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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Saturday - 28 March 09

Woke up as usual like going off to work cos we are going to pray Ah Ma today .... so I bought some food for offerings ...... and our own breakfast. 
Due to 清明 the temple is filled with cars, people.... use to be a 宁静 place become so noisy and busy place.

Left to hospital to visit Mama ..... when to her ward and realise that she is at level 1 doing some excerise.  Went in to check on her ... she is asked to stand for about 20-30mins ..... she smile when she sees us.

Therapist help her to do some walking after the long stand..... Mama can walk quite well .... although her leg got not much strength at the moment.  At the rate of recovering she is doing quite well .... all of us gave her encouragement .... we clap for her if she do well.

Kristia (maid) is being taught how to manage and help Mama how to walk by the Therapist too ..... when the Therapist came to tell us not to have TT inside ..... Mama make funny face at her when she walk away cos she wanna see TT.  *LOL* Mama is so cute like a kid now hahaha ...... 

Left hospital at around 11.30am to fetch Garen to have lunch at Irodori.... Hon and SZ were there already when we reached.... this time round we got a complimentary salmon belly, grilled prawn and sashimi is fresh ...... I am learning and starting to eat that ..... cos Dearie promise to bring us (me & TT) to Tokyo Disneyland when she is 3 or 4 years old.  So I must learn to eat raw stuffs so that I won't miss out the good stuffs!

Played a round of MJ with them after lunch while killing our time before we head to 883Jia FM Birthday Bash at St James Movida

We reached St James Movida at 6.15pm ..... Q up to go into Movida.... WOW really alot of people .... is a 7-9pm event ..... Dearie & I just stood at the bar counter lucky we got a place to stand there cos those who are late dun even got a chance to move in.

We drank coke ... and later on i drank Vodka Orange ..... is nice ... just that I cant have more cos I wanna pee but dun wanna leave my place cos someone can just take over my place.  The whole celebration consists of DJ singing, karaoke competition and lucky draw. 

Is a duet singing competition 10 pairs only 1 impressed Dearie & I... they are really good and they won the 1st place!  We didn't won anything this time but am lucky to win the tickets to their birthday bash.

Friday - 27 March 09

My part time maid is sick and won't be coming to do up my place so I went to Bedok straight after work.  TT just woke up from her sleep when I reached so we have dinner together ... my MIL feed her rice and toufu.  She finish about 1 scoop of rice ..... WOW ....... heehee she have round tummy when she is full and even burp out loud.

My FIL is coming back today from China with Granny, big uncle and third uncle so we decided to go fetch them too.  Dearie and Kristia (maid) went straight from hospital so we meet them there ... Dearie had his dinner at Ajisen so we just rest and relax before the plane landed.

Took pics again while waiting for my FIL to come out ..... hmmm somehow I feel that everyone is like so 陌生 one family on one side this is just how I feel ...... back home at around 11pm, washed up and play with TT before we sleep.

My cuttie pie actually bite my nose and refuse to let go *OUCH* is really painfully but she laff when she sees me ... we play till tired and I dose off didn't even know when my cuttie pie falls asleep..... *LOL

Thursday - 26 March 09

Thanks to Mr Tan whom gave me a lift to AMK hospital to visit Mama save on time / $ .... Dearie is "on leave" today cos he is meeting up his poly friends for a gathering.  Mama kept asking me to bring the maid home cos I will be alone with her told her I will wait till Uncle is here then I will go and she agreed to it If not she is gonna be angry with me again

Thanks to Garen & SZ mei whom came to pick us (me & maid) up and headed to my MIL place to pick up TT.  That saves my Dearie to make a trip there from Suntec.

Went over to SZ mei's house to wait for Dearie to be home ... so we had a round of MJ before he come.  TT is the most happiest cos she gotta eat the strawberry that SZ mei bought, her whole pyjamas is stained ... hahaha and she smell really SWEET!

