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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sat & Sun - 22 & 23 Aug 09


Went over to visit Mama ..... nothing much we do today kinda lazy too so after visiting Mama we went over to Leisure Park to buy our groceries and TT's milk powder.  Nothing much we do today just rest & relax ... went back home quite early and my friends all so surprise I am home so early on a Saturday *LOL*

Woke up at around 10+am and we headed straight to Bishan (Small uncle shop) cos they will be doing offerings for the seventh month for the shop.  This year not much people turn up ..... minus off Ah Ghor's family consider alot already hahaha...

Help to pack some food so that we can deliver to my MIL and Ah Ghor .... headed to Bedok thought MIL will cook today but my BIL say that we gg out for dinner ... make a trip back home to wash up cos TT & I are so dirty!

We have dinner at Waraku .... my FIL did not join us cos he have a dinner to attend .... he is kinda disappointed cos he loves sashimi!  Dearie and MIL goes for a 1 for 1 ra-men, I have their hot pot, my SIL (GLC) have their pork curry udon, BIL & SIL (Celia) share the their Garlic rice and my 2 lovely nephews have their kids meal!

We are all laughing at Dearie and my MIL's bowl cos is really big .... who knows when my SIL (GLC)'s curry udon came we all burst into laughter cos hers is bigger.  She is laughing at my MIL and Dearie's bowl .... so we all laff back at hers!

After the dinner we went back home straight cos we are pretty tired and with this cooling weather make us so sleepy ......

Friday - 21 Aug 09

Planning to cook and wait for my 2 precious to come back from home...... but I received a last min sms from my brother asking Dearie to go fetch Mama home from his place cos he can't make it on time.

And actually we have plan to go Ubi CC to help to collect the NDP fun pack so we discuss and I will be fetching TT while Dearie can make his way to fetch Mama and go Ubi CC.  I reached Bedok .... and got a call from my Brother saying that he is back at his place he will send Mama home I was like WTF! ..... *sigh* why he always like to have a last min thing ... not everyone is free ...... I so fed up!  I quickly called up Dearie he told me that he only need to turn he will reached Potong Pasir.  Told him to fetch us instead so he have to make a detour............

Papa called and he knew I am gonna complain to him cos he also complaining about him!  I hope that he will change in future ... cos my PT maid coming today too ... we are rushing like mad and she is already waiting for us at the lift lobby.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Thursday - 20 Aug 09

Today is the 1st day of Seventh month, my mil bought us the joss paper pack for us to pray when we are back home. 

Since we have TT ... just like last year I went to pray alone again .... same old faces of my neighbour whom pray during seventh month is already there.  And Dearie say we will try not to stay our too late during seventh month and he say will come back asap today.

So when I came back from the praying I cook simple dinner.  Eggs, sotong ball and cabbage.... forgot to buy ingredients for soup ... so no soup for today. 

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wednesday - 19 Aug 09

Went back my in law's place for dinner today cos is been like 2 weeks we never go back.  TT kept calling me when she sees me *LOL* she very sticky loh .... *sigh*.

My FIL is always the first to finish his meal so he went back to his office table to chit chat with a friend whom came by.  Suddenly I heard my MIL screaming ... gave me a shock ... and we saw my FIL holding on a wooden plank and hit on to a rat!  My MIL told us this rat is "living" here for so long and they tried catching it but always failed.

TT still not scare of it she still dare to see and when I ask her where is the mouse (she called that a mouse) she answer me "Mouse orr orr (sleep)... and she still pose the orr orr position.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tuesday - 18 Aug 09

                                                             Hungry or Angry TT?

Met up with Coco and HY to have dinner together ....as HY is still deciding whether to get Mica a N97 ... learning that it does not have Bo Po Mo Fo so is abit difficult if she wanna use it.  Now he is still considering cos his X1 can trade in for $300.

We went 高记 for dinner and we order set dinner to share .... total bill is $106.  Food is good not too bad ... love the cod fish and the chicken yummy ...

Window shopping for a while before we parted..... HY still can't make any decision hahah think carefully Brother dun rush .... *LOL*

Happy Birthday Sis Tricia stay pretty!  And happy 19th month to you TT my precious!

