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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Short trip to Malacca

A friend of mine called up close to 11+ and say she cant make it to go for the trip in Malacca with 2 of my gf - Weeli & Cheng Leng.  So she is giving away her tickets to me and my hubby is a last minute decision that we agreed to travel there.  Due to the late timing and early timing we be setting off we did not inform my in laws about it *sorry Father & Mother*.  Cheng Leng came to pick up us and we headed to Lavender to catch the coach.  It was great going with them ...... Weeli have been there before so she is the tour guide of the trip!   I have been to Malacca before but that is donkey years ago hahaha I forgot where and what is there .......

We reached Malacca at 1pm and I am damn hungry already although I ate 4 sandwiches on the journey.  heehee think my little baby is hungry.......1st we went to their supermarket to get some tibits and drinking water then we head to our hotel we stay in Hotel Puri is conveniently located at Jalan Tun Jalan Tan Cheng Lock.  This hotel is a boutique hotel, the decor and all the floor tiles are all preserved.  The house belong to Tan Kim Seng.  There is a small history room in the hotel for guest to read up. After we settle down we went to eat 古城 chicken rice the decor over there is very very china ....... is nice!

After the chicken rice we went back to have a rest and is shopping time!!! We went over to Christ Church ad took some photos and we walk over to malacca mall (if i dun remember wrongly the name) for some shopping.  Its kinda hot there in malacca lucky I have a mini fan on hand hahahah ..... but i sweat like nobody business!!!

After a great shopping, we went to a peranakan restuarant to have our dinner we didnt order much cos we wanna save some space for food that is selling in Jonker Street.  Bought a few things there  and food there is good .... the fried carrot cake, popiah, char kway tiao ..... yummy!!!! we bought back to hotel to enjoy ....... Around 11+ I am dead tired and dose off w/o switching off the tv hahaha .......

Next morning we woke up ard 7am to go for our buffet breakfast at the cafe in the hotel I am the only one whom ate alot hahahah the rest just bit by bit ........ after the breakfast we went over to the temple in the next street to pray .... pray for good health for family and of cos a smooth delivery / pregnancy........we went to have dim sum ordered quite a number of plates and it just cost us RM12.60!!!! So cheap ..... In the afternoon, we have asam laksa is yummy too suprise that my hubby eat that with us cos he dun really fancy spicy food.

We enjoyed ourself very much ...... 5pm we boarded the coach and back to SG ... we reached SG at 9.00pm and we have Joanne and Alex to come over for a small chit chat chill out session ...... is great having them here at our lovenest although I am dead tired I enjoy the company of them with us ...... do come often .....

Ok I think my wording here makes all of you bored esp w/o the photos ... I will try to upload it asap so can share with all of you the fun we have ...... and maybe someday you would like to take a short getaway to Malacca

My hubby's brithday

18 May 07

He spent half of the day on plane ..... poor baby ......Lucky is that he is back on time to celebrate his brithday with me.

Wanted to bring him out for a romantic dinner but am afraid that he is too tired so we just have a simple dinner - an early one ..... 5pm .

Wanted to bring him to Astons but he sa he is scared of western food cos he had alot when in Taiwan.  So we went to have steamboat instead at least some chinese food wont make him feel sianz ......

Never buy him any gifts cos he already had a best gift of all ....... I bought a chicken pie from Don pie club.  My neighbours celebrated with him as well in the late evening.  Quite a number of them dun really take cake that why I went to buy a pie instead so that everyone get to have a good bite!

The girl in the pic with my hubby is Lynn - her birthday falls on 19 May so we have them celebrated together .....

And thanks to Lynn & Wt for the gift that you gave to him .... haha is a book call Asian Parenting Today.  he promise to finish the book .... so i wait for him, see how he give his fatherly love to the baby in future heehee ........

Monday, 21 May 2007

I am not going to say ....... see yourself heehee

13 May 2007 - I tested with a + sign but a very faint line ........ Is the best  Mother's Day gift to my MIL & Mum.  It is oso the best birthday gift to my hubby on 18 May 2007 when he come back.  I couldn't hold back the joy I call  him immediately and tell him this good news.

