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Monday, 31 December 2012

Monday - 31 Dec 2012

Just when i forgot about TT's raincoat ... it started to pour heavily at around 12pm!  Is close to our go home time as it was half day today!  My Boss went back at around 1215 and asked why we dun wanna go ..... but it was pouring *sigh* ..... but good enough at around 1235pm one instructor came and give TT and myself a lift home!  The rain stopped when we are back in Eunos!

Since Dearie only can be back at around 4pm ... TT opt to have Chicken rice for lunch .... so we quickly bought and back home ... really lucky ... just when we stepped into our house about 10mins ... the rain started again ... and this time is worse .... I cant see the opposite building clearly.  Good time to wash window heehee..... 

At around 5+pm TT suggested to go Sakae sushi cos she wanna have chawanmushi ..... Dearie was laughing at me for eating Sakae on the eve of xmas and new year!  We went East Point outlet as is on the MRT track ...... so we took MRT over instead of driving ... and is faster too! 

This branch ... food was not very good ..... I love sukiyaki ... so mostly when I am in sakae I will order that .... today the soup was very diluted can't really taste the sweetness of it.... TT's food wasn;t good too she only take a few bites and the rest she just push to us she only finished her chawanmushi.  

Went back home at around 8+pm and stay home for count down .... and when the clock strike 12 ...... so many place in north have fireworks too .... and the best is we can view the fireworks and enjoy the strong breeze from our living room is a blessing! haha Hope 2013 will be a good year for me and my family!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Wednesday - 30 Dec 2012

4th cycle of tuina for TT .... today we went together dun even bother to wake up early for the number ..... not too bad of the Q.  TT even ask the for towel to cover herself hahaha really look shiok and she even made me read story to her while she having her massage (=_=)" 

I hope she will get better with chinese physician treatment cos she have been coughing and western medicine wasn't doing her any good at the moment ... poor baby!  As usual cough mixture and 药包 was given to her ... hope she get well soon cos school reopen soon on 2nd Jan hope that she won't spread to her friends!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday - 29 Dec 2012

Again today Dearie woke up early to go Yu Guo to get Q number ... how early we still get like 40 in Q ..... and I saw one of the mummy whom I met few days ago told me she just came and got 2 in Q!  I was like .... how come the system so bad here! Haiz 

No choice gotta wait then ... while waiting I took out phone and continue to catch my TVB show ... and Dearie playing games on the Ipad and TT still in la la land .... hahaha so still not so bad we have our own gadgets to use.  

Today more on certain place of massage TT need to do ..... can see she enjoying it now hahah still can sleep while being massage and today took a longer time to attend to her maybe cos she still not feeling too good after 2 course of it.  

After Yu Guo we went market to buy some food .... we decided to have steamboat!  TT love steamboat just like me except Dearie ..... dunno why he doesn't like it hahaha too bad majority win in this house! 

Dearie took medicine and went to sleep while I do spring cleaning on my own in the bomb shelter ..... I threw alot of things and some for recycling good that my place always have this recycling service every 2 weeks .... I think on my level I am the only one doing that cos I still can see my neighbour dun even bother to pick up the recycle bag from their doorstep.  Hope this will go on ... so I will just do whatever recycling I can do everytime!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Friday 28 Dec 2012

Took my last day of childcare leave today for year 2012 ... Dearie was still on MC so he volunteer to go get Q number early.  Although the number is quite big .... the waiting time is still about the same like yesterday so quite ok. 

Went back Eunos and have breakfast before we head out to Airport again.  We only reached Airport like around 1+pm so we just head to bata straight ... while walking over we passed by the redemption counter ... the Q to redeem Ice Bird was really long .... so we quickly went into Bata and grab the EYED item we did 2 days ago ..... Dearie took the receipt and went to Q didn't know my Dearie also that kiasu whahaha 

had late lunch at Ya Kun ... and back to Coffee Bean  for coffee injection while TT went to the play lounge again!  Went back at around 5+pm .... and laze around at home again ..... .