Before we finish the game Dearie came back and pick them back home first ...... I finish the game only 1/2hr later.  Went back and Dearie told me that TT looking for me ... she is so smart hahaha..... but she is too tired to wait for me and fell asleep after Dearie pat her.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Wednesday - 25 March 09

Dragged TT out of bed .... kind of very bad cos she crying out so loud so so ke lian ....... my heart pain but we got no choice.  MIL told Dearie that we gotta bathe her before going over cos my FIL not in .... so if she bathe TT and open shop is already noon time.  TT sorry no choice we gotta help Ah Ma a bit ...... sorry for dragging you up.

She looked so tired and kept on crying ... so poor thing .... I feed her while dearie drove me to work and when I reached my work place she cry again cos she wanna be with me.  No choice gotta carry her to the maid.

Dearie called and told me she fell asleep after the car goes off .... *LOL* think she want cushion muahahhaha ....

Share a cab with Jolene again to see Mama ..... maid told me she ate well today finished up all the food.  good to hear that .... today I continue to teach her to speak but she seems tired so I didn't force her to do it just let her rest.  Heart pain to see that she is so tired......

Tuesday - 24 March 09

Intend to go send my FIL off to China today but in the end we didn't cos Maid is with us, TT can't woke up and we can't woke up either!  MIL will be all alone to take care of the shop, take care of TT and nephews on her own and with her Maid and worker's help for these 3 days.

Hope she is coping well ...... went over to visit Mama.... helped her to massage her hands apply moisturizer, exercise her hands and teach her to speak.  I teach her how to talk asking her to look at my lips while I teach her one word by one word. 

Today's lesson is 一二三四五, 先生打老虎,老虎打不到,打到小松鼠.  Dearie is funny he told me initially is 一二三四五, 先生打老虎,老虎跳一跳, 先生死 跳翘翘*LOL*  Mama laff when she heard that ...... later than he remember is actually 打到小松鼠!  Mama learnt both *LOL* she is progressing well and even "perform" for my Uncle and Cousins whom came later.  Way to go Mama 加油!

Monday - 23 March 09

Woke up to find that the maid actually help me pack a little on my dining table ....... and have taken her breakfast which I bought yesterday.  Dearie will be driving her to the hospital and leave her there with my Mama. 

She is quite chatty hopefully she can talk a little to my Mama she is able to speak simple Hokkien and English language is quite good already.  And she will be there also to learn from the Nurse how to take care of Mama.  Changing of diapers, bathing my Mama is not an issue to her and when Mama went for physio she will be there to learn as well so when Mama is discharge she can help her to so it at home too.

Papa will be much more relax with the help of the Maid.... he can leave early to work need not wait till i knock off, head back to rest after he finish his stuffs early.  Brought one pillow for the maid cos I dun have extra at home hope she can sleep well so that she can take care of Mama well in the day.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday - 22 March 09

Heard one of my relative says that barley water boil with ginger help a little on the good flow of blood in veins..... so I work up to make some for Mama.  Notice that the barley have some insect inside and it started to become powdery so I threw away the whole packet.

Send a request to my BIG darling asking him wanna join me to market so we can have breakfast together but he says he prefer to sleep.  So I left TT with him to 赖床 with him and went to market buy the China barley and breakfast.

By the time we reached hospital is already close to 12pm+ I made extra barley and share it with my uncle and cousin.  Left hospital at around 5+pm to my in law's place for dinner ..... today we celebrating Leoric's (my BIL) birthday.  They bought sashimi and maki to add on to my mil's cooking.*yummy*

Got a sms from  my brother that he have "collected" the maid from agency and she will be staying with us for the time being before mum discharge.  After dinner and the cake cutting we went over with my in laws whom wanted to visit my mum.  Kinda not use to have someone with me now ..... especially she is going to stay with us.

Came back home and pack the house as I mentioned to her that my place is so messy ever since my Grandma pass away ... cos just when I wanted to pack up my Mama is down so she gotta bare with us alittle.  I hope this maid is good cos what I observe for past few hours she got initiative in doing things ..... I asked her to help me wash up the pots that I use to cook barley for my Mama she ended up cleaning up my whole of the kitchen and even wash up TT's bottle for me!  Shall monitor how she is .... from now on .... think she is quite good and she is chatty!