Monday - 17 Aug 09

On the way back home ... Papa called and told me that Mama is tired dun wanna go for acupuncture.  So i quickly call up Dearie and ask him to come home straight need not go over.

Cook porridge for dinner tonight ..... lately I love those sticky kind of porridge w/o much water type .... if got chicken floss will be more nice.

A boring Monday night not much things to do .... so I just watch Hi5 with TT .... she love watching that she will always dance when they sing.  I am gonna bring her to watch it when they are performing here in September.  Hope she will enjoy it on that day.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sunday - 16 Aug 09

After finishing our brunch that I bought in market we start to pack our house .... wondering why we always pack? Our house is always full of letters, magazines, leaflets etc...... and this time round include spring cleaning our bomb shelter.

I made Dearie throw away things that we have not been using and is 4 big bagful of stuffs and one bag of stuffs that I wanna bring over to the Salvation Army.

After the spring cleaning is about 6+pm .... went to have a shower and we have Mcdonald for dinner .... at the same time watching National Day Rally.  YES YOU NEVER READ WRONGLY IS NATIONAL DAY RALLY THAT I AM WATCHING.  All my friends know that I don't watch it at all cos I will tends to fall asleep *LOL* 

Dearie is always the one whom summarize for me every time that's why I dun sit and watch it.  This time I got selected to do the straw poll so I tell myself I have to watch the Rally and thanks to Dearie he watched together with me cos he is afraid sometimes TT will distract me  Thanks dear!  I will wanna watch again next year!  So my friends out there I am so proud to tell you that I didn't fall asleep and I did finished watching the Rally.

Saturday - 15 Aug 09

Suppose to meet up with HY at 10.30am but we slept till 10am .... hahah so we are the only one HY himself overslept!  We only manage to meet up at 11am .... hahah went Ya Kun to have our breakfast. 

After our coffee we went over to Starhub cos I need to get a phone and I have made up my mind to purchase a N97.  I dun wish to buy but no choice my phone went retard.  I have to use like 5mins to open my msg box .... can u imagine .... and when i wanna pick up my phone ..... the screen went still but is still ringing anf after awhile it hanged!  Thanks to TT cos she is the one whom always dropped my phone and now that phone is officially hers!

Wanted to go Wild Wild Wet end up we went to eat KFC first and headed to Kbox instead .... before we go over to Kbox we are being "caught" to play scrabble.  We have a tied game but we came in second  cos the tiebreaker decided on the word that was formed with more points.
The winner walk away with movie ticket while we have Transformer note book.  Not too bad ....

Went to sing with HY till 7+pm and headed to my Niece's birthday in the chalet.  She is turning 4 this year time really pass fast and she have an early celebration.  TT was sleepy but after she is there she so happy took off her shoes she went mingle around with all the children there.

                                                     My sweetie pie niece - Faith

After cutting the cake .... we took our leave and gave a lift to my Uncle out of the chalet he refuse to let us send him back.  Lucky I bathe TT at the chalet cos when she is on the car seat she doze off in 5mins time. 

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Friday - 14 Aug 09

Went back home immediately after work to keep all my laundry so that when my PT maid come later can iron it for me.  pack the toys that TT played last night cos is all over the floor and guess what she slept very late as for me I am already in lala land.

She played hide and seek with Dearie when I am sleeping ... i didn't hear anything haha I am a dead log.  Cook porridge for my own dinner with the leftover cabbage and once is done my PT maid is here I left home to pick TT up.

Dearie having a company dinner function at OCC so he won't be able to pick TT up.  Took bus 60 back home with TT she seems very happy cos long time never take bus.  Lucky she is well behave just about to reach the bus terminal she is about to doze off so I quickly wake her up so that she can walk on her own later when we alight.

But the moment she reached home she didn't wanna sleep anymore .... hahha so funny whenever she is in Dearie's car she also doze off......

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thursday - 14 Aug 09

HY is back in town to attend some course next week, thanks HY for bringing back more of the Beef Instant noodle for Dearie hahaha .... this time he add on Pork instant noodle!!! hahah Dearie is a happy bird now. 

