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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday - 31 August 2013

My weekend burn again this week ..... cos of the National I have to work and my dear gal only join me after about evening time.  Is another tiring day but overall still ok and just when I am doing my emcee job halfway I received a photo via whatsapp by my Uncle ...... is my mummy's feet! 

Her swollen feet was bad and I have to call back to her and "scold" her from not listening to Dad and Uncle advising to see a doctor immediately somehow I feel bad cos I have no time for her at times ... but well her programme somehow quite exciting haha she will go out with my Uncle and family if not she will follow my Dad to my Aunt's house to play mahjong!!!  So sad to see her feet like that hope is all well after seeing Doctor! 

Alyssa wanted to eat Pizza so after everything we headed back home to order a large pizza for dinner and the happy kid love her pizza so much!  Seeing her so tired I suggest that she stay home tomorrow but this sticky baby say she want to follow me ..... tomorrow is another long day hope she won't be grouchy baby! 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Wednesday - Friday - 28 - 30 Aug 2013


Just another Alyssa's day on Wednesday ..... my dear baby always happy to see us and longing to see us on this day .... she will always asked why I am not there yet if I am late..... next time when she is in Primary school everyday is Alyssa's day! 


Someone buy us lunch and at my work place quite limited place to eat and we are back to Chikusen for lunch.  Lunch set is always our choice .... so mostly I have the same item except some ala-carte items.  Food standard is still there ... and we all had a great time eating ..... 

Came back home and cook simple dinner .... sometimes I do feel bored dunno what to prepare as only Goh and myself.  Lucky Goh quite easy going I can prepare whatever I like and he will eat whatever I cook.  Today I cook soya chicken and onion eggs.  Quite a satisfying meal .... and he whip up all the food without any left over!


Lunch - fried bee hoon and sotong ball.  As now we can cook in office we try to do simple and easy one.  This really save us alot of expensive food near our place and at least we get to eat what we wanted to ..... cos at our place hawker food is always chicken rice or nasi lemak. 

Alyssa came back home on Friday = freedom hahah ...... cos she have all gadgets and toys at home to play  with.  And she will always sleep late .... I hope she can sleep early in future and skip supper hahaha she is getting fatter! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tuesday - 27 Aug 2013 Madam Kwan's

After visiting Grandma in SGH and wanna drove back to Kallang Airport there for dinner but we heard there is traffic jam at ECP so we turn and go toward Vivo. 

At first we wanna try Jamie's Italian but the queue was too long and my hungry stomach making noise!  So we came across Madam Kwan's so we decided to dine in here and is Malaysian Cuisine so we give a try! 

The place was big and it look classy to me for lighting and ambiance but somehow the classical music just dun suit the food and it was blasted damn loud! 

Goh wanted to have beef so he ordered beef noodles (horfun) ($14.90) and for me by looking at the picture I found the hokkien mee ($14.90) looks good so I go ahead ordering that. We also go for Chicken Satay (11.90) which the waiter recommend and also Fried Chicken wings ($11.90) and we decided to have plain water ($1 each refillable) cos we might want to have dessert after that.

Waiting time was a breeze the food came out very fast .... and in no time our table were full! I was disappointed in the hokkien mee ..... it was salty and oily I didn't finished it just ate 1/4 of it. Goh said that the beef horfun was so so only there's better outside. Fried Chicken Wings was good very crispy and not too oily thumbs up, as for satay is also normal but ketupat was soft not so bad! 

We decided to give a miss for the dessert since the main dishes already disappoint us and I dun think I will go back there again. Total spending after service charge - $65.45 for lousy food I think is really expensive sad

Headed over to the mooncake festival fair and came across 8 Tarts n Pastries selling mooncakes as well so I bought mini Durian snowskin home.  I can finish one with one mouth and the durian was good and skin itself very soft .... thumbs up for this!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday - 26 August 2014

Sam helped to choose the place to go for August baby celebration and this time we heading to Dempsey Hill!  Alyssa is on holiday due to sports day and I am on leave as well so she tag along with me to go for a short shopping trip before meeting up Sam, Pauline & Angeline to cab in to Dempsey. 

A very American style of deco with many wooden table and dim lights.  The gals whom reached earlier than us have already order some sides so as usual we will share the sides and we also add on to some as well!  

We ordered Truffle Fries ($8) I like this cos is serve pipping hot love the taste of the truffle oil! Parmeson wings ($14) I am a cheese lover so this dish still ok for me but it was suppose to be at level 2 of spicy shiokness but I couldn't taste any at all!

Crispy Calamari ($18) it was not crispy at all but squid was fresh.  Alyssa ordered a kid's meal that comes with a chocolate milkshake and she was very happy with her meal ... I took a bite on her burger juicy chicken meat really yuumylicious! 

