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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday - 31 Oct 2010

One of our committee member - Pingbu organised a brunch at Garibaldi Italian Restaurant  located Purvis Street.  Food thrill falls under in our interest group activities, friends have any interest do let me know so maybe the next one I can jio you too.  He had done one at a Turkish Cuisine some time back in July I didn't really fancy so I didn't join them, looking at what SZ have posted in her blog looks good!

YZ drove Dearie's car over to Purvis Street Dearie not joining cos he just came back from RT and thanks to him for looking after TT so I can enjoyed the brunch with my friends!  We meet Pingbu and Raash at the entrance... and when I step in I find the ambiance is good even toilet is good too *LOL*.

Each pax cost $68 for a 5 appetizer, 3 pasta, 3 main course and 4 dessert quite a big spread.  Love the fish and bread the most .... too bad I dun eat most of the things like lamb, beef etc but I do enjoyed the session! 

When I am home ... TT was so happy to see me and kept calling my hubby to wake up and see I am back.  Around evening time we headed to Tampines for dinner Dearie just had his molar extract so he wanna have a soft diet and I am still full after the brunch so we ordered chicken porridge and you tiao wrap to share.

TT didn't have nap in the afternoon so she abit grouchy and naughty so I made her kneel down and punish her.

                                               Still can smile at me =_="

On top of the kneeling down I still have a talk session with her, telling her what is wrong why i punished her.  At least letting her know what she did wrong now really gotta teach her .... if not next time very hard to teach I gotta be strict with her but mostly I can't do it!

Mon - Thur - 27 - 30 Sept 10

On Monday when I am in in law shop TT still ok very normal ... but on Tuesday night when she is back home Dearie told me that she have a big ulcer on her tongue.  Poor baby kept on crying cos is really painful.  MIL gave me a 西瓜霜to apply for her but she didnt like it .... she will spit out :(   Poor baby cannot have milk too cos she can't drink when is hot ... have to give her something cold.  Happened that TT's frd (Samson)'s mum is our schoolmates and we are talking in FB knowing that his son got HFMD I was kinda scare .... cos I am afraid that she might have it and I am scare too cos I might be quarantine at home with her.

On Wednesday she went to see GP ... GP said that she is not having HFMD cos is not those small one on tongue her hands and legs got no spot too.  TT's Teacher called me up saying that her 2 best friend had HFMD.  We didn't let her go to school poor baby cannot sleep properly she will cry and cry even at night too .... and when she cry she will want me to hug and smooth her so I am kinda tired cos I dun get to sleep well.  Poor baby have to eat ice cream for her meal and when she sees all of us eating she feel sad ..... I know how much she would wanna eat her fav fishball but she can't .... it really pain me!

I tried using the ulcer cream - bonjela on TT at first she is ok but when it turn numb to her she will cry again ... so I try a mild one on her which is given by my GP when I am having ulcer ... she is ok with that so I will apply tat on her before she can have her milk. 

On Thursday I really can;t take it anymore and asked my GM to release me early so that I can go back to catch a nap before she is back home again .. going hur .... hur ... hur ... again .... I also took a day leave tomorrow cos is children's day!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday - 30 Oct 2010

Is Halloween celebration day and I am spending it at Toa Payoh Sports Hall and I have miss the fun with my multiply gathering with my Girlfriends!

I was being appointed to be the Emcee for the night for our Korean Demonstration.  A bit stressed cos I have to face 2000+ people in the sports hall but is a great experience.  A total different exposure compared to the one I do during our tournament.

A month of preparation work not very easy as there is lotsa coordination to be done! And tonight I am gonna enjoy the show!  This is a demonstration which we collaborate with Korean Embassy.

Admission is free .... and we have do up the publicity in almost all the CC and Taekwondo school so big crowd is expected!  At around 7.15pm the whole seating gallery is almost full!  And at 730pm sharp .... the GOH arrived and after all formalities the demonstration started.  Performance is followed one after another without any break.... 45mins performance ended with a loud applause and cheer by all spectators!

After which there is photo taking and autograph session too ..... the youngest performer stole the limelight and attracted lotsa autograph hunters .....
I dun even get a chance to ask him for autograph!  Manage to get one whom he play and greet TT during the demonstration .... really handsome! *LOL*

Friday, 29 October 2010

Sunday - 26 Sept 2010

3rd year into this Inter-GRO bowling competition .... is really fun ... u get to play and have lucky draw too!  This year is held at Safra Tampines and it will follow by a Sakura Dinner after the game.

