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Friday, 29 February 2008

My lunar BD 29 Feb 2008

                                                       My two  precious                                                   Me, Garen & TT                                                     me & my precious                                                     Garen with Tong Tong                                                       From SZ & YZ

Today is my lunar birthday and so nice tomorrow is my birthday hahaha just one day difference and if this year there isn't any 29 in Feb ... my lunar BD will fall the same as my birthday!  We woke up at 10am both of us are lazy to go market for breakfast so we order mcdonald and I went to nap awhile with Tong Tong. 

Woke up and check with SZ whether wanna go dinner tonight cos heard that she is having tuition at 3+....... my dearie ask her not to give tuition and head for dinner instead.  So Sz mei call up Garen and Minghan and off we go to have dinner at Roxy Square.

Reached the place at around 6+ and we had steamboat together.  Is a bit ex but I still like the place cos I simply love their tomyum soup base and chilli .... YUMMY!   Thanks to all of them for treating me kekeke .....

Went back to sz mei house for table top game and karaoke ...... while tong tong love karaoke cos she sleep while they singing .... I sing too kekeke have been waiting long to sing after I gave birth.  We all had a great time and sz mei came in and gave me a birthday card thanks mei and yz ....... hehehe it says:" present this card after 23 march to redeem your gift from Tokyo" hehehe ..... hope they have a wonderful trip there!  How I wish I can go travel soon too .... of cos I will sure bring TT along ... cos I wont want to leave her to my in laws or parents to look after while I go enjoy I feel bad!

Thanks for the celebrations my dearest friend ...... well is just the beginning heehee ...... celebration still on ..... till 1st March 2008 12midnight wonder what my hubby will plan .... maybe no plan ......

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tong Tong gave me luck!

                                            On the way to IKEA, sz mei driving!                                            Valentine's day gift from dearie                                                  CNY celebration at our  estate                                                3rd prize - Nokia 6070                                             We won the 15th and 3rd prize                                               Chest of drawer for tong tong

Woke up at 10+am washed up and off we go to parkway.  YZ drove us there and we went to starhub to get our phone.  Dearie & I each have a $100 vouchers and use it to buy phones wanted to buy N82 unfortunately they left only blue color which I find it very cartoon ..... no choice but to get Nokia 6500slide.  While YZ buying his phone my dearest princess is hungry and I didn't bring out hot water I went to the Nursery room at PP to feed her.  Is very good having that in a shopping centre but some people just misuse it get hot water from there ..... sigh ..... is not meant for them!

YZ got a samsung phone for himself!  Went to Ya Kun to grab a bite cos we are hungry never have breakfast at all and I don't have appetite due to the LS.  Went to Isetan to get thermal flasks for Tong Tong cos the one we have don't work well.  Went back to pick up SZ mei and off we go to Ikea!  Wanna go there before I gave birth to TT but time dun meet so give a miss ...... gonna grab a foldable table from there.

Had some chicken wings in Ikea before heading to our shopping.  Didn't get the table cos is out of stocks but ended up getting the chest of drawer for Tong Tong ..... SZ & YZ got the same one too ... hehehe is it meant for their baby too in future?

Rushed back to our estate to attend a CNY party organised by RC ...... we have a great time there especially the emcee - GUO XIAN HUA he is damn funny.  Tong Tong sleep soundly although is so noisy with all the laughter, songs, music etc.  Guess is Tong Tong gave us luck we won 15th and 3rd prize is a house phone and a Nokia HP 6070 and the tickets is just $16 for 2.  Hahahaha just nice that I can gave the phone to my father cos his phone is getting "Out of Order" soon.  And my mama wanna have my Nokia 5300 .....

I never think I will win anything cos I am just going there for fun heehee and gave support well guess TT really gave me luck.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Ling & Boon's Wedding

                                       tongtong all gear to go  姑姑's wedding                                                     me & Pauline                                                        She is so pretty!                                                           tekaning time                                              He got CHO KANG wor .... see his shirt?                                                          GLC & me                                                  The Couple - Davis & Pauline                                                         me & Shi Shi                                                            Bao Jie & me                                            My lovely ah Ghor & me                                           the future CEO  - ah Boy & me                                               I am the emcee for the nite                                   JP Mr Chan & the couple before soleminisation                                                                   Me & Yvonne                              Girl, Yvonne, Jenny, Helen, shishi, me, GLC & Baojie                                                me, small aunt & Helen                                                               Girl & Me                                         took only  the  1st & last dish
Been looking forward for this big day - Ling & Boon's wedding!  2 years ago, both of them helped out on my wedding and I am looking forward to help them too.  Boon helped in looking for bridal studio for us, drive our wedding car, took pictures for us ..... as for ling she help me in the coordinating of my whole wedding, making of the ang bao box, choose gown with me, even my photoshooting she is there to help as well thanks girl *hugz*

When I am pregnant, I get to know that she is getting married in Feb 08 both of us been praying that I will be able to make it to their wedding cos might crash with my confinement if tongtong come out late.  Thank God! Everything is going smooth! 

Woke up at 6am to wash up before waking up my husband and tongtong, my stomach wasn't feeling good ........ARGHHHHHHHHHH I LS 3 times before going out ..... thought it should be ok later on.  Proceed to my cousin's place ........ and waited for the groom to come ..... and I am wrong I keep on LS!  I am really scare that I can't help much later on in the evening but still I hack care and enjoyed the buffet lunch from Mum's kitchen  didn't take any pics cos I am quite tired after so many times of LS.  Went to see a GP after we left ling's house took the medicine and have a short nap with TongTong & my dearie.