Yu Guo Chinese Physician 

Add: #01-04 Kingston Terrace 8-B Jalan Masjid, Singapore 418929 

Tel:6447 4761 Fax:6345 3358

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri - 9am - 1230pm, 2pm-5pm, 630pm -830pm
Sat - 9am - 1230pm, 2pm-5pm
Sun - 9am - 1230pm 
Wed - Closed

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Thursday - 27 Dec 2012

Korean Embassy will give my boss pear annually .... so whenever we received it means year end time!  Boss shared his pears with all of us ..... really love the sweet juicy big pear from Korea yum yum!  My dear TT wasn't feeling good she cough and vomit again ... haiz .... I hate it when she having cough cos I will have sleepless night!  My boss very kan cheong her ... came out of his room and asked us to go see a doc but TT refuse to ... so she went to sleep instead haha ..... 

She still came to work with me and wanted to have Moses Lim's porridge ... really good in choosing food!  This time I go for chicken porridge ... and we order side dishes - braised eggs, tau pok and century eggs to go with the porridge.  TT love braised eggs alot!

Dearie wasn't feeling well too .... so I brought TT alone over to Yu Guo to see chinese physician.  Waited for like 25mins for her turn for consultation and another 5mins for the Tui Na.  I wish I am her cos massage is relaxing but this gal was so distracted by all the toys hahaha ..... 

This time I took the 药包 and the cough syrup at the same time .... and 医师 recommend me to get the 无花果, 南杏 and 川贝粉 all in one packet to cook with either pear or apple for TT .... so total cost around $50+ for this time ...... and she have to go back 3 days in a row ...... 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Wednesday - 26 Dec 2012

Is boxing day  .... Dearie and I both clear our childcare leave today cos we have promise TT to bring her to T3 for the angry bird indoor playground.  So just nice the timing that we wanna go can meet up with EL & family hahah cos they going on Holiday in Korea! 

We joined them for lunch ..... and they left to check in before we finished our food .... good enough to let TT  see Ji Eun and Ji Hye before they board the plane ... silly gal miss them! 

After we have our meal we went to do some window shopping and bought a vacuum cleaner for company .... is cheap bagless philip vacuum .... is only like 139+ with the Changi Reward card can get points and have discount at the same time quite worth it. 

So make use of the receipt TT was allowed to play for almost 90mins of the play ..... while she is having fun .... Dearie and I enjoyed ourselves at coffee bean chit chat and caffine injection at the same time.  After her play we still let her go do some arts and craft at basement 2 ... coloring the tote bag.  And if you spend $60 can redeem one angry bird soft toy!  

I love the ice bird and can only redeem on Friday so we went to look around what can we buy so that to make up the $60 to change for it ..... so we have in mind ... TT's school shoes and Dearie's working shoes to make it up to $60!  So we have to come back for the ice bird soon!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Tuesday - 25 Dec 2012

Merry Xmas everyone!  We only woke up like 1pm  ... haha really can sleep .... 3 of us just love sleeping .... since is already so late ... we ate some bread and head out to Ikea for leisure shopping.  

It was so crowded!!! And luckily we manage to get seats in the cafe so we asked TT to sit and chop the place while Dearie and I went to Q for food. When we are back with food she told us many people came up to her and ask if the seats are available hahaha ..... 

After the meal we walk around .... and I bought some stuffs like battery, plants .... and my dear little girl finally pick up the last soft toy from the collection and asked me to buy.  Since there is a charity purpose for every soft toy bought we just agreed to let her get it! 

While Dearie making payment I head on to Q for hotdog!  TT love it so I gotta Q it!  Went back home and the hotdog is our dinner but not for TT cos she opt for fish soup in the evening haha ... and this silly gal have a little cut on her nose ... and she asked me to stick one plaster for her ..... and I made her clean up her stuffs before she goes to bed and before I throw everything in the dustbin!