Saturday - 21 March 09

Woke up early to cook lunch for Mama cos I promise I will make lunch for her ... cook extra for my Papa, uncle, cousin and ourselves.  By the time I finished cooking I am a bit late .....so Mama had a little for lunch and did save her stomach for 2nd round!

I Boiled ABC soup, stir fried mushroom, chap chai, steam 午鱼 and fried eggs for us.  Pushed Mama out to have lunch together with us.  She finished all her rice and most of the fish .... now she love eating fish *LOL*

Accompanied Mama till 7+pm and left home after my Brother came taking over us so we give old man (my Papa, my mum loves to call him that) home.  He is also very tired ...... I want him to have ample rest cos he is the one whom is "on duty" when we are working.  I will not allow my this big tree collapse ..... I will continue to take care of him .....

Friday - 20 March 09

Took 1 day leave to join farm tour and I bring my 2 nephews along.... SZ mei organise this trip and she bring her tuition kids too.  1st stop is Hay dairies ... I am so sua ku I never been to there before.  Arthur(elder nephew) went before and he even got a chance to feed the goats.  Due to AVA changes we can't feed them anymore cos they are afraid that there is disease spreading.

We paid $3 entrance fee and got a 200ml chocolate milk each .... I bought another 5 bottles for my nephew and it is pack into a form box nicely and it can last for 7hours.  Vegetables farm is the next stop .... not much variety but I did spend around $15 on veggie *LOL*

Seafood farm is next .... never buy anything from there .... 4th stop is at Kin Yan Agrotech.
They sell wheat grass, Aloe Vera, Cactus, mushroom etc.  I bought total of $39+ of stuffs there - mushroom (i love them), dried food, drinks.

Had lunch at North point .... we had a quick bite at Mcdonald and went for a little shopping ... the last stop is at Realty Road ..... bought Lee Wee Otah there cos the kids love their non spicy.  My bag is heavy so 3 of us hop into the cab back to my MIL shop is quite tiring .... but we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Visit my mum after i settle down all the stuffs and when my PT maid came over ..... I took a cab with TT to visit my Mama.  She look so happy when TT came visiting her ..... must bring TT more often ... to make her happy.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Thursday - 19 March 09

Told Mama I won't be visiting her today cos I am having a Treasurer meeting at KG Ubi CC .... met Andy at the main entrance and went to the hall for our 1st round of dinner - Mee Goreng & fruits.  After that we head up to level 3 and continue our Part 2 dinner Long Tong ..... is very nice ... just that the gravy the more u eat the more gerak(dunno how to spell) u feel.  Potato is the nest among all .....

At 8pm sharp the meeting start ...... I feel so sleepy ... my eyes is almost closing ... when the Treasurer from ccc is doing the talking.  I feel bad I can't absorb at all ...... after the meeting Andy told me that he almost fell asleep too in the meeting hahaah OK i am not the only one!

Pick TT up and we went over to Mustaffa to buy something before going back home .... *yawnz* Tiring day .....

Monday - Wednesday - 16 - 18 March 09


Very busy day cos is the last day of submission again for our grading ... time really passes very fast ..... well is good that cos the time passes very fast. 

Thanks to Mr Tan whom gave me a lift to visit my Mama if not when I reached there will be very late.  Mama look tired today maybe due to the exercise I massage her and ask her to take a nap while we are just beside her but she kept chasing us home.

Give Small Uncle & family a lift back home before picking up TT..... and Cousin Peiwen please dun kept saying Thank You to us ..... we must say thanks to you and family whom always there supporting my Mama everyday!

Tuesday & Wednesday

Shared a cab with Jolene to visit Mama today ...... I am extremely tired ..... eyes almost closing when I am in the cab.  Still I can't show to my Mama ..... coaches whom came yesterday laff at my sleepy face hahaha indeed is really funny with my sleepy look...... 

