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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday - 30 Nov 2011

Woke up early even though I am on leave cos Small Uncle and Aunt came over to help us to some praying - 动土.  Thanks to my MIL for helping me to get those items for praying I know nuts about it.

And after all the praying ...... I have to stay and wait for the SP Services man and Plumber to come over.   Lucky is windy if not I will be sweating like nobody business .......

Plumber took about 2hrs to finish his pipping work, installation of spray and one tap  ..... and I love the spray he install for me!  Work done is very nice.  While the plumber doing his work I have arranged the window grilles sales person came to do a quote for me.

Previous one that my FIL's friend's cousin charge is damn ex ....... 3.2K for 3 bedroom and living room.  Small Aunt suggested about the invisible grille so I ask them to come over for a quote.  Derrick (window grille guy) came and do p the measurement plus on the spot quoting me .... 2.6k for all windows .... I find quite ok and ask him to do up an official quote so that I can discuss it with Dearie about it!

Ok all came on the same day which makes my leave worth while!  Tomorrow we will be on leave again .......

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tuesday - 29 Nov 2011

Today is the day!  2nd appointment ....... plus collecting of keys we are officially taking over unit 272!  Mixed feeling again ...... really 不舍得 our first love nest!  Everything is done in less than 1mins real fast ! 

Wanted to do a last minute shifting on Friday night unfortunately the tenants can't do any so we did a little yesterday and told me they can only pass me the keys at 4+pm cos they say they wanna stay till 4+pm.  Told them we will be going out won;t be back so we just asked them to lock up using the padlock and pass me the keys before we go off to HDB. 

When we are about to leave around 11+am they say they gonna leave already ..... finding weird then realise that actually the electrical and water supply is being cut off.

Reached HDB at 1+pm and was in the room at 215 sharp ....... everything is done within 15mins .......

After finishing opening of our SP services account we headed to Millenia walk for Hi5 show.   Last year is at Marina this year venue change and TT always like them very much!   Glad she have fun at the show ....

Tomorrow gotta do up some stuffs at the new place .......gotta be busy for the 2 weeks!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday - 28 Nov 2011

With the left over food from my MIL's place I woke up early and make myself a yummy lunch.  My MIL make the HAY ZHOU with chicken meat and is yummy I love it especially for the generous water chestnut!

When I stepped into ofc and found a cup on my table .... thanks Yen Yen for the cup .... is really cute I hope no one uses my cup again else I will have to get another new one *LOL*

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday - 27 Nov 2011

                                          TT drew this .... I am so surprise she did it!

In the morning we make our way to my in law's place for some praying due to my Hubby's Godpa's death anniversary.  MIL cook alot of food and I have packed some to bring back for dinner later.

And after the praying we rushed over to Hey Hey Pot at POMO .... Dearie didn't wanna join us so he went to drink coffee alone while TT and I make our way to basement to meet up my gfs.

Is a birthday lunch treat for JY ..... and we bought her a Seiko watch that she like.  Chit chatting and nom nom nom going on for about 2hrs ........ I am so full!

TT went out with my gfs for movie while Dearie and I head back to our place to help out in the preparation of a RC event (post Deepavali celebration).  This year we feel so different last year show is still good this year one low budget not that nice at all.  But oh well we still enjoy ourselves chit chatting.

Thanks to my gfs - Weeli, Joey and Grace for bringing TT back to us and even need you all to carry her not easy to carry her anymore ..... haha thanks once again for helping me to babysit her!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday - 26 Nov 2011

                                                      Geok Ping's Prince

Woke up real early to go Town Council to settle the rest of our conservancy chargers for our 268 unit.  Happily bought breakfast back to eat unfortunately I dun have time to eat at all cos the Tenants sms me saying that they are ready to do a swopping of stuffs.

Put down all my stuffs and we started to do the swopping .... my bomb shelter stuffs will be going into the 272 unit bomb shelter.  So I have pre packed all items and is easy for me to move over.  Quite alot of stuffs from us ..... and they have packed their stuffs in to luggage and place it back to my 268 unit.

After moving all the stuffs I feel so tired hahaha really not easy ......

In the early evening after TT's Berries we make our way over to Hazel & William's Princess - Elizabeth's baby shower party.  Nice food (Hazel make a good choice!)  .... nice company .... love you girls ..... Congrats once again to Hazel & William! 