A few time my other gfs called me ... is regarding that matter which really makes me cry again and again ..... I really cannot take it ... maybe when I cool down I shall see how as I mention that she is still my friend ...... I will never unfriend anyone ...... *sigh*

Monday, 24 December 2012

Monday - 24 Dec 2012

Is an annual thingy for all sec friends to get together..... as you all know my hubby and I were from the same school so some of his friends I knew them since school time.  So xmas eve will always reserved for them .... but for this year I totally kinda off everything ... dun feel like organising it at all ..... cos within friends there are some misunderstanding too.... so everyone seems to drift apart and for me really sian of all these and plus yesterday's incident I totally off!  

SL initial the gathering as I dun wanna be the one to do it cos not everyone appreciate it ....... but really thanks to SL for the coordination.  In the morning TT & I headed to East Point cos she still have a free play at the indoor playground and I can do some marketing in NTUC perfect! 

But seems like not very smooth ... cos when we reached there is 11am and the playground will only open at 1pm .... so TT want to have meal and she opt for sakae sushi just because she want to eat chawanmushi!  So we take our time to rest there and went to NTUC to buy the food for tonight..... so after that we rushed up and we were shocked to see the time slot of 1pm is already full and my dear TT was so upset that she say she didn't wanna play anymore .... later the lady was kind enough to let her in and angry TT become happy TT again! 

After her play we headed down to Bedok NTUC to buy some more ingredients ..... it was really a mad rush and we took a cab back cos it was pouring heavily!  When I reach home I quickly do up the food preparation while TT enjoying her snack and watching her favourite children show on Channel 311. 

Friends came at around 6+pm ......and thanks to SZ for lending me her steamboat so I can have 2 pots one spicy and one non spicy for them.  TT was the most happiest of all ... cos she get to play with the other kids! 

Is a nice cooling weather to have steamboat and most of us enjoyed the breeze with hot pot plus cold icy beer!  I bought xmas gift for all of them hope they like it ...... really not much smiling during the party ...... as I am still can;t get over it .... haiz!  What a lousy xmas I have this year!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday - 23 Dec 2012

Met up with my gfs today for xmas breakfast at Cafe Melba.... first time there so wonder what should I order ..... saw some customers ordering Egg Benedict so i go for that and replace smoked salmon instead of bacon.  TT want pancake and Dearie opt for french toast.

After we have do our ordering and I just feel Xmas is round the corner meeting up is a good thing for all of us and w/o any gifts dun seems like a festive season is just like a normal meet up so I actually bought some masks for them.  Once I given out one of my gf told me I shouldn't brought anything for her which i feel is kinda hash and rude!  The feeling is just like taking a knife and stabbed me into my heart ..... I am really sad about this. 

I kept quiet throughout till I finished my food which I feel I should leave w/o having breakfast with them .... so once I finished the food I left the cafe with tears rolling down!  This was really bad I feel so hurt with the look on her face, the gesture and the word she said towards me!

This really spoil my xmas mood ..... and I guess I will not be happy at all thinking about this during Xmas time!  TT was left behind with them as they wanna spend more time with her so they send TT back and one my gf came up to console me about this I couldn't control the tears it kept rolling down ..... 

Today is kinda packed day for me ... but I am really not happy ...... 

In the afternoon I attended Brenda and Johnny's baby's baby shower.  They named him Javen and they actually married for like 10 years and this is their first baby, Johnny was extremely happy about it .... think he longing to be Father for very long!  Good for them!

After we left Brenda and Johnny's place we headed back home straight and I wash up TT before going over to SZ and YZ's place for dinner.  They be moving out of Eunos soon ... so they have do up this dinner to gather good friends together. 

SZ prepared steamboat for us ..... was a sumptuous meal and after the meal is non other then playing MJ and chit chatting at the same time .... great time spent but mood still very bad ..... the hurt is to deep ..... 