Nothing much interesting this 2 days .... as usual work, knock off, visit Mama, pick TT and back home rest.  Is very routine now and don't have any personal time ...... I hope Mama get well soon and everything will be as per normal real soon ......

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sunday - 15 March 09

Met up with Small Uncle, Cousin Peiwen, Cousin Mingli & bf at Compass Point and we had lunch together before meeting my Brother to go maid agency at Hougang Green.

After lunch we all went to Hougang Green United Home to see the maid whom we wanted to hire for Grandma few weeks back before she passed away.  My SIL (Indonesian Chinese) spoke to the maid and told us that she have no experience at all taking care of old people.  Oh well agent told us she have experience ..... so we give a miss and went round to other agency. 

Eh .... other agency worst ahahah my SIL spoke to them in malay they reply in English so I spoke to them in English they only hmm hmm hmm like dun wish to answer.  Some is having fierce look I see already wanna run ...... *LOL* is quite fun but very tiring.  Few days ago I enquire another branch of United Home at Katong branch which is near my office I got the biodata of this maid and show it to my family members.  So we went down to Katong branch and SIL spoke to her ..... and decided to take her.  She have 6 months of experience taking care of stroke patient the 1st look when I see her I like her already I think is fated.

Everything is settle and we dropped Small Uncle off before heading to visit Mama .... thanks to Small Uncle for buying some food for us he knows we are hungry :P.  Was with Mama for about an hour and we gotta leave cos we have dinner with my in laws.

Went to Tampines for 鱼头炉 is another pouring day ..... is good to have that in a cold weather.  TT is sleeping soundly so I can have my dinner peacefully *LOL* she woke up only when I finished my dinner.  Went back to Bedok after the dinner we are celebrating sis GLC birthday we celebrated early cos her BD falls on a weekday.

MIL bought a cake for her ..... and we all enjoyed the cake and we are taking pics happily too hahaha ... 

Friday - 13 March 09

I think I am too tired to remember things .... i actually blog the things on a wrong date.  the previous post of Friday is more like on Thursday (12 March 09) stuffs.  I actually just remembered I didn't go visit Mama on Friday (13 March 09)*Apologised for the mistake*

Told Mama and seek permission that I can go out today *LOL* told her I only can see her on Saturday.  So I met up with Pauline and took the same bus to Liang Court we are heading to Party World for KTV session. 

GSS is the 1st to reach Liang court and we had dinner at a HK cafe forgot whats the name .... service is good they recommend food to us as we are a bit lost on ordering.  After our meal 3 of us make our way to KTV and the rest only slowly make their way here.  TT & dearie is the last to arrive .... TT is sleeping while they are on the way to meet us.

She is excited to see so many of us ... best thing is she is dancing again when she heard HOT music. *LOL*  I really enjoy myself ..... self relieve of stress ..... for awhile is good .... I drank a bit of beer too guess at this point of time we need sometime of relieving stress.  but of cos I am still thinking of my Mama although I am there.......

Friday & Saturday - 13 & 14 March 09


Mama is still the same no change ..... just like a few days ago dun wish to talk ..... just showing hand sign to us.  And the most angry part is I just reached there for less than 15mins she chase us to go home

Took more than an hour of bus journey there she ask me to go back when I tell her she laugh at me.  Mama use to call me KA NA SAI (like shit) every time when she call me and she will always call to wake me up every morning without fail.  I miss her voice of calling me ..... I miss the days we always joke and tease each other, miss her nagging. 

Even my friends thought I am talking with another friend of mine if I am on phone with her she is just like a best friend of mine.  Without her I feel I have lost one of my hand...... I can't do anything the only thing is show my care, concern and encouragement, pray that she be alright soon everyday.


Woke up real early today cos we are going to pray my Ah Ma today ..... went to market to buy some Ah Ma's favourite and do some marketing cos I promise Mama to cook for her today.

