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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Monday - 21 Dec 09

Thanks Mdm Leong for your Xmas gift ..... hmmm consider my 1st xmas gift this year!  Met up with Dearie at MIL's shop and had dinner there before we go over to Ikea. 

Always wanna go over cos I wanted to buy a storage cupboard to store TT's toys and books.  Since my sofa bed is with mum already I bought a Poang chair months ago and the remaining space is always making me to think what I should do with it.

Went to the children section to take a look cos TT's stuffs is always on my mind.... saw this storage cupboard which caught my eyes ... too bad they didnt have any walnut color to match my other furniture.

Dearie started to fix it up after he had his shower ..... TT being curious also help out *LOL* see how the Dad & Dottie work together!  Nice cupboard I like it ..... and this shall be TT's xmas gift from us to her.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Sunday - 20 Dec 09

We didnt meet up for Xmas gathering for I think 2 years .... dunno why we didn't organise it for the past 2 years ... We had it during 2006 hahaha that one is real fun .... we met up at PP Sakura and after our brunch ... we all headed to PP to buy xmas gift on the spot .... very fun!  And when we headed home we have 7 ppl in the car which Chloe drove hahaha .... all squeeze!

This year we met up at With a pinch of salt located at Tg Katong Road .. the only place which I feel is convenient for all of us.  Wanted to go Dempsey but kinda out of the way for everyone.  The cafe is being booked by some church cell group ... so we make ourselves comfy having an outside seats instead.  Lucky the weather is very good and windy too so that Nat Nat and TT won't feel hot. The Boss happen to be Ah Ghor's friend .... the service of one particular waitress is very bad her service sucks but we didn't wanna complain about it cos after all is a happy occasion.

We have our gift exchange after our brunch ..... and all of us have enjoyed the session!  Headed to PP and grab the very last xmas gift that we need to buy before heading back home to rest.  Dearie napped straight away leaving TT & I watching TV .... at around 7 Dearie left to attend a wedding ... i didn;t go cos I dunno this friend of his.  So I cook TT porridge using the braised chicken that my MIL cook while I have the left over bee hoon.

I fell asleep at around 11pm while TT is lying beside me singing alone .... but I could hear that she ran out when she heard Dearie opening the door .....

Friday, 25 December 2009

Friday - 25 Dec 09

Woke up late ... suppose to meet at SZ place at 12pm .... we slept till 1230pm!!!! .... My live alarm - TT also over slept usually she will be our live alarm .... waking us up at 10+am for milk ... today she slept with us till 12+pm......

Told them to start eating without us first and we quickly take shower and headed to her place quickly.  Had a round of steamboat and we are very full ..... we have gift exchange right after we finish eating..... Dearie got Min's present which is a Disney storage box and you can sit on it with the cushion cover .... good for TT too ..... TT got present from SZ .... is a cushion which can be use in various ways and I got 900 SB+ Cheese from YZ is a virtual cheese for the game we played for very long time ... just when I need it! LOL.  YZ is so generous that he gave 200SB+ cheese to SZ and the rest with 100 SB+ all of us are so happy....

And we started to "party" ... singing songs and playing MJ at the same time ...... we had our steamboat for dinner too ... thanks SZ & YZ for the sumptuous spread you prepare for us!  Is really wonderful!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Saturday - 19 Dec 09

Was out the whole day since morning ... went over to Woodlands to pick up my Old Navy parcel from Diana.  Thanks Diana for ordering and coordination for us!  Now TT & my CNY clothing is all done except hubby's.

Went over to AMK hub for xmas shopping ... bought a few present from there and head down to Ave 10 to collect Pine Garden cake that Adeline ordered.  She is suppose to join us this evening but cos she have dilated and will be giving birth soon ..... so exciting ... we have 1 more multiply baby member soon! 

Reached Hazel's place at 4.30pm .. since the rain had stopped we let TT to go for a swim .... she is so happy and even play the slide with her bikini ... is such a cold weather and she can take it.

Friends started to draw in at around 6+pm ...... we started the buffet at around 6+pm when most of them arrived.  We still never see Sam and Cheryl at around 7pm ....I was wondering at a moment that is it mousehunt have held them back home! LOL Kinda of weird without them around!