Cafe Melba 
90 Goodman Road
Goodman Arts Centre Block N #01-56
Singapore 439053

Website: www.cafemelba.com.sg

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Saturday - 22 Dec 2012

Is cousins annual xmas gathering!  Went to get Tiong Bahru fishball again hahaha simply love the QQ feel!  So we headed to Tampines Mall for a walk and bought some otah for tonight too and headed home to rest and also to do up some last min clean up.

Dearie and I just sit at the sofa and enjoy our show since is still early and he mentioned that this year like so free ... last year was a madness rush like mad ..... this year can sit down and relax while waiting for the time to come.  It was pouring heavily in the late afternoon .... cooling and sleepy best describe me!

We set around 6pm sharp .... but none of them here yet and the latest I received was they will reached like 730pm!  First to arrived was Chloe and Baby Ryder follow by Helen, the twins and Jenny.  They brought Ham and salad respectively.

Sis LC was the latest she was here around 8+pm ..... we started to have dinner while waiting for her .... so her sandwich and grill items are some sides for us.  Mingle around ...  playing of kinect is the kids forte .... they were all dancing very well!

Bought a cake from Sin Chew for Ling's birthday .... last year we have it like somewhere in 15 or 16 and is near to Shonia's birthday so we celebrated for her.  This year we have it quite late as in 22 and so we celebrate Ling's bd.  No peanut cake but try the coffee cake was good and everyone say is good so next time I have another choice of it!

The party ended at about 10+pm and all of us were happy with the gift exchange .....thanks for everyone's effort to make the party a possible one!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday - 21 Dec 2012

Is our company annual xmas party this year my lady boss decided to order Qzin catering this time she max to 100pax and still afraid of not enuff food like last year I asked her to order Lee Wee & Brothers hahaha and our order is 300 satay, 300 otah and 100 fishballs and 100 mid wings!  FEASTING!

I wanna stay abit longer for this year party but my MIL called a few days go and tell us that is Ah Ma's birthday and there will be a dinner.  So I have to cut short the xmas party this year again .....

Dearie took urgent leave today cos his car cannot start due to battery fault yesterday so he have to get his colleagues to do a jump start for him and after that he left his car at my MIL there as there is one tyre shop which can change the batt.  So at around 6pm he came to fetch us all to our training centre where the party will be held.

We were quite early cos my boss still not that only our national players was there to do set up.  Qzin set up looks good food wise so so only and Mrs Daniel Kim brought beef and km chi cooked by her too .... really big celebration.  Beside that one of the player's mum brought tarts from bread society it was yummy Rosalind even pack 2 for TT to bring back.

My Asst Treasurer brought her niece to play with TT and both of them so happy running around and when we are leaving she feel sad.  As we have to attend Ah Ma's birthday we gotta  leave early and head over to Bedok Jin Long!

3 of us was late .... half way have msg and call coming in checking  whether are we reaching.... very tiring when rushing!  As I was quite full I just play with the 2 baobei when they are still not cranking.  Stomach was really stretchy whahaha how not to be fat?  Plus the cake so creamy .... not really my liking!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thursday - 20 Dec 2012

Lately she kept singing this song with different action ..... beside this chocolate .... there is one angry too ... haha funny gal!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wed - 19 Dec 2012

Early in the morning I have good news from my boss on my big bonus and good increment really make my day hahah .....

So before lunch I brought TT over to PP cos there will be a story telling organise by Beauty by Nature so while she listening to story I went over to Isetan to buy some xmas gifts.  Pick her up at 130pm but she say that she wanna do some face painting first so I left her in the store and headed to get lunch so that we can eat in office later. 

Went back to pick her ...... and she have her face painted,  so nice a butterfly!  Glad that she enjoyed herself as this year we didn't let her enjoy much during year end holiday.