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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tuesday - 27 Apr 10

We are being activate for this year Inter-School Tournament office will be close for the next four days for the event.

I am the Announcer for the event .... not easy cos the sports hall got no air-con and very warm inside .... with all the talking I need to say I drank and sweat alot!

CCAB have chosen these dates for the tournament but most of the students are all having exam.  And we are lack of helper ... is really very tiring to handle so many roles at a time. 

Start of the competition is fro Primary School Poomsae (pattern) tourney .... kids are really cute ... and they will take more time to report when we doing a roll calling.

The whole event ended at 5+pm ...... so I headed to my in law shop for dinner .... very tiring but very fun cos sometimes is quite good to leave office to do such event!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday - 26 April 10

Went to the hawker near our office which is the canteen of the old TKGS campus we have Thai food again.  Today we share and ordered more Fried Kway Tiao to go with Sambal Kang Kong. 

For hawker stall this standard is quite good already and price is reasonable!  Will wanna try more of their different kind of food.

Went back to Bedok to have dinner and of cos to see my baobei ..... and today she is quite ok compare to the past days.  But she took her friend's bag home today and so cute her friend's name is Peng Yu in chinese but in hokkien when u pronounce is friend!

My MIL say she didn't notice it till when TT said she wanna drink water and took out a blue color water bottle!  hahahaha then MIL stop her from drinking and check out the bag *LOL* my princess quite blur also!

And my Princess herself told me she got wrong back home ... hahaha and I notice my baobei like lost weight ...... poor baby sick for a few days and now lost weight.

Monday - 22 March 2010

Opposite my office that hawker centre have a Thai food stall which have been around for quite sometime.  Today then Jo & I went over for lunch ..... Tom Yum is good .... price is only $4 for it quite reasonable .....

She have fried kway tiao .... not too bad too nice .... is also at $4.  We have to lunch out today cos most of the management committee is in office.  I hate it when all of them are here cos our 1hour lunch cannot rest in office.

Usually after we lunch in we will rest or play games till 2pm and start our work again ... lately more and more ppl coming to our place during lunch time *sigh* 

This week will be a bit tiring for me cos I have to fetch TT most of the time for this week ... poor dearie have to work late again!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Friday & Saturday - 19 & 20 Mar 10

Friday, dearie came back home at around 11+pm .... looking at him.... he look so tired so poor thing .. but bo bian *sigh* 

In fact both of us dun have luck in our job seeking at all .... maybe is fate that we have to stay put!  Seeing people around us changing job just like changing clothing is so easy ... for us seems like we are really fated.  Hope we have better luck next year!

Rainy Saturday late morning we went to pick up Charmayne and my FIL to TTSH to visit Grandma.  TT is not allow to go up so she stay with my MIL in the shop while we make our way there.

Ah Ma look sleepy and tired ..... after chatted with us for awhile she fell asleep and we went off.  TTSH is very strict  ... we have to register ourselves before visiting and even to Q up to get into the lift and only 4 visitor are allow to be inside the ward.

After we have lunch at my PIL shop we went PP to get some groceries, Charmayne thanks for the treat of KOI drink ... the grass jelly is very nice!  Thanks Wei Shien (Polarwhite80) for the recommendation ..... is really yummy!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Thursday - 18 March 2010

A super busy day for me at work .... cos is the last day submission for our grading om April .... totally no time to do any things just sit there collecting money!  Every time when we have submission usually we will work till like 6+pm .... dun understand why all these ppl like to come last minute!

We have sent out the notice 1 month before closing ..... *sigh* there is one Instructor worst!  Our lunch is 1.00 - 2.00pm he know it so well .... but he came at 1.30 and complain to our officially sponsor shop's sales lady that he thought this "important" day normally lunch time will open.  Lucky someone stood up for us and told him off that we are human we need rest time and lunch time too.  Then he kept his fucking mouth shut after that usually he is always the last 2 person to come office at ard 5pm.  Today come so early and talk cock!

