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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Le Chasseur - French or Chinese?

After my tired day at the tournament we decided to dine at Le Chasseur, happen to get to know that there is a new food place just located at my house there.  French name but is not is chinese food!

And if you came across this restaurant at New Bridge Road then just to let you know they have shifted to Eunos.  Read some review on this place so we went to give a try!

We ordered a Claypot Rice (small $11), BBQ Live Prawns ($9.60), Fried Chicken Wings ($6.40), Butter Oatmeal Beancurd ($6.40), Water Cress Soup ($6) and a pot of Chrysanthemum Tea ($4).

Claypot rice appeared at most table and it smells good, the other dish that I see on most table was Crispy Pork Knuckle our next table ordered this and can smell it .... quite nice smell and one of the chef (more like boss) went over to help them to cut it and explain the dish to them

After 15mins of wait, the waiter came pushing a trolley with our claypot rice on it seems so like a portable fine dining style!  He then mixed sauce for us and handed to us after mixing it, generous chicken meat with chinese sausage makes the rice smell and taste good even Alyssa love it cos usually she will give a miss if she see with dark sauce.  And I love digging the crispy charred bits and eat it!

BBQ Live Prawn was very fresh and sweet, water cress soup was quite favourable and we love it!  Fried Chicken Wings - crispy and not too salty, 3 of us love it very much especially Alyssa happily eating!  Goh & I dun really like the Oatmeal beancurd - the combination sounds good but the beancurd was too dry which I dun like and won't go for it!

We still have some room after all the food so we ordered one Tau Suan ($2.60)and you tiao ($0.40) as dessert.  Their Tau Suan many people rave about it but I feel is too sweet for me which I did not finished but passed to Goh instead.  We spent $46.40 for our meal reasonable price and I will definately return for more!

Add: Blk 27 Eunos Road 2 (is in the factory coffeeshop)

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