I almost broke into tears ...... cos is really not an easy route for my TTC-ing project .......especially when I found out my health is not in tip top condition during that time.

I tested a total of 4 times - 13 / 16 / 18 & 21 May 2007.  1st 2 times is tested on my own and due to the faint line ...... my hubby is a bit worry that I am so blur maybe is ZHA HU (false alarm).  I am kind of scared by him ... keep scaring me .... I couldn't endure anymore I ask him to go pharmacy with me to buy another test kit so that I can show him on the spot.
I went to unity to look for the digital one from clearblue unfortunately they do not carry digital one.  So I bought a normal one, when I step out I walk into watson and check it out ...... they do have digital one!!! Oh gosh ...... no choice I gotta buy it ...... cos i wanna prove to my hubby hehehehe.....

I tested in the morning for the dgital one .... finally my hubby is at ease now  ..... same as me ... hahaha I am being scared by him several days already. 
Went for my 1st appointment with my gynae - Dr Heng from east Shore Hospital, she did a scan for me but still cant see the sac yet so I have to go back on 30 May 07 to see her again.

Symptoms before I found out I am preggie - Craving for Mug (rootbeer) happily drinking away, sleepy very tired, fall asleep while watching tv (never in my life!!! cos I am a TV addict)
After i found out I am preggie i eat alot my goodness always hungry!!! and I have very bad backache ...... sweat alot very hot everytime ........ currently still dun have any morning sickness *thank god* keep finger cross.........

The most important thing is hope that I can have a smooth pregnancy route, my baby will be healthy..... thats all I wish for!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


I have very very bad backache since Sunday ..... it got worst on monday morning.... I woke up and as usual take a bath and off to work after I have changed ..... thinking my GM is out of town my colleague and I can "party" in our office having a good morning breakfast. So I walk to hawker centre near my hse to get some breakfast.
After buying it, I take a slow walk to the MRT station wanting to take a cab to work cos my back is really unbearable ..... no cab ard so I have to suffer by slowly walking to MRT .... by the time I am at the platform I am sweating like nobody business my whole head is so wet ......!!!! I didnt wash my hair in the morning but my hair is so wet like I just run out of a bathroom OMG!!!! I am so pai sei ...... my blouse is wet tooo ....... when I reached paya Lebar my bus have just past me no choice but to take a cab to work ...
Although I have very bad backache, I have warm concern from my loving neighbours..... sz mei call me up and tell me she will cook dinner and ask me to go over for dinner........ wow she cook well I love the chicken she prepared and the purple rice ..... sorry there is no photo there cos I am too hungry and forgot to take ... i promise I will take it next time! Lester and Chane came with salmon and fried so we share the food yummy .

while sz mei and Lester they al preparing food I am happily singing away at mei mei's entertainment room ...... hahahahah and we play wii too after dinner is fun!!!!

Thank you my loving neighbours for being there with me when my beloved not ard ... hehehe Thank you for taking care of me too

LAOGONG u owe them alot leh hahahahah

Happy Mother's Day!!! 13/05/07

Our family are all waiting for my husband to come back last week so that we can celebrate Mother's day together.  But due to work load he have to extend his stay and miss the mother's day celebration with us ......

Last 2 years we celebrate together with all relatives, this year is on our own we decided to have it at home since outside ill be crowded.  And the food that we prepare/buy BO SU (no lose) to outside ha ha ha ....... For me I am lazy partly because I dun feel well so i bought crabs and butter sotong instead while my BIL prepare the Garlic steam prawn, seaweed soup, steamfish.  My SIL prepared deep fried mushroom, lemon chicken.  Eh there is two more dish stir fried Dou Miao and Ma You Chicken hehehe I dunno is my bil or sil prepare.  All the food is so good .... personally i love the steamfish, prawn and deep fried mushroom YUMMY.......

And the best is still have sashimi hahah although i dun eat but it look really fresh and yummy to me thats my husband's favorite too bad he cant taste it ha ha ha

After the dinner we still have a mother's day cake for the mothers in Goh family that include my MIL and my Da sao ......Happy mother's day!!!! Next year i oso wanna celebrate mother's day with you two ... :)

p/s: LAOGONG, u got lao nua bo? hiak hiak hiak

Parkway Steamboat

Hahaha I know  the photo is not nicely taken and it dun look appetizing to u hahahah ..... blame on me cos I am just too hungry and i forgot abt taking pic  the moment i realise it left only the prawn is uncooked ha ha

I always love tom yum this parkway steamboat is recommended by my good frd Yuki a few years back ...... and my poor hubby have to eat with me but he have his chicken stock  YUAN YANG steamboat.