At the same time we also celebrated a few friends birthday which fall in December .. thanks to Adeline for the yummy Orange Zest cake!

We all have fun .... chit chatting and of cos the kiddos is the most happiest cos they make new friends! 

Thanks to Hazel & William for hosting us again .... and staying up late to book the function room.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Friday - 18 Dec 09

Called up my MIL and told her that we wanna pack back some food cos there is some praying today.  Told her just need one beehoon and some fried food will do .... Dearie came back with 2 big plastic bag of food! *LOL*  We didn't manage to finish it up ... too much for us!  My MIL have over estimate us .... especially Dearie ... he is no longer the 大胃王 we known years back!

Met up with Huat for supper today cos his birthday is on 22 Dec so we think he might not be free on that day.  Since is only 9+pm .... so we decided to head to Giant first for some shopping.  Bought lotsa sweet from there cos I wanna filled up the pinatas that I bought earlier.  Told most of them dun buy any gifts to our kids individually ... too many .... so I decided to buy them this pinatas to let the kids be happy!

After shopping at Giant we went to Xin Wang @ Siglap ... wanna eat the tao huey there unfortunately the tao huey is sold out! SAD!

We just wanna chit chat and munch something so we shared the mango ice and bread since we are quite full ....is been a while since we have seen him so we did chit char for awhile before sending him home ... cos all of us have to wake up early the next day. 

Happy 23 months TT!

Thursday - 17 December 09

HY msn me asked me if I wanna join them to JB for dinner .... I told him that Dearie having RT so might not be able to.  He replied me and say Dearie say if I am ok he will onz!  Muhahahah we really ONZ .... so ok .... we decided to go with them ...

Dearie dun wanna drive so HY came picking us up .... in less than an hr we reached JB although there is a jam .... but everything quite smooth!

Uncle Fat and Wilson is already waiting for us .... and have order food. The moment TT see Uncle Fat ... she poutz and didnt wanna face him!  Hahaha and she uses her "triangle eye" gaze him Muhahahah....TT so cute ....

We have butter crayfish, thai style fish, cereal prawn, kang kong, pork rib and fu yong egg ..... total bill is RM177.... one pax is only RM35.40 ...dirt cheap!  This stall is not as nice as what Garen recommend .... I preferred Garen's recommendation.  Next time shall asked them to go there try it out!

Pumping of petrol and washing of car is a must when we go JB ..... we are curious about the regulation of pumping petrol and did ask around but none of them can give us a definite answer about it.  So we just PUMP loh! 

Happy Birthday to my buddy Valerie stay pretty and happy always ..... when will u not be so busy ah?

Mon - Wed - 14 - 16 Dec 09

Nothing much to update during these few days .... just that I super free during work time and I have been playing FB non stop since last week!  Plus my dear Coco is away for holiday and Weeli and I are "hire" by her to play some of her application. 

Ya so I am kinda busy logging in and out of our FB between Coco, hubby & mine ... busy right?  On Wednesday I went to my yoga class and now my instructor is opening up another Monday class and it will be at Ubi area which is near to me ... dunno to go for the class anot ... kinda tiring especially after work.

Dearie and TT came picking me up and off we go to Beach Rd to get our dinner ... is been a long time since I have this fishball noodle at Army Market.  I love the fishball noodle and I have been eating that since I am young!  Standard still very good!  Shall return for more next time!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sunday - 13 Dec 09

My forum Jan 08 mummies organised a birthday bash so I join in the fun too.  Would like to thanks to all mummies to make this birthday bash a successful one! 

I took a cab to Dempsey Road with TT cos Dearie have RT thats why he can't join us.  When we reached there most of the mummies are all waiting outside of Go Go Bambini they claimed that we didn't produce name list so we have to wait outside.  Lucky Steph have the name list with her heehee hmmm 1st impression not so good already.....

We are given around 15-20mins to play at the playscape .... I follow TT throughout ... not that I scare she will fall .. I scare she bully others *LOL*  So I follow her throughout and some obstacle I feel is kinda difficult for me cos I am fat and clumsy *LOL*

After that we are asked to go to the room which is very small and all kids crowd around to play games.  Went back to the playscape again after the games which lasted less than 10mins so the party host can set up the party food for the kids.  This time I try not to go with TT and let her play on her own while I watch her from below cos I am so tired after following her!

