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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday - 29 Feb 2012

Came back from a busy day at work and ..... just when I stepped in to my place ...... someone called my phone checking of my availability.

"Ding Dong" when I opened the door ..... is a flower basket from Jolene!

Thanks Jo for the birthday gift!  Is nice especially the bear and I am sure it will TT will want to have all the bear as one of her toys collection haha

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday - 28 Feb 2012

Jolene asked her niece to make a sushi cake as a birthday cake to celebrate my birthday!  Thanks Jo!  The very first unique birthday cake I ever had!   It is nicely done up ....... bottom part is mixture of rice and tuna .... using sakura to do up the top pinky rice and lastly prawn, egg, cucumber and wasabi to beautified it!

We had the sushi cake for lunch and I packed some back for my 2 precious at home too.  After work headed to Nex to meet up PY and Coco for dinner ..... went over to Xian De Lai for dinner ...... feel that place is good for a gathering ..... each of us have a minipot, ala carte buffet is good too ... but portion quite small have to keep ordering.

The gals went to get me a cake after the dinner thanks gals for the treat and the birthday cake you get for me.  Thanks once again!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday - 27 Feb 2012

Auntie Rosalind treat me lunch at Full House for my birthday.  Love going there cos the buffet bar never fails my craving!  The hearty lunch makes me so sleepy .... so i surf net while taking a break.

Looking at the post from Munch Ministry baking group makes me so wanna try baking cookies on my own.  So I head down to Shop & Save after work and bought the BC cookie premix to try baking it.

Put down all my stuffs and I start to mix the premix and start doing up the cookies ..... hope TT come back and can get to eat.

Kinda failure to me cos it seems soft and all merge together after it comes out of the oven and a bit burnt!  But it tasted exactly like subway kind of texture yumz!  Still not too bad! 

TT extremely happy when she sees the cookies ..... and guess what she took out my phone and ask me to take pics on cookie and ourselves with different facial expression!  Hahaha ...... camwhoring mummy and dottie we just loving it!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday - 26 Feb 2012

Thanks to my multiply gfs for organising and celebrating Cheryl and my birthday!  Took a cab down to Vivo with TT cos we woke up quite late...... lucky I just make it in time!  I was the 3rd to arrived and TT was so happy to see her bf - Jayden!

Both of them started to chit chat ignoring the mummies (Angeline and myself) they seems like both go on dating on their own.  We even have to asked them many times what food they would like to have ..... ended up we decide for them SHARING will be good for them! Haha

Well we have a good chat and of cos a great meal!  Food is yummy will definitely come  back for more  Love this restaurant that the gals chosen ...... thanks gals for the organising and of cos the lovely cake and vouchers!

Parted with them and headed to Daiso with Pauline for a walk ended up coming out empty handed .... hahah cos the detox food patch is out of stock!!!  Walk around before taking a train to meet up with my family for dinner.

Birthday always makes me fat ... kept on eating!  Up next is at Long beach for dinner thanks my in laws for the nice cake, present and ang bao!  I am loaded with so much food and so bloated ...... after the meal we still head over to Leisure Park for Yoguru .... and my BIL ordered 3 family size yogurt for us .... so big that we all can hardly stuff in haha I do have a great day today!  Thanks to all for celebrating my birthday for me .... love you gals and my family!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday - 25 Feb 2012

Attended a Herballife event with Joanne at Grassroot in the afternoon and left around 3plus in noon to send TT to her Berries and back home to change and go over to my MIL's place for dinner after TT's class.

It was a mad rush for me ...... GLC then drove over to Indoor stadium ..... we are abit late for the meet up time with GSS and TC and afraid we might miss the first part we rush like mad walking as fast as we could ... lucky we manage to make it just in time.

When we stepped in .... is a wow to me .... the 3D effect is really cool .... but still I feel their DNA is better!  Four sided stage .... with standing area is really new as the last side which open for sales in later stage is known as backside area but is really near to them I dun mind having that area if we all knew there is opening plus Guanyou's wife and dottie also sit there!

They have sang so much song which most of the fans knew and all of us sing together seems more like karaoke night!  Touch light apps that the fans turns on makes the place into a very nice starry scene ....... Mayday you rocks!

2 encore were made in total .... the last encore Ashin and the rest came up to sing the very last song that is one of my favourite minan (hokkien song) and that finally brought down the concert.  Just feel is never enough!  Please come again real soon!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday - 24 Feb 2012

Since I have some fish paste left i decided to do an egg roll with fish paste.  This is inspired by wokking mum she is really good at doing all these I love her bento preparation for her kids ..... if only I can do it I doubt I can haha

Not very hard to do this fish roll just that I am not good in rolling them .... will practice more next time and she have many more other food that I would wanna try out.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thursday - 23 Feb 2012

My company rent another unit which is 2 doors away from my current office had been a white elephant for more than 1 year and finally they are making use of it!  Boss asked me to order some chairs from my parent in law so that they can conduct some courses there.

Since my FIL is delivering the chairs I asked him to bring TT along so that Dearie need not to go over to pick her up after his RT.  My dear dottie always looking forward to come my office ..... daring girl always walk up and down to and fro my 2 units and even went into Liang Seng to greet my friend.

Since Dearie having RT ....... I have booked to do my lashes so I brought TT along ... same thing happen again .... she talk non stop and I cant rest at all during the 1hr.  After doing the lashes we headed for dinner and guess what she choose to eat Sakae *faintz* she was attracted to the games!  Went to get some groceries and my dear gal bought a few more baking items asking me to do baking with her!  She really can burn a big hole on my pocket

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mon - Wed - 20 - 22 Feb 2012

Ever since I bought my Samsung Note I neglect my Olympus ,..... and I dun remember where I place it ...... well phone of cos is not as good if were to compare to a camera but is good enough for TT and I to camwhore Muahahhaha

When I am free I will just take out the phone and camwhore ..TT loves to take pics too ..... sometimes she will ask whether she can take on her own!  Dearie said that she is 100% like me ..... hahaha and everytime friends will just commented like mother like daughter! whaha

And I even found out when I am back from work that she actually have her soft toy lying on her bed and even have a small blanket to let her soft toy keep warm ..... it really makes my days how tired I am when I see what she have done just make me smile!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday - 19 Feb 2012

Met up my gfs to continue our shopping for Ping's bd present ... went Orchard again and we headed for our brunch before we proceed to shop.  TT was hungry so she ate a big fishball that Joey bought for her first.

Went over to Ion Xin Wang and my dear TT order a kids meal - wantan noodle for herself and she finished almost everything! 

Continue our present hunting after our meal...... bought some stuffs to while hunting for the present .... quite fruitful today!  We finalize our buy ...... we decided to get Nine West bag for her and before Weeli have helped to buy SKII toner for a add on to the bag for ping!  Yeah!  Mission accomplished! 

We end our shopping trip by having a good meal at Plaza Sing Ichiban.  By the time my TT look tired and sleepy she nearly fell asleep while waiting for food thank god .... she still enjoyed herself although she is sleepy!