This year is a bit different as we are being mix up with other committee cos of this initially we dun wanna bring TT along but we feel a bit troublesome to bring her to in law place and pick her up again.  After much thinking we decided to bring her along cos she is always with us .....

Thanks to Hon, Raash and Michelle for lending TT Iphone ..... hahaha cos she is so in love with it!  She love playing games and ya she took good care of the phone well unlike when she is young playing my nokia till the phone went retard!  The bowling game is good and my team mates rocks!  Not like Dearie's team ... no communication ......poor Dearie ... he is so bored!

After a good game we went over Sakura for a good meal the spread is good .... I dun even know where to start from.  We are sitting with Aces and Meiling long time never chat ... good time to catch up!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sat - 25 Sept 2010

Our place lights become dim ... I reckon is the tube faulty so we go around to search but all supermarket is selling Fat tube ... ours is thin tube so we have no choice but to bring it to the shop that we bought our lights from before we do our renovation.  And we have decide to buy 2 more ballast to store it.

After we bought our stuffs we walked back to City Square Mall to shop and Chloe smsed us asking if we wanted to have dinner.  So I suggested Kichi Kichi a conveyor belt system + individual pot seems very new to us.  Thanks to Pauline 佩玲 who posted some of the photos which makes me crave for it.

Since we are early we headed to do reservation and continue to shop around while waiting for them.  I had their Tom Yum Soup, Dearie & GLC ordered Chicken, Chloe and David try their mushroom soup which is the chef recommendation.  The waiter is very helpful he even recommend me soup cos I have TT with me.  

The only thing i feel so uncomfortable is that the siting top is very high and TT is very low sitting on her baby seat.  Curious baby always wanted to see what we are doing so she tends to stand up on the baby chair to see.  Overall I feel that is quite ok not bad over here will come back for more next time!

Thurs - Fri - 23 & 24 Sept 2010

Almost every morning she will cry when we wake her up to go in law's place .... see her cry so cute .... Dearie say I am a sicko love to take her pic when she cry but I just feel she look cute!

But sometime she fake us ..... cry but no tears ...... just want attention!

Nothing much to update for the 2 days ..... just same again work, home, do housework ..... life is really become very stagnant .... I think I have to meet up more with my friends more often.  I have friends whom think we are married with kids no time for them but is wrong as long is not last min I will be able to meet up.

Wednesday - 22 Sept 10

Time pass really fast .. is moonake festival again ... this year due to the passed on of Grandma we cannot give any gifts to ppl therefore we only bought for self consumption.

Dearie knocked off at 4pm and he went to pick up TT first then came over to Katong to pick me to go for BBQ with his colleagues.  Just before knocking off it started pouring heavily!  Arghhhhh why almost every year we can't celebrate mooncake festival in a nice weather I remembered a few years back we wanted to enjoy the days with neighbours due to the hazy weather we ended up back to our place can't even see the moon clearly.

When we reached ECP the rain stopped and most of his colleagues already there setting up the fire.  We hanged around for awhile eat some food and headed home straight ordering zi char to eat *LOL*  His colleagues all from China and some of them not really that friendly so ya we just show face.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mon - Tues - 20 & 21 Sept 10

Was so tired maybe cos of my sun burnt ... I can't even wear a bra properly cos the stretching part is painful and I hope nobody will just slap on me LOL.

When I reached ofc my GM and boss so shocked to see I am having sunburn .... my boss commented that I look great when I am tan .... he say I dun look good when I am fair!  But after awhile my tan will be gone and will turn fair again ..... dun last long ....

Went back home to cook simple dinner and also we trying to finish the mooncake in our fridge hope to clear asap too is taking up space in my freezer ......

Wednesday - 27 Oct 2010

Suppose to have Hey Hey pot at POMO with my multiply sweeties but then my dear Pauline cannot make it last min so we cancel our meet up but I crave so much for steamboat for that week ... I dated Weeli to go mushroom pot with me.

Good day to have steamboat cos is a rainy day ..... we had 2 kind of soup ... their signature mushroom soup is better that the Ma La.  Can just top up $2-$4 for other soup too ... and on top of this you can choose 5 cooked items from starter.  We are kinda full after the starter so we take our own sweet time to chat and eat slowly till we are really full!

Mon - Fri ladies got 20% off total bill ... and I paid $58+ after the discount ....... thanks to Weeli whom kept me company.  Really ease my craving .....

My menses was late I did a pregnancy test last Sunday but is negative .... but I really got a feeling of how am I like when I am preggie with TT.  hmmmmm keep finger crossed ........maybe just stress .......