Reached Noble House at 6.45pm and knowing that the couple will be a bit late cos the make up artist is late so everything will be delayed.  So all of us rest awhile at the foyer area and during that time I feel so sad!  Cos I heard something which I feel is unfair to me cos got people start talking to me about my confinement period!!!  ARGHHHHHH is OVER why they keep on talking about it!  AND PLS DO NOT COMPARE ME WITH OTHERS!  If I know is so MA FAN with all those ppl talking cocks I will not want to have a baby then!

I feel much better after the medicine and manage to go through for the rest of the night.  Lucky if not all the guests will be wondering where is the mandarin speaking emcee and why she always CHEONG to the ladies! hahaha.  Food is good but the waitress seems like rushing and service is not really that good too compare to the one at paramount.  Overall is still good!

Hereby, I wish Pauline & Davis a very Happy blissful Marriage and 早生贵子

Sunday, 24 February 2008

21 Feb 2008 元宵节

Today is the last day of CNY ....... check with papa & mummy they cant have dinner with us so I push my little princess down to buy dinner with my husband. 

Near our house there is a GETAI specially for today and they have some mediacorps artist coming to perform.  Wanted to watch that but my pt maid coming to do cleaning up so gotta give that a miss.  Have missed the previous one cos am still in confinement have miss the fireworks too .....

At near 10pm suddenly we heard loud noises ...... is FIREWORKS!  Wow ... this time round is much higher and we can catch it at our own place .... is very nice ...... manage to snap some pics ...... but of cos pics is not that nice heehee .....

Hope that next year will have more of these event so that I can catch it!  Time really passes fast ....... is end of the CNY already ......

I am a happy bird ............

MUMMY .............. IS OVER!!!!! YEAH! Yes Yes my confinement is over ... I am damn bloody happy ...... cos I am sick being at home spider web have been growing on me ..... and I miss shopping!!!!!

Today I will be on my own handling little princess ..... as usual make milk,watch tv and bathe her in the morning.  At around 1pm ..... I set off to parkway to get more cake vouchers cos the one that i bought yesterday is not enough.  1st time using the sarong sling as shown above to bring her out.

Watched the cd on the demonstration of how to use the sarong before and still I feel that I am not doing it good ..... but think of when I am alone I have to carry the pram and her I will die ... no choice but to really had it try on.  Still not too bad .... and to my surprise the moment I put her into the sarong she fell asleep!!!  She is sleeping throughout the whole of my short shopping trip but when she reached East Shore she is awake! 

Today is her 2nd time seeing PD ..... and she have to get injection today ... and she is weighing 4.7kg and 57cm long ..... wow she really grow fast!  Head home straight after seeing the PD cos my pt maid is coming to clean up the house.  SZ mei ta bao dinner for me initially my husband will be home late.  I am so lucky to have such a good neighbours around me ... Thanks mei!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

16 Feb 2008

YIPEE! This is the last day of my confinement ....... I am so happy .....kinda busy for today cos the very next day is my precious baby's full month!

We have our place cleaned and pack all my DOM, chicken essence all in my bomb shelter thanks to my part time maid - Popo.  She have done a great job for me by keeping my place neat and tidy at all times!

Mama & Papa came over to our place in the late evening to see is there any things to help out and my MIL came by at about 8+ 9.  She drove down the stools and tables for tomorrow's events and also made some red eggs at her side before coming to our place to continue the 2nd batch.

Papa & Mama stay to help out in "dying" the eggs ...... thanks to my parents and my parents in law for the help!  Without you all .....I will not be able to handle all these stuffs with my Tong Tong with me cos she is super sticky!

By the time all things done is already past midnights and we have to wake up early on the next day.  I guess I am the most tired cos my Tong Tong very on time during feeding time I hardly have any rest ...... hope that she can adjust back her time and I shall be more relax next time when I get back to work......

Ending soon ....

I have been counting down to the last day of confinement cos i will be free ..... but some says confinement last for 40 days!  Another 10 days!  I think just another second i also cant take it! 

I am so scared of confinement .... i think cos of this will just let me think of stopping at 1!  I like babies I like to have lotsa children of my own but cos of tat strict 1 month really turns me off! 

I cant eat during this month guess that I am too tired and I have lost my appetite .... Nowsaday I only have breakfast and dinner and is being like almost 1 month i skip my lunch and I have been losing weight.  A good sign but i guess is a bit unhealthy.

Many friends came by during my confinement and commented I have very pale face and lost weight.  Our good friend Shunli & Peiying ask their confinement lady to cook me a meal.  Peiying also given birth to their 2nd son on 2nd Feb congrats!  Shunli brought over the food for me in the late afternoon on 15 Feb heehee ..... is very nice i love the food!  If i can overcome the scary confinement days and CHEONG for 2nd one I will definately engage this CL!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

She is gone ......... 16 Feb 08

Got a sms at 6.17am today ...... "My Mum passed away. Can you inform ur mum pls. Thanx." My Heart sank ....... and I cant believe it!!! Quickly give my cousin a call and check what happen ..... my cousin is crying and say is a sudden death ... they didnt even know what time my Ah Yi pass away .....

Hanged up the phone and quickly call my mum they already get the news from my small uncle ..... my tears start rolling down ..... I am really sad .... and ah yi have told my cousin to tell me that they will be coming over to my baby's full month celebration.  But now she is gone .......

My mum intend to keep it from me cos I cant attend the funeral as I am still under confinement .....纸是包不住火.  I feel really sad ..... my beloved ah yi is gone I still cant believe it!  Tomorrow is tong tong's full month and sad to say she have not seen yi po before ...... my husband will represent to attend the funeral ...... rest in peace my beloved ah yi.  I really miss you!