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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Wednesday - 6 Jan 2010

Almost forgot that I have an appointment with Dr Lee today .... .lucky her Nurse called me up yesterday to remind me of my appointment. 

Went over to clinic at 9am and Dr Lee kept on reminding me not to forget to have my pills .... cos I told him sometimes I am busy with my gal till I forgot to have it.  When I am preggy with TT I will not forget to eat .... and he also reminds me not to get preggy yet cos my thyroid is not very good.

After seeing him we went Macdonald for breakfast .... realise TT didn't really like hotcakes cos it will always ended up in Dearie's stomach.  Dearie is on leave for 4 days and on Friday he will be in ICT .... so he is our Ah Mat for these days! 

Didn't go yoga again cos I feeling tired after having my blood test.... bought Punggol nasi Lemak for Dearie since he have cravings for it.  When I reached home realise that my 2 darling sleeping but I heard TT crying out loud for me I think she heard me opening the door.  She is so cute!
  Dearie say he slept together with her when he tried tucking her to bed *LOL*

Monday, 25 January 2010

Tuesday - 5 Jan 10 Part 2

After TT school we decided to bring her for a swim ... cos she kept saying swimming!  And she is so mischievous when I say :mummy bring you go swimming ok? she will answer "shopping"!  And when I say "ok we go shopping" she will say "swimming" (=_=)"

Headed to Anchorvale CC and got new swim suit for Dearie and myself after placing our valuables in the locker we headed to the playpool with TT.  She enjoyed herself very much at the playpool especially the slide.  As for us we enjoyed ourselves too in the winding tubes slide is really fun cos you won't know when will you reached the pool!

After about 1.5h of fun we washed up and headed to mcdonald for light snack and go shopping after that.  As Dearie is going ICT on Friday we went to stock up some groceries so I dun have to buy when he is not around.  Went to cold storage and found this trolley with this future e cart on it .... kinda irritating cos of the commercial keep on flashing with loud volume .... but can say is good too cos some commercial reminds me to get the things I needed.

Our day ended with Ajisen Ramen dinner .... kinda disappointed cos their food standard dropped a big time.  Lucky we can eat in peace and chit chat cos TT already KO ... real tired after her swim *LOL*

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Tuesday - 5 Jan 10 Part 1

Is 2nd day of school ... today we have decided to sit in and see how TT behave.  There are still children whom still crying non stop .....the boy whom I took the pic together with TT cried for more than 45mins non stop!  POWER!!!

Lucky the class is small only 8 children but not all turn up on 2nd day so is rather small and the teachers can help around and attend to their need.

To us we feel that TT is a bit on those impatient type just like me .... she very kan cheong type .... but she is kinda helpful to help her classmates to keep all the plates when they finish their snacks.  When come to songs ... she is very attentive and dance along ..... hahah guess that she love to dance alot ... should I go into her interest and bloom her for that or is it too early to discover her interest it might change when she grow up?

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Monday - 4 Jan 2010

Dearie & I woke up at 9am ..... and woke TT up too ... cos today is her 1st day of school!  We decided to send her to playgroup to learn something and to adapt new environment. 

Went to PIL's shop to change her and today is Alfred's 1st day of Primary School Life he is so excited that he woke up 6am in the morning!

After changing TT we went straight to her school ... we decided to leave her alone didn't wanna sit in ..... we say bye to her and she say bye bye to us and bo chup us anymore *LOL* 

We reached her school quite early after our brunch ... so I try to peep into what are they doing ... hahah they are having some snack ... and just nice that my TT sit diagonally to the door so I manage to snap some pics of her .... and she have sharp eyes she know is me when she discover me.  She shouted MUMMY so loud!

Teacher told me she behave well in class just that she is a bit impatient always wanna stand on the chair and she love to dance!  Lucky she didn't cry at all ... thumbs up TT .... Daddy & Mummy very proud of you!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sunday - 3 Jan 2010

I have a very bad day that started off for today ....... firstly I have a tiff with Dearie .... and ignore him .... pick up TT and off to my mum place.  Received sms from my brother yesterday that he wanted to send my maid back home today cos he said that he suspect she pick pocket.  So I went down quickly unfortunately my parents and maid are not at home but they are making their way back home.

My Parents are with me yesterday so on the spot I asked my Papa what is happening ... Papa told me that the money they (my brother & SIL) found out my maid did declare to him.  Is from one of her friend whom work same blk with her.

I was having lunch with TT while my Brother is doing the talking about the maid he told me that 15th floor Auntie complain to him that my maid always go down make phone call and talk to other people.  I told my Brother this is secondary as long she look after my mama well is fine ..... and the thing is he only hear what that Auntie say he didn't wanna find out what happen whether did she get the permission to go down anot.  My Mama gave my maid permission to go down make phone call. 