We had dinner together I cook some and HY bought some, lucky we have Coco with us as well if not we won't be able to finish.

After they left I bathe TT cos she is sweating and sticky ..... do some household work and I realise TT can count very well .... she say to me One, Two, Three, Four, Five .... way to go darling ..... shall teach you 6 to 10 real soon!!!

Tuesday & Wednesday - 11 & 12 Aug 09


Dearie came to pick me up after work and we headed to Leisure Park to buy groceries again *LOL* and I stock up more food so that I can cook sometimes tired of eating out and what to eat....

Dearie went RC meeting while TT and I stay home and unpacking all the stuffs we bought.

My phone started to be retard .... think I am gonna say goodbye to it real soon.  And I will not let TT play with my phone anymore.


Need not think hard straight away we both agree to go back home to cook something to eat ..... decided to have the CP prawn dumpling noodle.  It is packed in a nice bowl ... all you have to do is to pour in the soup base powder, add water and into microwave for 3mins ... Voila a nice hot soup noodle is done!  Just so easy and hassle free ......

Dearie say wanna have a few days rest before we rent a series again cos he say I am too crazy to stay up till 3+am to chase the show .... he want me to rest ... hahah thanks Dear!

Monday - 10 Aug 09

There is no Monday blue at all for today LOL cos is a holiday in lieu.  We are nua-ing till 11+am.  TT was already wide awake in between if us. 

I know she is awake but I refuse to get up and she even kiss me to wake me up *LOL*  Sorry my darling Mama is too lazy and its been like months since I nua-ing.

Was hooked on this show ..... and past few days I kept chasing it till 3+am hahaha ..... today best the whole day!

This is the only 古装 series that I am chasing so crazily.  Dearie was shocked too cos usually I dun like
古装 show.

We only go out for awhile to our Ah Ghor house in Ubi to pass stuffs to our new mummy - Pauline.  After we are back we continue to watch the series and we have super late dinner as for TT she is busying walking around and play with her toys.

Sunday - 9 Aug 09

Woke up and went over to Leisure park to do some groceries shopping and went over to Nelson and Sharon's house to pass him our Japan guide book.  Hope it will help them when they are in Japan during Sept time.

Went over to Geylang Serai Market for our National Day celebration .... we are in charge of fun pack distribution.  Is fun .... we are given a $3 meal coupon to enjoy the food at the Hawker Centre.  At 8.22pm all of us took the pledge together ... very meaningful to spend my National Day with my family and friends!

I bought 6 fun packs for my nephews and colleagues...... I hope my 2 lovely boys will love the fun packs.

Happy Bithday Singapore and Happy Birthday to Yan Yan

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Saturday - 08 Aug 09

Went Isetan shopping again cos they having sales and privilege card member got rebate so we went to get a new pillow for TT.  Bump into Priscilla (Mom2nat) so have a little chit chat and off we go to fetch Mama & Papa to go temple.

Glad that Mama wanna go out ..... I remember she dislike going out after she is back home ... now she have initiative not too bad!  Treat her to a vegetarian meal cos she say she love the olive fried rice there.  Mine is not so nice .... overall I feel the food is salty .... but the soup that my Papa order is good!

Headed back home soon after we drove my parents home .... went back home to have a rest cos we are meeting Coco for dinner.

Is her birthday today - Happy Birthday my dear sis .... may you have a good one!

We meet up Liqing and Irene too at Holland Drive XO Fish head bee hoon ... standard drop not really that nice anymore.  We ordered soup fish meat bee hoon, white kway tiao, chili crab, sweet potato leaves and prawn paste chicken. Crab we order is not that good too .... the meat is like scattered kind not very nice and they dun have Man Tou .... sianz!  Total bill is $109.

Is being a long time since I go Holland Drive ..... use to go there almost every week last time to meet up my Holland gang for chit chat.  Buona Vista CC have upgraded and is so big and nice ... there is a NTUC too so convenient!  Lotsa changes .... have to go there more often cos I almost can't recognise certain area. *LOL*