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Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday - 19 Aug 2013

My first voucher

Met up my gfs to go Openrice to collect vouchers and is my first time collecting it!  All you have to do is to join their food review programme and upon accumulate of experience point you can redeem it, that's easy!  So join now!

After collecting the vouchers we headed to Wheellock for dinner wanted to go Skinny Pizza we ended up at Bangkok Jem cos Pauline lead us to the wrong level not too bad cos we can try this restaurant too!

I ordered a coconut ($5.50++)to cool myself down cos I have been getting heaty lately, Sam ordered a blended coconut ($7++)as they scrap out the flash and blend it .... she is loving it!  And as for Pauline she ordered a lemongrass tea ($4.80++) (cold).

We each ordered something and share the food together, love sharing as we can ordered more food to try!  First up Tom Yum Seafood clear soup ($7.90++) this was very small in portion but nice seafood very fresh and crunchy!   Seafood Phad Thai ($11.90++) nice dish ... again the seafood were very fresh, sweet and tangy!  

Fried Olive Fried Rice ($11.00++) I love the presentation for this dish, small portion but very yummy not too oily too!  Fried Chicken wings with fish sauce ($11.50++) kinda disappointed cos very bland but crispy good in a way is very easy to eat as is mid joint wings which is my favourite!  Fried Asparagus with sambal sauce  ($11.50++), crunchy but I dun feel spicy enough. The best dish of the night which I feel was the Lemongrass Prawn cake ($9.90++) prawn cake wrapped around the lemongrass and was deep fried into golden brown, sweet and crunchy with sweet corn kernels found inside too.  4pcs not enough must order more next visit!

Ordered desserts to share after our meals - Mango Sticky Rice ($7.50++) not the best that I eaten so far .... mango a bit sour but goes quite well with the rice.  Red Ruby with coconut ice cream ($7.50++) I love the chestnut which is crunchy and sweet jackfruit goes well with the ice cream too! Lastly we have Banana Tempura with hot caramel sauce ($9.90++) banana was very sweet and the warm banana goes really well with the ice cream!  Thumbs up!  Overall we like it very much will wanna come back for more!

Bangkok Jam 
501 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238880
Tel: 6836 0989
Website: http://www.bangkokjam.com.sg/

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