Another break time is snack time for our kiddos ..... they provide nuggets, hotdog, fries, pop corn and some salad for them.  And I gotta finished what TT's leftover.  We have a nice big cake but we didn't even have a chance to take with the cake at all and no candles is put on it .... feel like the party host is rushing and wanna quickly get over done with attitude!  Service is not good.  But I have very nice company with me .... so ya mummies and babies you all rocks!

Dearie came picking us up and we make a trip to King Albert Park to reserve slot for TT's birthday and so surprise they still have lotsa slots available!  Reserved it since we need not pay any deposit yet.  Headed to City Square Mall - Singapore 1st Eco-Mall for shopping since is newly open.  Get to know our Franco have a shop there too when we walked around bought some Xmas present from Metro and just spend $30 in any shop to get a free $2.50 parking free!  Nice place with lotsa restaurant too will go back again sometime next week!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Saturday - 12 Dec 09

We have a teambuilding workshop to attend at CC ... TT is with us too hahah she also part of our team *LOL*  I brought coloring book and colour pencil to keep her entertained so that we can continue with our work.

We are being split into groups to do some discussion ... we do have fun there!  Lunch is Pizza from pizza hut.  Quite a long time since we have pizza .... TT dun like to eat so I have to buy her fried mee.  Lately I feel that she have a change in her appetite .... ask for more milk but didn't finish what is given .... and if I make in smaller bottle she dun have enough! 

She ate a bit of the fried mee and she didn't want it anymore .... so I packed back the fried mee and headed to my parent's place. 

Went over to visit Mama cos usually we will meet up on Sat morning or afternoon and she did called me during the workshop and asked where am I cos she is at Eunos Market having lunch wanted to come over my place.  Unfortunately we are not at home so we popped by her place before going to Amy's younger boy 2nd birthday.

This year Amy's boy Jester theme is Mickey Mouse theme ... is also a theme that I wanted to have for TT, more or less is influence by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Beside Jester's birthday is also Brenda's birthday ... Amy got her 3 pcs of cake from polar is cute!  Food is cook by her Dad ... his Dad can cook very well .... and they bought a pot of Tom Yum Soup from Jalan Besah which cost $50 and it comes with fried fish which make it so yummy!  Thumbs up!

Once again Happy Birthday to Jester and Brenda!

Friday - 11 Dec 09

Went to Kallang Mcdonald before picking up Coco..... bad news .... on the 17th Jan 10 their party room is fully reserved!  Now I am on waiting list if any of them draw out I will be able to fill up the slot ... keep finger crossed!

Picked up Coco and God-ma off we go to airport ... after Coco checked in her luggage we went Soup Restaurant for dinner.  And headed to Swensen for dessert after the meal ..... parted with her at around 10.40pm.  have a pleasant trip sis!

After sending God-ma back home ... we headed to Bishan to visit Ah Ma .... my MIL told me that Ah Ma did not sleep the whole night and poor small Aunt & Uncle have to stay up to look after her.  Is so hard on them cos they have to tend the shop and look after Ah Ma at the same time.  Heard that Ah Ma kept on talking in the night and kept saying the pills drop on the floor wanna pick it up. 

Really hope Ah Ma get well soon ..... Big Aunt, Ah Ghor, Ah Gu and my MIL is there too .... Big Aunt and MIL wanna stay there to look after while Small Aunt and Uncle can get some rest but Small Aunt want them to go back and rest and say GSS is back from Taiwan she can help in the night too.  So we send Big Aunt and MIL back home ..... very tired day we have and tomorrow we still have a long day to go.......

Monday, 14 December 2009

Thursday - 10 Dec 09

We are planning TT's 2nd birthday .... so we decided to go Mcdonald to reserved the dates first in case is fully booked!  Left my phone in the bag and I was in the room watching TV cos usually Dearie won't be back so soon cos he have his RT today.  We wanted to go after his RT so we can have Mcdonald for dinner at the same time.