But for myself I am quite disappointed!  I ordered a Japanese Prawn Star with wasabi mayonnaise ($24) the patty was very salty and I didn't finished it al all ..... 

Sam ordered Bollywood Prawn Star ($24) this is top with curried mango mayonnaise and this patty is salty but way better than mine!  And Sam love it! 

The rest of my gfs had Foie Gras burger ($32) the patty kind of juicy and my evil twin sis love it.  BBQ ribs (half rack) ($29) and bacon meatloaf ($35) was shared among my other gfs.  No much complain except the big portion was mentioned several times haha ... 

Service was good and well nice ambiance!  But when I stepped out of the restaurant to the ladies which is located just opposite I dun really like it cos is extremely dark haha I can't get use to it at all.  Love the ambiance in this bar too ... is very cozy good to chill out with friends.  

The Green Door - next stop we headed ... to have a drink and chill chill!  Alyssa love it here cos there were 2 cats which is the "resident" of the bar!  She took several pics of them and headed off to different parts of the bar to take some pics 

Several pics below were taken by her! 

This bar uses recycled items to decorate their place and they even grew some plants there using bath tubs!  Prices of the drinks quite reasonable and we all had a great fun chilling and drinking .... what a great company to end my Monday! 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Le Chasseur - French or Chinese?

After my tired day at the tournament we decided to dine at Le Chasseur, happen to get to know that there is a new food place just located at my house there.  French name but is not is chinese food!

And if you came across this restaurant at New Bridge Road then just to let you know they have shifted to Eunos.  Read some review on this place so we went to give a try!

We ordered a Claypot Rice (small $11), BBQ Live Prawns ($9.60), Fried Chicken Wings ($6.40), Butter Oatmeal Beancurd ($6.40), Water Cress Soup ($6) and a pot of Chrysanthemum Tea ($4).

Claypot rice appeared at most table and it smells good, the other dish that I see on most table was Crispy Pork Knuckle our next table ordered this and can smell it .... quite nice smell and one of the chef (more like boss) went over to help them to cut it and explain the dish to them

After 15mins of wait, the waiter came pushing a trolley with our claypot rice on it seems so like a portable fine dining style!  He then mixed sauce for us and handed to us after mixing it, generous chicken meat with chinese sausage makes the rice smell and taste good even Alyssa love it cos usually she will give a miss if she see with dark sauce.  And I love digging the crispy charred bits and eat it!

BBQ Live Prawn was very fresh and sweet, water cress soup was quite favourable and we love it!  Fried Chicken Wings - crispy and not too salty, 3 of us love it very much especially Alyssa happily eating!  Goh & I dun really like the Oatmeal beancurd - the combination sounds good but the beancurd was too dry which I dun like and won't go for it!

We still have some room after all the food so we ordered one Tau Suan ($2.60)and you tiao ($0.40) as dessert.  Their Tau Suan many people rave about it but I feel is too sweet for me which I did not finished but passed to Goh instead.  We spent $46.40 for our meal reasonable price and I will definately return for more!

Add: Blk 27 Eunos Road 2 (is in the factory coffeeshop)

Sunday - 25 Aug 2013

Is baby's first sports day and I am unable to go as I have to work due to our National Tournament so I get my SIL to go with Goh so that she can help also to take some pics.  

Baby took part in 3 events one is passing of donut - it is to balance the rubber ring (donut lookalike) and passing it to her fellow classmates. 2nd is throwing coin into a box and lastly Kiddy ride which need Daddy to join in the fun!   

All of the events though she didn't get Gold ..... she was already very happy about it cos everyone gets a medal and this marks her 1st medal in sports haha ... well done baby!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturday - 24 Aug 2013

Is our annual National Championships and here I am to work again ..... love to do events more than sitting in office.  Today will not be exciting cos is all small kids catagory some really very cute and of cos I have nice team to work together the girls from different club gave lotsa support!  Well Done! 

Goh and Alyssa came to pick me up so we headed for a late dinner at Oasis .... 

Is been a long time since I have this cos last time my office in National Stadium we just walk across and able to have this.  Now they shifted here and we shifted away cannot have it whenever we wanted and craving!

We were greeted by the some familiar waitress whom worked there for years!  Immediately we were shown to our seats.  We ordered 4 dishes to go with the sweet potato porridge all standard still there and were yummy.  Tofu cook with mushroom , carrot and sweet peas goes well.  Alyssa love the tofu which is smooth!  Sliced fish was fresh and well cooked.  Caipo omelette was quite normal ... but somehow I feel a bit thin, love the 3 eggs spinach this will never go wrong even with porridge or rice!  

 Alyssa love it so much that she even commented wanted to go back for more next time! 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Tuesday - Friday - 20 - 23 Aug 2013

Nothing much these few days just went over to see Grandma whom just had her ops and thanks to Guan Yin Ma for blessing her!  She is doing good according to the nurses who attended to her! 

