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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturday - 24 Aug 2013

Is our annual National Championships and here I am to work again ..... love to do events more than sitting in office.  Today will not be exciting cos is all small kids catagory some really very cute and of cos I have nice team to work together the girls from different club gave lotsa support!  Well Done! 

Goh and Alyssa came to pick me up so we headed for a late dinner at Oasis .... 

Is been a long time since I have this cos last time my office in National Stadium we just walk across and able to have this.  Now they shifted here and we shifted away cannot have it whenever we wanted and craving!

We were greeted by the some familiar waitress whom worked there for years!  Immediately we were shown to our seats.  We ordered 4 dishes to go with the sweet potato porridge all standard still there and were yummy.  Tofu cook with mushroom , carrot and sweet peas goes well.  Alyssa love the tofu which is smooth!  Sliced fish was fresh and well cooked.  Caipo omelette was quite normal ... but somehow I feel a bit thin, love the 3 eggs spinach this will never go wrong even with porridge or rice!  

 Alyssa love it so much that she even commented wanted to go back for more next time! 

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