And he started to talk louder (coffeeshop ppl are looking at us) and tell me that I am lucky enough that he didn't asked me to pay his 2nd maid salary.  I was like giving him a What the fuck face ... I told him HELLO YOUR MAID TAKE CARE of your sons do YOUR housework you want me to pay her salary????  He scolded me stupid and started to use vulgar lang on me ...... after that he sweep away my rice ... I am feeding TT at the moment ..... TT got a shocked and looking at me gong gong..... for me I pick up TT and immediately I use my Teh O ice to splash on him and quickly run away.

Waited for 10mins my Parents came back and I told my Papa what he did to me .... Papa went up to him and scolded him.  And we settle everything on the spot and we so lucky that my maid's friend happen to be passby so my SIL spoke to her asking her did she gave her money.  My Papa was pissed too .... 无风不起浪 they always like to stir trouble ..... my Papa told them since they wanna send back right go ahead and he and Mama will move in to our place .... their sons let their maid look after he is gonna washed his hands off ... SIL got shocked and told my Papa everything can talk dun be so impulse.  I told my Brother straight that I will not acknowledge him in future ... he answer me fine.... oh well ... I am most happy cos he won't come find me trouble but I miss most is my nephews.

Really a disgrace and shame! 家家有本难念的经!

Dearie came to pick us up after I told him what happen over the phone ..... in the evening we attended Yuki's wedding.  This good friend of mine have been reminding us since 1 year ago .... hahaha she is forever so cute.  She is my tom yum kaki we often meet up to go have tom yum steamboat at PP.

Yuki and I get to know each other from alamak chat .... in the chat she is always yucking away but when we meet up she is always quiet.  A few of our friends didn't turn up due to work .... only Meiyun and Elson that I know is there ..... lucky they are there with us.  This is the 3rd time I have wedding dinner at Furama Riverfront .... SZ & YZ's wedding have the best service and food among the 3 that I attended.  The food is very rush ....and lights are so dim till I can't see what am I eating LOL it does look romantic though.

Very happy that she is married with Hock whom she go steady for many years!  Wish you and Hock a very happy marriage and join parenthood soon!

Saturday - 2 Jan 10

Woke up early to go CC cos our committee is organising 2010 New Year Party..... there is a Wii competition going on at $1 per game and the top scorer of the 100pin bowling will walk away the Wii console!

Hon is the winner of the Wii comp and he sold to me at a good price thanks Hon!  No luck for the lucky draw 1st prize which is a PS3 .... Dearie kinda disappointed cos he intend to buy it if it is won by elderly. 

Everything went well .... the Emcee that Garen recommend is very good ... something new to us cos we use to have boring Emcee this time it really interesting .... he sing very well too!   Thumbs up for the exciting programme too!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Friday - 1 Jan 10

I was given New Year Day's off by Dearie ... he wanna rest at home ... so he say he will take care of TT.  As for me ..... I am going to Sebastian's house to accompany him play MJ with Bevian and Nick.

Seb undergo a knee operation so he is GROUNDED at home ..... he still think that he could go Genting with his Parents ..... how lucky he is ... his Parents cancelled off the trip and accompany him at home.

Since can't go Genting he called us up and have MJ with him .... his knee area is still swollen and was on clutches .....

After the game we went dinner with him .... their zi char quite nice + one western food selling chicken wings is nice too ... called up Dearie many times then he pick up the phone telling me he wanna come over to pick me up earlier but he fell asleep with TT at home. =_="

Thursday - 31 Dec 09

Woke up very early to go market with TT in the pram .... bought some YTF, prawn, mee etc for steamboat tonight. 

This year we will do countdown at Edwin & Penny's house again .... is more comfy to be there then to go party cos it will be very crowded outside!

I brought over my steamboat pot so that we can have 2 different soup base .... the chicken soup base is really good yummy!  As usual after the meal we have a game of MJ ...... and by the time for countdown all kids doze off except my TT she is doing the countdown with us and she still look so energetic!

We all enjoyed ourselves very very much ..... now is counting down to out CNY cos Edwin & Penny will be back to SG with us! Yippie ....

Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday - 29 & 30 Dec 09


Nothing much to update for today just that busy at work .... wanna clear off most of my stuffs so that I can go on leave at ease ..... quite busy and also to help think of what shall we do during New Year Eve with the gang!

Skipped my Yoga again .... cos Alfred wanna date us out ..... haha he seldom do all coordinating ... call me up and asked me to arrange for tonight's meet up ... hahaha I am busy at work so I just pass him necessary contacts and ask him to arrange.

Met up with them at PP to have dinner .... and headed to pick TT after the meal ..... on the way we pick up Huat and headed to Leisure Park Kbox.

So coincidence to see Danson there and had a chat with him ...... today is also Alfred & Vera 1st year wedding anniversary.  No wonder he so happy today see the way he sing ... but I think he sing to the wrong person LOL

Dearie & I left early cos the next day he still need to work ... for me .... hahah lucky my 2 aunties at work asked me not to go work .... so I get another day's off!  And Kbox is getting way too expensive I think next time I wanna sing I can call up SZ or Hon cos they have very cool karaoke system at home!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Monday - 28 Dec 09

Is a busy day for me .... cos is our last day of submission for grading .... so much to do today kinda tiring .... lucky is short week this week and my GM is out of town so ya basically no govt again!