 MIL and all aunties have to attend a course to learn how to clean Grandma's wound is gonna be busy and tough job for them.

  And cos tournament is just round the corner I am super busy as well this week many preparation to do...... is gonna be 2 weekend burnt for me ..... 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday - 19 Aug 2013

My first voucher

Met up my gfs to go Openrice to collect vouchers and is my first time collecting it!  All you have to do is to join their food review programme and upon accumulate of experience point you can redeem it, that's easy!  So join now!

After collecting the vouchers we headed to Wheellock for dinner wanted to go Skinny Pizza we ended up at Bangkok Jem cos Pauline lead us to the wrong level not too bad cos we can try this restaurant too!

I ordered a coconut ($5.50++)to cool myself down cos I have been getting heaty lately, Sam ordered a blended coconut ($7++)as they scrap out the flash and blend it .... she is loving it!  And as for Pauline she ordered a lemongrass tea ($4.80++) (cold).

We each ordered something and share the food together, love sharing as we can ordered more food to try!  First up Tom Yum Seafood clear soup ($7.90++) this was very small in portion but nice seafood very fresh and crunchy!   Seafood Phad Thai ($11.90++) nice dish ... again the seafood were very fresh, sweet and tangy!  

Fried Olive Fried Rice ($11.00++) I love the presentation for this dish, small portion but very yummy not too oily too!  Fried Chicken wings with fish sauce ($11.50++) kinda disappointed cos very bland but crispy good in a way is very easy to eat as is mid joint wings which is my favourite!  Fried Asparagus with sambal sauce  ($11.50++), crunchy but I dun feel spicy enough. The best dish of the night which I feel was the Lemongrass Prawn cake ($9.90++) prawn cake wrapped around the lemongrass and was deep fried into golden brown, sweet and crunchy with sweet corn kernels found inside too.  4pcs not enough must order more next visit!

Ordered desserts to share after our meals - Mango Sticky Rice ($7.50++) not the best that I eaten so far .... mango a bit sour but goes quite well with the rice.  Red Ruby with coconut ice cream ($7.50++) I love the chestnut which is crunchy and sweet jackfruit goes well with the ice cream too! Lastly we have Banana Tempura with hot caramel sauce ($9.90++) banana was very sweet and the warm banana goes really well with the ice cream!  Thumbs up!  Overall we like it very much will wanna come back for more!

Bangkok Jam 
501 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238880
Tel: 6836 0989
Website: http://www.bangkokjam.com.sg/

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday - 18 Aug 2013

SIL Celia bought the corporate tickets for SEA Aquarium for the family so we are going again to this place!  But is good for re-visit cos this time we are able to see Dolphins!

We reached at around 9+am cos I have seen some friends posted before about the madness queue to go into.  So ya we are in there at 10am sharp .... and is consider crowded already when we are there.

Actually I walked quite fast as I have covered all of it from last trip .... stopped by the dolphin for quite sometime before moving on.  The later it is the more crowded it is.... so we just move on a little faster and we took lotsa picture.  

Alyssa still remember some of the fishes and she is doing some introduction about it!  Although is her third time here she still enjoyed it very much and she remembered what kind of fish is my favourite! 

After we finished everything we went over to Imperial Treasure for lunch and headed over to SGH to visit Grandma before heading back home to rest. 

Imperial Treasure

We ordered each a main dish and ordered some sides to share.  I will always go for their dry Lamian in Scallion Oil which tasted yummy though is cheap ingredients. Add on are the 3 eggs spinach, pig's ear, fried raddish.

BIL had their nian gao which tasted good as well and as for Alyssa she still go for her chicken soup lamian.  We were all very hungry and we actually finished it in an hour's time inclusive of waiting time.  As for the pricing and some of dishes name I cannot remember anymore cos is a treat from my BIL! 

Will wanna go back there again so that I can review better :P  Overall very nice dining experience Waitress all very prompt and very friendly! 

Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Resort World Sentosa, The Forum
8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island 
Tel: 6686 2922 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Satay By the Bay

We reached Satay by the Bay at around 9+pm and most of the shop started to clean and close up, Sis Tricia went to order some satay and while Goh and myself went around to see what is left.

manage to get one stall selling Pizza and taught maybe kids will love it so we order one Hawaiian pizza to share.  Sis Tricia came back telling us they order food from Boon Tat BBQ Seafood, the only stall which left more variety so she ordered Kang Kong, Fried Rice, Omelette and Stingray. 

Kangkong looks dry and not nice to eat, omelette is normal, fried rice taste good but a tad oily overall still ok and sambal stingray tasted good ... fresh and spicy enough to my liking!  As for pizza quite normal and more like frozen type .... 

Overall we enjoyed the dinner and chit chatting the kids extremely happy and they ate alot too maybe exercise alot today!