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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Saturday - 31 Dec 2011

Weeli stayed over at our place yesterday cos we have goodie bag order Stephanie ( a friend from SMH)  thanks Stephanie for the ordering of our goodie bags! 

Weeli and I pack the goodie bag and wrapped it up nicely and is ready to be send over after we catch our movie.  Joey came over to my place with breakfast first and after that we headed over to Katong Mall for movie.

Is a peranakan-inspired cineplex ..... from tiles to carpet.... but cos we were a little bit late so I dun really see the deco in the theatre.  Left the place after watching movie, long queue of cars can be seen when we are driving out!  Gotta explore the place when we are back there again.

Send the goodie bags to Stephanie and we have lunch together before heading back my place for R&R.  This year is quite quiet no celebration or meet up with the usual gane that we use to count down together.  A lazy and quiet New Year Eve we spent together.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Wed - Fri - 28 - 30 Dec 2011

Tues & Wed

Nothing much to update for my Wed and Thur .... everyone is in the holiday mood and I am all alone in office haha .... so ya make full use of this 2 days to finished up my work so I can also enjoy my long holidays!

On Friday, TT came office with me again .... Mr Lim given us half day today ..... so ya I should say come to "show face" cos we simply no mood to do work.  Even Auntie Rosalind also entertaining my dottie! 

I saw in FB happycall group other ladies posted Sharp stand mixer selling only $29.90 so I decided to get one which will be good for a beginner like me.  So off we go to Parkway after work to hunt for the stand mixer!

First we went Best Denki as the ladies bought their there ...... so when I check out they say is OSS already :( so I head over to Harvey Norman they dun have it too ..... last resort - Giant!  Giant have one at $29.90 from Akira but in glass bowl .... am thinking I am so CHOR LOR glass bowl is not ideal one for me so I go for Toyomi costing $39.90 and it comes with a cover with a small look thru window ... quite a good buy!

We bought eggs and of cos some premix to bake cake!  Went over to Anderson to have a rest while TT can enjoy her ice cream ..... silly girl so happy with it and was so excited to bake cakes together!

Both of us so happy with our buy and we quickly start to bake .... we experiment it!  And preparation is so easy with premix just add some eggs, oil some water will do!  And in about 20mins viola our strawberry cake is ready!  I have make one think slice for TT to mold it she was so happy and ate some!

In the evening we headed for movie and TT brought the cakes for my friends to try ........ with Happycall really makes us happy gonna experiment more next time!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tuesday - 27 Dec 2011

Although I am on 1/2 day leave still I have to wake up early to go to TT's new school - Kaki Bukit PCF.  Wanted to take full day but work place have lotsa things to do plus is a dead line for them to come for registration no choice but to take only half a day.

Reached the school at 9am sharp ..... most of the Parents were there already ...... and they have changed a new principal too.  After some briefing, we went over to their classroom ..... and then we get to know that Abrielle and TT not in the same class. 

Abrielle's father wants her to be with TT so he approached the Principal to have a change luckily in front of us there is one Mother wanting to change over.  So ya the 2 bff will be together again!  After buying her uniform  we are ready t go home .....

But Abrielle didnt wanna go back with her Parents she hope into our car and refuse to get down *LOL* So we bring her with us for brunch and do some shopping ...... bought a set of dress for her same as TT ....... she was so happy!  After the brunch we send her home and I am off to work while my 2 bao bei went back home to nap. 

Monday, 26 December 2011

Monday - 26 Dec 2011

Have been seeing one of the massage shop near my office and wanting to try it ... so I booked a slot for Dearie and I due to all the shifting and partying we need one very badly.  The price is quite reasonable $60 for 60mins.  Body Kneads is the place that we patronise!  We were shown to a couple room but in the end due to space constraint they drew up the partition ended up just like a single room. 

TT was a good girl she sat outside waiting for us for the whole session .... the receptionist said that she is very good gal!  Good job baby and thanks for being such a good gal to let us relax :)  Service not too bad ... maybe next time shall go again.

In the evening we went over to The Sheng's place to visit cuttie little Zachary!  Yes SZ successfully give birth to a healthy cuttie pie - Zachary at 3190g and 51cm on 14 December 2011.  Brave mummy went thru whole process with epidural!  Congrats to YZ and SZ on the arrival of your new bundle of joy!

He is so cute .... he is sleeping soundly and my KPO TT touched his hands, legs and she tell me she sayang Zac *LOL*  Didn't stay long cos they look tired so we left after 1/2hr of visit.  Wanna carry Zac next time when I see him he is so cute!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sunday - 25 Dec 2011

Hock came early to fix our door .... thanks to him again ... really a very hard work to do for our door!  Now we can tap on the door with the chips to open w/o keys!  COOL!

In the early evening we went over to pick up Ping and Charlie and headed to Yishun Safra for BBQ xmas gathering.  Thanks to Weeli again for the coordination, ordering and organising of the party.  Also to thank Yong En for booking and sponsoring of the pit!