My Mama dun eat fish so my relatives gave her a nickname called Meow .... the one and only Meow who dun eat fish.  But lately she is in love with 午鱼 she finished all the fish during dinner or lunch if it is served so I bought the fish for her and some carrot to add on.

We have a flea mart today as well .... before we can set up everything there is a few maids looking at Coco's stall and we did sell something out.... good start for the day!  At around 2+pm we started to pack up .... cos I need to cook for my Mama.

Once I reached home I started to cook while my 2 darlings take their nap...... after the porridge is cooked we bathe and off we go to visit Mama.  Mama finished all the porridge I made and she asked for more .... so I told her I will cook again tomorrow for her.  Glad to see that she have appetite compare to last weeks.... is a good sign too ..... I will continue to cook more for her but I only can make it  during weekend

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Wednesday & Thursday - 11 & 12 March 09

                                                   ***pic taken from SZ mei's blog***

Happy Birthday to YZ & SZ mei .... this year i got sz mei a coach skinny and a Polo Ralph T shirt.  Hope that you like the present .... and they got me a Agnes B accessory .... very nice ... I have hanged it on my Charles & Keith Bag shall decide to buy a Agnes B bag to match it *LOL*

At the same time I got another one for my mum as well for her birthday cum Mother's day gift .... before she could use ... she is hospitalised already.  I brought the gift to her and show to her .... she like it and I told her to get well soon and could use it.

I am trying all ways to make her happy and be cheerful .... I know is not easy for her cos she always go out with me or my dad be it shopping or makan ..... she love to be out.  Is not easy for us too ... especially my Papa as well he is always there in the day time till I took over him.  Just when she is about to 享福 she is down...... Mama you have to get well soon we are all here for you ..... dun gave up .... continue to have faith.....

Monday & Tuesday - 9 & 10 March 09


Today is the 1st day Mama in AMK Community Hospital ..... have seek permission to leave early from work.  Thanks to my GM whom is understanding and flexible..... took bus 76 and it took me almost an hour and half to reach the place.  Is good that it stop just in front of the hospital.

1st time I am there ..... and realise some TCS scene is film there and is good cos is quiet and peaceful kind of environment hope Mama will get use to it.  Saw my Cousin Bee Hong and her SIL they are about to leave after visiting my Mama.  Her SIL is a Chief Nurse in London and she told us that Mama is just a very mild stroke will recover real soon if she is hardworking and have confident that she will get well.

Today Mama's 气色 looks better .... hope she will continue be like this .....


Came to visit Mama early again cos Papa have to leave early ... so I will take over her and look after her.  Is really not easy ..... I am so tired .... I haven't get to recoup the tiredness over last week ..... almost fell asleep beside Mama while watching tv with her.

How tired I am without fail I will ask her whom am I and whats my name ..... sometimes she refuse to speak up which make me quite pissed.  But I can't show to her ...........I have to be more patient.

Almost everyday I reached home after picking up TT is around 11+pm by the time I finished bathing, doing up laundry is already close to 1+am ..... and sleep for few hours ..... gotta wake up again ..... I hope Mama get well soon *pray*

Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunday - 8 March 09

Have been informed and confirmed by the Nurse that Mama will be transfer to Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital tomorrow (Monday 9 March 09).  She will be doing exercise there hopefully she can be strong and have confident so she can get well real soon.

We didn't go over to my in law's place for dinner we stay by her side and keep her company.  Thanks to all my relatives whom came over to visit my Mama and their helping hands.  Thanks to my cousin Long, Nicole, my small uncle & family whom came visit everyday to show care and support to my Mama.

Without their support and care I think our family will break down real soon ..... and Mama will be very depressed over her illness.  Really appreciate it very much and all my friends out there thanks for the care, concern and support for me via emails, msn, multiply, sms, facebook, a short note for me makes my day and I will be strong ..... to take care of my Mama & family.

Saturday - 7 March 09

Mama have been transferred up from level 8 to level 10 .... from heart disease ward to stroke patient ward.  Ward 8 provide better service compare to ward 10 ..... and we are shocked to learn that mama fall this morning!  She have been trying to get off the bed by herself ..... luckily there is an Auntie in the ward and help her up together with a staff nurse.

