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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Au Chocolat

Is my first time here in Au Chocolat cos my evil sister Pauline was raving about it so we decided to have dinner together here on the eve of PH.  Met up with Angeline first for caffeine injection at Beanstro before we strolled over to Au Chocolat to meet the rest.

Sam and myself ordered a Califonia Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($20) love the avocado that goes well with the sandwich and salmon!  Sam ordered Banana Boost ($12) for the drink of the night.   And as for drink Angeline and I both ordered Taiwan Lychee Beer ($12) so refreshing and the smell of lychee was so nice! Simply love it!

Wendy choose to have Pacific Crab Cake ($32) and the presentation of the food was so pretty and I taxed some from her is really nice the crab meat was thick is worth ordering it!  And as for the other 3 ladies they opted for Boeuf Bourguignon ($26) this consists of carrot, mushroom, beef and it was served with mashed potato and bread.  The bread looks yummy to me!

And of cos as usual we will ordered side dishes to share!  Pauline recommend this sweet potato fries ($12) this was yummy crispy enough and of cos sweet too!  Mushroom bites ($14) was served with some bread as well.  We are there for their waffles and is 50% off of the 2nd waffles but unfortunately we can only have the waffles only at Au Chocolat Confiserie so we gotta choose other dessert but that puzzle all of us as other dessert can be ordered and serve at the Bistro but not the waffles! 

Sames goes to their soft toy as we entitled one free plush dog (OO) as we have spent around 300+ ($200 will get one plushie) so we can get another one at $10 but they left only display one on the shelves!  So we asked if we could get from the the retail side but they say cannot.  Kinda weird but their service was very good friendly and cheerful waitress!  Love dining here so I will definately come back for more!

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