The pit can only use till 10pm so we quickly BBQ as many food as we can and the rest of the food was being split to ta bao back home.  After we left Safra Yishun most of them came over to our place for a little chill out and of cos gift exchange among ourselves!

Love the Happycall deeper pan that Weeli and Cheng Leng bought for me thanks gals now I can whip nice meal in the shortest time and also to bake cake with it!  Getting so excited to bake cake with it!  Thanks my dear friends that you gave to me and my family it is really useful and thanks for showering love to my dearest dottie too! 

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saturday - 24 Dec 2011

Hock came early to our house to fix up the KTV system and door lock for us that we bought from him.  Tedious job for him to climb up and down to fix up our speaker and also drilling of hole in  our entertainment room. 

We helped a bit cos we know nuts about the stuffs ...... KTV system was up at around 3 plus ..... and after that he headed on to change our door lock ...... a big work to do gotta drill and axe away some parts to fit the new lock. 

At around 6pm most of my guests came .... so Hock have to stop all the work and will come back tomorrow morning,

At around 7pm we started to have our dinner .... presents have been labelled too ..... all of us chit chatting and some of them just went to sing songs in the entertainment room. 

Ricky came last but he brought the best food hahaha he made kimbap on his own well done Ricky!  Thanks for the effort it is really nice .....

The whole party ended around 3+am ........ still not very high after drinking some beer the right kaki for drinking not around ...... my dear Shunli felt so lonely poor boy!  Hope the drinking party will join us next year!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Friday - 23 Dec 2011

TT came office with me today cos we will have annual company xmas dinner at our National Training Centre.  All of us are in the xmas mood ...... not really in to work today just chit chatting and gaming all the way.

Thanks to Zhenni from Chinese Swimming Club who bake the cupcake for me so touch cos only I have *LOL* and also to Alice who bought me a box of Sunsweet dried Mango yummy!   I open the box and share with my colleagues.

At around 6+pm . Mr Thomson Tan came to give us a ride to NTC it was pouring heavily before so everywhere slow traffic we reached just in time for the opening of the dinner by our President.

Dearie have his own company dinner too so we handed our house keys to SZ so that she could pass to our PT helper ..... lucky we do that if not one of us have to sacrifices our own activity.  Chit chatted with some other instructors and I saw some HUNGRY birds there too they are so greedy that they took MOUNTAIN of food on their plates I pity those people behind that they wont get to eat most of the food which run out very fast. 

Thanks again to Mr Tan whom drove TT & me back home and we are just 5mins earlier than Dearie to be home!  

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thursday - 22 Dec 2011

Ok I know this is the most miserable gift exchange hahaha only 3 of us doing the gift exchange .... and only Jolene, Adam (one of the admin staff in another TKD school) and I doing it.  This Auntie Rosalind no join in cos she lazy to buy gift *LOL* and she say dunno what to buy .....

Thanks to Mr Lai for the lovely log cake from the pastry shop that we like in Katong Shopping Centre.  The cake is so nice yummy think I will get from them next xmas in 2012!

I have got Adam's gift - earphone!  I need it hahaha cos mine is going to spoil soon..... Adam got Jolene's gift - Famous Amos biscuit and Jolene got mine - Skin Food mask!  We enjoyed the cake and of cos some chit chat session during our office hour *LOL* All of us are all into Xmas MOOD!

In the evening, went over to my parent's place cos Papa called and say mama woke up early to make 汤圆.  Ask me to go back eat my favourite
汤圆..... love it, mama's 汤圆 so nice!

After eating 汤圆 headed to Bugis to meet up Weeli for a quick dinner and continue with my xmas present shopping.  My buy is so short and quick ...... and everything is done within like 2hrs .... including buying of my own stuffs for CNY!  Cant wait ... counting down to XMAS!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tuesday & Wednesday - 20 & 21 Dec 2011

Thanks to Jordan for the lovely chocolate biscuit from Royce!  Really have our heart even you dun work here anymore.

Today after work went back home immediately cos Dearie's PC is down and Luke came up to get our com for repairing.

Dunno why always when we shift something it will just go haywire!  Hope that it will be well soon cos Dearie is using my lappy :(

And on Wednesday, Dearie went Tampines to meet me as I still have to buy more xmas gifts!  And at the same time I went to book JPO (Johore Premium Outlet) tickets from WTS ..... All 17 pax!  I am getting excited cos it is consider the very first overseas trip from our group!  (Sam, Pauline & Wendy went oversea before)  Per pax is $29.90 inclusive of a sit down lunch and best is not too early to board the coach...... counting down to the date we going overseas :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday - 19 Dec 2011

Thanks to Mr Thomson Tan for the Happy Call pan that you bought and carry back from Korea.

He bought at $70 no free gift also think he kanna carrot chop ......

But then again thanks a million for the pan I simply love it.

First try on the pan is Hash Brown ....... have tried the hash brown that SZ made from happy call without oil and is yummy ..... so I decided to make for my 2 precious at home.  TT love it and asked for more .... but I limit her to 1 pc only cos is about time to sleep .... hope to try more in future using this pan!