After knocking off at around 6+pm I went to Bugis to meet up Pauline and Chloe ... thanks Chloe for picking us up.  We went to my uncle shop - Irodori Jap Rest. located at Riverview Hotel since most of us are craving for sashimi so we decided to go over there.

It happen to be GLC's birthday so Pauline bought a cake for her too .... we had a great time chit chatting .... and eating w/o babies w/o hubby/bfs hahaha is fun!  Thanks to Pauline for the handsome Patrick .... finally my bed have a soft toy of my own cos the rest of them are TT's!!!

Happy Birthday Sis GLC!  Stay happy and healthy always!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Monday - Wednesday - 15 March - 17 March 2010

On Monday I took leave to bring TT for flu injection now she in in playgroup we think is better to let her have the flu jab.  My brave gal didn't cry at she only say OUCH and happily get 2 sweets from the doctor! =_=".

After the jab we went PP for a walk ... she is so active that I can't really shop so went back home.  Hahaha I think I really can't bring her out along I will DIE!

Tuesday - got nothing much to update but I was so in love with chicken floss now ... I can eat plain porridge with it for dinner but of cos I still put in carrots to make my porridge sweeter.  My Dearie work late today so I am alone with TT at home .....

Wednesday - Dearie came home at 530am .... poor hubby .... so we have to "activate" my MIL to come fetch TT in the morning.... Dearie went back to office only at 2.00pm ... and go off at 5.00pm ... he came picking me up and headed to my in law's place for dinner.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sunday - 14 March 10

Meet Sis GLC and we headed o Bishan to visit Ah Ma ... she s looking good and was talking to us.  Went back Bedok and check out the flight info before we go pick up Bro Leoric and SIL Celia they went HK for holiday.

With the kids and my in laws we went airport in 2 separate cars.... we are 1st to reach so we went to change TT and GLC called up say there is a change shall meet up first and let us know what happen.

Sis GLC told us that Ah Ghor they all can't wake Ah Ma up... and she is on the way on the ambulance to TTSH we all got shocked and we are all so scared.  So my Parent In Law are  on the way to TTSH.  We are so scare and the thing is we have just seen Ah Ma an hour ago .... left with no mood...... and the kids are hungry so we have to find a place to eat.

We went to Xin Wang HK cafe at T3 and we just anyhow order and ended up with many luncheon meat!!!  Poor Dearie was asked to finish that.  Dun wanna dampen the kids mood we let them go try the self balancing transportation device look cool!  We are waiting for news about Ah Ma and we are told that we can't visit her so we make our way home and hope she is ok and get well soon!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Saturday - 13 March 10

Lunar dates marks today is my Grandma's 1st year death anniversary time passes real fast ..... went to pick my Parents up and headed to Uncle house for prayers.

Daryl (use to be my brother) left his kids with my Parents and guess what our little Nissan squeeze 6 adults and 3 kids! 

Play with my nephews till crazy hahaha the little one so cute .... but after Daryl come I stop all activities with them LOL oh well guess my Parents quite upset about the 2 of us.

I still have to say dun blame me cos he is the one who say dun want me as his sister..... actually is a good thing that I never talk to him cos he won't msn me tell me this and that save me lotsa trouble. 乐得轻闲

Monday - Friday - 8 - 12 Mar 10

On Monday and Tuesday Dearie is on MC guess he had caught a cold whole babysitting TT!  Two days he came fetching me after work and we head to Bedok to have dinner with my in laws.

Dearie told me while on the way to Bedok that his boss have fired 5 person straight in a row!!!  First time I heard this kinda bad ... heard that these 5 person bad mouth the boss and their conversation is being seen!  Dearie kinda demoralize cos 5 colleagues in a row! 

Slept very early for the 2 days .... we are all very tired and as for dearie cos he is drowsy after taking the medicine. 

For Wed and Thur I cook at home so nothing much to update.

On Friday after my PT maid came over we went PP to do some groceries and we went for dinner at Sakae sushi ... very disappointed dinner I had there!  Conveyor Belt have nothing much ..... so have to order from the computer provider.  Ramen soup is salty, sushi all break open after u pick up from chopstick..... Dearie and I have decided to go Sakae again