Told Mama she cannot be so impatient ..... stroke needs time to get well ... be more patient ... and almost all relatives came by "scolded" my mama.  Hope that she will be more obedient dun make us worried again cos if anything happen *touch wood* she suffer we will oso suffer too.

Told Mama we have to leave in early cos we have some errands to run ..... went to pick up something from Candy's friend in Bugis.  And headed to Frankel Ave to collect BBQ food we have a BBQ gathering with our Alamak friends but is pouring heavily!!!  Just hope that it won't pour later on.... went over to Seng Kang to give AP to Priscilla is her 21st birthday celebration sorry we couldn't join you.

Did a last minute shopping on some BBQ stuffs we need and headed to Kovan Melody is Cheria's mum's place.  Lucky is not raining anymore and weather is cooling good to have BBQ.  Dearie and TT went for a dip before we start BBQ-ing, thanks to Beno for the complimentary curry chicken and bee hoon it is indeed delicious!  And thanks for taking TT's pic is really nice .....

Jayme made some Onde Onde is nice too yummy.... we all have a good time ..... eating, chatting away.  Shall have more gathering with my Alamak friends next time ..... I miss them!!!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Friday - 6 March 09

Took another say leave today cos really cannot leave my mum alone now as she need plenty of encouragement, support from us.  Thanks to Bro whom lend me his mobile wireless so I can surf net there while Mama is sleeping .... I am too bored cos she dun wanna talk to me also .

Mama is so fortunate to have good employer whom sent her health basket came by to visit her and try talking to her too.

She seems abit depressed and we scare she will forget something we kept reminding her, talk to her, ask her who is who etc.  It really breaks my heart to see my Mama in such a state .....didn't have time to have our broken heart being heal from the death of my Grandma ..... now another incident which breaks our heart again.

Although I am busy I won't forget my Bestie - Penny's birthday - Happy Birthday my bestie!  May your wishes come true.... stay pretty always!~~

Thursday - 5 March 09

Mama told me that she wanna see TT so I bring TT with me to the hospital.... Dearie sent us there before heading to work and the ERP cost us $7.50 is really a WOW *LOL*

Mama is being pushed down for her scan ..... and Papa, TT and I was sitting outside the waiting area while Mama do her scan.  So nice of the nurse to on Okto channel for TT to watch Sesame Street, that keeps her still for sometime.

After around an hour of wait Mama is being pushed back with some bandage on her right side as they need to insert something in.  Again she refused to talk and sometime I speak to her she seems can't speak out.  TT is such a good girl that most of the time she is sleeping in my arms.... lucky she is not noisy if not I think we will be thrown out of the ward.

A MO came by and check on Mama and told us that she can discharge at 5+pm .... but Papa & I still dun think Mama is able to discharge we told her Mama's condition she is still weak can't walk at all.  She told us this doesn't lead to her heart problem we can always let her do physio outside I was like WTF she is so irresponsible and unprofessional to speak to me like this!

I speak to the Nurse and she informed another Doctor whom came by in the evening and schedule Mama to do MRI.  At around 9pm ...... the specialist Doctor came and speak to us regarding mama's condition.  Good news is she have only 30% blockage in her left artery which can be control by medication and also her diet.  Bad news is MRI report show that she have minor stroke.  I was sad to hear that ..... i think we have actually overlook this matter .... but i roughly heard Bro says that the scan mama go through will lead to this ..... is really not easy ..... to handle it.... I am afraid I might not be able to handle this.

Wednesday - 4 March 09

Went to Dearie's work place with him so I can take a cab from there to TTSH .... this will save me a bit on the ERP cos it will be more cheaper compare to the one to go into city(if I am not wrong).

Reached TTSH at around 9+am, Brother is already there with mama cos Doctor came for his round really early.  Bro left to work after I reached so I am left with mama for whole of the day mama seems weird she refused to talk to me.