MIL's shop that Blk 412 of coffeeshop where Botak Jones is always changing ZI CHAR stall.... the only Zi Char Store growing strong there is Jin Long ... till that stupid coffee shop boss wanna increase their rent they then shifted to opposite Blk 416.... and now their business is so good that they bought over Xiang Shan (historic restaurant at the other end of Blk 412) and everything seems high class!  MIL bought a packet of fried rice costing her ard $6+ with GST!!!  MIL told me she dun wanna buy from them anymore ...... 

Now this new Zi Char stall food is not too bad ... love the silver fish fried rice is very good!  Thanks to Dearie whom pack back for me.  Now without tingkat we really have to think what to have for dinner everyday *LOL*

Sunday, 10 January 2010

TT hurt herself while sleeping

In the middle of the night to 27th Dec 09 ....... at a quiet lazy night ..... suddenly a loud THUD was heard.  I jump up from my sleep and Dearie jump out from his seat while playing games on FB.  TT started to cry loudly and blood from her lips ooze out ..... poor baby crying very loud she must be in pain.

TT is trying to change her position and thinking that my side table is still  the mattress area therefore she "slam" herself heavily on the area and who knows is a hard base.  My heart really drop when I heard that!

We quickly use Zam Bak to help her massage to prevent further swelling ..... cos immediately we can feel the bump ..... I can't sleep after that accident.  I rubbing her while she fell her sleep.  Poor baby ......

Friday, 8 January 2010

Sunday - 27 Dec 09

Happy Birthday to Ah Ma (Dearie's wai po) and Pauline .... just happen that Ah Ma BD falls on Xmas eve so Uncle have shifted the dinner to Sunday and Pauline's BD falls on 27!  Hahaha so coincidence!

Uncle have booked AMK Kim Tim for dinner ..... it is so packed today and we have outside seat it is so cold sitting outside.  Bought 2 shorts for Pauline and Bird's nest for Ah Ma hope they like it cos usually we give Ah Ma red packet it will be rejected by the end of the dinner LOL.

Food standard at Kim Tim drop a bit comparing we have it in May the yam paste is no longer that nice anymore.  We love best is the cold dish and wasabi prawn.

We are all so full .... and by the time we finished our dinner is already 10+pm ..... tiring but happy day for us!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday - 7 Jan 10

Thanks to Beno for the lobang we get to have wine & food tasting by Neo Group.  He have been jio-ing me last month but we are not free I think this is a monthly affair if I am not wrong.  Chane, Lester, YZ & SZ join us is good so that we can catch up with each other.

We tasted 2 white wine & 2 red wine ... I preferred the white one!  After the wine tasting we get to have food tasting a buffet spread by Orange Clove.  Spread is good especially their terriyaki mid wing .... it was wipe out real fast!

Hope the gang have a good time ....

Saturday - 26 Dec 09

Happy Boxing Day!!!  Xmas gathering is still continue for us .... join in to Sebastian's xmas gathering this year .... he have been hosting in for several years but this time is our 1st time with them. 

Almost all of them reached his place already and have started eating ..... we share the catered food from Qi Ji ...... I think there is about 20-25pax there ...... so we share the cost each of us pay only $7 for the food. 

Had a game with him and his student .....before heading down to RC block party.

This is also our 1st time going to Joo Chiat Complex for the party .... quite cool to have host it at the car park.  The food  they catered is not that fantastic .....is quite salty so I have to drink lotsa water after that.

When the emcee asked for children to play games ... I only tell TT you go lah ... she really cheong very fast for it! LOL but ..... she cannot join in cos the game somehow is just like musical chair so is quite dangerous.  She is quite sad sitting quietly on my lap.

Towards the end of the show the emcee asked ppl to join her for a dance .... so TT join in this time she is happily dancing.  She dance Cha Cha!  Cos there is a MTV on a screen and she actually follow it and dance happily!  Everyone is laffing cos she is so cute dancing cha cha on stage *LOL*

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Thursday - 24 Dec 09

Took a cab with TT down to Edwin & Penny's place...... most of our friends are already there..... buffet have already been set up.

Penny is please with the buffet set up ...... we paid $25 per pax which I think is quite reasonable cos of the festive season and we can dine comfortably.  All of them feels good with buffet but the only thing is that the curry got not enough potato!  Edwin bake bread for us to go with the yummy curry ... is really perfect!

This year I never buy any gifts to the kids individually .... I bought a pinatas and filled up the sweets to let the kids have fun instead.  This year we have Baoming & his son with us we seldom see him so we just stay around and chit chat.

We all left at around 3+am ....... is really tiring but is great to have all friends around chit chatting all the way!  Merry Xmas to all my friends out there!