He came back at 7+pm and I was a little surprise when he rstepped in he asked me why I didn't pick up his call.  Told him I left the phone inside the bag ... he thought I am napping so he came back without trying to call home.

Ended up we had dinner from the market .... at night still have a stall selling fried bee hoon .... had that for dinner.  Thanks to Dearie whom bought watermelon soya bean milk for me from Mr Bean.  Yummy!  Guess that we can only go tomorrow since we are sending Coco to the airport.

Happy Birthday to Jenny!  Stay pretty!

Tues & Wed - 8 & 9 Dec 09


Back home early today so I decided to cook porridge again .... I dunno why I love eating porridge so much.  TT love the carrot which I cook with ... so I will tends to put more since she love to eat.

Notice TT can speak in sentence sometime ago .... is not so clear but still can understand what she say.  I am a lazy mum I have friends whom teach their kids when they got home ... for me .. I just see what I have ... soemtimes when I am doing housework and tell her what is it.  I think I have to be fast and also toilet training is a MUST to do too ..... I am slow already I am still letting her wearing diapers!  I must tell myself I have to do it!  See how a lazy mum I am!


Yoga class is being postpone cos the Instructor's mum is hospitalise so I can rush back home to pack the laundry cos my PT maid is coming today.  Thuirsday & Friday she have to attend Church services so she change the day with me. 

Left her alone to do housework while we make out way to Bishan to visit Grandma ..... heard she can eat a bit of thing already.  Before we went over, we stopped by at coffeeshop to have our dinner ...... I have lousy dinner ... not very satisfied I bought small steam cupcake and tu tu kuay from the pasa malam.

Ah Ma is watching TV when we reached .... TT is good at making Ah Ma laff ... she dance in front of her and even offer her steam cup cake for Ah Ma to eat.  Soon after Big Uncle, Auntie, my PIL & SIL came over too ..... Ah Ma looks ok today still very chatty ... hope she get well soon!

Monday - 7 Dec 09

Auntie Jolene is on leave so meaning I will be all alone in the afternoon which is a good thing sometime working alone is a blessing! 

My GM and President and went to the SEAgames in Laos with our National Squad .... so meaning we dun have any govt for this week is so call our holiday too. haha.....when they are not around it seems like a ghost town in my office ... no one come not even a call ... is so quiet .....best thing is I have cleared all my work on hand ... so I am officially shaking leg at work!

Went over to PIL's place for dinner ....before crossing the road to the shop my 2 nephews saw me from far and calling out loud to me.  When I reached their shop my MIL say when TT heard the 2 boys calling me so so kan cheong wanna cheong out to see me hahaha ..... so cute!  She was such a sweetie pie she kept calling me and her tone of calling makes me melt! 

Sunday - 6 Dec 09

Meredith is 1 month old!  Time passes really fast I still remember Cousin Diana still asking me about some pregnancy issues and now her dottie is already 1 mth old!  Congrats!  Went over to the full month party and met some childhood friends ... everyone seems to be good just that we are a bit drifted away. 

Maybe I am busy looking after my TT cos she is running around and is quite crampy so we just try to stick to one corner.  Left the place and head to United Square for Barney Show.

Hahaha yes BARNEY ...... my husband dun really like Barney cos he say he speaking is not really clear but he won't denied that the songs and programme is good!  My SIL's company is doing the A&P for the show thanks for letting us know about the show.

Since is still early we went over to Bakerzin to have some coffee and relax..... the show is at 5pm but the Q at 3pm is really crazy long!  We dun wanna join the Q so we just take our own sweet time sip our coffee and after tat we went for some shopping.

Got a good place at 430pm and we are lucky that the corner we are standing still have space so the event coordinator asked if we would like to bring TT in.  I asked Dearie to bring TT in so that she can be with other kids while I am standing to capture some nice photos. TT enjoyed so much that she cheong to the front and kept on dancing hahaha.....

 The show is about 10mins and soon after we went for the photo taking ..... just have to spend $30 and 1st 50 will get to take pic with Barney.  According to my SIL everyday the crowd is so big and is crazy!  *LOL*  Bought one bedroom slippers for TT ... partly oso to protect her toe hahaha ..... now I asked her to wear it after she took out her shoes!