Results of her ECG is abnormal so she have to do the ECG now and then to see whether it matches the 1st if it matches meaning she is normal .....

Overall I still think mama looks weird to me .... not the one I know ..... she is being schedule to do the heart artery scanning tomorrow morning at 10am. *pray*

Tuesday - 3 March 09

Is just another smooth working day ... I make my way to NTUC to buy some veggie cos I am cooking Instant Mee Goreng today.  Wanted to make it more healthy I add in some vegetable, fish cake and of cos I use less of their seasoning.

While we are happily eating ..... my Papa called ..... :"Jia Liat Liao lah ...... mei, your mummy very jia liat liao."  These words make my heart like stopped for a few seconds at that moment ... and I asked him slowly what actually happen. 

Papa told me that mama vomited at work and she complained that her body ache and she still can make her way back home!  My Brother called for ambulance to send my mama to hospital and we quickly finished our dinner and headed down to TTSH nearest to my mum's place.

Sms-ed my cousins about my mama cos I am very scared dunno what should I do.... small uncle is being informed too.  All of them rush down to A&E to wait for news, the A&E is really slow and only 1 person is allowed to go in with the patient.  We waited for almost 2hrs before my mama is being transferred to ward.  Mama looked worried, tired and scared to me .... is seems like another mama not my usual mama.

We all left at around 11+pm ..... and I had let my GM know that I will get urgent leave so I can accompany her tomorrow.

Monday - 2nd March 2009

Mama called me up when I am at work and ask me where should she alight if she take Bus 32 to Katong (East Coast Road) as my Brother have make an appointment for her to see chinese physician.  She fainted last Friday during at work ..... due to lack of sleep and over work we are worried of her now cos she may be very upset of my Grandma's death.

At around 3+pm I called her up and check on her condition she say everything is ok except she have a little high blood.  The Chinese Physician asked her to go do a ECG cos he scare it might lead to blockage in the Artery and will get heart attack.

According to mum they gave her some chinese medicine for her high blood .... hope that everything will be good.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunday -1st March 2009 (My Birthday Part 2)

Went to Bedok to meet my in laws and we headed to River View Hotel for Japanese food.  Thanks to my Uncle Dennis whom helped us to reserved seats and gave us a room for our family. 

As is ala carte buffet we didn't order much all is arranged by my uncle thanks for the arrangement we loved the food very much.And so sorry as I didn't know the name of the dish thats why I can't  tell much.  Love the prawn very much is so fresh, my in laws love the fish head, fish soup(is very tasty and sweet), shisamo(dunno correct spelling anot), sashimi, salmon terriyaki and TT loves the chawamushi she ate 2 cups!

If you love Japanese food do give a try at my uncle's shop Irodori Japanese Restaurant is located in 328 Havelock Road, Riverview Hotel #03-01.  UOB Credit Card holders get 15% off on food bill for lunch and 10% off on ala carte menu for dinner.  Business Hour: Lunch is from 11.30am -2.30pm and Dinner: 6.00pm-10.30pm.

After the sumptuous meal we went back to my in law's place my mil bought a cake for me ..... had the cake and played with the kids for awhile and we went back home at around 11pm.  I enjoyed my birthday very much thanks to my sil, bil and my pil for the gifts and ang pow! 

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday - 1st March 09 (My birthday Part 1)

Make up class today for TT as she missed the Chinese class cos of our trip last week...... Dearie is going with TT this time round .... cos wanted to let him what he feel for the lesson whether is it good in investing it.

So coincident that Jaslyn & Baby Matthew is in the same class too .... didnt chat much and left quickly cos my brother say wanna go for lunch.  Who knows when we reached my parent's place he went out to get a new phone and had taken his lunch!!!

So we just laze around at my parent's place and let the kids play together.... my nephew - Isaac so cute he even help in tucking TT to sleep!  天不做美 it started to pour heavily ...... meeting my in laws to have dinner and we kept asking my parents to join us for dinner but they dun eat Japanese food  We left my parent's place at 5pm it is still raining heavily ......