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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Four Season Durian

Alyssa and myself took a bus over to AMK hub to meet up with Goh..... since we are still early for the dinner we went to join the queue which is forming up for the Four Seasons Durian Pancake.  And at the same time we are offered to sample their durian icecream. 

Cannot resist the temptation we bought one cup of icecream, 1 durian pancake and a box of durian puff.  We finished the ice cream and share the pancake the combination is good pancake is hot and durian puree is cold yum yum.  As for the puff I feel that it is a bot dry on the puff  but generous durian puree which was pump in is good as well!  

All these can be stored in freezer for 3 days!  Good buy and really yummy! 

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