot. 

There is one time she bought fishball noodle WITHOUT fishball .... the man told her fishball sold out hahahaha *ROFL* and she eat noodle with fishcake only so poor thing right.  We went to the noodle shop next day and told the uncle about it ..... he still ok to cook 3 fishball and some soup to return her back.  We left with no choice then continue to eat there cos we have not much choice here in Tanjong Katong ..... sucks!