Picture  doesnt show because Yuki and I love tom yum very must and guess what we actually add more spicy and thick on it wow its really nice ...... you can find it at parkway food court but to me  I still prefer the one at roxy square.  they are also called parkway steamboat .  According to one of my buddy - Penny she told me that it is because they split partnership and the one at roxy is doing on his own ....... when i ate this at parkway food court i feel that  the standard drop :(  I will wanna go back to roxy to have another round but not a good thing is that it is not buffet style.  Sz mei says the one at bugis is nice and is buffet style should try it one of these days....... Anyone interested?

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

My 1st year anniversary - 060507

I started my day alone on this special day ...... hubby not in town..... but a sweet sms was sent to me at 11.04am "Happy anniversary! Love u deep deep!Muacks!"  kekeke that woke me up happily.  In the evening, I went over to my in laws place for dinner and watched the charity show together with them.  My MIL drove me back home and I pop by lester place .... cos they just got back from seoul!

Thanks to Lester and Chane, they bought me and sz mei mei nail polish from the face shop.  Poor Lester having gastrict flu and did not really enjjoy the trip but overall still a good trip!!!

They also bring back krispykreme donut for us..... poor dear dear dun have 口福 ha ha I am eating his share.  see YZ enjoying the donut ..... its very yummy.....

And my day end with a call to dear dear heeehee ..... have to celebrate the lunar wedding anniversary ...... liaoz no choice ......

HAPPY 1st Year AnniverSary!!!! hopefully next year I have little one celebrate with us ......

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Astons is open!!!

Astons is open!!!
Yes is open! After a few weeks of renovation
They opened on 1st May and sz mei mei have went over on 3rd May (dunno correct anot).  She told me is still good standard still ,there are more sitting capacity, no need to Q, some food pricing still same, some is like increase from $0.50 - $1.00. 

After my flea mart, my friends and I decided to eat at Astons cos they never try before.  When we got there I thought need to Q cos I saw some ppl lining up ha ha ha ... really need to Q!!!! But is Q for food ordering at the counter cos I went there at 5+.  I ordered their black pepper grilled fish, Weeli have their crispy fried fish and Cheng Leng have their lamb chop.  We ordered a grand sampler to try...... their comments to Astons is

After such a big feast, we take a slow walk to Marine Parade and we saw this line dancing ...... some uncle dance gracefully!!! We were saying next time we dunno will go for his kind of social dance in public!!!! THUMBS UP for the auntie & uncle.

After all the slow walk we decided to pay our sec teacher a visit.  We have a good talk there and share the moment that we have during school days ....... is great spending time with people whom we seldom meet up with to catch up with their on going lives ..... my teacher is retired and she is enjoying her life now ... but we just get to know from her yesterday that she will be going back to teach again ....... she just love teaching.  Nevertheless, Miss Koh hereby I wish you all the best and don't forget our monthly meeting up!

Flea market.........

That's mine stall no. for the flea market

I have asked sz mei to help me book a stall space for the flea mart held at Kembangan CC. Thank you mei!  Thanks to Weeli and Cheng Leng to come down and help me with it ....... hahahah the crowd is not big but it is indeed a good experience of it!

I only manage to sell one pair of sandals hahahha ....... I think I will try again next month.  I do enjoy the process of it ...... it also bring closer with my friends whom spend their precious weekend with me ..... sincerely thankful to my two frds i love yoou!!! hahahahahah

Below the one covering her face is Weeli hahahah she doesnt want to have her face appear in my blog.  Cant get ChengLeng face .......................
This is what I am selling, sandals, Slippers, tshirt...... boxer, story books, earring and jackets ..... still alot of things but I cant manage to carry :(   Above that uncle very steady..... he very pro in flea mart!

I will wanna try again next moth ...... heheheheh people can come support me hahahahahah.....