Count down to 3 more days to my 2nd appointment!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday - 25 Nov 2011

Since I am not working today I decided to bring the kids out ...... and today happen to be Arthur's birthday!  My MIL so worried that I can't handle 3 at one go ...... I told her I am ok and Arthur is old enuff to help me look after TT & Alfred.

So after TT's lesson ... my MIL drove us to PP .... and first stop is - Sakae Sushi .... 4 of us very hungry and each order a meal ...... after the hearty meal we head to Isetan toys department!  The 3 went gaga over the different kind of toys.  As I dunno what Arthur want for his present I asked him to choose.

The other 2 felt so left out and I told them they can choose a toy each for Christmas present and Arthur get to choose 2 then.  3 of them happily take their time to go thru what they want.  I feel a bit tired well .... hahaha I think working not so tired looking after kids is really tiring!  I really salute SAHM..... Angeline you are one of them!

House is a mess now ...... and most packing still not done up yet ...... carton box all around the place!  Duno from where TT got the 3 elephant craft work out.... it is done in Tumbletots and Teacher asked Dearie and I to do one each too ..... guess which elephant is done by me?

And when ask TT if she misses Tumbletots the answer is YES!  Guess she miss her friends, Teachers and the fun play during the lesson. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tues - Thurs - 22 - 24 Nov 2011

                                                                Do they look alike?

Remember I say TT always call me ....... she will call me everyday!  And everyday she will tell my MIL " I WANNA CALL MUMMY!"  And her time really zhun ...... she will call me in between 3 to 4pm .......

And the cutest thing she will ask is " Mummy, are you coming back to eat anot?"  ...... is my answer is yes I am .... she will be very happy and will tell my MIL "mummy is coming" when my answer is No ...... she will asked " then you want packing anot?" she is sweet ya?  Hahhaha I can't help but laffing at it.

So ya these 3 days I have been going back for dinner and at the same time I took catalog from the paint shop next to my in law's shop and discuss with Dearie of the room color.  This time I am quite lost in color matching ........

Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday - 21 Nov 2011

TT went camping again today cos we have a RC meeting ...... today will consider my last RC meeting cos our RC combine back with Eunos Ville RC and theer are too many ppl ... so I opt to drop out ...... one word SIAN cos we just started off new RC now ..... combine back again. 

Good also I can take a break  and TT need not go camping every month anymore but I guess in the month of Jan she have to cos Dearie is going reservist again!

Had a late dinner  ... simple mee sua soup ...... is good to be with Dearie alone without TT heehee .... love the 二人世界!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday - 20 Nov 2011

Small Aunt and Uncle came to our rescue ..... went over to the 4 room unit to take kitchen cabinet measurement and tell Uncle roughly what I want for the kitchen. 

They also feel that water sink and stove shouldn't be same side plus the sink area is at the kitchen window area which makes me so inconvenient if I were to retain it further more the table top really sucks ..... can see that someone is doing chopping, slicing on top of the table top!

Stains, oily stove and hob making me sick ..... I wonder how can people stand suck an environment!  Funny thing is that the Tenants do maintain their room and toilet but not kitchen!  Shall wait for good news from Small Aunt and Uncle!

It started to rain heavily in the early evening and we are heading over to in law's side for dinner ... we are dining out today cos opposite their place there is a new Zi Cha stall and the boss use to be a cook for my hubby's Grandpa(maternal) 's restaurant (Keng Lok) so we went over to try.  Fish very fresh ..... yummy for the fish head steamboat .... still wanna go back to try for more of their food! 

Is a brand new week tomorrow ..... counting down to 2nd appointment for our new place starts now .......

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday - 19 Nov 2011

Today marks the last day TT with Tumbletots ...... as the Sports Hall is going to have a major make over .... Tumbletots couldn't find a suitable place but to closed down for the time being till further notice in the East.

Teachers have make a fun day and recaps on all letters with the children...... there are some items putting up on sales in the premises too.  I hope they can open up real soon cos I am pretty sure TT will miss the class.

We joined in the fun with the kids ..... I think Parents also enjoyed ourselves very much .... thanks Teacher and Tumbletots .... we really enjoyed the learning stages with you!